Political Caption Competition


How the banks in NZ end 2022.


  1. Well the moneyed group really live in a contrived separate domain. The physics of the real world apparently react to a body floating in water or quicksand to keep it supported if it lays flat and widely dispersed which enables the face and nostrils to be clear of deadly, suffocating envelopment.

  2. The cartoons accurate depiction is how many Kiwis are living their lives. Slowly drowning.

    Existing not actually living.

    I got an extra .29 cents an hour last year to deal with hideously over priced food , increase in my mortgage rate and other costs and I am waiting to see how much Christchurch city council will gouge me by increasing my rates this year while they got re elected and agave their C.E.O 4 % pay rise on her $526,000 salary package.

    All of that extra I have to find and it means not running the car and more noodles and baked beans in the weekly menu. I now eat once a day to save the money to pay for the increasing cost to live.

    But I work with the mentally ill and others who are far worse off than myself and the difference I make in my work assisting them keeps me focussed and all to aware of the plight of so many out there who have no one to speak for them.

    Once again the cartoon is accurate. Constantly fighting to breath and stay alive.


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