The Daily Blog Open Mic – 25th September 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Elections going off everywhere!

    Voting in the Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia province.

    Then the Bombing by NATO starts the day after the results are announced!

    • So …. An independence referendum was held in Kosovo, then known as the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo. between 26 and 30 September 1991.

      The only United Nations member who recognised the Republic of Kosova was Albania, with a resolution recognising the country passed in the Parliament of Albania on 21 October.

      When Russia recognises the referendum in; Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia provinces this weekend, all should be good ay.

  2. I thank Tane for some long-form commenting, At present I haven’t read it but just seeing so much joined-up thinking when we have so many little jibes going on between some commenters – no names, no pack drill – what does that mean, it just came out of my head?
    An example of jabber, good for a mental break but doesn’t progress us far, so thanks Tane for your time and tapping. We should all read this thoroughly before starting to disagree with him, and put him right in his ideas!

    We have a platform for exchanging exciting ideas and thoughts and getting background which we expect to be virtually truthful, so let’s get thoughts, concerns, possible solutions, and if people throw in some reflective thoughts on which part of the brain and our tradition of behaviour, the observed practice comes from, then that would be the cherry on the top.

    FGS do not let gagarin’s poke at me with my ‘amateur psychology’ stop deeper thought about our thinking and possible motivations. The idea of relying entirely on professionals to do our thinking for us is what has led us to our present debacle. And it implies that we shouldn’t try and learn from observing all that goes on around us and been recorded and thought about in the past, to enable us to get a meta-view of human motivations, from where we stand. We don’t have to go out into space to observe the blue planet we live on, and to pick up the electric responses we personally make and send to each other, to interpret our style of thinking. We have the ability to do it ourselves in our own finely tuned bodies and minds.

    Everything has already been thought out and painfully recorded by someone else. Let us honour the vast number of great thinkers by taking notice of their eruptions of thought and mulling about their correctness, and it could be quite enjoyable done with others accompanied by some mulled drink or other! Why not try some cafe or pub group mullings that rise above sport psychology to broader settings?

  3. This explains why, how the NZ Labour party and the Mental gweens activists, the neoliberal neo fascist wankas run their hate campaigns.

    Corbyn gets attacked by the israeli activists in the hierarchy of the UK Labour Party.

  4. Beware that the Idles don’t March against society’s best interests. Because it has happened! Douglas et al changed all around so that we have to sell our big toes to private interests who will walk for us, so efficient and convenient. Now this thing on campbylobacter? exposes a gap in the system.
    The gut infection campylobacteriosis can kill – so why is Aotearoa New Zealand still a campylobacter capital after decades spent trying to reduce rates? Is it time to take control away from the Ministry for Primary Industries and give it to public health?

    In the space of three weeks Melanie Ruawai’s weight plummeted by 10kg. She was suffering bouts of uncontrollable diarrhoea, along with nausea and stomach pains//

    Campylobacter is the most commonly reported cause of foodborne illness in New Zealand, and it can kill. The bacteria hitches a ride into your system via water, food, drink, animals or other people. Bore water contaminated with sheep faeces caused New Zealand’s most notorious outbreak in Havelock North in 2016. That crisis infected 8320 people, hospitalised 58 ,and contributed to four deaths.

    Others were left permanently disabled; if you survive the infection, you can be left with paralysis and secondary conditions. Former Green Party co-leader Rod Donald died of a heart condition at the age of 49, brought on by a campylobacter infection from a “probably unknowable source”, according to the coroner…

    “At one stage, New Zealand was known as the Campylobacter Capital of the World,” says University of Otago epidemiologist professor Michael Baker.//

    At the moment, this food is so heavily contaminated and it’s so hard for consumers to actually get rid of that bacteria from the food given that it’s in almost all fresh poultry meat that’s sold,” Baker says. “I think it’d be unlikely to actually make a huge difference by just slightly adjusting the level.”,,.

    Our campylobacteriosis rate has dropped significantly since we earned the nickname Campylobacter Capital of the World in 2006, and infection rates have been largely stagnant since then. However, Baker says increasing hospitalisation rates could indicate infection rates are actually rising.

    Food safety regulation lies with New Zealand Food Safety, which is a business unit of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), not a public health agency. Baker suggests it’s a conflict of interest to put food safety in the lap of the body focused on the prosperity of primary industries…

    I’ll throw in the bit about the anarcho syndicalist commune etc and the bit where the peasant gets repressed. The violence inherent in the system means that nobody takes enough note how sick we get from campylobacter? – I can’t even spell it – bloody peasant I am. It strikes me as a very apposite little skit for now, I hope Charles 111 goes about throwing his weight around in Brit to those who need it, we probably have a fair few here deserve being brought to book.

  5. Is there a mechanism for suing a disease virus? The State v Covid typexyz. ‘You are hereby called to account for inflicting yourself on NZ in random and often deadly fashion, but injurious to all’. The many homosexuals killed by AIDS would have a good case, and we might then take siphilys to task as I understand it was dreadful.

    The parents might have to be sued for not ensuring their son as perfectly healthy and able to not be affected by myocarditis or whatever. It’s sad that he died and doubly sad that people can turn around and kick a government that tries to help them. In countries with limited medical knowledge and facilities gossip has spread that the disease being treated has been deliberately introduced. But somehow the general knowledge and understanding that I thought would have been intrinsic in our nearly developed nation would not result in these condemnations and accusations. Now we must ask ourselves what we have developed into in this country – one with divided brains, left and right not connected?

  6. Anyone who wants a good laugh can check out the ‘#chinacoup’ hashtag on Twitter, or just search news for ‘china coup’. ‘New Tang Dynasty TV’, a large Falun Gong youtube channel connected to the ‘Epoch Times’, invented a story where Xi Jingping had been arrested by the military (based on the Qanon conspiracy theories they spread, no doubt) and a bunch of Indian news sites have just picked it up and run with it, despite it being completely fabricated.

    It’s going to be funny to see what they do when he shows up in public in a couple days. Perhaps that will be a body double, like how Hillary Clinton has been executed in the QAnon conspiracy theory, and the Hillary Clinton you see walking around making terrible TV shows is actually just an actor.

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