As The Daily Blog pointed out – Māori Party are Kingmakers again in new poll


TPU and Curia Poll is out and it highlights the hung Parliament dynamics at play and that once again, the Māori Party are Kingmakers.

Labour – 37%

National – 37%

ACT – 10%

Green – 6.7%

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Māori Party – 2.9%

NZF – 2.6%

This backs up an earlier Roy Morgan Poll and makes the Māori Party and the Māori vote essential in 2023 and the drive for the Māori roll 3 months before the election could generate a new electorate in 2026.

ACT is be the winner of ‘Pure Trans Joy’.

NZFirst’s launch mid month was so underwhelming it was the first time I thought Winston won’t get over 5%. I mean, sure, no one knows what the hell Waka Kotahi is (other than it’s in the News a lot) and we are too scared of being called racist if we asked, but removing all the Māori names from Government Agencies seems very tiny in comparison to what we are facing.

The Greens should be reaching out to the Māori Party now and forging a 10 point bottom line plan to negotiate jointly with Labour for any hope of real progress.

Unfortunately the Greens are about as good at politics as Today FM was at ratings and are currently too involved with the Rainbow Parakeet attempting a Bay of Vegan Pigs coup.

If Bread and Butter politics is to mean anything, it has to tax the rich to subside the poor and the service provided, be it free dental, free public transport, or vast increase in state capacity, it has to be meaningful.

2023 comes down to who is middle NZ frightened of most? National ACT Government or Labour, Green and Māori Party Government.


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        • The exact same reason Labour still is. Voters have discarded policies, potential or otherwise, they have also discarded performance. They have been tribalised to the point that nothing else matters.

          It one of Jacindas legacies.

            • You don’t think NZ is more divided and tribal now than ever before?

              Mind you I don’t have your extreme bias so we will be looking at it through wildly different windows.

              • Not at all Peter.
                The media play a big part in the percieved divide as previously they fawned over Key and a National government however I also don’t have your extreme bias so I am looking at it through a different lens.

            • Yes maybe but only a very little in comparison to Jacinda. The change over the last 5 odd years has been very fast and very large.

              • But only very little in comparison to Jacinda.

                You personally weren’t affected by Keys policies that divided our country?We are reaping those rewards now.

    • Many Maori are so disconnected with the system that they do not want to fill in the cencus form or get their kids immunized so what makes you think they will vote for any of the Parties. I feel that Labour have aimed to bring Maori into the equation but the gap is getting bigger . I would be interested if others who are closer to the Maori point of view agree or have I got it wrong.

      • I am not sure there is one Maori point of view. They are not a hive mind. Not a criticism Trevor, just an observation.

      • Trevor. I didn’t want to fill in the census form either, but I did. I wearied of the authoritarian Ardern govt, and can see why others might feel the same. Also, I am dubious about government department confidentiality.

        • Xkeyscore Snow White ?

          You are blinded by your anti left rhetoric. Illegal spying
          Authoritarian government 2008-2017.
          You really need to open your closed blue mind.

    • Yeah pretty shocking that support for them and Labour has gone up after all the dire shit that has been going on the last few weeks. I’m becoming convinced that 90% of NZ is terminally asleep.

      • Fantail I see, hear and read little MSM, apart from picking up the occasional mis -delivered Dompost in the street – it’s handy for wrapping rubbish and cleaning condensation off windows. But I gather that the bought media pump a pc woke line, and news reporting generally is superficial. Nobody watches television any more, but I think that the days of robust debates and informed comment are long gone.

        Just look at our politicians and media censoring the reality of the brutish attack on biological women at Albert Park, and it’s plain to see that many people don’t know what’s happening.

      • Seems the others are awake and it is you Fantail that is asleep, given the percentage you quote. Did you give consideration to that inside your eco chamber.

    • Reactionary Bratwurst – I worked this out too…The Greens are on the way out, so Labour is cooked

    • The way I see it at the moment is: I don’t want a Nat/ACT coalition, so unless National try to claim back Epsom and hopefully exit ACT from parliament, then I must vote Labour in the hope they will finally rid us of Rogernomics.

    • Not “Everyone” feels disconnected Katy. I don’t. I am a bit concerned at what the result of the next election may be. Otherwise I am fairly contented.

  1. Why don’t we have an election? Nah. That won’t do it.

    How about forming a political party to throw out shitty capitalism and policy? Nah. It’s been tried and failed many times.

    How about we get radical and motivate the public into a revolution and public discord?
    Nope! Just did that the other weekend and the crazies came out and beat up old ladies.

    Well, we’re pretty fucked then aren’t we?


  2. Errrrm. No party is a king maker yet because the election hasn’t been held & you can’t know the results in advance.

  3. Come election-time, NZF will once again be the kingmaker.
    Winston Peters is the most influential politician of the last 50 years. Like it or not.
    Fact is, he is not yet finished.

  4. 2023 comes down to who is middle NZ frightened of most? That makes it our ‘Reds Under the Bed’ moment. Our Grandparents and parents had been directly or more closely impacted by WW2 so Muldoon sucked up the morons. What fear factor will impact on those born in the 80’s and 90’s?

    • How about fear of our education system being (further) corrupted by Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology? How about fear of the creeping authoritarianism and control of the media by the present government? How about fears about what exactly “co-governance” means? How about fears about the judgement of people who thought Shaneel Lal was a good candidate for “New Zealander of the Year”, or who think that “Being numerate in Aotearoa New Zealand today involves an understanding of diverse cultural perspectives, privileging te ao Māori and Pacific worldviews”?

      • Education being corrupted? By what? Teaching NZ history? You sound like a Republican from the Bible Belt

          • Johan Thiart It means that if you’re say, a pure mathematician from Ann Arbor, Michigan or Kings College London, coming to Otago University as a research fellow, your work has to be vetted by the PC VC and/or his committee of tangata whenua, to ensure that it is TOW compliant. Ditto any local indebted sod doing Hons in any subject under the antipodean sun.

      • Pope Punctilious 11. Transgenderism is a powerful ideology if it has turned the police against biological women, and allows old ladies to be beaten up. It will be interesting to see the outcome of complaints to the IPCA about the callous inaction of the police bird watching at Albert Park. Women can shoulder this, we’re used to it, it is children as it’s sacrificial victims which is so destructive.

        Social activism bring prioritised by the Education Department over literacy and numeracy skills is indefensible and not their job. It also puts classroom teachers in an invidious position and makes their work that much harder. Toss in the melee and noise of large shared learning spaces supplanting traditional classrooms, and children are again being victimised, simply because it’s cheaper building way.

        When a government is so secretive about agendas such as Te Puapua, it’s not unnatural to query whether “ the single source of truth “ which smiles when agreeing that they’re creating a two-tier society, creates its own “ truth”. That’s not what they’re there for, but when they control the local media, outcomes may not necessarily reflect the best interests of the community, or even the social cohesiveness which we very much need, and which most want.

  5. I wonder if the polling is underestimating National/ACT support due to a “shy conservative voter” effect.

    Most of the polls seem to be conducted entirely or mostly by phone – I suspect many people are reluctant to tell a random stranger they’re voting National/ACT, as nowadays that tends to get you labelled as a racist Nazi.

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