Aloha Luxon won’t rule out working with Qanon & Jesus

Jesus and Dinosaurs - Chris Luxon only believes in one

Poor old Aloha Luxon can’t rule out working with Qanon and Jesus…

Parties line up against National for refusing to rule out working with Brian Tamaki’s Freedoms NZ

Political parties have lined up against National Party leader Christopher Luxon for failing to fully rule out working with Freedoms NZ, a new political party formed of fringe groups including Destiny Church’s Vision NZ, to form a government after the next election.

Luxon told reporters to “read between the lines” in Parliament on Wednesday, saying he and Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki had little in common.

…when you say ‘little in common’, do you mean your invisible flying magical wizard friend?

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You have him in common don’t you Chris?

Him and the little baby Jesus, and the Holy Ghost and a deep desire to stop abortions.

Actually Chris has heaps in common with the Bish.

ACT have the intellectual and philosophical spine to say no to these Qanon antivax feral lunatics, Labour have the intellectual and philosophical spine to say no to these Qanon antivax feral lunatics, the Greens have the intellectual and philosophical spine to say no to these Qanon antivax feral lunatics, the Maori Party have the intellectual and philosophical spine to say no to these Qanon antivax feral lunatics, yet National under Chris Luxon DON’T have the intellectual and philosophical spine to say no to these Qanon antivax feral lunatics.

So if you vote National, not only will you get the cross burning conflict politics of the Far Right ACT Party – YOU ALSO GET THE POSSIBILITY of fucking Qanon getting into power?

Fuck the fuck right off.

That it is taking Luxon so long to rule these feral lunatics out from ever having any power is possibly the dumbest thing boofhead has done since swanning off to Hawaii while pretending to be in Te Puke.

This is so extraordinarily stupid, how hard is it to say you won’t allow mummy blogger antivax Qanon alt-white supremacist religious conspiracy theorists anywhere near power?

What on earth is National doing?

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  1. Jesus Christ Superstars unite!
    Name your price I got everything
    Come and buy it’s all going fast
    Borrow cash on the finest terms
    Hurry now while stocks still last

    • Yes sinic, Aloha should have ruled out the new feral party with I don’t want your blood money, I don’t need your bloody money.

  2. National is keeping its options open…The Maori Party/Greens have already ruled out working with National.

    • Right Nathan. Thats a much better take. They would like the option open to work with these fruit loops. Give me a break.

      • Well National and the fruit loops do align aWheel, so the other parties ruling the fruit loops out is the intelligent thing to do.

        • The National Party are all ‘rainbow’ iterations of the Centre-, Alt- and Ultra-Right part of the political spectrum, just like Licorice Allsorts, can be light-blue, dark-blue and tumescent-purple-Christchurch-Convention-Centre-National-Party-blue.

          Except for the black bits of the Licorice Allsorts, which are an anathema to the Alt-Right Racist part of the Destiny Umbrellists hate. They hate anything Maori, such as 3 waters, Co-Governance and the Compulsory NZ History NCEA Curriculum.

          FFS – some of the Umbrellas even hate Whittakers Chocolate, for having bi-cultural labels on their Milk Chocolate bars?

          How do the alt-white Destiny umbrella party followers reconcile with Luxon’s Maori Party aspirations for a Te Pati Maori coalition partner? And how does Aloha Luxon reconcile with National wanting to get rid of the Maori Seats?

          So many questions, so little time before Tuesday’s Breakfast News programme where Luxon will be asked about a coalition party with Tamaki Destiny and the Eclectic Umbrellas. Will Chris have a joint-Google Meet Interview with John Key to answer Mattie’s breathless interview questions.

          There are gonna be some long-distance phone calls between Chris Luxon and John Key this weekend, before Luxon’s Tuesday Breakfast backtrack on the National-Umbrella Alliance.

      • Wow Bob, Martyn’s reaction doesn’t change what Luxon said. Why would you even hedge your bets? David Seymour didn’t seem to have an issue with ruling out working with these con artists ( or possibly mentally unwell if they are acting in good faith). National need another leader. Not sure who that is but I would think there would be a number of the party that would more than disappointed with his answer.

  3. National is keeping its options open…The Maori Party/Greens have already ruled out working with National.

    • The problem with you righties here is evident in your comments Natana.
      Your right-wing echo-chamber is manipulated by dirty politics, misogyny, racism and intolerance.
      Your right-wing echo-chamber is manipulated by dirty politics, misogyny, racism and intolerance.
      The perfect blend as far as Steve Bannon, white supremacy, QAnon, mummy blogger antivax Qanon alt-white supremacist religious conspiracy theorists.

      • I am a Rightie?? I was pointing out a fact —- both the Maori and the Greens Parties have ruled out National, so National is keeping its’ options open…just like Labour would..

            • Of course, they have standards unlike National. Would you seriously go into governance with Tamaki? Your integrity is on the line with your answer Nat?

            • Not a chance.
              Jacinda would be down on her knees in front of Pope Tamaki, if by some weird miracle he got 5%.

              • Oh fuck off Mick, you are a drop kick, your morals might be that low but hers aren’t. Fuck how do these people get to post such crap?

              • Are you a QAnon sheriff or a shaman Mick?
                Are you trying to be elected to a council, mayoral, or school board Mick?

                Your filthy misogynist metaphor is more closely aligned to Eggstien and Donnarumma’s National Party acolyte misogyny, or Freedumb protestors.

                Crawl back under your right-wing rock Mick, or back in the gutter, where scummy, sexist comments like you and your POS ilk belong!

    • Its a bit of an issue for National if ACT, their main partner and possible provider of the next Minister of Finance, have ruled out completely working with these goons.

  4. Clutching at straws Martyn.
    Who else was fond of saying “read between the lines”? Not a particularly helpful turn of phrase, whether from Ardern or Luxon but nothing to get excited about and no need for the derisive comments about Christianity.

    • Agree totally. No need for generalized Christian-bashing, no matter what your own personal beliefs are. If you dislike Tamaki (and I’m no supporter of his) or the beliefs of Destiny Church, then give reasons, don’t just attack religion writ large.

      • “don’t just attack religion writ large”

        ‘cos, like, religious motivation is exempt from criticism.
        Religion has all the best arguments. It is so fearless.

        • Did I say that religion was exempt from criticism. I said give reasons for criticizing a particular branch/brand of religion, and don’t overgeneralize. Unlike you, evidently, I believe an argument is more than just hurling insults at each other. So 20th century, I know, today’s rule is just be as nasty and vicious as possible. Let’s just let ourselves be divided up into tiny little grouplets (or even better let’s just divide ourselves up) …all the easier to be swallowed up by sharks, whether blue or red.

      • Churches have had there turn at ruling the world and as we know it hasn’t turned out very well but I noticed many got lots of land and wealth.

      • open slather on delusional nutjobs talking rubbish as far as I’m concerned – eff off with your nonsense and delusions – the JIC sects should be ridiculed for what they are and have no valid place in a world of reason.

    • God and John Key blessed Chris Luxon.
      God and Chris Luxon blessed Brian Tamaki.
      God and Steve Bannon blessed the union of both his devout disciples and their high-value-tithing fan-base.
      God gave us the ability to read between the lines.
      God gave us “Cogito ergo sum”

    • I would argue in the context of Brian Tamaki’s version of “Christianity” there is plenty of room for derision. Homosexuality causes earthquakes? That is just ridiculous and is up there with Marg Taylor Green and Jewish space lasers. Delusional rubbish.

      • Wheel, you certainly are a person with a point here, don’t let those nasty righties with.their vile bring you down, there are plenty here and it’s a seriously ugly aspect of the left.
        “Homosexuality causes earthquakes”
        Oh dear.

    • it is the word of Gods that is clutching at straws – and everyone with a logical brain knows it. Don’t come here with your holier than though attitudes and expect us to cower to your delusion.

    • Yup no one would be mocking Luxton’s religion if he was a Muslim . . maybe because Christian’s are unlikely to behead you.

    • Exactly, I’m certainly no Christian, but I do cringe at the cowardly attacks at Christianity from the likes of aGrant Robertson and co.
      For some reason it’s ok to piss all over the leg of a Christian, but not a Muslim?

      • Evidence Mick, a link to:
        “the cowardly attacks at Christianity from the likes of aGrant Robertson and co”

        • The sound of crickets again Mick! When will any of you righties provide evidence or links of their gobshite assertions. It hints at that born-to-rule, “don’t you know who I am?” attitude you right wingers have. Just because you assert it, doesn’t make it so, without proof?

  5. Any of the parties that get elected into parliament should work with any party that get elected into parliament.
    The Greens have amputated their limbs by being only available to L. Ditto for any Party that will not work with another party on the grounds of ‘they don’t believe exactly as i do, are not going to do themselves a favor.
    See for example Germany where you currently have a coalition between SPD (labour), Greens (Greens), FDP (ACT). I know you could never have such a coaltion here cause purity of thought and association would prevent them from doing so. Think about that, rather then try to stir up fear of Luxon going into a hypothetical coalition with a Party that may or may not pass the 5% hurdle.

    • Your argument would be reasonable in another context but on this occasion you are dealing with people who have no business being anywhere near power. Full stop. If there were enough criminals to get a gang party over the threshold you work with them? Purely hypothetical yes, but I would hope the answer is pretty clear.

      • My argument IS reasonable.
        1. We need cross aisle consensus every now and then – lawmaking depends on it, and unless we are happy to now spend periods of one government doing and another undoing we should demand that the parties are working together for NZ.
        2. Working with one party does not mean that one gets to decide what the other party does.
        3. Coalition agreements reflect Nr. 2
        4. You would not have a current L government were it not for a third party elevating our current Leader to the position they hold now, namely their first term.

        My example about the Greens cutting their own feet by ONLY working with Labour and thus never ever get to be anything other then useless opposition for the half time. Go figure? There are quite a few on the right that are aquamarine or light blue green who might not mind at all, but the Green is it seems a bit to good for that? Purity. Well if you get paid for it i guess its awesome.

        Btw, every single Kainga Ora household which is currently located next to a terror client from Winz who can’t be moved cause were would the poor gangbanger live is trying exactly that. Working with and around the issue as that is the only option other then removing the other, which WINZ/Kainga Ora often say the can’t. Go figure!

        So if the God Crowd wins 5% anyone can work or not work with them. They can work with anyone or against anyone. Wow, its MMP and Helen Clark said its awesome!

        • That sounds wonderful RB, but it relies on the certain assumption that you are not dealing with actual lunatics. Not different ends of the political spectrum, actual fruit cakes.

    • And will Destiny and National storm the Beehive if Destiny Umbrella Party don’t get to 5% because the election was “rigged”

  6. Remember also that Phillip Arps, who streamed the Mosque Murders was on his way to the protest that has spawned Tamaki’s broad-church-umbrella party This human being (sic.) also put pig’s heads at the door of the mosque?

    So, the broad church that Luxon represents – “read between the lines” , will “forgive Arps’ and work with Arps to have arrests, trials and “public executions” by sharmans and sheriffs. The hit list will be “manipulated” to remove National Party nominations being voted up the list. There will be zero tolerance of other races or other religions. And what punishment for abortion?

    So many questions, so little time for Chris Luxon to find a slippery, Teflon, John Key duck and dive rationalisations of hypocrisy in the broad church, before the 2023 elections.

  7. We have separation of Church and State in this country for some very good reasons–lets keep it that way–Upper Room and Destiny Church are retrograde organisations for the needs of the 21st century and should not be anywhere near political office in my view.

    Yes, eligible parties and candidates are entitled to stand, and, the electorate at large is entitled to investigate them and vote or not for them and hopefully tell them to fuck off. Christian Parties if the past is any guide will usually have a few kiddy fiddlers in their ranks and self destruct anyway.

    I oppose most organised religions for two simple initial reasons; they consistently oppress women, and they indoctrinate children before they have developed an independent world view.

    Baldrick will run aground soon enough if he does not drop the MAGA/Upper Room stuff.

    • “It’s not Luxons place to keep other political groups out of power.”? But, This won’t get by the mods, the dirty politics hotline and backroom boys will be running hot, solidifying National and ACT’s power through informal coalitions of power.

      Maybe the other Luxon’ll have a cup of tea with Tamaki’s Umbrellas then instead? Like John Key and John Banks did when Banks was Leader of ACT and likely to not have any members in parliament?

      It’s yin and yang, This won’t get by the mods. If “It’s not Luxons place to keep other political groups out of power,” then “It’s not Luxons place to keep other political groups in power.” either is it? But they do, because they are right-wing hypocrites.

  8. According to the US postal service list of state abbreviations, Hawaii is HI.
    How about HILuxon?
    Aloha is good but the Toyota HiLux has always had a place in Kiwis’ hearts..

  9. I think you’ll find that Mormons also pray to a higher order but oh, that’s right, the PM says she’s no longer a believer and it wouldn’t do to mock her beliefs would it.

  10. as I understand it there is nothing at all in the bible, y’know that big black book they wave about on any stricture against abortion…none so we’re not talking religious conviction at all we’re talking social control..full stop that’s it, stop hiding behind gods little angels and the baby jesus….IT’S NOT IN YOUR BIBLE

    though as a side bar there there is in the old testament a recipe for a potion to bring on an abortion…soooo yeah make what you will of that

    anyone who gets shirty about this please post chapter and verse not just your feel feels

    • “nothing at all in the bible………… against abortion”
      Apart from general inunctions regarding the sanctity of life there’s the specific commandment (number six,
      Exodus 20:13) : “You shall not murder.”

      You could say, and some have, that the unborn are not alive, and therefore can’t be murdered, or that they are some sort of other, non human lifeform but both arguments are patently, and obviously, absurd.

  11. While I hate what Tamaki and his cohorts stands for if they get elected they cannot be ignored as they represent a portion of the voting public. I would have as little in common with them as I would a hard left Labour or Green supporter but I am happy to listen to there point of view as I realize sometimes I am wrong and am always happy to argue the point with the Bert s of this world .
    My grip with Tamaki and crew would be their feeling of being right just like the Trumps and it is their way our the highway

    • Ditto Trevor, you quite often.sway my mind with intelligent debate. Sadly cannot say the same for a certain couple from your side here though. Watching Tamaki use Sharma’s situation by calling it the “Sharma Drama” during his mock trial tells me all I need to know about Tamaki that I didn’t already know. Making issue out of someone else’s demise is not Christian like. He does like an audience though, it means more tithe.

    • Trevor you do yourself a huge disservice. You will never be wrong about homosexuality not being the cause of earthquakes. Ruling out working with someone is not ignoring them. You have given them due attention and realized there is no working with them.

  12. Luxon has to be careful what he says cause every time he opens his mouth his polling goes down and he is not alone.

  13. Luxon has to be careful what he says cause every time he opens his mouth his polling goes down and he is not alone.

  14. Luxon has to be careful what he says cause every time he opens his mouth his polling goes down and he is not alone. And he can’t use inexperience as that line has worn out nor can his party or their followers claim Labour lack experience with National having such an inexperienced leader.

    • I’m of a different view.
      After 5 years Labour are still displaying inexperience having achieved little or nothing.
      They are inept.

        • It’s OK bert, it’s no coincidence that Bob the first, rhymed with Bob the worst.
          Just as well his political paymasters aren’t paying him on the quality of his posts, just the quantity.
          Otherwise, he’d have to move out of his mum’s basement and get a job at McDonalds paying $21.50 per hour. Then, he’d be praising Labour for raising the minimum wage.

          • Yes Mike, he may well be a nice guy?
            Yet his posts are tribal right wing and are truly pathetic. Not sure about McDonald’s though as Bob is a self proclaimed academic of the highest order.

            • He’ll have a BA soon, if he can’t back up his right-wing shill claims with evidence – Burger Assistant from the University of McDonalds.

              • My University achievements most definitely don’t include a BA but do include both commerce and science.
                Never worked at McDonald’s but got an HM for hay making.

            • YW Bob, any and every time you don’t put a link in to support your right-wing claims, just think and visualise leaving the basement and getting a BA from McDonalds.

    • Looking at the image I think it is interesting how men have taken to dressing-up for public parades. I am wondering if this flowering of interest in artistic expression could be good for the nation, with medieval-style travelling mummers being paid to do small performances throughout the country that are about building a better and more loving society though, with ideas on coping with conflict and argument better; not at all based on sexuality, promiscuity or perverted political theories!
      Mummers’ plays are folk plays performed by troupes of amateur actors, traditionally all male, known as mummers or guisers (also by local names such as rhymers, pace-eggers, soulers, tipteerers, wrenboys, and galoshins). Historically, mummers’ plays consisted of informal groups of costumed community members that visited from house to house on various holidays. Today the term refers especially to a play in which a number of characters are called on stage, two of whom engage in a combat, the loser being revived by a doctor character. This play is sometimes found associated with a sword dance though both also exist in Britain independently.

      or – Travelling Players In those days, actors would travel around the country in groups or ‘troupes’ and perform plays in places such as town halls, churches, country houses, drinking houses, markets, schools and universities. These troupes are called travelling or strolling players. They would travel around the country by horse and cart. › documents › Trav… PDF

      • I think the above has been done. Could be done again.
        In the early 1970s, Lawrence founded Blerta (“Bruno Lawrence’s Electric Revelation and Travelling Apparition”). The multi and theatrical co-operative toured New Zealand and in parts of Australia. Blerta saw him performing alongside many people he would work with later as an actor, including director Geoff Murphy, and actors Martyn Sanderson and Ian Watkin. Bruno Lawrence – think, see The Quiet Earth

    • Shallow opportunists IMO. About as nice as a hard plastic barbie doll without any clothes or accessories on it.

  15. Wouldn’t it just fuck all our arguments, counter arguments and opinions up if Jesus and Dinosaurs were, in fact, merely metaphors wrongly interpreted by our juvenile collective awareness.
    FYI little daisies.
    (mĕt′ə-fôr′, -fər) n. 1. A figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison, as in “a sea of troubles” or “All the world’s a stage” (Shakespeare).
    We’d be a bit fucked wouldn’t we? Over there, barking up the wrong tree in the wrong forest on the wrong country on the wrong planet in the wrong solar system within the wrong galaxy in the wrong Universe. How embarrassing would that be…? Sooooooo embarrassing…
    Luxon is a desperado. And a bald one at that. He’s yet another sacrifice pushed into the volcano along with the lessor goats and chickens. But with less class and to be honest, how novel is that in these heady times after all?
    He’s a sacrifice born to the task. Over the edge you go baldy! Say hello to Satan once you hit the rock-bottom. And trust me, the bottom is quite rocky.

  16. OK Righties, time to pucker up and pray to God!

    The founder and hosts of a far-right media outlet, Kelvyn Alp​ and Hannah Spierer​, have reportedly been arrested and charged with distributing an “objectionable publication”.

    There’s gonna be some National, ACT and Destiny backroom boys, hoping they have ‘nothing to worry about, move along’.

    Then again, it may be the ‘left-wing fascists or NZ’s Antifa’ that are linked to “objectionable publication”?

    Gaurav Sharma and Trevor Mallard and Sam Uffindell might have some company on the side benches of parliament, or Butch McDick may have some new cellmates on the lower bunk.

  17. Does that mean global warming is loony like what has just happened in Nelson Andrew and our houses are falling down the hills in Wellington from unprecedented rain is that more looney thinking to?

  18. I saw this too TGIF. Eggstien, Donnarumma and now Hannah Spierer, Kelvyn Alp and their plus 1 boss.

    If only we had damages laws, like USA had for Alex Jones for spreading filth, and conspiracy theories and hate-speech:

    Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose 6-year-old son, Jesse Lewis, was among the 20 children and six educators killed in the deadliest classroom shooting in U.S. history. But the trial marks the first time Jones has been held financially liable for peddling lies about the 2012 attack in Newtown, Conn.

    After the verdict, Lewis said Jones has been held accountable. She said when she took the stand and looked Jones in the eye, she thought of her son, who was credited with saving lives by yelling “run” when the killer paused in his rampage.

    “He stood up to the bully Adam Lanza and saved nine of his classmates’ lives,” Lewis said. “I hope that I did that incredible courage justice when I was able to confront Alex Jones, who is also a bully. I hope that inspires other people to do the same.”

    Earlier this week, Jones testified that any award over $2 million would “sink us.” His company Free Speech Systems, parent of the Infowars website, filed for bankruptcy protection during the first week of the trial.

    • These deluded far-right anti government protestor movements are anti-Labour and the Greens and by the bye, are also anti-National. We’ve seen their threats against National Party politicians on the nuremburg site. Their ultra-right political stunts are tainting National and ACT’s brand.

      We on the right believe that Chris Luxon mis-spoke and should clarify that Brian Tamaki’s brand of protest, politics and lawlessness have no place in any coalition of the centre-right parties. This should be as unequivocal as when National and ACT leaders refused to speak with protestors camped on the hallowed grounds of parliament.

      The time to put an unequivocal and clear denunciation of ultra-right-wing tactics and politics. Dirty politics is well behind the National Party and we need a clean slate. A clear and strongly worded line-in-the-sand needs to be drawn between the ultra-right Destiny Church and its umbrella supporters and the centre-right of National and ACT. A clear vision of centre-right values and beliefs is needed quick-smart and the leader, Christopher Luxon needs to do it this weekend. We cannot continue to read blogposts on this site and others linking the ultra-right and centre-right on the political landscape.

      • Selective memory TRA.

        David Seymour did speak with protestors

        National’s Maureen Pugh, a National politician, didn’t get the memo about associating with “Brian Tamaki, Alp. Spierer and the umbrella rag-tag band of Qanon antivax feral lunatics”

        You right-wingers are just lying hypocrites who can’t get a lie straight, ever since John Key left the leadership of the National and ACT Party are part of the alt-right and purple right of NZ politics.

        You lot put these claims out that you centre-right and squeaky clean, but you’re not. You’re morally blind and will jump at the chance for a formal, or dirty politics ‘mutually beneficial arrangement’ with whover suits your born to rule aspirations (sic.)

        Hopefully, the raid on the Counterspin hosts will give Chris Luxon the impetus to distance himself and the National from the “Brian Tamaki, Alp, Spierer and the rag-tag umbrella band of Qanon antivax feral lunatics.” My namesake Shaman Luxon needs to act now, before it is too late. Send the ferals an unequivocal message.

  19. Bloody good about ‘Aloha’ ,bloody bad about not linking the equally privileged fella, Umfrafella, with the neoliberal privileged telling us what to do. Over a long cast list, especially the born-agains. The last were entirely unnecessary.

    I likest to fight. Borderers and Scots. I’m sure the English are superior but I’m not’m.

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