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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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    Another Bluebridge passenger told RNZ she was due to sail from Picton to Wellington on the Straitsman ferry last night. But she said they ended up on the Connemara, which then was unable to sail due to an engineering issue.

    In the morning, the passenger said they were told there were no standbys available on the next ferry and they had to leave the terminal.
    “People started to shout and argue, some broke down into tears, others told us they had been waiting there for days/weeks, and the same thing keeps happening.”

    She said she had still had not received any official email or text about her cancelled booking and there were no updates on the Bluebridge website.

    So paid up customers trying to manage their lives are being told they cannot have their expectations of considered clients met and are being cheated by the transport companies.

    It’s time for government to assert its sovereignty that it is supposed to have, andf look after the systems run in the country’s name by some corpse, either from overseas or NZ who have shifted to another planet in their minds.

    Just a side issue – a friend last year travelled by bus to Te Anau which was a destination on the bus company’s regular routes. She arrived, and was told by the driver that it was the end of the route. Definitely the end, the finish. The route had been abruptly cancelled. So she was stuck in Te Anau and had to hitchhike out – luckily she is a feisty person and got out safely to some spot that was still connected to the transport system.

    But how will they manage, these peripheral places in NZ which are being dropped because they are not profitable enough? Business doesn’t give a f….k about the people – how dare our political parties leave the people exposed to any wind of change that blows through, either from profits from cruise ships with strangers bearing gifts of money and germs and costs of conveniences to some people, or totally negative ones of bulk killing drugs and incomers who have no supports available, and that is not mentioning climate events, and careless use of our resources for corpse profit.

    We are going backwards under the ‘business knows and is better than stupid, nanny government’ propaganda and hegemony. I am listening to an internet talk on Russia, Ukraine etc. The speakers know much, including historical background and it was said that Russia seems to have been going backwards over the last thirty years. And I thought that this is how NZ can be described.

    Here is the discussion from Silicon Curtain (good name eh).
    Anna Danylchuk – Anna from Ukraine Explains why Ukraine is Different, why it Resists and will Endure

  2. What does this portend?

    There are many ways that funding-fear bites into democracy. In the most recent example Parliament’s secretariat (the Office of the Clerk), after years of cost cutting without obvious public impact, have finally hit the budget wall and are forced to make major public-facing cuts. Specifically, the broadcast of Parliament on RNZ’s AM network – something that began in March 1936. …

    The radio broadcast contract costs Parliament about 1.3 million a year – which is roughly the size of the immediate hole in their already cut-to-the bone budget. David Wilson, the Clerk of the House of Representatives, puts it succinctly.

    “That is just a cost we can no longer carry.”

    The irony of Parliament needing to cut the radio broadcast is that it won’t save much public money. The network of AM masts and transmitters (which also carry RNZ National) is considered an essential disaster recovery network – something well-demonstrated recently. Without Parliament helping cover the significant maintenance cost of the huge masts, RNZ will have to swallow that cost alone. To add to the irony RNZ’s budget is also frayed to breaking point. Parliament though will get to limp on through another budget cycle…

    So, unless this year’s Budget delivers a reprieve, come July there will be no more MPs on the radio. Sorry to everyone who wants to follow Parliament without internet access or needing to sit in front of a TV….

    Over the last few years they took select committees online (so you can now interact with them remotely), they took petitions online, they enabled MPs to remotely join both committees and Parliament in a hybrid House via video conference. And despite making it clear that these needed funding, each new service has continued without any new cash, or staff costs or anything really….

    At a recent Standing Orders Committee hearing one submitter pointed out that a Parliament relying on Facebook for public access to streamed select committee meetings stored on Vimeo was weird. From memory the word embarrassing was used. He pointed out that even the Welsh Parliament had a purpose-built video CMS where people could access and search committee meeting video and where the Welsh Parliament controlled and owned the content. They even have transcripts.

    I ask David Wilson about the tight budget’s impact on staffing. How many roles are currently unfilled? He says the Office has been delaying replacing staff “because that stretches out the cost a little bit, but it does put more pressure on other staff”. He agrees that that can potentially further increase turnover and also “doesn’t provide such a good service to the select committees in the House”….

    Democracy on the cheap
    It’s all a bit amateur. It’s amazing Parliament holds it together as well as it does – mostly through dedication and sheer will, but that doesn’t last forever.
    As much as New Zealand prides itself on a make-do, number-8-wire attitude, our democracy deserves better than a Parliament that hires only who it can afford and works with what it can get for free.

    I keep thinking of the title of Dr Ranginui Walker’s book ‘Struggle Without End’. He kept at it, and so must we, but will too few stay the course; it will be a godsend to die I think for some. Making any sort of dint or dent requires a heavyweight crowbar in the hard face of commercialism and individual procurement; all sense and little sensibility,


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