How ‘consensual’ is fingerprinting and photographing of Children by Police?


Chippie and the Police are attempting to argue that fingerprinting children and taking photos of them is totes cool because they get ‘consent’.


That’s the best you’ve got?

Chippie, you’ve had months to spin a good lie for this, and all you’ve got is ‘consent’ as your justification?

Now because I believe the Cops are a pack of fucking liars, let’s examine what that ‘consent’ actually looks like in practise.

Here are two scenarios, you tell me which one you think the cops are using:

Scenario 1: “Hello there, we have zero legal authority whatsofucking ever to compel you to give us your fingerprints, and you don’t have to give us your fingerprints, and you have legal protections to stop us from simply taking your fingerprints, may we please have your fingerprints”

Scenario 2: “If you don’t sign this consent form to allow us to take your fingerprints, we are going to arrest you and take your fingerprints”.

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Which one, which of those two scenarios do you honestly hand on heart thank the cops are doing?

You all fucking know it’s scenario two.

When Chippie and the cops claim they are taking fingerprints by consent, they are hoping you are all to stupid to consider how that’s actually being executed on the street.

Folks, the cops can’t compel you to give them shit without an actual warrant or arrest process that is built upon legal requirements they have to prove in court, that provides you and me with legal rights and safeguards, why the flying fuck would we agree to LOWER protections for children?

If the Police have the evidence or reasonable belief to arrest you, then they can arrest you, if they don’t have any of that, then they can fuck off.

Why allow our children to have lesser legal rights than adults?

How fucking stupid are you all? Have you been so scared by Ram raiders that you will throw our legal rights under a bus to make you feel a tiny bit safer?

We collectively are too brittle and timid for the challenges of our time.

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  1. Kiwi are real quick to throw our rights under a bus. We happily stop and blow into this for the police when they have no suspicion we have been drink driving. We banned people from returning to NZ, took away our rights to refuse medical treatment, restricted our right to travel in our own country and stopped us from visiting dying loved ones.We stole land from people who didn’t want to sell it. We took land under various Acts then didn’t return it. We illegally compile data on people who have not broken any law. And on and on and on…. And a majority of NZers love this kind of shit.

  2. Having photos taken is no big deal for kids now, four year old do it with their iPads, they make finger and handprints with poster paint; some parents photograph and post pictures of their infants and children more than they hug them, but online groups do advise asking baby’s consent before changing its nappy.


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