Political Caption Competition

Thoughts and prayers and ankle bracelets on 10 year olds will fix it! #solidarity #gettoughoncrime 


Thoughts and prayers and ankle bracelets on 10 year olds will fix it!

#solidarity #gettoughoncrime



  1. They need to get rid of Luxon and bring in either Willis, Stanford or Reti.

    Sorry I know that’s not funny, but that is what the pic made me think

  2. Christ-opher Luxton spends a few quiet moments at the National Party Memorial For Shafted Leaders. “Unity is everything,” he observes wisely…

  3. If a 10 year old is a repeat offender out ram raiding or attacking shops and dairies in stolen cars I would do two things. I would wrap him and his whanau in all the support the state could muster and I would also put an ankle bracelet on him and if he goes where he shouldn’t throw him in the slammer. Help and Consequences should be the motto.

  4. Anybody can see Mr Luxon is moved by some situation and is praying for guidance as to how best to assist this nation that has been following a promising recipe to ensure success but instead has failed to rise. having been damped down by faux foreign ingredients.

    • I suspect they do, they tend to belive in strictly stratified caste societies and put family above state culturally more in line with the nats than lab..look at the compsition of the top ranks of the UK tories,,
      though it does give me pleasure to see gammons ruled by ‘darkies’ who they can’t be racist about because they’re tory ‘darkies’….revenge for the raj in action.

  5. ‘Dear God and father of richness thank you for sending us youth crime so I can criticize the evil witch Jacinda for ignoring it. Holy father of corporate wealth help me to uphold the righteous right that we may ever enjoy our wealth and fruits of our endeavours (social deprivation, racism, injustice and inequality). Crush our enemies that would tax our profits and redistribute them to the unworthy.
    I ask this through your worthy disciples Ruth Richardson, Don Brash and Roger Douglas

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