The Liberal Agenda: Q+A Review with SOAD exclusive!!!


Jack is doing a System of a Down interview?

It’s like finding out Santa is really Marx!

Straight into Auckland Minister Wood and what the hell happened when Auckland drowned.

Asked directly if he trusts Wayne Brown, he is very diplomatic. Points out that there is huge infrastructure resilience issues in front of us.

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Acknowledges the mental health toil on Aucklanders since Covid.

Wood is incredibly polished, he’s all over the Transport portfolio, gives great answers.

He is an incredibly decent human being and we are very lucky to have him as a Minister for Auckland.

Auckland’s grotesque underfunding in infrastructure is a legacy driven by National and Labour both using mass immigration instead of real growth.

We are all being punished by that fecklessness.

Jack is righteously harsh of the policy bonfire and wants to know what Labour actually stands for.

Michael makes a robust defence of that criticism and in turn shows his insight and oversight of policy alongside the philosophical underpinnings of those decisions.

Pushed on the can of worms that is always immigration, Wood makes the strong case against mass immigration because of the damage to the local labour market and highlights those exploiting low wage migrants.

Wood is intelligent and compassionate and this interview allows him to shine.

Q+A looks at the occupation. year on.

Profile of the protest highlights the right wing fear grifters and the people the Left had dumped because they were smelly lumpenproletariat.

Our refusal to de-escalate this nonsense allowed a radicalisation of politics we’ve never seen before.

That is on Trevor Mallard, the right wing fear grifters and the middle class woke who demanded the military intervene.

All our worst angels in one clusterfuck.

Byron C Clark is on, he has had to backdown on the woke claims that everyone at the Dumb Lives Matter were all Nazis and has the grace of Morgan Godfrey to acknowledge it.

His shirt looks like a carpet from a Wellington flat in Te Aro.

His tears over dumping the hate speech laws we on the Left could never win are delicious.

Hilariously one of the reasons the hate speech laws were dumped was because it was pointed out to the Labour leadership that middle class woke activists would attempt to use the hate speech laws to settle social media grudges and that this would hand ammunition to the right for the election.

Now System of a Down!

Serj and his activism has always made SOAD on par with RATM as the best political punk rock music.

His latest art exhibition is a must see.

I have always been a huge fan of him and his work.

His art isn’t self indulgent and screaming about his identity, it is demanding us to see the injustice of the world and respond to that on an independent level.

His correct calls on Iraq and Afghanistan were always right, his grace in refusing vindication is testament to him and his justness.

His views on Russia invading the Ukraine are absolutely on mark.

A great first show from Q+A.


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    • If someone claims to be “for the environment” while also supporting mass immigration, they are lying. A typical immigrant from the Third World coming into a developed country increases his or her emissions by 400% on average. Moreover, claiming to advocate for the poor while also supporting mass immigration is also contradictory, given the lowering of wages and the increase in house prices it causes. The principle beneficiaries of mass immigration (along with the immigrants themselves) are the capitalist class who can pay lower wages, increase consumption, and (in the case of banks) keep the price of the loan collateral up.

  1. Cake decorator who helped defraud Westland taxpayers of $459,000 could be deported

    Personally don’t believe this sector is underfunded. I think it is being siphoned off by poor practises, corruption and the organisations themselves spending the money on managerial headcount and endless staff that keep making the wrong or fraudulent decisions.

    In this case a cake decorator gets awarded the wastewater contract – how much is this going on?

    White Elephant wastewater schemes (that nobody is prosecuted over so seems to be a green light for more of the same).

    Now we see massive costs of flooding when central government and local government join forces to push through bad zoning changes and more housing on flood plains that should never have been built, just like the secret Kaipara wastewater plant – transparency and listening to the public seems non existent in NZ! Government have had years to do something, but made everything worse. Warm, dry houses are a joke in NZ as million dollar houses only last for 3 years!

    In addition the lack of interest in stopping bribery, corruption and fraud in NZ government agencies.

    Two jailed, six leave jobs in country’s largest bribery case

    Auckland Council official took bribe for $150k contract, court documents reveal

    Antoanette Du Preez (52) of Ashburton stole approximately $1 million while she was employed by the health board. Ms Du Preez is currently serving her prison sentence.

    Fraudster Joanne Harrison’s hidden history: The life and crimes of a million-dollar conwoman

    Why the Serious Fraud Office closed case against Waikato DHB boss Nigel Murray

    Less procurement people are needed in government organisations, more auditing of contracts and more qualified people who are not corrupt and absolute transparency of these contracts!

    Too many people are being hired without proper investigation in NZ into large firms but their identity protected, the companies who are involved in very poor practises and hiring are never named – thus no incentive to change!

    TWO engineering firms who are not named, employed this unqualified engineer. Clearly the CTV building and Pike River has had no lessons learnt.

    Unqualified engineer who lied on CV guilty of 38 fraud charges, fined for ethics breach

    In addition once found out and prosecuted, practically no punishment – 38 fraud charges and just a $5000 fine, thus incentivising more to do these qualifications scams in NZ and their employers to not care as they are not named for using them.

    NZ courts fooled by fake paperwork and discharging without conviction, leaving the fraudsters un detected to continue on their frauds.

    Yuvaraj Krishnan: What we know about alleged fake Middlemore doctor

    Waikato DHB was still using outfit that recruited fake psychiatrist

    In spite of all this it does not seem that NZ is interested in protecting the public as they seem to fail to prosecute those involved, check paperwork properly, discover the crimes quickly, and in the case of poor recruitment agencies – just keep using them!

  2. This country needs migrants to do the work that NZ will not do at the bottom of the ladder plus we have failed to train tradesmen and are sadly lacking in those at the CEO level .This applies to most European countries .

  3. 1972, arrive,one tv station,radio,station all american country music.Who you fucks,understand our knowing of your childish revolution ignorance,dream,their is a train on its way to the Snark.

  4. 1972, arrive,one tv station,radio,station all american country music.Who you fucks,understand our knowing of your childish revolution ignorance,dream,their is a train on its way to the Snark.

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