The Working Group with Simon Wilson, Dr Bryce Edwards + Damien Grant


This week Simon Wilson, Dr Bryce Edwards + Damien Grant debate the following:

1 – The Polls

2 – Waitangai Day

3 – The Politics of Auckland Flooding

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  1. Am not convinced that Damien Grant actually ‘debated’ anything last week. A diatribe insisting that Aukland and the response were all good; that unregulated house building was fine (that’s what rich immigrants from Asia want therefore it must be OK); those to blame it seems were the met people for not telling Auckland how heavily it was raining and that it would not necessarily stop! Fine to have these views but in a debate need discussion and certainly more forthright challeges, in my humble opinion.

  2. yes, yes.. The Working Group.. yay, something to look forward to tonight.

    Side Note: If the election was held today I’d vote for New Zealand First.

  3. 7.2.2023
    Thank you all 🙂

    Who is the guy on Martyn’s left? Was that Simon someone? I don’t know his credentials but he’s a super smooth talker, in every good way, AND I completely agree with him. Refreshing 🙂

    Damien Grant (on the left but representing the right) is coming across as uneducated / old school. His passion is great, but he doesn’t get it.

    Martyn Bradbury rocks an excellent political channel. Long may he reign 🙂

  4. Mart – Last night’s debate was great but you had to pull the plug. I am wondering if you couldnt do a one off(or more) special debate with say 4 to 5 pundits across the spectrum but all very knowledgeable and passionate (Sorry Hoots, we’d have to leave his cynical arse at home)

    I think what we heard last night was what we all should have heard 3 years ago. This is just what NZ is lacking. There is confusion around what co governance is. What we need is a public airing on the topic and we almost got to it. On the one hand Wilson said, disagreement over co-governance is racism, racism or racism and then he was about to tell us why this was. Damian also made genuinely held points from a different perspective and we nearly got to the heart of the debate.

    My suggestions would be, what is co governance, what is it not? Is 50% representation to Maori or more co – governance? Or is it something else? How do we get to this radical interpretation of 50% representation and 50% to everyone else in a democracy? Is it legal interpretation, by whom, what was the history of all this since the Waitangi Tribunal kicked off. What decisions were made by who? Should Law makers be deciding our constitution or should the people via the government. Does the lands case imply equal representation or does it imply representation on a democratic basis or some other agreement?

    Its a long and tangled argument because what does the Treaty really say and what is the real history on both sides.

    I think most NZers have no issue with co governance in local circumstances in fact I think most are in full support. It is the He Pua Pua moves that Ardern enacted that flummoxed everyone and we are all thinking how did we get from the Waikato River to Maori control of water and a concept that we are in an equal partnership based on race supposedly because of ToW, when article 3 seems quite clear that we are one people with no mention of race.

    I think there are many well read academics and kaumatua and journos that could bring something to this table. Anne Salmond would be great.

    This is not about racism or historic rights or wrongs, it is about constitutional change that no one understands so understanding the arguments in depth would help many of us and its impossible to get a warts and all multi perspective view because the media is so polarised and spews propaganda. (And yes Martyn, you are guilty of the same at times. You have reduced co governance down to racism which plays well politically but isnt true in the minds of many people who dont agree or simply dont know what the hell is going on).

  5. Great dissection of co-governance by Damien Grant and a worthy attempt at a rebuttal by Simon Wilson. Fantastic to see good debate and clash of ideas without descending into name-calling (except in jest).


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