Political Caption Competition

To Russia with love


To Russia with love


  1. “Hug me close daddy” said legacy media pundits, military industrial corporatists, fading politicians and every opportunist looking to profit by vicarious association.

  2. Who’s your hairdresser luv? That tint and windblown look would be just right for the lead in my new film. Of course I’m blowing wind now but it might blow in the wind later.

  3. Strange people above when a democracy isn’t pre-eminent in their views, and on a Left site.

    The main matter is our over-complication that prevents us from fighting for more democracy and climate change action. I despise Left blog comments generally — footnoting to Hell.

    • Sumsuch — Ukraine is not democracy! Media outlets who question the Government banned 2 years ago, opposition parties outlawed.


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