There is a class war happening in NZ, but thanks to Identity Politics we lack the vocabulary to articulate it


IRD Research shows the rich have been fucking us and because woke identity politics is all the rage now, the Left no longer have the political vocabulary to articulate the class warfare that is being waged upon us.

To get fucked over WHILE lacking the political vocabulary to articulate that because blah blah blah heteronormative-white-cis-male-patriarchy only ensures more identity division and not class solidarity.

NZ Capitalism is rigged so the rich effectively pay 9% tax while the rest of us pay 20%.

Watching the remarkable push back from the lobbyists the rich have put out to talk down any tax justice against them has reminded us class is the fundamental fault line in NZ and identity politics are simply a distraction.

Since the death of Bruce Jesson, the majority of the NZ Left wing intelligentsia (with the bold exceptions of Professor Jane Kelsey, Dr Wayne Hope, Max Harris and Professor Susan St John) have capitulated to free market capitalism and Left wing activism has in turn become identity focused rather than class focused and as such simply doesn’t have the intellectual muscle required to challenge neoliberal economic hegemony.

The woke are great at organising a ‘free-the-nipple’ rally for militant vegan queer ally mommy bloggers, not so good at taxing the rich.

The woke are great at the low hanging fruit of identity politics because the solution is always exclusion of those who don’t accept identity politics dogma, but they are very quiet  when it comes to class warfare in the form of a rigged capitalism because they themselves are middle class and want to benefit from that rigged capitalism thank you very much.

We need a new taxation and regulation model to stop the neoliberal rot. We need to remove the yoke of taxation from the 90% and reset it to the 10% richest.

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With National wanting to give landlords eviction rights in time to house the predicted explosion of 100 000 new exploitable migrant workers due here over the next 12 months into our current housing crisis and infrastructure gridlock, we have class warfare this election and none of the political vocabulary to articulate it because ‘Pure Trans Joy’ is as good as the woke got.

With the looming economic recession, the electorate will turn to the Left for our solutions and will find the Left cancelling people for misusing pronouns and hate speech.

The electorate will hate us.

How come the Woke be all brave when it comes to attacking a woman and old dykes in the town square and literally forcing them from that town square, but somehow are completely silent over how the rich are rigging our economy and depriving us of the tax needed to build the very social infrastructure that the woke pretend to care about?

How come the Woke be so brave when it’s old women, but are silent wee mice when it comes to the 1% who have all the actual power?

The Left urgently needs to be arguing for economic justice, not the easily triggered micro aggression minefield of social justice!

We need to be arguing for more State capacity funded by taxing the mega rich so that Universal Left social policy can be implemented.

There’s no point making workers pay more to rebuild our resilience, tax the rich!

There are 14 Billionaires in NZ + 3118 ultra-high net worth individuals with over $50million, let’s start with them, then move onto the Banks, then the Property Speculators, the Climate Change polluters and big industry!

-Sugar Tax

-Inheritance Tax

-Wealth Tax

-Financial Transactions Tax

-New top tax rate on people earning over $300 000 per year.

-Capital Gains Tax

-Windfall profit taxes

-First $10 000 tax free

The Reserve Bank Governor is clearly telling us to raise taxes to pay for the rebuild, if Chippy’s Bread and Butter politics is to mean anything, he has to tax the rich to pay for the rebuild.

What’s the point of Bread and Butter politics if no one can afford to buy the Bread or the Butter?

Capitalism is rigged, Democracy is supposed to have the moral authority to challenge that.

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueller to corporations.



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  1. At the moment I’m a willing NZ citizen. I make money for the country (export earner) I pay enough tax to fund a govt employee or two and I own my own home. I’m not a landlord. (Fuck that!) I take no govt handouts and have planned for retirement. This makes me a low burden on the state.

    There are a lot of people like me – heaps. We fund this economy. We’re the 20% that pay 80% of the taxes. We are the LAST people that a tax happy govt wants to fuck off. Because if there is even a sniff of a CGT, wealth tax or a return to inheritance taxes we are GONE. We will have all our cash out, sell the house and be on the Gold Coast in a heartbeat.

    NZ cannot tax its way to prosperity and if our main taxpayers become unwilling then there is only one outcome.

    Australian citizenship in 48 months!

    • Australia, a warm climate, good wages, a great lifestyle and now an easy pathway to citizenship. Australia wants your skills, your labour and your taxes. Australia, it’s just a 3+ hour flight away and you already have friends & family there. Australia calls, will you listen? Will our Government?

    • You are not alone.

      As an employer we provide income and as you say, plenty of tax yet are not “rich” by any world standard.

      A CGT on unrealised gains is a lefties wetdream but totally ineefective and destructive. Look at the outpouring of wealth from Norway.

      • gary please pass on to EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRY that cgt is ineffective

        the norwegian wealth comes from a ring fenced fund generated by their oil royalties as opposed to flogging them off to the nearest neo-lib shark

    • That pretty much sums up New Zealand One vote for all.
      Good people like you are in the sights of this dreadful Government.
      How people can believe taxing to achieve prosperity,is dumbfounding.
      Labour cannot be trusted given the last 5 years plus of secret agenda and deception.

    • Whom are you going to sell your going concern to?
      Some may hedge their bets as we speak.

      A great initiative to dumb down our society.

      • I don’t need to sell – I can work from anywhere. And Airbnb pays a lot better than tenants for renting out my house.

        Sadly, you’re probably right – Australia just got a whole lot more attractive.

      • There are plenty of people who need a viable business to help cement their residency pathway. We sell citizenship in New Zealand, while discarding our own people. Hooray us.

  2. Personally if tax level thresholds were adjusted with inflation middle NZ would grow the pie a lot more for the government tax take.

    We would also have more professional trades and tertiary qualified people if we didn’t means test students. So many levels of families just can’t afford to support their kids who are adults making their future decisions.

    This is the govt strangling their own citizens hopes and dreams. The govt is out of touch with the financial impact on our youth – no wonder why more than ever are disillusioned with the governing of politics today.

    We don’t need big overhauls – just some logical ones.

    Food security – let’s incentivize producers and suppliers to a percentage of their product to stay in NZ – make it an over supply so the prices drop but it can also be to fight our health epidemic of fast sugary, fatty food intake. An incentive could be no GST payment for the other percentage exported or bring in farm subsidies for things like bread and butter and healthy options. Not sure if I have the right idea but a really big incentive that saves us just as much if not more in the long run.

    Housing Security – just stop building for chosen community groups. Build State Houses based on population social needs only. Stop the first home building – incentivize that in the private sector. Eg: You can’t have more then 5 rental properties unless you build a sixth, 12th etc. Don’t have to sell it but it builds stock rentals & possibly first home buying options.

    Crime – How about we pay more and support Police better. Community policing is a must and the ratio’s simply need to change and be more. Wouldn’t hurt if parliament kept up with new tech & social laws as well.

    Health – pay more – simple. We have a new Dunedin Hospital literally beside our greatest medical school. So why is this getting cuts when in fact it could over produce our medical people and provide greater student income from overseas. The govt have been way to short sighted here – absolute shame on them.

    Education – Basics, basics, basics. Get rid of the management teachers do so much of and just brave he outcomes on their teaching ability. I also think with our society issues we need 15 children per class or two teachers together with 25 children per class. Things have to change and fast. This is the future and I think the lack of everything here is going to cost NZ dearly.

    To pay for all this I’m happy for GST to go up to 20%. However, I just have issues like most trusting Government transparency that these are the things where tax money will go to.

    Just an opinion or two.

    • We definitely need more Community Policing, face to face meeting the public and understanding the problems, plus having strategies to resolve these problems. Whatever we are doing at the moment is not working.

  3. The Left lost the ability to argue and debate when it retreated into the intellectual equivalent of a gated community.
    Journalism, the creative industries, and the social sciences became a monoculture – using ‘safe spaces’, de-platforming, and cancel culture as enforcement mechanisms.

    And to be fair and honest, the talented on the non-Left realised they could have an easier life and higher incomes by not bothering to be in the debate, and getting on with their lives.

  4. “The National and Act parties have been creaming it over the last two years,” says Trevett.

    “This mainly comes from the rich-lister families of New Zealand. National has declared $2.3 million in donations from them last year, which is pretty much unprecedented.”

    Say’s it all really.

    • Who has been ruling these islands for the last 25 years?
      You are 100% correct, that quotes says everything about Trevett.

    • That doesn’t solve the problem of the mega rich getting away with blatant tax evasion and avoidance.
      your suggestion is a typical rich persons right wing comment to deflect.

    • @ Tabatha. You’re dead right. We do.
      We in fact need a public royal commission of inquiry.
      Martyn Bradbury writes: “With the looming economic recession, the electorate will turn to the Left for our solutions and will find the Left cancelling people for misusing pronouns and hate speech.”
      It must be remembered that we have no Left left. I’m going to write that again. There is no political Left. There is no Left. Roger Rat douglas hollowed out old Labour and Old Labour’s guts never returned.
      Politically, all we have is a broad span of fascist capitalist novelty parties wearing different skirts and trousers.
      The grim political side show that we must endure, largely due to our own inaction, is a manifestation of a gaggle of loser riche who discovered a cache of unguarded agrarian wealth and the door was open and there were no guards posted. Instead, standing there, was a gaggle of blank staring media automatons ready and able to do the heavy lifting.
      Everything written here, everything you think you know about your politics, everything you’re told, everything. All of it… It’s all a lie. Think a Russian Doll lie. Each time you lift a political liar of the liar below, you just get another liar.
      We AO/NZ’ers must have a public royal commission of inquiry.
      Did I tell you? I wrote to HRH QE11 some years ago and I got a reply. I asked the Queen if she could pop by for a cuppa and run up a few traitors while she was at it. ( I’m writing metaphorically by the way.)
      She wrote that she couldn’t personally but she had on-sent my letter to her rep here; jerry ” Lieutenant General Sir Jeremiah Mateparae GNZM QSO KStJ ” mateparae
      Not a squeak out of jerry. You can see jerry standing up close and personal with jonky and the dumb door-wedge lockwood smith here
      If I suddenly disappear you’ll know why.

    • Ok Tab, here you go – mega audit:
      1.2 billion wasted on consultants
      1.8 billion wasted on mental health.
      Billions wasted on a slow and already outdated tramline.
      100 million on failed KiwiBuild
      50 million wasted on a bike bridge idea.
      2 million in rent for 3W offices in AKL.
      88 high salary people in PR Dept at NZTA.
      300K to cut a ribbon at T Gully.
      Add that up for a start – call it 5 billion – and you see why there’s no point talking taxes for the rich, without talking about this govt needing a serious kick in the arse! In the private sector, those wasted sums would lead to prosecutions for reckless trading and irresponsible directorships – with jail time I reckon.

      • You realise that having completed your audit, you can now charge the Government $1.7 million for your extensive report.

  5. Playing race and gender to advantage is an ancient and natural human strategy.
    But calling out structural corruption that hinders all of society is a modern ability enabled by new freedoms of creative expression. Movies, music, the many forms of literature & art ~ in that order.
    However there remains a massive blank ~ ‘uniformation’ ~ where even the most celebrated humans are essentially uninformed on simple matters.
    Case in point…in NZ, alcohol is the governments (read voters) blind spot where wealthy parasites are free to suck the life blood out of struggling families and the rest of us are collateral damage.
    While their own data screams for simple legislation to deal with this, racism and sexism are just empty rhetoric in the mouths of wellington ~ the well remunerated centre of our opaque class entitlement.
    We all suffer the nationwide costs of their social ignorance and political distraction.

  6. Woke-ism = erodes democracy and limits free speech and creates a thought police class. No thank you.

    The ruling class will see to it that the wealthy and privileged retain control over their wealth and privilege, whether red or blue.

    The wealth and privilege may move from those who benefit most today to others, but such a move will be even more detrimental to the cause of the poor.

  7. Yes class war in NZ destroying all our gains from vicious old Brit and other countries stuck in dark ages ways that we were said to be fleeing from for a better way But the facts are hiding behind a stone wall, which is propping up the country’s being, and as we remove the stones to expose the shivering, naked, intractable but defiant truth, the mob will use them to throw at the structure, knocking down more, and so it goes (Vonnegut ‘Slaughterhouse 5’*)

    *What does “So it goes” mean? The narrator… › questions › 251943-wh…
    A belief that one ultimately lacks free will in life, death, events, and everything that happens in one’s life. One must simply accept it and roll with it. One …

    • Government by the thoughtful, informed and practical and moral, is what is needed. You might not be there Bob 1st but I think you would like the outcome, and I hope would have your good ideas received and implemented as appropriate. Sounds good don’t you think. That’s the sort of soft soap we want handed out to us who want change.

  8. A record number of super-rich Norwegians are abandoning Norway for low-tax countries after the centre-left government increased wealth taxes to 1.1%.

    More than 30 Norwegian billionaires and multimillionaires left Norway in 2022, according to research by the newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv. This was more than the total number of super-rich people who left the country during the previous 13 years, it added. Even more super-rich individuals are expected to leave this year because of the increase in wealth tax in November, costing the government tens of millions in lost tax receipts.

    Norway has lost the equivalent of $90 billion of wealth since they increased their wealth tax. They have learnt that people and capital are mobile.


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