The true tragedy of the phantom Green Party Coup

Green Party Coup Delegates debate sacrificing their last Heteronormative White cis Male during their annual environmental festival.

Watching the slow motion disaster of the Green Party Phantom Coup ineptitude is so painful.

The Greens are so incompetent they couldn’t get laid wearing banana costumes at a vegan kink brothel.

Put aside the strategic and tactical amateurishness of these clowns, the true tragedy of the phantom Green Party Coup is that they are squabbling while the planet melts, and it is melting.

As TDB has been pointing out since we began 10 years ago, the climate crisis is an existential threat to our species and it’s only getting worse…

‘Soon it will be unrecognisable’: total climate meltdown cannot be stopped, says expert

Blistering heatwaves are just the start. We must accept how bad things are before we can head off global catastrophe, according to a leading UK scientist

…how bad will it get?

Under our feet As vast, thick sheets of ice disappear from high mountains and from the poles, rock crusts that had previously been compressed are beginning to rebound, threatening to trigger earthquakes and tsunamis. “We are on track to bequeath to our children and their children not only a far hotter world, but also a more geologically fractious one,” says Bill McGuire.

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New battlefields As crops burn and hunger spreads, communities are coming into conflict and the election of populist leaders – who will promise the Earth to their people – is likely to become commonplace. Most worrying are the tensions over dwindling water supplies that are growing between India, Pakistan and China, all possessors of atomic weapons. “The last thing we need is a hot war over water between two of the world’s nuclear powers,” McGuire observes.

Methane bombs Produced by wetlands, cattle and termites, methane is 86 times more potent in its power to heat the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, though fortunately it hangs around for much less time. The problem is that much of the world’s methane is trapped in layers of Arctic permafrost. As these melt, more methane will be released and our world will get even hotter. 

Losing the Gulf Stream As the ice caps melt, the resulting cold water pouring from the Arctic threatens to block or divert the Gulf Stream, which carries a prodigious amount of heat from the tropics to the seas around Europe. Signs now suggest the Gulf Stream is already weakening and could shut down completely before end of the century, triggering powerful winter storms over Europe.

Calorie crunch Four-fifths of all calories consumed across the world come from just 10 crop plants including wheat, maize and rice. Many of these staples will not grow well under the higher temperatures that will soon become the norm, pointing towards a massive cut in the availability of food, which will have a catastrophic impact across the planet, says McGuire.”

While this all unfolds, the Greens disintegrate into woke identity politics factions and incremental meaninglessness.

The moment demands more from our politicians and activist base, unfortunately they are not up to the moment.

Actual Green Party Caucus Meeting

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  1. Pressing the button isn’t a one dimensional trigger releases nuclear weapons. Firstly anyone who triggers nuclear war has to believe that they are dead. But there are people inbetween that fuels the rockets, does drills, understand, indentify then launches the nukes. We have to give those people hope that all is not lost. We have to leave the door open to increasing human rights and quality of life not reduce it.

  2. Little bit heavy expecting James Shaw will save us?
    He didn’t have kids, he’s done more than most people by not breeding.
    Most people are hypocrites flying around the world then whinging about the Greens not saving our lazy, stupid arses.

      • He didn’t need to go to COP26 in Scotland. Nobody knew who he was and nobody listened to him.

    • Kate James mightn’t have kids, but Marama has six or so children, and perhaps grandchildren too. I fear for the future of my small grandchildren, and flounder, have suggested they learn martial arts, and I would hope that Green mums grasp the future instead of stumbling over time-expired chips falling off shoulders, and more pronouns than the good earth can sustain, and gender obsessions which cause discord important to the mouse-minded, but utterly irrelevant in the global picture they just don’t see.

  3. There is no tragedy here, in fact they have shown us their true faces and its the faces of some clown on sprakly rainbow unicorn throwing about money.

  4. Go the Greens!

    Still the only party that voices the need for evidence-based policies as far as I can tell. They get my vote for that alone.

  5. It’s patently obvious that NZ does not need a Green Party. At least not this kind of green party. Hopefully they will get sent packing next year…in a diesel ute please.


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