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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. The minister of Waitangi Treaty Settlements Anaru Little had better pull his finger out of Paul Majureys arse. Hes been running a treaty scam right under his nose.
    These 4 short video clips explains it all. Ngati Wai.

  2. I guess Hercules is referring to a plane. I looked up who the original Hercules was and he was the strongest of mortals and was involved in many adventures often with violent passions. That seems a bit fuzzy as description. In NZ it could actually apply to numbers of people big in the strength department but small in the planning, consideration and restraint.

    But those unlike Hercules that should have high esteem are the retiring Professor Jane Kelsey and there is an opportunity to add some words of thanks and goodwill to the post on here and a link to her speech.

    Another that stays close to my heart is Celia Lashlie, gone but not forgotten. A person who mixed principle with pragmatism and the end result was almost sure to be people feeling and doing better. She cried at being so silly in her view, to push on with her work and push back at the signs of disease that led to her early death with so much she wanted to do. She was interested in working with men, and with couples. Perhaps some people depressed at NZ regression could get together with other sensible and far-seeing people for good outcomes in this field.

    Another hero is Murray Horton, standing up for the good of NZ for decades. He was alarmed that police were banging on his door looking for some stranger who had put his address as his residence. It wasn’t the insistent banging on doors and windows at night and early morning that he finally heard and identified as on his house, it was that the four police were armed. They of course wanted to belleve he told the truth but he had to present information to prove it.

    Unpleasant, what a difference to crime and general unpleasantness would result if care for each other and classes for young parents, and transport and general help, abandoning Oranga Tamariki altogether and goung back to Parent and Child Service, and getting rid of Serbico or whatever that grim reaper is that Labour have given our prisons over to, what a great thought. Also a Childrens Commissioner and it be the one originally chosen if she is still prepared to do the mahi; take no note of the uppity civil servants that can advise but shouldn’t be decision makers, nobody voted for them, and the people who employ them are untrustworthy. They all need reining in and schooling with a long lunging rein but definitely going through measured paces under observation.

    Despite the government’s plea for everyone to wear face masks indoors, mask wearing is hit and miss around the motu.
    Although there are some places where everyone is masked, in others there are no masks in sight.
    Some local leaders have been relaxed about it too, appearing without masks in social media posts and at council meetings.

    Surely this is discrimination, not showing respect for others, as bad as hate speech! I heard some people at the supermarket discussing how some of their family had caught it and some three times and some none. We haven’t reached this highly educated level and complex society to revert to simple wonderings and random luck of thoughtless people to be our ruling guide have we???? We need leadership and firmness from the central government.

  4. How can Labour/LINO save themselves from impaling themselves at the next election?

    Have the 27 NZ Security Agencies plan terrorist attack?

    Have an early election?

    The PM has a open public wedding!?

    Ummm? That’s it. That’s all I can come up with.

    Does anybody else have any ideas?

  5. This is starting to make some sense now.
    Majurey and his mate Paul Beverley seem to be the most likely, were the architects of Co-Governance when you read this.
    Auckland Council, the Crown and a Treaty Settlement.

    He, Majurey must be creaming it with all of his side hustles! Chairman of Panuku. A director or chair of 27 development and finance company’s and trust boards. Iwi negotiator for 12 iwi as well as a legal adviser to Crown Agencies and Ministers for RMA and Infrastructure.
    And another side hustle is he sells off iwi’s RfR (‘first’ right of refusal) whenua Settlement that have right that can extend up to 170 years to parties which Majurey contractually commits iwi to development partnerships via his influence within Panuku! For example, a $850m in one deal with a company called Ockham in Tamaki.

    Here’s his loss in the court of appeal and rejection by the Supreme Court to appeal his loss in the Court of Appeal over his fetishism for executing trees in Tamaki as chairman of the Tupuna Maunga Authority.

  6. When the Crown tries to make good to some extent it is a move in the right direction. But if Maori spokwepeople are bitten with the business virus it goes deep into the cells and trying to access and remedy the damage caused causes much irritation and inflammation!

    It’s not pakeha bad and Maori good as a matter of course. Business methods can be uncompromising and wouldn’t it be sad if we allowed business and political people to put one over ordinary Maori AGAIN. Such as, one of the tricks in early days was to declare land waste land if considered unused and then able to be sold to settlers, if Maori couldn’t show permanent use. This they may do but only as seasonal users, not permanent farmers which the Brits were used to.

    The settler court would summon Maori to attend and make thir claim and they would travel laboriously from their homesteads, their pa. They mightn’t have watches, couldn’t speak much of the language or read. and might have to wait for their case to be heard in the big town, and pay to have meals and somewhere to live, and be broke before the case was heard. And of course getting hooked on alcohol which they weren’t used to, could occur, and so on.

    So pakeha have made it hard for Maori, and the Minister for Treaty Negotiations should be careful about contra proferentem, even when dealing with Maori representatives for iwi and hapu. Everyone should be notified in plain English language with also an explanation in Maori, about what is being planned and who to phone, write to, or email to explain concerns and hapu need to meet and talk about their wishes and what they know and what they worry about and perhaps ask the Court for an extended date when their elders and clued up members can attend.

    The case in Wellington at Shelly Bay is an example of things not going right in the best interests of Maori now and in the future. Thisartixcle may not be totally correct but gives the gist.


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