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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Something to watch for in green business.
    Three New Zealand start-ups have received funding from a global climate action accelerator….
    Subak funds climate-focused, data-focused projects and it’s the first time funding has been earmarked for projects in Aotearoa.
    The recipients include data scientist Clive Pinfold who gathers real time carbon emission data in the electricity sector and Dunedin’s The Good Rating which is working to rate the environmental impact of packaged supermarket products.
    The third recipient is Castlepoint-based Blue Carbon services which is researching the viability of using the ocean to sequester carbon.

    Pinfold said New Zealand couldn’t achieve the necessary emission-reduction results if it relied on averaged national data that was at least two years old to inform investment and maintenance.

    What is this Subak? Apparently subak meaning relates to water.
    keywords google – Subak funds climate-focused, data-focused projects

      • Charities and Religion these days seems to be run for self gain and this is encouraged by having a tax free status and always receiving so much tax payer and government grant money.

        When complaints are made like these, they should be dealt with quickly and harshly so that it discourages poor behaviour and then puts the religion/charity in disrepute.

        There used to be just a few religions/cults operating in NZ, now it’s become a handy way to get credibility while taking in money for ‘pretty legal’ scams.

        The Catholic Church is being investigated for sexual abuse, religions should be help to the highest moral scrutiny at all times, not being given a free ride by authorities.

        Apparently a lot of religions/cults/collectives make a killing with working for families, but the payments don’t go to the families but to the church leaders and it’s millions.

        Is it time for charity-owned businesses to start paying tax?

  2. Local Council dream merchants running up huge bills with projects that appeal to the middle class rather than starting on practical and building sweet ideas up from there.
    Noonan said the bus depot site was a great opportunity to future-proof a central city playground that would help to make the city a more attractive place for people to live.

    They seem to be most concerned about sport and style, appearance, what they decide and too much gets pushed through. They have spent good money already on the central city to attract people. In Nelson many are often on ‘sunshine wages’, no time or money to spend so who for? Rates shooting up to pay for it. And too many councillors seem to want to push through ‘legacy’ projects that they want. But the rising sea levels, flooding etc is only slowly being considered.

    In Nelson a central city bus depot, that we want people to use is envisaged as to be a playground? And we want people to use buses. I think myself we should set up a toll system for roading funds. We have buses going past nearly empty too much. So let’s give a little price steer to encourage buses which the big hearted people are thinking of making

    • Greywarbler, our council and transport funds all seem to spend copious amounts to enrich construction profits…. I don’t think it’s about the middle class wanting it, most people want safe transport, but NZ councils and transport executives are obsessed with building and upgrading more depots while reducing transport options.

      Similar with Britomat, they built a very expensive train depot, but didn’t want to invest in multiple train tracks!

      Pukekohe Station opens after $16 million upgrade
      New Depot and parking, not more trains and buses.

      In the third world, they don’t have expensive depots for transport, they actually just make do with regular transport!

      NZ spends more money on depots, but not more transport options to actually get around.

      Just like they spend the education and health money on more buildings, while wondering why things are going backwards.

    • the confusion of nice to have with need to have we always choose the former….

      no local worthy wants his name on the ‘councillor bloggs memorial sewer’ but they all want their name on ‘the councillor bloggs’ memorial arts centre or stadium.

  3. Sign of the times, privileged woke renters where a professional swimming pool clean is not good enough and the luxury property suffers from an imaginary ant problem that pest control can’t find ….

    # 1st world problems of woke, reality, TV stars

    Auckland reality stars threaten to expose landlord on social media, lose Tenancy Tribunal case

      • Privileged influencers who profit from identity issues and media appearances – but bear no relation to the reality of the majority of cases in that category that they profess to speak for.

        aka feeling that they have exploitation by their landlord – due to not getting enough free rent, pool cleans, imaginary ant issues. Not typical of most renters problems in NZ, I would imagine.

        “I will be sharing to my 60k followers, majority of whom are form [sic] New Zealand, and I will be discussing how we are being exploited by our landlords via our social media platform, naming [the property management company/s], and will further contact the media to cover this story once we go to the tribunal,” the document noted the tenants wrote in an email.”

        Being an inclusivity advocate, but seemingly only being interested in self promotion based on their identity.

        “Jey has also done work around sexual violence awareness and is an inclusivity advocate.”

        Poor Jey, with her !st world problems – free rent, 2 pool cleans, a non existent ant problem – even though she used to live a 30m2 apartment and be a waitress at sky city, now after re imaging herself, she seems to be making a 6 figure living off it.

        No wonder she was so stressed.

        “Jey claimed she would have never taken the property if she knew the lack of attention and issues that came with it.

        “I have cried on multiple occasions and been so stressed out dealing with you and this property,” the ruling reported her as saying.

        Rules don’t apply for the woke – they are always the victim and crave media attention – the more books and media attention about themselves the better!

        “The tribunal noted that the rent was routinely paid late, and was short. The tenants, they said, earn “just under six figures” each.”

        “The renters also reported a dispute with their neighbours over where they could park at the property, which led to police being called.”

        “The ruling, released in May, found the tenants breached their agreement by having three other people living at the property instead of the agreed two occupiers.”

        First they claim they would never have taken the property if they knew the state of it, then when the landlord tries to terminate the tenancy, they fight it!

        Woke love to whine while virtue signalling, make as much drama about themselves as possible, changing their minds, under legal scrutiny their first world problems bear little reality to the truth.

      • I’m not sure these guys are woke, but they certainly seem to want a lot of damages to their health and belongings, for blocking a toilet repeatedly which the plumber also seems to blame most of the mess on the tenants making the situation a lot worse – I wonder why you have so many luxury items in the bathroom after you block the toilet?

        Poo-nami in Auckland flat: Tenants claim $53k after toilet leak destroyed designer clothes, computer gear

        “They say the leak exposed them to “deadly diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid” and they were left out of pocket after having to throw out $21,370 worth of contaminated items – including clothing, underwear, shoes, a rug, silk pillowcases and beds.

        Some of the items “contaminated” by the flood of human waste were from designer brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Burberry, as well as an iPhone max-pro, Airpods and a MacBook pro.”

        “The rest of the $53,588 claim related to compensation for a long list of things including “psychology consultations”, medical treatment, legal consultation, preparation costs for the hearing, translation services, catch-up French lessons and eating out because of the smell. ”

        “One of the tenants claimed he was in an alleged “coma” due to toxic shock from the toilet leak, despite receiving no medical evidence, intervention or support.

        The tenants also claimed to have suffered from high blood pressure, chest pains, sleep disturbances and stress due to the leak. “

  4. Sinic
    Why drop vinegar on the All Blacks? What sport do you follow? Or are you twisted by hard times and only enjoy finding fault and laughing at other people’s troubles. Don’t waste space here giving us your negatives, we need positive-leading comments before we all collapse in tears and frustration by the constant depressing hits from all directions.

      • Your name should have alerted me. Please Cynic keep on thinking and suggesting and trying as well as the occasional sarcasm about government. Cynical people see it all clearly, have lost their illusions, but become gods well near, when they join with others to think a way around the concreted minds and ways that continue to detract from the possible good life.

    The loudest calls for action on information news etc will probably be from those who don’t read something through for understanding but pick on phrases to hang their negative prejudices. Anything about vaccination huh! Pink hair huh!

    We’re in four legs good, two legs bad, territory at present I think. And many would not know what I am referring to there.

    • The clue is if ‘it’ originates from ‘social media’ it should be taken as unreliable until it has been confirmed, or not. We could include msm too for those same reasons I guess?

      • MSM have fired all the real journo’s and make do with click bait mostly from social media as it’s cheaper to fill up the gaps between adverts and advertorials.

  6. Had a wonder this morning – does tv limit brain activity?
    So far I have found this – › article › does-tv-r…
    1/01/2016 — “Watching more TV may trigger various neurobiological changes that ultimately exacerbate any underlying inclinations toward aggressive behavior, …

    In 2013, a study was performed at Tohoku University in Japan. A team led by Hiraku Takeuchi examined the effects of television on the brains of 276 children, along with amount of time spent watching TV and its long-term effects…

    Researcher Takeuchi found that the more TV the kids watched, parts of their brain associated with higher arousal and aggression levels became thicker. The frontal lobe also thickened, which is known to lower verbal reasoning ability…
    The more hours of television the kids watched, the lower their verbal test results became. These negative effects in the brain happened regardless of the child’s age, gender, and economic background…

    …There are also long-term effects from reading books. Reading keeps your mind alert and delays cognitive decline in elders. Research even found that Alzheimer’s is 2.5 times less likely to appear in elderly people who read regularly, while TV was presented as a risk factor.

    Six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by 68 percent, according to researchers at the University of Sussex. Reading beat out other relaxing activities, including listening to music (61 percent), drinking tea or coffee (54 percent), and taking a walk (42 percent)….

  7. 28 Neapolitan mastiff and bulldog crosses on the property where the man was mauled to death by dogs.

    Seriously people should not be allowed to keep that many dogs – but if anybody tries to get the numbers down before they kill someone or something, the woke go nuts and police now prosecute.

    Nobody wins when people are allowed to keep that many dogs, either tragedy strikes and someone is killed, or people try to go in and get the numbers down, and the woke go nuts because they care more about someones right to keep 30+ dogs than the victims (humans and animals) who die horribly in dog attacks.

    SPCA exhumes three bodies after dog slaughter

    SPCA staff offered counselling after dog massacre

    SPCA staff tearful at dog killers’ sentencing

    “Border suffered slipped discs in her spine while exhuming the bodies of the dead dogs. She had her back surgically repaired with titanium screws and never returned to work.”

    (seriously how can you break your back digging up dead dogs – why were they exhuming in the first place).

  8. Your chance to stop Paul Majurey murdering trees because he can claim the carbon credit(s).
    Trees been executed for profit on 13 Maunga in Auckland. And guess who? Yup. Him again! Paul Majurey! The chairman of the Tupuna Maunga Authority.

    Cut & Paste the submission and send it!
    Honour the Maunga’s web page around the TMA tree felling submissions:

  9. Robinson helicopters and NZ seem to be a problem. The company sent a rep here to see WTF was going on but I didn’t read what he found. The coroner’s comments were interesting.
    The Transport Accident Investigation Commission said their design meant they were uniquely risky in mountainous terrain and weather conditions common in New Zealand.


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