The Daily Blog Open Mic – 4th February 2023

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. EE Look down the other major headings and see under Setting the Agenda.
    Just look around the blog – it has other contributors that will provide other POV that you and your friend have yet to discover.


    Background. Thought – a lot of people living on islands are well off. Why don’t they put some of their millions into a trust that runs their own ferries on a not-for-profit – covering expenses basis I’ve put down some links ion rough date order. It feels to me like following a convoluted crime detective story so have a go and see if you can follow the plot and motivations behind the doings, and work out who’s being done!

    InMotion Group
    It operates in the Hauraki Gulf and Waitemata Harbour. Fullers Group is the latest in a long line of almost continuous harbour and gulf ferry operations based in Auckland since the 1870s.


    Who owns Fuller’s Ferries?
    Souter Holdings Ltd.

    Fullers ferries gets new chief executive › business › fullers-fe…
    Auckland Fullers Ferries ownership? from
    24/07/2017 — Owned by Scottish entrepreneur Sir Brian Souter’s InMotion Group, Fullers Group will now encompass additional tourism

    About us | Fullers360 › about-us
    Plus, Fullers360-owned Waiheke Bus Company operates 11 vehicles to service the island’s bus routes and tour products. Gulf 2025: Our vision. Fullers360 has big …

    Auckland Transport to hold Fullers360 service to account
    RNZ · › news › national › auckla…
    16/07/2022 — The partnership between Auckland Transport (AT) and Fullers360 has been challenging as the private agency was rejecting to treat its services as …
    15/7/22 Michael Eaglen, co-founder of EV Maritime, is designing electric ferries to run on Auckland commuter routes (video published June 2021).
    Auckland ratepayers will own a new and upgraded fleet of ferries in a $100 million overhaul of services that also includes cheaper fares for many Waiheke Island commuters.
    Auckland Transport will for the first time own seven ferries, spending $80m on five electric hybrids.
    They will be run under a 12-year contract with existing operator Fullers360, on four routes.

    Skills crisis: Fullers warns it’s 15 crews short, suspends …
    Newstalk ZB · › business
    Auckland Fullers Ferries ownership? from
    7/10/2022 — Fullers’ hiring strife comes at a time of major transition for its 30-odd ferries. Council-controlled Auckland Transport is taking ownership of …

    Loss widens for ferry operator Fullers
    The National Business Review · › l…
    Auckland Fullers Ferries ownership? from
    1/12/2022 — Auckland ferry operator Souter Holdings Fullers, controlled by Scottish businessman Sir Brian Souter, has reported a loss of $11.9 million …

    • Further I wonder if there is some sort of laundering system here? A potentially loss making business that can draw financial support from Auckland Transport and be a legitimate business, yet utilise financing from some clandestine outfit overseas. That sounds like an overheated imagination but hey that’s the world these days, hot money and hot temperatures and hot avarice or cupidity. (Which is an interesting word as cupid makes one think of a chubby boy flying round with a bow and arrows carrying love, but perhaps one should be wary of him, like everything these days is not what it seems.)

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