ACT the champion of free speech want to stop the speech of Willie Jackson


After being triggered snowflakes over the Human Rights Commission saying something that made ACT feel sad sad, the Party of Free Speech now wants to tone police Willie Jackson!

Let us get this straight, Willie Jackson describes ACT Party policy as crushing to Māori and David is running to tell on him to Chippy?

Why are ACT being such snowflakes?

This is the Party who have championed free speech, but the second Willie Jackson starts pointing out how extreme ACT policy will be, he needs to be censured?

Why is it only Free Speech when ACT says something and hate speech dripping with danger when someone else is giving ACT the business?

Why is it that when ACT disagree or are offended by something, they immediately want it punished?

Isn’t this the exact same deplatforming and cancel culture shit the woke pull?

David is intellectually better than this.

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    • Agree Ronald he is no intellectual. I have been saying for ages that its only free speech when David Seymour says it is. At last Martyn has picked up on it !!

  1. “David is intellectually better than this”. Is he? I think he is starting to sound unhinged. Clearly no one thinks that being thrown under a bus is to be interpreted in the literal sense.

    Seymour probably thinks that knowing the Te Reo word for “bus” makes it ok to throw people under it. But let’s be fair he will throw lots of people under the bus, not just the Māori.

    • I don’t believe he’s becoming unhinged, this is normal Seymour. Think dancing with the Stars.
      Seymour is working for his masters, Hobson’s Pledge.
      Their political stance on wiki is right wing to far right. Seymour is only doing what he is paid to do, create division through race based attacks.
      He has a big fan in Mike Hosking who supports Hobson’s Pledge, so expect this to be pushed by Newstalk ZB until election day.

  2. all right let me get this straight.

    Willie Jackson is ‘violet and divisive’?
    ACT’s attitude to tino rangatiratanga are: ?
    Chris Hipkins should keep that cheeky native under control ?

    But David can make a speech in Te Reo so I suppose that makes it all right.

  3. But let’s be fair he will throw lots of people under the bus, not just the Māori. ”

    That sounds like a perfect cartoon for Malcolm Evans.

    Seymour and his campaign bus full of NACT MP’s driving over everyone they don’t like.

  4. Asking a ‘leader’ to take their people to task re common professional courtesy is now ‘banning speech one does not like’ never mind the legislative work that Labour did/still does in order to criminilasize speech They don’t like.

    • No Brat as usual Seymour is a cry baby and an arrogant little prick .There is an old saying “ you give it , so you have got to take it “. People like David Seymour have a dangerous ideology . Right wingers are supposed to deliver for freedom for all, history will tell you that there is an exception for the people in society they don’t like and lets face it there are many of them.

  5. Under ACT Maori will be able to drive the bus if they want. The racist co-governace ideology that Labour have pushed on New Zealanders without any electoral mandate, will get thrown under the bus. Maori are already being crushed & killed in high numbers by our “caring” Labour government, only the elite are uplifted (exempting Oranga Tamariki uplifts of course). ACT is the future for New Zealand.

    • go look at american evangelical snowflakes at school board meetings then then come back to me on that one bratty

      and before you say it our evangelical nutters walk in the footprints of their yank mentors

    • No ACT want everyone to own weapons so we can all go out and murder each other. Great policy that.

      • Is that why Labour transferred over 100000 “machine guns” to criminals?

        ACT wants to protect those that don’t murder people, Labour wants to protect those that do.


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