Nationwide Rallies To Protest Israel’s Ethnic Cleaning In Masafer Yatta – Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


PSNA is holding nationwide rallies on Saturday August 6th in solidarity with Palestinians resisting ethnic cleansing in Masafer Yatta, an area of the South Hebron hills which is home to over 1200 Palestinians living in 20 villages.

“Many of these people are Palestinian farmers with flocks of sheep who are being driven off their land. New Zealanders understand what this means”, says John Minto, the National Chair of PSNA.

See video of Israeli ethnic cleansing at Masafer Yatta and its impacts here

“Not only is it illegal under international law and a crime against humanity, but it is unjust and inhumane in the extreme”

This is Israel’s largest ethnic cleansing operation in more than 50 years.

“Israel’s behaviour is abhorrent to New Zealanders” says John Minto, “And the rallies will be calling for the government to speak out and demand these racist policies are stopped”

“Unfortunately, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to call out human rights abuses to a US agenda”

“Our government heavily condemn Russia and China (which the US sees as threats) for human rights abuses but looks the other way when Israel abuses Palestinians or Indonesia abuses the occupied people of West Papua”

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“Hypocrisy like this has no place in a country which claims to have an independent foreign policy” says John Minto.

The rallies taking place tomorrow are in:

Auckland: Saturday 6 August, 2pm, Aotea Square. Facebook event here

New Plymouth: Saturday 6 August, 12 noon, Puke Ariki landing. Facebook event here

Nelson: Saturday 6 August at the Nelson Market, 10am to 12 noon. Facebook event here

Christchurch: Saturday 6 August, 12 noon, Bridge of Remembrance, Cashel Street. Facebook event here

Later in the day there will be an online rally with activists resisting the ethnic cleansing: Saturday 6th August, 7pm (NZ time) at the zoom link here. Media are welcome to link in and report.

Speakers include Sami Hurraini, co-founder of Youth of Sumud (“steadfastness”) who are active on the ground in Masafer Yatta and Manal Shqair, International advocacy officer-Stop the Wall Campaign in Colonized Palestine.


  1. Masafer Yatta is a huge complex of bomb making/drone – missile platform…recently taken over by Hamas/Iran nut jobs….

    • Where is your proof that it IS a bombing making/drone – missile platform? Even if that were so, the villagers have an internationally recognised right to protect themselves and their land from illegal occupation – same as Ukraine\ and don’t give us the usual shit about the land being owned by the Israelis.

      • It’s Area C land aom which, until the 1990s was unoccupied save for the cave dwellers who had an agreement with the IDF to return to their homes in Yatta when military exercises were being carried out in the firing zone.
        PS. Heartily apologise for the long, unwieldy sentence here and one in my comment below. I’ll go and write 200 short sentences, complete with fullstops, as penance.

  2. Protesting about land that has had no settlement on it for over 100 years and is used as a firing range? Some ‘ethnic cleansing’!

  3. What ethnic cleansing John? Many of these so-called farmers have homes in nearby Yatta. Masafer Yatta was dead land belonging to the Sultan in the later Ottoman Empire days. The EU have been playing a duplicitous game since the 1990s by building homes and infrastructure for the Arab Palestinians in a desert area long designated as a military firing zone. They should be pressuring the PA to accommodate the herdsmen in those larger towns bordering the desert area so their children can get the education that will better equip them for life in a modern, technological world. Many have shown they have the ability to excel but are held back by the distance needed to travel over the difficult terrain to school.
    And have you not cottoned on to the fact that Labour and the climate cultists in our own country are doing their utmost to drive farmers off their land by levying unreasonable costs and regulations on them.

    • You genocidal monsters stole these people’s ancient homes since time immemorial well before you designated their new homes a ‘firing zone’.

      You will get your comeuppance, home invader. Palestine will be free from the Jordan to the sea.

      • But I am a fifth generation agnostic Kiwi Mohammed. Often referred to as a kaffir by those separatists who like to sow division in the land, with such offensive othering. How could I possibly have stolen anybody’s home?


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