Forget the Māori’s, what about NZs co-governance with the Greedy Banks, greedy property speculators and greedy low wage exploiters?


The Qanon level conspiracy theorists proclaiming Co-Governance is a secret plan to steal NZ for the Maaaaaaris would be hilarious if it weren’t so stupid.

When Elizabeth Rata coined the phrase ‘Ethno-Nationalist State‘ to describe attempts to share power with Māori as promised by the Treaty, every right winger wanting to be racist found glee in the shielding of their bigotry by the pretence of intellectualism.

What is most hilarious about Rata’s claims of Ethno-Nationalist State is that she is 100% right, it’s just that she’s right in a way she doesn’t want to admit to, which is NZ is an Ethno-Nationalist State, it’s just a White Ethno-Nationalist State.

Our systems of power and control are all white, our dominant culture is white, our benefitting from colonialism is white, our purposeful laws aimed at taking more Māori land were white, our confiscations are white, our dominant narrative is white.

So sure, NZ is an Ethno-Nationalist State, but for white people.

Any attempt to rebalance the damage caused by taking 90% of Māori land in less than a century and any attempt to live up to the promise of the Treaty must be denigrated and appallingly decried as apartheid.

The backbone of the economic success story that is NZ, is in stealing Māori land and NEVER paying the full price back alongside a low wage economy that exploits migrant workers.

Forget the Māori’s, what about NZs co-governance with the Greedy Banks, Greedy property speculators and Greedy low wage exploiters?

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Māori Co-Governance is a symbolic gesture where as NZs co-governance with the Greedy Banks, Greedy property speculators and Greedy low wage exploiters is literal!

Why is it that Māori co-governance is supposedly so much more dangerous than the current co-governance with Greedy Banks, Greedy property speculators and Greedy low wage exploiters?

Why is it that the co-governance of NZ by the Greedy Banks, Greedy property speculators and Greedy low wage exploiters is somehow invisible and never debated while it’s attack Māori co-governance every single day of the week?


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    • Well then, that makes it clear that Little Johnny nothing is nothing but a drone who was put there because he is the perfect dogsbody to continue the work that uncle Johnny Key was sent here, and foisted upon the national party as their next leader.. Or, the “corporate raiders advance party”, to accomplish, and leave NZ totally vulnerable to the winds of fate, without even a sheet for a sail… The Luxon cretin will do his job without a first thought, let alone a second one, particularly if NZers are going to vote with their anuses, as is traditional in the leafy suburbs. and in the paddocks… Jacindas weakness was that she wasn’t prepared to “go to war”, which is what is now necessary if NZ has any chance of avoiding becoming “Hong Kong for beginners”…

  1. How is Māori Co-Governance a symbolic gesture when the most fundamental aspect of democracy, that of one person one equal vote, is overturned and discarded as it will be if 3 Waters is implemented?

  2. Greed is colour blind. This is a class war. National not Labour will kill this off because it works against their aim of economic dominance.

  3. Yes Chris, might be that a factor in this is people see Maori co-governance as a tribal (ie NOT Ngati Pakeha etc), or bloodline or ‘race’ based allocation of power.

    Whereas getting ripped off by banks, amorphous and not so amorphous ‘big business’ organisations, etc.
    Well, anyone can join that party (at least on the surface, or at least the racist hiring and policy is not advertised or emphasised).

  4. I find it fascinating that we humanoids live in fear of the various factions who cause in us UNNECESSARY distress, anxiety, self-hate, helplessness and boredom when it’d be more natural for them to fear us don’t you think?
    Why? Why is that? Why do we fear the foreign owned banks? Why do we fear that our home-prices will be lied-up by polished aliens free to roam about in their glorious worthlessness? Why do we give our beautiful lives away to slavers who harvest us for their wealth creation who then lobby what was once our quaint custom that is was ‘government’ for a tax free jaunt through to their plump, healthy, expiry date? Why do we do that? How do we allow that to happen? What are the psychological mechanisms which they, the dreaded ‘Them’s’ deploy against us that force the [we] to acquiesce to their wants and greeds? Professor Stanley Milgram does a good job of explaining that but I bet none of you have read his studies, have you? Is that because you’ve been convinced by an entirely corrupt main stream media that you already know everything when, in fact, you know fuck all? It’s not the Kiwi way to make a fuss though, is it. Nothing to see here, move along. That kind of thing. But when we do, the bashers are set upon us.
    The Daily Blog, if I remember correctly, were bashing so called ‘feral’s’ for setting fire to, ironically, their own taxes paid for lawns, outside parliament buildings. Oh, the fuss! What a disaster! How could a few Qanon, antivaxxer, anti Maori, Anti woman, Anti Austin Mini, Anti budgie, anti undie, anti, anti deodorant, shouty, sweary people set fire to a few rubbish bins etc while swearing and pissing on trees while thinking “Fuck! Must remember to pay the mortgage this week! ”
    Look. No, really…LOOK! Look at the facts. Never mind the hysteria the purple faced MSM Super Stars tell you. Look. At. The. Facts. And ask yourself simple questions which will always only require simple answers and there is great beauty in simplicity, right?
    Do we few 5.2 million people on a land area 29 K sq km larger than the UK need four now foreign owned banks stealing billions of dollars from our agrarian exports generated economy in net profits annually? Do we need them? Or do we need the billions they steal, more?
    Do we hate Maori? Do we really? We must because we’re constantly being told that we do, so I guess we do. Do we resent the Maori ownership of the four now foreign owned banks who steal billions of dollars off us annually in net profits? After all, they, them Maori’s, came here first and set up the sweet deals with the four now foreign owned banks who steal billions of dollars off us annually in net profits. Once we white people set up those lucrative export deals with the Northern Hemisphere, right? Yeah, fuckin’ A. ! Them Maori’s aye. I dunno… Peaceful, beautiful, creative, intelligent, caring, loving, patient Maori aye? Bastards! I’d rather have a multi-billionaire pro-Zionist american who own shares in the U$A military-industrial complex.
    Larry page of google might agree? Jonky’s bestie thiel? Who else? Well, thanks to property speculators, we’ll never fucking now until there’s a sign up telling us to fuck off from what was once our national parks, rivers, streams and other public lands. Nearly forgot beaches. How many foreign fucks now own vast tracts of what was once our farmlands? I know? Lets ask the property speculators? Good coin though aye, you fucking traitors.


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