Statement On The Green Party Co-leadership Election


Nominations for co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand closed tonight, Thursday 4 August.

James Shaw was the only nomination received.

In line with the Green Party’s constitution and its long-standing commitment to member-led decision making, there will now be a single election with two options: to vote for the nominated candidate or to re-open nominations.

To be elected as co-leader, the Green Party constitution requires that James Shaw receive at least 75 percent of the votes cast. Nominations will be reopened if at least of the 25 percent of the valid votes cast chose that option.

Voting will be by delegates in a remote election.

Members of the Green Party will have the opportunity to participate in the process through their local branches.

Local branch convenors will be asked to organise a meeting of members in their electorate with at least two weeks’ notice so they can decide how their delegates should vote.

Ballot papers will be distributed to branches on Thursday 11 August 2022. The deadline for returning ballot papers will be 5pm on Friday 8 September 2022.

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The result of the election will be announced no later than 5pm on Monday 12 September.

The Green Party will not be making any further comment at this time.


  1. I guess I’ll just try and repeat back to you some of the points you are trying to make using my own critiques.

    The Greens moral statements are false or contestable.

    The leadership is needs training and experience. Same for the rest of the party.

    I guess I’ll zoom up a level because I’m not sure why I’m giving all this information because I happen to like James Shaw because he sums up a lot of what Iv been thinking. I just like people who can repeat what I was thinking Just in better ways.

    I’m not saying that that the whole Greens communications is better, just that there are better ways that fall into a three piece suit one being false communication, trivial and inconsequential communication.

    • Sam. People who know more than me ( and they form a multitude) like James Shaw too. I have seen him criticised for wearing Armani suits, which I doubt is true, but if it were, so what ?

      Does he have to wear homespun hemp walk shorts ( he uses legs in lieu of Mercedes) to be an authentic Green ? Is it no longer acceptable for males to appear a bit conventional, or must they sport a shiny shaven head or have jaws resembling bramble bushes ? Should he wear cheapo flip-lops like Christopher Luxon or risk costly designer sandals like the ones Bill English wears on Sundays ? And is there honey still for tea?

      And what about those verdant girls ? That’s not been a coven of environmentalists brewing away there , nor candidates for the vestal virginhood.

  2. Nothing like killing time with internal politics. I guess with an election next year, it was considered too much hard work to nominate to be a co-leader, but useful exercise to make James feel like s**t.


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