Despite record low Unemployment, Aloha Luxon still bashes the dirty filthy beneficiaries

Attention everyone, I want to be your next Captain and I'm a bit of an arsehole.

‘You’re not going to get rich sitting on welfare’: Luxon focused on job seekers over unemployment rates

Speaking ahead of the latest unemployment rate update, which was expected to drop, Luxon told Morning Report having more people in jobs was a good thing.

Unemployment estimates had ranged between 2.8 percent and 3.1 percent from the current record low of 3.2 percent, with one measure of wages rising at an annual rate of more than 5.5 percent.

“The bottom line here is that anyone in a job is a good thing, that’s the pathway to dignity. You’re not going to get rich sitting on welfare and being confined to welfare all your life.”

He said there were huge job shortages as a result of a constrained economy and constrained immigration.

“I think what’s more disturbing … is you’ve got 50,000 more people on a Job Seeker benefit, that’s a short-term benefit to accompany, help people through a job transition.”

Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.

Herman Melville

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What is he doing?

This country is still reeling from the impact of Covid and he’s bashing beneficiaries?


Where does a 7 property owning Hawaiian mansion holidaying CEO get off shitting on poor people in such desperate times?

We are handing out over 100 000 food grants a month with Food Banks spiking 500% and he’s bitching about the lowest unemployment rate in forever?

It’s like he can’t help but bully anyone economically weaker than himself.

Does he think this is shits ands giggles for everyone? Right now a vast chunk of our brothers and sisters in this country, regardless of who they vote for, are doing it bloody hard, and only someone really insulted from that reality like he is would say this sort of crap!

I thought that ‘bottom feeder’ comment was a slip up, a mistake, a poorly worded brain fat, but the more I see of Luxon, the more I see a preening vanity in his success, a naked self aggrandisement that sees his wealth as a direct blessing from Jesus making it a sin to be humble.

I don’t like his policies.

I don’t like the way he pushes around the poor.

I don’t like the constant and embarrassing u-turns.

I don’t like him!

Jacinda will beat the Jesus H Christ out of him in the debates and you all know it. He has a huge gleaming glass jaw and you can all see it.

He will get knocked out in the first round.

Remember, Luxon was the negotiated leader, not the most talented. He became Leader after Collins made her hate pack vote for him after she ratfucked Simon Bridges.

The question is when will Nicola Willis attempt a move against Luxon.

Before the election or after it?

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  1. He’s now barking at every parked car he walks past in his desperation to gain attention. Simon Bridges did the same thing and we all know how that turned out!

        • The more voters get to know him, the more they are going to dislike the blue blooded, silver spooned, anti abortionist, 7 houses, 18K tax windfall, holier than thou, my god is better than your god, Lux you know your soaking in him, bookem danno, aloha CHRIS BALDRICK LUXON, who’s like a cross between “Charles Emmerson Winchester” and “Robbie the Robot” – and periodically appears in the media suffering incurable bouts of foot’n’mouth desease, so regularly that he must be catching different strains every few days. Yet despite the current polling giving at least some hope to the Nats, BALDRICK will probably snatch defeat from the jaws of victory come election time. Since as well as flip flopping on his tax flip flops like a gymnast at the games, he has badmouthed NZ while he was in the UK, and now he’s badmouthing the most disadvantaged in society being a real big man punching down on those less fortunate, and he’s also badmouthed hardworking kiwis on the minimum wage as bottomfeeders – it’s as if he hates the place, where he resides in between his jaunts to Hawaii. Why hate on the place, where your asking it’s citizens, to become the leader of?
          “He said there were huge shortages as a result of a constrained economy and constrained immigration” – Of course the CONSTRAINED IMMIGRATION will dissappear, once the Nats open the immigration floodgates, to push down wages and conditions again, and see unemployment wizz back above 5%, since this would be business as usual for them
          I see no tell tale signs of a CONSTRAINED ECONOMY when looking at job adverts at the moment, where you would expect to see many unskilled positions advertising at least 1 or 2 or 3 dollars an hour above minimum wage, but thats not the case at all. Over 95% of basic jobs are at minimum wage or only a few cents above it. “Constrained economy” sounds more like whinging by the busniess elites, whispering into Baldricks ear.

        • Ba ha! Go @ Bert!
          Have you noticed how many single syllable, simpletons flock to here to jabber at each other along the power lines? They cackle over each other in harmonising unison while shitting randomly on everything everywhere within their blast radius which cloaks everything everywhere in a boring layer of brain-spillage? I must ask… are they one and the same thing? I have two email accounts. Does that mean I could come here as two identities to perhaps operate in support of myself? If I had many email addresses, could I come here as many different ID,s to splatter about any narrative in one’s agenda? Would that be called propaganda?
          Have you noticed? There’s a raft of them. And they all have that same flavour to their spin. Witless, single chirrup brain spurts. One sentence insults followed by a laugh line like ‘LOL’ or ‘LMAO’ and all their nom de plumes have the same dull odour to them like an old man’s sock drawer might.
          Wouldn’t it be interesting if we all had to use verified names and addresses? Think about it? Most of us use nom de plumes because we’re afraid, fundamentally.
          But what if we were no longer afraid?
          What do you think @ bob the first?

          • You’re not wrong Country Boy, you don’t actually need a valid (or at least not your own) email address to post, plus short replies will often slip through the automated moderation system. I sometimes use alternatives if my posts are being blocked.

            Cute touch getting Bob to agree with you, I wonder how you did that? 😉

            • countryboy being the farmer that he is knows Bob is like that annoying little nodding dog that used to sit in the back of the old Vauxhall on those long journeys nodding away without thinking, just going with the rhythm. What Bob doesn’t know that his post was pointed at single syllable Bob. Yet Bob fell for it and agreed.

          • i have had the opinion for some time now that right wingers come onto this site because, screaming into the void of kiwiblog, and its imitators would be like a herd of luntics howling at the moon. therefore this site. where the wingnuts can stand out. be noticed. be dickheads of prominence. its a little sad really.

    • Please don’t poke fun at Humpty Aloha Donut Luxon, he is the the primary reason for Labour doing well in the polls.

      Ssssh! David Seymour is more popular as National Leader than HAD Luxon.

      BTW, last night I said that HAD Luxon would be GBC (Gone by Christmas).

      Based on today’s ‘blinking’ performance (he blinks when he lies, so that God can’t see into his soul), HAD Luxon, GBEOA (Gone by the end of August)

      • Between him blinking, Collins eyebrow raise and Willis wearing red lipstick as signs they are lying, they are certainly entertaining.

  2. Baldrick is not going to be PM in NZ this century, and ACT is not going to be part of an NZ Govt. any time soon. Read that and weep all you Torys that slipped your collars from mincing little twerp F-F-F Farrar’s “Kiwi Blog”.

    Take the Epsom –get out of jail free”–card away and see how far ACT can really go. Soon be time to get your wooden stakes ready for cur Roger Douglas and Michael Bassett and the rest of the cadaverous Rogernomes.

    Property prices are dropping at last, and generations rent and student loan are getting restless!

      • And the rest of us despair of your arrogance and small minded bigotries… I don’t really need to hear that the reactionary, colonial descendants, and their first cousins in the corporate exploiters clique are still practicing rank bigotry, and stupidity.. This is New Zealand.. That’s all those groups have ever done, and we are all rather bored with it being forced upon us… Your mates are awaiting for you behind the bike sheds, so you’d best be at it with them before they decide you’ve gone over to the “other side”… Who would you have for “friends” then?

          • You are a single-brain-cell, right-wing troll BTF, and many here know you get paid by the post, not by the number of words, or the amount of sense.

            Your job, to get your 30 pieces of silver from Dirty Politics HQ, is to ‘right-wing’ comment. What’s that all about?

            No analysis, eh Bob, no proof or reference to facts, you don’t even reed the post you fucking comment on, just negate anything and everything that might be even slightly, or miniscule-ly pro-Labour, or left-leaning.

            Spend your 30 pieces of anti-democratic silver on Crypto, Bob; or Porno, Bob; or Monkeypox vaccination Bob the First,

            And you certainly won’t be the last of the paid National Trolls! We’ve just got to get Nicky Hager or Andrea Vance to find the troll links and join the troll-trail dots, Bob!

            Then you’ll have some back-taxes to pay for your National Party and Dirty Politics payments. You might even get some jail-time Bob. Be nice to Butch McDick, if you are remanded on bail, pending investigation!

      • You, who is the most ignorant of all, should know. However, Tiger has more intelligence in his toe nail than you brain dead Bob. Gee whizz, golly gosh.

    • All soooo true Tiger Mountain…. Luxona is beyond hopeless…a possum in the headlights with profuse forehead sweating issues when caught in said headlights….and as for that dweeb Seymour…he is only there by the grace of some thicko silver- spooners …

      Nicola Willis is no more then a female version of Luxona ..bland .vacuous and as shallow as a puddle..

      They could swap out Luxon for her, but what would be the point..

      None of these people have done any serious time or paid their dues in the political world and none have a sense of humour .. or have even a smidgen of comedic intellect ……that’s a bad sign
      David Parker and Skippy had her for breakfast today…

      National are in all sorts of trouble..

  3. Unemployment rate has spiked as of today…agreed that Aloha Luxon is barking up the wrong tree of this issue…3 waters, homelessness, child poverty, and sky high property prices would be more positive

  4. Luxon will only be deputy PM anyway. Seymour with 15%+ votes, will decide he wants to he PM. Then Nicola will take the leadership to prevent that happening.

    • Chris Luxon may not even be Deputy Leader Marco: Not with this choice of this walk-on song:

      Last one out of the Christchurch National Party Conference after the weekend, please pat Chris Luxon on the shoulder and tell him, “there’s still a way back from this Chris, just pray to God and make a formal coalition pact with Brian Tamaki!”

      … Has Chris Luxon has sealed his political fate with his choice of walk-on song, or did he have a back-up plan, with mana from Tamaki Destiny?

      …… “BUT, WAIT, there’s more!!!!!”

      Martyn Bradbury, might be able to talk to his contacts and find out if National, is one of the “four parties” who have made “firm verbal agreements” to unite under a single banner.

      We know Seymour will be one, that leaves 3 more?

      Tamaki claimed to have a political “umbrella movement” for the next election [which] had seen four parties make “firm verbal agreements” to unite under a single banner.

      Wow! Fucking WOW!

      National, ACT and Brian Tamaki! FFS! What a formidable and predictable “groundswell” of a coalition of the right and all Christian!

      Watch this space TDB readers!! You saw it here first.

  5. High employment??????? When 1 Hour’s paid employment qualifies as. It is a stat. marker, not a proper, effective measure of the country’s working popn. And whether they can live on what they earn which might be deduced from the elation about high employment bandied around. It’s a bit like the child’s game ‘ Piggy in the middle’ where a ball (living) is tossed from one to another over the heads of would-be players (low income and aspiring workers).

    Decades ago we had the *Jobs Letter, a valid useful publication but now it’s – “Gone, and never called me mother” (That’s a real line from an **1800’s tear jerker. Realler than the employment stats dished up, smelly as old fish, by people who know better but don’t want to admit it.)

    **East Lynne
    Its most famous line, “Gone! And never called me mother!” (variant: “Dead! Dead! And never called me mother!”) may never have been written by Mrs Wood, but certainly appears in later stage adaptations. It was [Mrs Henry Wood] who wrote the melodramatic novel, East Lynne, which proved to be a best seller upon publication in 1861. Its elaborate and implausible plot, centring around infidelity and double identities grabbed the public’s imagination and spawned numerous stage and film adaptations. (The plot sounds actually quite suitable for today’s convoluted society and political patrons!)

  6. ALoha is cringeable, John Key lite and an apt comparison between them would be “Those who can, do and those who cant, teach” or “He can walk the walk but not talk the talk”. When they first said he was getting into politics, I thought to myself – Classic wannabe overachiever move. I’ve got where I’m going careerwise so what’s next?. If my mate John can do it, so can I. Hmmm, maybe after a personality transplant.

    Kicking out Bridges was a mistake, few in National have the intellect and self reflection to learn from their mistakes but Kudos to Bridges, I think he did.

    The future of the party is not with Willis, dont know the Nats much but they should let Erica Stanford and Chris Penk have a shot. Both are intelligent and capable and young enough to appeal to younger voters without seeming green.

  7. Mister Luxon is talking about a group of people in New Zealand society who are, generally speaking, spending 80 to 100 percent of their income on rent alone.

        • 60,000 more on benefits today than when the Governing party changed.

          And unlike Berts constant outlandish unsupportable claims, sadly that 60,000 people do actually exist.

          • Thanks Maggie. Can I suggest that 60,000 more today is because they are all counted? Unlike prior to the previous Government where they used a different measuring tool to hide the real number.
            And unlike Maggie’s constant outlandish unsupported claims, that the previous government were not a low wage economy government , 100’s of thousands receiving improved wages under this government do exist.
            Our population has increased by 313,000 since this government came to office, tell me Maggie what number became beneficiaries?.
            Unemployment was 5.08 in 2016, 3.3 in 2022.

            • Bob the first gets paid by the word, not the sense @bert. Add that to the fact he’s not too bright, and an argument with Bob is like having a battle of wits, with an unarmed opponent.

              Like shooting fish in a barrel, or ducks on a pond. Take pity on Bob the first @bert.

              His pseudonym comes from the the fact that Bob’s elevator only goes to the first floor, in a multistory building. That’s why he’s called Bob the first in stead of Bob the 12th.

  8. Saying that “sitting at home on a benefit won’t get you rich” is an unarguable fact. If you see that as “bashing the poorest” then you’re pretty easily triggered. Work IS a pathway to dignity! It’s not the only one, but it is one. Purpose is what we need. Doing nothing on a benefit isn’t good for anyone

    • You miss the point of the article as I read it. CL doesn’t give a fuck about the unemployed. By implication he says, the unemployed have no dignity. He implies everyone should aspire to “being rich” even if you don’t the education or capacity. Presumably he means rich in his terms not just having a warm dry house, a car and food on the table which would be comfortable or some word other than rich. He reveals how he sees the world by his language. Its not pretty.

      • “By implication..”. “implies…”. “Presumably.. ”
        Bit of mind reading going on there, which a few columnists on the TBD do a lot.

        • I suggest Ada they do this to say that it seems so to them, thinking they may be wrong; passing on their thoughts as you should be able to do where there is discussion. People who adopt a definite and convinced stance as the last word may be right but don’t encourage any dissension.

        • He could have mentioned dignity and the positive social aspects work – he didn’t cos hes is driven by personal success and monetary wealth (just like other thousands of very average CEO types burdened by the Dunning Kruger effect)

            • Ada, how else do your read the statement CL made: “You’re not going to get rich sitting on welfare and being confined to welfare all your life.” I will help you. He defines success as getting rich. He has also gone on record as not apologising for owning 7 house.
              This is not an issue of envy, this is an issue of a pratt not giving a fuck about anyone who doesn’t aspire to being rich.

            • Ada this is discussing our responses to CL. Why are you criticising? You seem to want to limit our thoughts to some rule that you have. Kindly tell what is wrong about expressing ‘perceptions about someone else’s thoughts and ethics…..’ If you thought they were wrong it was open for you to correct them. I feel concerned about this from you.

        • Oh dear Ada, let me repeat: CL doesn’t give a fuck about the unemployed.
          He defines their lot in terms of dignity (lack of ) and the idea that being rich (like he is) is the difference between success and failure.
          I apologise for caveating my critique. Feel free to now find fault in me being unequivocal.

    • Freda go and beat your tambourine somewhere else. That guff you came out with is what they tell you at kindergarten. We know it and can see the holes in it. Please put up something new ithose who come here. It’s so terrible to see precious time and space wasted on reiteration of what didn’t work in the 20th century and anyone who is vaguely concerned about ordinary NZs on the low income bracket won’t spout that work is going to be good for you. There is such a backstory to that – if you don’t know it you are one of the Wrong Right Crowd.

    • If many workers cannot afford to purchase a home & need government help to pay the rent along with using a foodbank to eat that is not my definition of “getting ahead”.

      • If Chris Luxon got ahead, then others can too! It’s a matter of faith, not luck Bonnie. Hard work and a great attitude can make a difference,

  9. IF CL gets deposed, i think it will more likely be Bishop and Goldsmith. but i think National will run with what they have, rather than having another leadership challenge before the next election, and looking flakey.

    • Probably, if Bill English was still available, I’d go Penk and English. Goldsmith is ok but his catholicism? may be controversial in the current clime but Bishop has got something about him akin to the dildo man (forget his name) which is a bit unappealing.

  10. “Unemployment” has always been a bit of a nebulous term used as a blunt instrument for votes and media hype. You have to be actively seeking work to be considered “unemployed”. People on various sickness benefits (for whatever reason) or are retired are NOT seen as “unemployed” (they are being paid though). We need to look more closely at statistics covering “discouraged workers”, who are people that technically could work, aren’t on any benefit, but are choosing not to work for some reason.

    • Well, well what could that reason be?
      Surely it’s not poverty level wages because slaves got nothing and they still worked from dawn to dusk.

      Isn’t the magical market supposed to fix this? Wages will magically rise and everybody will be encouraged or practically compelled to get back to work? Or, is the market only allowed to exert upward pressure to the remuneration of the top 5% of income levels? Evidence suggests so.

      Perhaps Luxon is saying the magical market is just bullshit.

  11. It’s not about getting people jobs or even saving money it’s about malice towards the poor. Benefit numbers can never low enough. Everyone under 65 is undeserving of state support. National spins their cruelty and sadism as ‘kindness’ that they are freeing people from ‘welfare dependency’ which is apparently a fate far worse than death. This is not confined just to those officially labeled ‘work ready’ they are also attacking the sick and disabled (including the severely disabled and terminally ill) anyone on a benefit is a parasite to them. Undoubtably Luxon was trading notes when he was touring the UK and I would not be surprised if he plans on implementing their eugenics programme that has murdered tens of thousands of sick and disabled people here. Of course Labour is far from blameless they have done almost nothing to change to the status quo of the previous National government, I seriously doubt there will ever be any progressive reform of the Social Security Act and lets not forget the Clark government changed the ‘Purpose and Principles’ such that full-time paid work regardless of its nature or how poorly paid, is the be all and end all of everything as opposed to the wellbeing of recipients and society in general.

    • interesting side bar the UK wants to send refugees to rawanda but will not hand over war criminals from the rawanda genocide because, rwanda isn’t a safe place’….juz puttin it out there

    • If you look at the history of eugenics in the UK the Labour Party was deeply involved in in early days .It was an idea floated by some thinkers but to say thousands died due to eugenics is stretching the truth but you may have evidence .

    • “It is easier for a camel (rope) to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24.)

      How about this Chris Luxon?

      How about assuaging your guilt and anti-Christ avarice,by donating 6 of your houses to put a roof over the heads of needy families? It would get 6 families of out of motels? It might get 6 families out of living in their cars.

      As they go into your donated houses, you could wash their feet, like Christ did and welcome them into their new home?

      You’d be drummed out of National Party and David Seymour wouldn’t send you a Christmas card. But who cares! You’re a way more preferred leader than Seymour. And anyway, sending Christmas cards is avaricious exploitation of religion.

      Donating to the poor, Chris Luxon, you’d be a religious role model to Brian Tamaki, who is currentlytithe-ing robbing/exploiting the poor, to give to the rich (Tamaki Inc.)

    • For the record I am not making any implications about Luxon’s character, but I do regard the mass sanctioning of the sick and disabled to be at least bordering on eugenics.

  12. Luxon will commit to matching wages to inflation, Willis said they won’t.
    “Huston we have a problem”!

    Willis is correct because that is exactly what National did in their previous 9 years in power.

  13. Fuckin sick of these right wing wankers, they’re all just a selfish bunch who couldnt care less about anybody who is poor, they are not what this country needs to represent them but people vote for them because half this country are just like them!

    • So does that mean the other half are left wing losers that have no ambition .

      Generalization like your statement and mine above are stupid there are all types on both side of the fence that are there due to their outlook on live . Radicals on both sides back themselves into a corner .

  14. it’s simple NZ being low wage economy with no regulation and minimal workers rights means people who are nominally on winz/irds books employed still receive support as your tax is subsidising not the lazy but the vastly underpaid, this goes in spades when considering gig employment… if fester wants to reduce the number receiving govt support he should ask his business masters to get their hands in their pockets…

    • Well said gagarin – there are the unemployed, the ones waiting for ACC to pay for injuries and disablement so they can get back to employment, the parents dragging their children around and probably eating popcorn some nights while waiting for where the next payment is, there are the under employed, and all these people miserable and unable to improve their conditions because the state reduces benefits and raises sanctions or clawbacks so fast their almost like the Chinese.

      (Song for the day – Sixteen Tons – Another day older and deeper in debt
      St Peter don’t you call me, ‘cos I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store. – Merle Travis 1947 Writer and Singer).

        • Ohhh Mike…where is Michelle?
          She was a better poster than you…apologies if she has left you, I know it must be hard for you seeing her with a real man!

          • A real man Im right? Really?

            You sound like another one of those tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber, needle-dick misogynists:
            January 10, 2013
            Jordan Williams, 1/10, 10:11am
            Cameron Slater, 1/10, 10:13am

            I know why you don’t use apostrophes Im right!

            That tiny punctuation mark must look like a full scale image of what you hold in your hand each time you have a pee. But, you more than likely sit down to pee anyway.

            Every time you even think of using an apostrophe Im right! I know now why you can’t bring yourself to use one.

            If you suddenly start using I’m right from now on, we’ll all have a good laugh at you and your life-size, scale model, of your microscopic chode punctuation mark stuck between the “I” and the “m”.

            You could use a bold apostrophe? That would make it look a smidge bigger for you.

  15. Wouldn’t it be nice if Governments stopped fudging the unemployment figures and simply told the truth. If there are 3 2% officially and there are another 50 000 also unemployed but on job seeker benefits (about 2%) does that not make the total unemployed 5.2%. No doubt there are thousands more on other benefits (sickness etc) so in truth the real tally should be 6-7%

    • alarm bells from that link-how can a government/public service which can’t tell who is and who is not overseas when they pay their winter ‘bonus’ because it would be too much work, have any accuracy on employment?

        • Bob gets paid by the Nats for any anti-left-wing, or anti-democratic-drivel-comment, not how much sense it makes.

          Pretty lucrative night’s work most nights for him. I do hope Bob the First is putting his income on his tax return, otherwise he’ll be spending some time in jail, remanded for tax evasion.

          Unless Bob is an independent contractor, like uber drivers, which is a neoliberal weasel way of stripping rights for workers, that the wealthy exploit to the max?

  16. Meh. We are >12 months to the election. The coming shitstorm of a likely stagflation will put these issues into context and there will be nowhere to hide for “Our Glorious Leader” nor the dynamic duo of Beetroot and Grunter.

    The problem was Te Reo blinked during the abortion sting put on him and the rest is history. National through decades of political inbreeding removed all it’s conviction based politicians and this is what you get – middle management candidates promoted above their station. Te Reo is just a very good woke, corporate manager. There are no political instincts. Coupled with a poor backroom staff trying to out ‘middle’ Labour with the female white collar worker and the feckless smelling blood in the water Te Reo needs to sharpen up. Beltway Willis seems to be piping up as well thus going down the tried and failed method of rat fucking your leader. THERE IS NOBODY FUCKING ELSE LEFT thus someone high above (Honest John?) needs to start shit kicking Beltway behind the scenes

    That said it is a hard time at the moment for the right. The slow burning of the economy will be delayed a little by the opening of the borders, the WokeWorldTour and the feckless running interference on the collapsed health system, nonsensical covid restrictions, crime wave and coming economic collapse. The timing is right for a major scandal to hit therefore National needs to sit back and be more surgical with their strikes.

    Seymour is a better candidate but not nearly the conviction-based candidate the right needs right now. Nobody is willing to stick their head above a parfait.

  17. I think we need to changed the wording in the stats to ‘How many people are not working? And ‘How many people rely on the govt for earnings?’ That would look pretty alarming.

    • indeed it would cabbage largely due to your taxes subsidising kiwi businesses addiction to low wages the govt then top up to poverty level.

  18. A while back Luxon admitted that a tax change in a National government would result in Luxon getting an extra $18,000 a year into HIS pocket whereas ordinary low income NZers would be get considerably less eg lets say we ordinary low income workers would ONLY be $18.00 per year; better off!!!!
    But of late Luxon and co condemning the Cost Of Living pay-out to those NZers on considerably less than $70k shows to me to constant contempt National will forever have towards us very NZers they depend upon for votes at elections.
    And this points out to me the pure selfishness of National and its MPs even to the lowly level of its current leader. National have by tradition always blamed those others it deems as lesser beings and will always pander to the demands and orders of its rich donators.
    National is that sort of political party one should really consider as a party that is ONLY in existence for THEMSELVES and what they can get out of events for THEMSELVES.
    Whilst they have many rich benefactors(beneficiaries in actual fact)behind the lines for them they don’t consider anyone else on less than $70k outside of an election all that worthwhile of listening to or considering.
    Whilst perhaps originally National started off with a feeling of wanting to help those less fortunate than themselves what they have now evolved into even over the past 30 years is something we NZers wouldn’t want to wish upon our worst enemies.
    I look at Christopher Luxon as being something even the American KKK would be proud of. But other than that he is a Flip-Flop style of leader. He cannot be credible because he keeps changing his words and statement every 5 seconds in the political world. But all in all he doesn’t take responsibiltiy for his words and actions. Instead he will do what Naitonal is so famour for and that is blaming everyone else but the face staring back at him in the mirror.
    Over a period of 6 years National have had 6 ‘leaders’. Not exactly a credible track record to hold when all things considered.
    Recently Luxon was in Samoa. Is that anywhere near to Te Puke(Hawaii) or Te Aroha(Samoa)? Will Luxon go to a take-aways in Te Aroha and abuse a young woman at the take-aways by calling her a glorified waitress as I believe he said to a cabin crew member of an Air NZ flight a while back???!!!

    • So Labour has done so much for the poor There policies have meant the poor are even poorer due to huge rent rises and price hikes. National’s policy is driven by putting people in a position to do well under their own steam. Often people need a hand up not a hand out

  19. Record low unemployment???

    41% more NZers on jobseeker support than in Sep 2017

    22% more NZers on sole parent support than in Sep 2017

  20. It’s amusing reading all the distasteful comments referring to CL. So most of you don’t like him and are getting your hate speech off your chest. It won’t matter. Your wee minds need to focus on election time over twelve months away. At best for you lot, a labour win with a hugely reduced mandate that will achieve them and the country nothing. If National sneak home it will be the same but worse because it will be a hospital pass. They won’t achieve much either. Enjoy your poke at National and look forward to more of the same if labour win and avoid bankruptcy. You deserve it.

      • I bothered because it’s mindless criticism and Achieves nothing. Those on the left have no answer except they don’t want National. Cool, if labour wins you get what you’ve got until the money stops then you haven’t even got that. Enjoy the ride.

    • Luxon is a poor politician new view. Aside from his unattractive smug entitled personality. We desperately need leadership and direction and vision right now in NZ. Labour are treasonous scumbags and have been since 1984 . National are no better and sadly they are just not very bright either. Like Labour they’re condescending and out of touch devoid of vision and lack the ability to work their guts out for others. The hapless kiwi voter is fed up with the shithouse choice on offer. They see the overpaid twats in parliament for who they are and it ain’t pretty or inspiring.

      • What is that vision Shona? This is the problem you see. Perhaps it can include changing NZ from a country of govt dependent citizens, to a country of of self reliant citizens. And as a bonus it would be nice to get govt out of our faces. Because if there’s one thing that Labour have achieved it’s that – govt and So called compliance are constantly in our face for absolutely everything. You can barely go to the toilet without asking govt for permission.

  21. So Labour has done so much for the poor There policies have meant the poor are even poorer due to huge rent rises and price hikes. National’s policy is driven by putting people in a position to do well under their own steam. Often people need a hand up not a hand out

    • That’s a balanced view Trevor. Unfortunately NZ is tied to a immense central stake that goes deep into our psyche. It results in Labour mouthing certain humane principles and then handing over the work to wasps who actually deliver a sting with every handout or bit of support.

      Some can cope and take it in their stride and others find any progress is painful and beset with difficulties. Metiria Turei, and I am sorry to bring her name up again in this context, but she was an example of this. Trying to rise to a level of self sufficiency, she strives to gain education but the government make it hard to do her prinicipled task of good citizen, good mother, good student.

      She takes in an extra boarder and doesn’t declare that action because she needs that money to continue to succeed and gain her certification working with the support of her family. The Greens don’t support her, the government doesn’t support her. NZ doesn’t support people needing a hand up very well, maybe hardly at all.

      The government in the past supported young people to get started in life, and we had a country that had an effective system serving the needs of the people. But now it has developed into a mean-minded, loser sort of place taking the young and throwing them into society any old way, and watching them cynically as they thrash around; it’s sink or swim. I believe swimming lessons are what practical and thoughtful people would provide!
      Political effort goes into learning how to genuflect to those who have money and train their minds in how to get more. Those who are getting started get little attention, patronising or rejecting of those who the PTB have decided are below the line. They will soon have to fight for a piece of land and water with dairy cows which are packed into slum fields industrially farmed.

      The system is broke, the political system has broken down after damage and has a virtual smell, similar to the real smell Christchurch’s Bromley wastewater system. Much argument here is about a theoretical, responsible and planned past culture, abandoned in politics.

  22. I think Luxon is just so wrong ams Labour is just so right! We need to celebrate the benefit lifestyle. Yay to the dole, the best thing about New Zealand. Every onenofnus should atrive for our place on the dole. We need more cowbell…sorry…dole.! The dole will make NZ great again.

    • Man shouts at clouds. You are talking about a rounding error of 96000 people here. There are plenty of reasons people are on a benefit. I suggest it is better value for us to pay unemployed people “social” welfare than to have to deal with the “social” problems of not paying them.

    • Didn’t they have dole back in Afrikaaner-land Sour Kraut? Must be a real anathema to you SK, that a country cares for its most vulnerable:

      “The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

      You need to be aware, that, as an Afrikaaner immigrant, and a racist verdammte rooinek, that you are, ignorant of New Zealand’s inequity for its most vulnerable, mostly caused by the colonial inequities imposed deliberately and inadvertently, over a century and a half of white dominance.

      You were quite happy with the apartheid system in your homeland South Africa, while the white Afrikaners were in power. Why didn’t you stay in South Africa once the balance of power changed to Black rule?

      Did you feel vulnerable? Did you feel dispossessed? Did you feel threatened every day? Welcome to the world of the brown-skinned people of Aotearoa!

      There’s a line from “To kill a mockingbird”, by Atticus Finch which says: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”

      Even though I’m not white, nor an Afrikaner, I feel for you Sour Kraut, having left your white-dominated South Africa to come to what you believed would be a white-dominated life in New Zealand, only to find that redress is being made to change life for me and my whanau.

      I give you shit, not because you are white, but because you have an Animal Farm view of life in New Zealand “White skin good, brown skin bad”. Co-governance must make your white skin crawl. Kaffirs having equality.

      We marched against your white Springbok team in 1981. We’d do the same in 2022, 41 years later.

      I’m proud of my heritage and I can see a better future under a Labour Party, Greens and Te Pati Maori than under Destiny, National, ACT, Conservatives and Shane Jones’ Party.

  23. What a shallow condescending prick. Luxon may have plenty of money but he’s effing bankrupt as far as I’m concerned.

  24. All this lowlife crap about leeches on us good honest taxpayers, which has worked since Sidney Holland, seems to be a good possibility for the newest iteration of National. Except the climate change Wall, for both nitwit short-term parties for the rich.

  25. Agree with you about the unemployment bashing but the naked truth is Jacinda has to be voted out of office. Her behaviour with and since the introduction of the traffic light system has been nothing short of divisive, definitely not kind and immoral. The social division she has sowed is not what I expect from a progressive party. Nor his her support for the US position on the Ukraine war – essentially supporting the US neoconservative line. She has got to go, and while I’ve NEVER voted for National in my life (I’ve been voting since 1981), and I will find it very hard to tick that box at the next election, I will certainly be voting tactically to dismiss this Labour government at the next election.
    Nor should I omit her morally bankrupt position on the cannabis referendum, the attempt to ban anyone under 14 from ever smoking and a whole bunch of other things that interfere with individual right to choose.


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