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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. NZ woke media, police and judiciary.

    In this case they seem more sympathetic about shooting the dangerous dog, than the poor guy that was mauled to death!

    “Police are continuing to search for the three dogs who mauled a man to death in the isolated community of Panguru in the Hokianga region of Northland.

    Police said in a statement inquiries into the incident on Thursday afternoon remain ongoing.

    “At this stage, Police are still working to establish the wider circumstances of the incident and a scene guard remains in place at the address on Puketawa Road, Panguru,” Far North Area Investigations Manager, Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Dalzell said.

    On Thursday afternoon, police said they responded to a sudden death of a man who reportedly was subjected to a dog attack.

    “Police and animal control have attempted to secure the dogs on the property. However, four of the dogs got loose and were behaving in an aggressive manner,” police said in a statement on Thursday.

    “Police risk assessment showed the dogs posed a risk to their safety. In the process of trying to contain the dogs, unfortunately, one was shot by police and died. The other three dogs are still outstanding.”

    More woke dog stories…. than they wonder why NZ has become a less safe place to live and professionals are leaving!

    Rottweiler who savaged vet freed from ‘death row’

    (Who cares about a child, someone else’s pet, or another person, when this unsocialised dog, Chomper attacks again when it feels it is threatened!)

    Vet sector in ‘crisis’ due to massive shortage of staff

      • Can’t find the link but apparently someone was on an Auckland beach and an unleashed dog came up to her toddler and the dog owner advised the parent to ‘leash her child’ as her unleashed dog might be at risk if the dog bites the child!

        The dog privilege owner was apparently around 60yrs and very middle class!

        Dumb dog owners lives matter!

  2. All you young invincibles going to concerts to let it all hang out as they used to say in the 60’s? Love your musicians, keep them safe if you can – wear a good fitting mask – so they can rock you or whatever.
    Some artists and promoters are encouraging their audiences to wear face coverings to help keep them safe.
    That’s because a Covid-19 outbreak during a tour can destroy years worth of planning and wreck musicians’ livelihoods, not to mention the potentially devastating health consequences.

    • (Dog owners around here are a bit like lycra-clad activist cycllsts that never brake any road rule in the book. Their little ruffruffs NEVER shit on the pavement or scare children because they’re SOOOOOOOOO well behaved – until they do. And then it’s some other irresponsible dog owner that’s giving them a bad name)

      As more comes out about this case, and trejuk as it is, my point is being proven.

  3. When you belong to a nation that is putting spy satellites in the sky to watch over everyone everywhere when wanted, well one feels entitled to get people to clear their stray children or dogs off the road so it’s free for the entitled to use it unimpeded. /sarc


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