Wait – what? I voted National and all I got was this invoice?


What the Christ is Chris Luxon talking about?

Budget 2023: Christopher Luxon promises ‘taxpayers’ receipt’

National leader Christopher Luxon is promising to introduce a “taxpayers’ receipt” as one of three initiatives to promote fiscal discipline in a potential National Government.

Why on earth does he think this is an issue?

Food inflation is 12.4%, our infrastructure is gridlocked, we are being smashed by climate change storms, there is deep inequality and community wide poverty and National’s solution is they will give me a receipt to show how the Government has spent my money?

On what planet is this a policy solution?

Who is going to get off on this?

What fragment slither of the electorate will be thinking, ‘Finally, I get to see that receipt’?

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This is an anorak train spotter plane spotter beltway clique policy that appeals to approximately 27 voters.

How on earth could Luxon stumble from a terrible Newshub Poll that shows people think he’s out of touch by promoting policy that 99.7% of the population couldn’t give a flying fuck about?

Why highlight that Poll’s conclusion?

Put aside how pointless this is, how on earth will this be funded and delivered? When challenged on how this is actually going to be rolled out, Nicola Willis suggested AI could do it?

Newshub asked AI and AI said there was no way it could do it.

That’s where we’ve ended up, having to ask AI how to implement National Party policy.

Luxon is the gift that just keeps giving this election.

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  1. Time to properly fund the Serious Fraud Squad and look into tax evasion and money laundering in New Zealand, hopefully TMP will look into this if it holds the Balance of Power. Winston NZF was going to do this but he was all piss and wind.

    • TPM won’t hold the balance power. That implies they could go in either direction. They can’t. They can only go Left. They will no more hold the balance of power than would the Greens.

      Which of course is a bit irrelevant to your main point, which is what each party in the coalition will want as their key policy

      • How come TPM will not hold the Balance of Power, National and ACT will not have a dogs show unless Brian & Hannah get 5%. Winston First are dog tucker and most of Winston’s voting base is either in the grave or in the Rest Home’s and are incapable of voting sensibly. National have previously said they would not entertain going into a coalition with Winston First Party.

    • @ Ngungukai.
      I completely agree with you. And well done for seeing through the clouds of bullshit thrown at you and us alike.
      There’s a B&W image of winston peters doing drinkies with don brash outside a cafe what would now be years ago. Winston appeared to be doing the talking while brash seemed to be listening intently. There was another fellow there too who could have been an assistant/lawyer etc. Possibly media.
      What we scant few 3,800,000 voters no longer have the ability to have an influence on the out come of our vote because to vote means you’ve voting within a fascist-capitalist autocracy. I.e. A user pays con job hijacked by the banks and treasury to provide wealth to the already wealthy.
      It takes a lot of working people working very hard indeed to build at least one multi-billionaire much less nine of the fuckers, that we know of. And how about the four foreign owned banksters?
      It was revealed here, on The Daily Blog, that they the dirty fucking banksters, take $180.00 a second in net profits. That’s after costs and taxes. They take $15,552,000.00 every 24 hours 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. And what are our politicians doing to make that figure less loony. ( I hope I have the figures right. It seems too insane to be true.)
      I keep calling for a royal commission of inquiry into that madness but how about instead we crowd fund a team of forensic accountants from diverse professional backgrounds to go up our politicians starting with the Labour of post neoliberal douglas from 1984.
      Then, we microscopically peer into our financial history from about 1874 while sitting down sipping a wee cup of tea because if you think the bankster stats re our money they fucking steal is eye watering you wait until you get a handle on where the fuck our farmer earned foreign currency is. And still goes.

  2. Martyn
    Sadly I have agree with everything you say. What a numpty! Meanwhile Seymour keeps rolling out good ideas like 2 brackets tax system.

    • Yep, I’ll say it again. If Martyn wants the left to win in October, he’d stop any attacks on Luxon, it’s Luxon that’s keeping Labour in the race.

      If Seymour was leading National they’d be in the mid 40s, even Bridges had then that high.

  3. Martyn
    Sadly I have agree with everything you say. What a numpty! Meanwhile Seymour keeps rolling out good ideas like 2 brackets tax system.

    • A two bracket tax system that increases taxes on low income workers , effectively cuts benefits and dishes out big tax cuts to the highest paid. At the same time by raising the pension age to 67 he again punishes those of us on low wage physical work into pushing our worn out bodies for 2 more years. Our fault of course for not being wealthy or brainy enough.

  4. It sure was a bizarre announcement. Should have been a minor point to footnote at a chamber of commerce breakfast, not the basis of an election campaign!

    Is National as devoid of strategy as Luxon is of personality?

    Mind you, its up there in pointlessness as Labours new “fleeing drivers” legislation. Have Labour gone into the illusion business completely nowadays?

    • Labour Government worst Government in our history and that’s fact by every measure.
      So who would vote Labour?

      • Me – just to watch conservatives lose their minds for another 3 years. Another 3 years. Another 3 years. lmao.

        • Me too. Just to see more of Bob’s hilarious childlike posts.

      • You only go back as far as yesterday Blob which also makes Labour the best Government in your history and that’s fact by every measure.
        So we should all vote Labour.
        But back on topic Blob, or at least get someone else to sit on the other side of the seesaw.

  5. Martyn – It was for ALL political leaders…not just Luxon…not a great look for all Political leaders at 47% being out of touch

    • Nathan, face the truth.
      Here, from the report:
      The poll found 50 per cent thought Hipkins was in touch while 35.6 per cent thought he was out of touch. It was near the opposite for Luxon, with 37.2 per cent and 47 per cent respectively.
      Truth: Luxon is the main cause of it. He can’t connect with the common folk. He’s like log of wood.

  6. Out of idle curiosity, who is there in the National party that’s actually electable?

    Someone who sounds like a Prime Minister?

      • Wait till you work out whats going to happen to the underprivileged, and the unemployment rate before you applaud Seymour.
        You can’t reduce your income without reducing you spend.
        Somehow he thinks that he can identify savings while criticising Labour for not spending enough on infrastructure and crime. We know there is a huge infrastructure deficit. No mention on how that’s going to be funded.

        • By being commercially smart is how UTC something beyond the current Labour Government.They treat tax revenue as play money.

          • So revenue spent on Businesses, nurses, teachers and social infrastructure is wasted?
            I can see why you are fiscally illiterate Bob and support a coalition of cuts(Nacts)
            I can see why N.Z. is in the state it’s in because the previous Nact coalition of cuts wastefully spent commercially, whilst leaving every other aspect requiring investment to die. Let hospital fall down, left people living on the streets and cars.
            The fact is by every measure Nact will financially cripple our country.

      • Would love to see the change if they immediately changed Luxon with Penk . . wouldn’t be surprised if after a couple of weeks they were 10% up from where currently.

    • Stanford. Hotter than Jacinda was and with more brains.
      Will be an absolute shoe-in with the Cult of Personality voters.

  7. I actually don’t mind knowing what we do with our taxes, cause we seem to be spending a lot of dollars for very little bangs.

    • You are one of the 27 voters
      Martyn was referring too.
      How much return on investment will money spent on tax receipts return? Zero!

    • Fiscal transparency by Government essential.( Not in Labour Government’s rule book.)

      • So that would be zero return then. Nationals wasteful spending doesn’t count then,oh I see how tribalism works now. Thanks for that Bob the first.

  8. For all that is good, and potentially good in this country…Natzos–please, please, do keep Mr Baldrick Mark Luxon as your leader for the 2023 General Election.

    And maybe get him to rock a few more fashion disasters like the hired morning suit with low rider baggy trousers, that he wore to Charles coronation, and while you are at it, have Richie McCaw at his side at all times…nothing like a retired All Black that reveals he was a closet tory all along.

    • Many of our top sports people are likely to be tory – they assume that because there hard work has been beneficial – then the opposite must be true … that those with little or nothing are either lazy or dumb or both. Of course, for those without there are a multitude of possible reasons … they may have been top sports people earlier in life but sustained an injury that ended it all for them. They may have developed some serious illness or some other random bad luck.
      It never ceases to amaze me how those who are successful, especially from sport, never attribute any luck to their success – it is always due to hard work. But they need luck to avoid injury and other random dilemmas that effect us all (e.g. mental health challenges, health issues, being ripped off by unscrupulous thieves, etc.
      Oh yeah – please keep Luxon as leader National – ya beauties. Seymour will ruin ACT because he won’t work with anyone or dilute his mindset – as is needed in MMP – and the rest (apart from Labour) are too random. Labour also need to dig out some good policies before the election or demonstrate some major success. Still waiting …

    • So you are shamelessly a single issue voter, get over it and think of the country as a whole.

        • 1. Hipkins: What Stuart did is not really a crime, is it, come on!
          2. Hipkins: OK that is not good but Stuart now understands, right hey Stuart?
          3. Hipkins: Stuart is OK but he knows he has had three strikes nothing to see here!
          4. Hipkins: Fired.
          Media: “The boy from the Hutt is decisive. How refreshingly decisive……” For real?

          They pretend to care, all right!

        • Peachie, i am not on the same team as you but I think you hit the nail on the head. Just not entirely sure that the blue and yellow coalition cares either.

    • National fiscally responsible,Labour completely irresponsible.Evidence? Last 5 years plus.

      • National fiscally irresponsible, evidence 9 years under Key took us to unprecedented debt levels during a supposedly Rockstar economy. Labours 5 years to correct National damage.

    • This is the thing so many want to not admit, they are two peas of the same purple colored pod.

  9. I agree Martyn: It’s rather lame.
    Anyone wishing to know where the money went can check on various government websites.
    What actually IS needed is more transparency in the breakdown. Take education; I can find out how much went toward education each year but in that sum, I cannot see how much was wasted on the salaries of the 4,000 staff ‘working’ in the ministry in Wellington.

    • So why do you say it was wasted when you admit you cannot see? What a right wing clown you are.

  10. He should make up receipts for ‘public services provided’. Then he could just hand out blank paper

  11. Labour, National. What’s the diff?

    So if this report is accurate. Even ole Bauldy doesn’t have a clue about how to solve the current Inflation and cost of living Crises! All he wants to do is to generate more reports ffs!

  12. Isn’t this the final insult? “here’s the receipt for your grandmother’s plastic coffin (recyclable of course)…the repo guys will be round for anything useful, btw, drink up while you still have a liver!”

  13. “This is an anorak train spotter plane spotter beltway clique policy that appeals to approximately 27 voters.” classic quote.

  14. Meanwhile, ACT’s getting its policy direct from the US Republican Party and the gun lobby.

  15. If Labour sent out a list their achievemen’ts it would be a small piece of paper .
    I got a letter yesterday from Chris Hipkins congratulating himself for a huge rise in super .This rise is due to the inflation his government caused and not Labours generosity or clever money management

  16. I’m enjoying the idea of Seymour getting rid of all the backroom office workers and bureaucrats while at the same time Luxon is having heaps of people working out the details and telling me exactly where my tax dollars are being spent. And Luxon’s offsider saying they won’t need extra staff to do that.

    • Luxon’s offsider and his lying team just don’t know what they’re doing. Clueless by every measure.
      Te Puke or Hawaii anyone?

  17. Tax Payers Receipt is a fantastic idea!
    At the very bottom it should show in bold the person’s effective tax rate.
    It will be an annual reminder to the 40% of NZ’ers whose effective tax rate is 0% (or less) that we don’t need to be taxed more thanks.

  18. Serious question to all:
    Are there any big political ideas left to explore that would work for most of the population? Or are they all taken and every party now just tinkers around with small 0.00005% tweaks that make fuck all difference really? Because that’s what we’re facing as voters…no real choices. Just…”I like him”…or…”I like her”…or soon “I like them/their/her/him/it”.

    • All the truly popular ideas are all banned. Just ask Bernie, Corbyn, Trump, R.F.K. Jr., etc.

  19. Act are very divisive they want us to become a little USA (re guns for all and increased prison rates) and they are cold hearted to boot who don’t care if our grannies are warm this winter.

  20. we have low tax here compared to other developed countries, try to get that through your skull and consider why we are 3rd world

    • Going is great.
      Why change a success story?
      Everyone is getting more money as a result of high inflation and the tax income is at record levels.
      What is there to complain about?

  21. Fiscal responsibility is not news.
    Just like biology is not news. Binary, female or male is boring.
    Let’s try a spectrum of sexualities XX, XY, XXX, XYX…… last time I checked there are 11 of these chromosome combinations…… 11 sexes?
    Sorry, there are female and male.

    There is a continuum of attributes but there are two gametes, egg and sperm.
    Those humans who have the potential to produce sperm and those humans who have the potential to produce eggs. The one is male the other is female.

  22. If the housing and infrastructure, cost of living and healthcare crises weren’t going on, this kind of a decent idea but …. When the whole country is falling apart, this is an out of touch idea.

    Besides our receipt is the annual budget that tells us how the taxes are being spent

    • I think it would really be nice to see a break down of the money spend on the cycle harbour bridge. Consultants – company name and number of people, lunches, dinners, meetings, drawings, artists impressions and all that jazz. Just really really interesting.

  23. Voting the same type of people in, and expecting different results from the previous same type of people voted in, is the definition of political insanity.

    Luxon and Hipkins are not the solution. They are the problem!

  24. The Report we should see: the penetration of private capital into the NZ state in all respects…and the profits extracted from infrastructure that generations of working class people literally built or paid for.
    –power generation & supply
    –agriculture & horticulture
    –rail and shipping
    –health care
    –road construction & maintenance
    –public service
    –tele communications & post

  25. I actually think it is quite smart policy although underwhelming. He was as always unequivocal because he didnt have the testicular fortitude to say what he is trying to achieve.

    1. Interference in business by Labour and back and forth between business is a big issue. A NZ wide business we know of lost the contract with the govt that they have had for 30 years. They provide cheap, quality services in a market dominated by a few big more glossy significantly more expensive sharks. Why they lost – Though run by procurement, cost was not a criteria and though it was not part of the criteria or in any discussion documents, they were told they didnt mention LGBT etc (and no they dont have rainbow tick) and they didnt seem innovative. So no quality issues, just the nebulous LGBT (and like any other business they employ many of LGBs) and innovation (when the service delivered is about people so innovation doesnt significantly change the game).

    In Wgtn now you will not find a business or quango that is not Rainbow Tick and the same with all the TOW stuff. This will mean that their major public sector clients will be spending multiple millions more each year for the same service and they will not get the same level of service. The big sharks only deal with the easy clients. This business deals with all the difficult time wasters and bureaucracies despite the fact that you have to work 3 times as hard for the same result.

    So there’s that.

    On the annual statement apparently this is done in Oz easily through IRD so would probably not cost too much to set up as it is all data analytics.

    Why I think the Annual Statements are great is because it will allow the NZ population to be educated in what is going on and actually make some of them think it through. If I for example got a thing each year that showed I contributed less than I received back from the govt (and wasnt a pensioner) it would definitely motivate me to want to do something about it. Also say I am a wealthy pensioner and I see that I’m costing a lot, I might ask myself if I shouldnt be ringing MSD to say – hey I dont really need the winter energy payment, you’d better discontinue it.

    Or maybe, if you are a salary earner on $200K and see that you are paying $$60K in tax and yet the guy you work for who is always dodging tax by way of his ‘business’ but moans about every little govt imposition, will maybe have them looking at the $30K they spend in tax and thinking maybe I should share more of it with my employees (Yeah pigs may fly).

    But mostly the benefit is that it encourages transparency and it starts a conversation for greater people power. Performance is important. Whoever thought a Govt procurement agency for multi million $ services wouldnt have price as a significant criteria?? The public deserves to know where the money they are spending is going and to have the ability to organise and fight back if they have concerns. Its a democracy we should all be involved in the narrative and in holding governments to account.

  26. I reckon be careful here MB.
    NAT are pandering to the too-lazy-to-look-it-up, the info-overwhelmed and those who want to be told what they want to hear. Not a small group, as the several above comments show. I know this is a great critical commentary site, but the way to counter is to do the hard mahi and have more articles outlining some of the good that we’ve achieved.
    We can’t just leave it as a scrap between the haters and the politically homeless, that’s playing with Greek fire.

      • “NAT are pandering to the too-lazy-to-look-it-up, the info-overwhelmed and those who want to be told what they want to hear.”

        By this you mean Johan.

        • No I meant TDB will publish all the successes of this government…. soon….. as soon as they find them.
          Be patient.
          We must wait until labour respond to the OIA’s.

  27. Just a continuation of evidence as to why National were the worst government in our history by every measure and now this version, the most wasteful spending by every measure. Spending that will achieve nothing. At least Labour are spending for all New Zealanders by every measure.

  28. I have found both leaders to be in touch with the issues facing all New Zealanders as both men are dignified and poised.

  29. ” Luxon is the gift that just keeps giving this election. ”

    If that’s the gift its an unpleasant shock when you unwrap it unless you have invested your donation to Luxon and his party then it becomes a write off when reality sinks in that he is a bum flush.

  30. See, parliament today, Luxon, lookin like out of his place, as talk about this Wellington fire, he looked well lost.

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