Which Online Games are Popular in New Zealand?


Online gaming is something that is popular all over the world. The way in which games have developed has been a massive factor in this. For example, games such as Pac-Man and Tetris are not common anymore. Modern day games will have you doing a double take at the screen to see if it is real footage or not. From amazing graphics to great story-telling, there are so many different reasons why gaming has become popular over recent years. 


One country that it has become particularly popular in is New Zealand. There are a lot of gamers who come from this country and enjoy this pastime on a regular basis. If you are from New Zealand, then there is a good chance that you even know a few people with this interest yourself. You might even want to try and get into gaming yourself. If so, then you should try and check out some of the following options. Listed below are some of the more popular online games in New Zealand. 

Call of Duty 

When you talk about iconic gaming franchises, it is really hard to leave Call of Duty out of the conversation. There are few gaming franchises that would have as much global recognition as this. The first person shooter game is one that has been a mainstay in New Zealand gaming for many years now. As Call of Duty keeps releasing great games, their fanbase just continues to grow. Not to mention you have the likes of streamers to help and boost the global appeal of the game. 


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Part of what makes the Call of Duty games so good is their multiplayer aspect. You can easily lose hours by being online gaming with your friends on the newest COD title. This is something that the people of New Zealand have really enjoyed over the years. 

Online Casino 

All over the world, there are people who love playing casino games. The likes of poker and blackjack are games that are played every single day. However, you don’t even have to worry about being near a physical casino to play these games. Now, you can enjoy online casino games from anywhere in the world. This is something that has become really popular in New Zealand. Thanks to secure sites such as Jackpot City, online casino games have never been more immersive and accessible to the people of New Zealand. The site even allows you to download an app. Being both Apple and Android compatible, it really could not be made any easier for you to play when and where you want. 


Although the national sport of New Zealand is rugby, there is no doubt that there is a vast interest across the country of different sports. The sport of soccer is still one that attracts a lot of attention among New Zealanders. This is definitely evident when it comes to the video game ‘FIFA’. The soccer video game is one that is played by thousands each and every day in New Zealand. FIFA is a long serving franchise and has always attracted gamers from around the world. So if you are into sports, this is definitely one to try out.