The Daily Blog Open Mic – 24th December 2022


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  1. in stuff 23/12/22 an obituary for michael donoghue, whale ‘guardian’ – Force of nature in whale protection’ is a story of amazing success as a commited, knowledgable, clever thinker working for his particular interest. Perhaps his approach could be copied by those working for human society and equality including equity. If the old ways aren’t working then we need to change now before we are past TPONR (the point of no return).

  2. Michael Donoghue whale guardian obituary stuff 23/12/22.
    We could adopt his methods and get better results with people perhaps.

  3. Just when you think the Labour government is ever so slightly beginning to take worker exploitation and slavery seriously ………. along comes a muppet from MBIE to set things back, and normalise the mechanisms by which it’s been allowed to happen – encouraged even.

    Set aside the issue of tying visas to a specific employer, or rules of the game being changed midway through, or outright lies not being challenged.
    Set aside the fact that MBIE on its own websites used (and probably still do) encourage charlatans to become immigration advisors (shoddy PTEs, even security or construction companies. Hairdressers and bloody beauty parlours even).
    Set aside they’ve not ever placed warning advertisements in overseas media of countries we try and recruit cheap labour from, even WHEN they had a presence there.

    Funny thing. Indians don’t generally like seeing their nationals treated like shit by other jurisdictions (even IF they’re Dahlits) – and that extends to their political class.
    Good luck with that ‘free trade agreement”.

    I wonder whether in this case the pathetic little power trippers at INZ/MBIE are trying to teach McClymont a lesson for having the audacity to challenge naive, unimaginative, not-too-bright immigration policy – try as they do to dress it up as “best prectice”

    You’ve got to wonder whether the likes of Twyford aren’t ekshully the sharpest knives in the drawer, whether they want to lose the next election, or whether its that they’re a bunch of kink masochists (It’s not as though they don’t have their share of dirty linen)

  4. Heres a prediction for next years general election.

    The Labour Maori Caucus (15) jump waka to the Maori Party! Theyre allowed to in an election year once the writ has being handed too and accepted by the GG!

    Probably 7 or 8 will. So if the MP score big and get 3, they could end up with 10 or more!

    See 3Waters & Co Governance back on the menu post election!

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