Why is the focus on sacking Shaw when Marama Davidson should go?


Look, Shaw has been an incremental disaster when it comes to the climate crisis, but why all the focus on him and not Marama Davidson?

Last night on TVNZ 6pm News, the facts were very fucking clear.

At the end of 2017, of those who asked for help, 108 said they lived in cars. However, last month saw 480 people living in their vehicles.

Who is the Minister for Homelessness?

Marama Davidson.

Marama claims the only reason it is so much worse now is because they do a better job at counting the homeless.

If the Minister could put as much effort into housing the homeless as she does counting them, we’d have this whole poverty issue solved!

It isn’t just Shaw who has been hopeless, Marama shares that ineptitude.

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It is outrageous that so many are still living in hopelessness while a Green Minister is in charge.

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    • Of course Natana, any story that even slightly denigrates Labour or the Greens and you and your ilk are having keyboard orgasms. Haven’t even got to the Sour Kraut (Afrikaners yet) and the other uber-right-whingers. Make sure to get your tissues out to wipe the keyboard foam!

        • He’s not in power yet Natana. Your Aloha Luxon will be gone before Christmas, off to “pursue other business interests”, or wanting to “spend more time with family”. Look behind the “reality is” comments of Aloha Luxon and you’ll see a vapid, soul-less leader-in-waiting, but who’s not up to the job. My pick’s Chris Bishop to replace him.

          Or the superstar combo of Judith Collins and Simon Bridges? After all Bill English returned to rebuild National.

  1. Two main reasons why Davidson gets an easy ride:

    1) No-one expects much from Marama – she has never impressed anyone, outside of the Green activists.
    2) Minister for Homelessness is a made-up portfolio to boost the number of cabinet positions so that can be handed out. If a Government was serious about solving homelessness, responsibility would be with the Ministers for MSD or for Kainga Ora.

    • Ada I would add;
      3) Marama Davidson alone was naive enough to take on an impossible portfolio while having no ability to actually make any tangible changes. I suggest this portfolio was always more about Labour devaluing the Green Party than a serious position.

      I’m not supporting Davidson, for just one example her racist divisive rant after the Mosque shooting should have had her step down as an MP. But she has been set up for failure by the Labour Party.

      • Thank you Ben. I will never forget that evening in Auckland when Marama and her friends demonised Pakeha New Zealanders in the wake of the terrible mosque massacres. At the time I considered making a complaint about her to the Human Rights Commission, or Race Relations Commissioner. I don’t remember which one, but when I researched it, I read that she was one of their advisors, and I was even more shocked. I remember thinking that she has six children, and if this is what she is telling them, then she may be blighting their young lives too, wrongly, and unnecessarily. That’s how I see it.

    • 3rd reason: She’s a ‘she’ and brown, he’s a ‘he’ and white (ish). In reality they’re both as bad as each other but you know, colonialism etc. The Green thought police would never allow her to be booted because patriarchy and wimmin…

  2. “Why is the focus on sacking Shaw when Marama Davidson should go?”

    Don’t be disingenuous Martyn – you know why.

    • Pope Punctilious 11. Davidson can’t be sacked because she’s a Maori woman and ergo it’d be both racism and sexism to dispense with her dubious services. If she were a lesbian as well, it’d be homophobic. Should she choose to transgenderise it will be some other woke-ish phobia. In another year or so it will be age-ism. She’s sitting tight, but I think that she did pop out one time. to chat with
      social housing folk around Manners Street where police now have to maintain a constant presence, and where babies and ladies sometimes die.

      Next question ?

      • Not true at all if the party decided she should go it would happen.
        Absolutely agree with Martyn, she is useless, appalling interview.
        They both should bugger off and be homeless themselves.

      • Wow “Off white” a frothing no-balls study in misogyny and racism all rolled into one tight, off-white package.

        You might get away with that sort of right-wing Afrikaaner verammte-rooineck comment back in your homeland “Off-white”, but it reeks of white-supremacist Eggstien and Donnarummas’ National Party filth and dirty politics to me!


        Are the National Party investigating you too yet, “Off-white”? We might even 501 you back to South Afrika maatjie? But, good news maatjie, you’d still be able to post your racist, misogynist filth from behind 10-foot tall walls topped with razor wire back in your homeland.

    • Do tell Pope, stop being obtuse.
      Pope’s have never really been forthcoming, open or honest about much, especially the transfer of pedophile clergy to other locations.

  3. But but but, there CAN’T be ANY homeless people!
    Adern said she would end homelessness!
    My goodness she so obviously cares so much that if there were any homeless out there, then she would have thrown open the doors to her own home and allowed them to share a whare with Clark, Neve and her.

  4. Now where is John Campbell with his teary eyed homeless reports leading up to 2017 election?
    Would Campbell even attempt it now with a Labour Govt in charge with worse homelessness stats than 2017?…..you be the judge!

    • Campbell was unwatchable last night airbrushing the thug the police shot.
      The whole show was a woke serenade to the poor misunderstood criminals and the guy with a record as long as your arm “had such a big heart”.
      It got confusing with the woke washing of cuddles Coster also being in the hot seat because the cops were meant to be the bad guys.
      We were meant to just cry and hug a criminal because it was just so hard.
      What a squishy nauseating mess including semi uplifting/sad soundtrack while going over the backstory.
      Could not finish.

      • how many ‘aspiring all blacks’ drive drunk in cars along country roads and kill all their mates?

        there’s plenty of research that names affect prospects in life and if you name your son khaos or kop fucker then the roads is kinda preplanned for him…and deliberate mis-spelling is neither fun or impressive..

    • To be fair John Campbell has already written an excellent piece about poverty and all the associated matters which pokes the stick at the government which has we know includes some Greens.

      Thug no, human being who went off the tracks. Now KMCO how many kids have you raised and were they all saints.

      In this instance the cops are the bad guys, do tell why he was shot twice. Why do the pigs not have to say where the person who shot him is, is he still working… what happens with these enquiries they take so long to come out that people have sort of moved on this.

      The very fact that the IPCA only very recently found out that the cops see the video footage before they concoct their story as to what happened. This is so dam wrong. Of course this theoretically has now been stopped. The IPCA only know what the pigs are prepared to tell them.

    • Oh Pullleeeezzzz “I’m right.

      You can’t even put an apostrophe in the right place in your pseudonym, why would anyone even bother to read your drivel (not you’re drivel, because that would be personal argumentum ad hominem.

      Remember it was National’s Simon Power, new CEO of TVNZ, who got rid of “that left-wing bastard” https://thestandard.org.nz/i-want-that-left-wing-bastard-gone/.

      Key: I want that left wing bastard gone

      Last year [2014] Prime Minister John Key and Mark Weldon had a phone conversation in regards to John Campbell. Mr Key was overheard saying “I want that left wing bastard gone”. The prime minister had insidiously conspired with Mark Weldon to end John Campbell’s broadcasting career and have Campbell live taken off the air. …

      It’s all about right-wing a-holes like you, Sour Kraut here, Hosking, Duncan Garner and Key (and Key’s muppet Chris Luxon) controlling the right-wing media narrative.

      You’re not Im right, you’re wrong. I would have thought that syrupers like you would know when to use an omission apostrophe?

      But, then again, all you right-whingers are against anything to do with omissions, even apostrophe omissions! Use the proper apostrophe “Im right” , otherwise, everyone who reads your posts, thinks you’re a right-wing f’wit, with limited grasp on reality, or omission apostrophes.

      You’re welcome Im right, especially when you’re wrong!

  5. Eugenie Sage signing off all foreign land purchases in the last government ? Marama Davidson as minister of homelesness ? The Greens shouldn,t be accepting these shit jobs from a so called kindness but really neoliberal government.

    • They accept these positions to tick a box, increase their pay and accumulate enough service to be eligible for the MPs pension. Then they bugger off, so as to make vacancies for the next worthless sociopath.

  6. The Greens, like Labour, The Natzo’s, Roger’s Anal Spillage Party aka ACT, The Maori Party and The NZFucked Party are all the same thing. They’re Corporate Fascists in parliamentary tights. In other words, they’re puppet-master roger douglas’s Neoliberals and they’ve been there for nearly 40 years. So no wonder there’s homelessness and poverty and nothings been done about it. Unless you consider an increase in homelessness and poverty as being something.
    We AO/NZ’ers are in an extremely vulnerable place politically right now. We’re being divorced from the Crown and sold to American corporate interests. We’re going to become Aotearoakentuckyfriedkailand. All you need to do is read RNZ’s webpage and it’s there in black and white lurking behind the sports pap and the domestic violence and car crash bullshit. RNZ’s job is to deaden the brain and widen the pupils. ( Eyes. Not student. )

  7. Again,you can’t apply performance logic to the party that doesn’t operate that way.
    Shaw is both male and non Maori (as far as I can tell), Davidson is a member of both the non male and Maori identity inherent virtue groups (as far as I can tell) which means she is not touchable.
    Performance is not an identity metric.

    I wish I was joking but our entire government apparatus is now clogged with people appointed for diversity over ability- look at roads, Oranga Tamariki, any department and see the destruction of moving away from appointing on merit.

    The Greens personify the stupidity of identity Uber alles.

    • Jesus KCCO, your white, racist non-logical bow is even longer than savnz’s

      “I wish I was joking but our entire government apparatus is now clogged with people appointed for diversity over ability- look at roads, Oranga Tamariki, any department and see the destruction of moving away from appointing on merit

      The Greens personify the stupidity of identity Uber alles.”

      You certainly tick all the terrorist, right(wing) boxes KCCO
      Angry tick; White tick; Male tick; Entitled tick; thick tick.

      Terrorist, potential overthrower of the elected govt tick, tick tick tick

      So, KCCO, you gonna join Brian Tamaki this weekend on his “Freedumb and Rights Marches” to piss people off on the motorways? Be sure to wave your “Keepcalmcarryon Poster”

      Most of these quisling middle-of-the-road right-whingers here on TDB, will be rooting for you, except me.

  8. It is true we expected A LOT more from Shaw in terms of climate change and the environment, but Marama has somehow got rid of all the cheaper blue collar landlords, driven up property prices and now there is corporate rental city, at eye watering prices, who are charging $1200 a week for housing the poor, in motel rooms. Poverty is increasing the more they pander to the drugs brigade.

    613kg of Meth just came into NZ in this case they were caught – https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/462595/largest-ever-meth-bust-in-nz-police-customs-seize-613kg-of-the-drug – while they increase poverty and hook people on drugs, and enable that process by turning a blind eye to criminal activity and money laundering, poverty and mental health issues, will dramatically increase.

    Some anti social and appalling people are literally enabled with more and more money and resources showered on them by other taxpayers to be utter shits. Pity the kids, if they are growing up with this.

    “A young Bay of Plenty family fears they’ll never be able to escape their neighbours from hell after prospective buyers were put off by their antisocial behaviour.

    They are speaking out about the distress caused by the neighbour’s behaviour over the past couple of years and are calling for the state landlord to take action.

    The family has twice been burgled and believe the culprit to be one of the Kāinga Ora tenants next door. The family says the neighbours have also been responsible for aggression, loud parties and used tampons and undies being thrown onto their property.”

    “It’s understood police have been called to the property at least 50 times to respond to reports of domestic violence, street brawls and other alleged crime.”

    NZ is becoming a hell hole of terrible behaviour, while the government agencies don’t worry in their new premises and keep hiring new staff!

    “Despite thousands of state homes not meeting healthy homes standards, Newshub can reveal Kāinga Ora’s spent millions doing up its own offices.”

    • That’s a long bow to draw savenz?
      The Greens are responsible for math imports

      “It is true we expected A LOT more from Shaw in terms of climate change and the environment, but Marama has somehow got rid of all the cheaper blue collar landlords, driven up property prices and now there is corporate rental city, at eye watering prices, who are charging $1200 a week for housing the poor, in motel rooms. Poverty is increasing the more they pander to the drugs brigade.”

      What the fuck are you smoking or injecting savenz? So, your argument is James Shaw’s has done nothing for climate change and Marama has single-handedly caused poverty and the drugs brigade?

      Check yourself in somewhere savenz, you are NOT well. It may have been an August 1, 2022 at 9:54 am morning psychosis, or a brain-bleed caused by severe constipation affecting a stenosis you may have. Get it checked out buddy, you are not well, especially so early in the morning

  9. We are talking about .01% of the population.

    Instead of moaning and finger pointing maybe some of you could come up with a solution…Its much easier to moan.

    • ds. “ Come up with a solution? “. That is what our Parliamentarians are supposed to be doing, and are quite well paid for what they are supposed to do. They even have a plethora of public servants and advisors paid to provide solutions. And now you suggest that we need to be doing their jobs for them, and indeed, many a true word is spoken in jest.

    • Yes good point!

      The government owns land some of which was recently flogged off to private developers in Dorkland.

      Now isn’t this exactly where they could – the government that is – built some housing for those at the bottom, after all there are a mere 26,000 on the state house waiting list.

    • Bob doesn’t do solution, that would require intelligence, easier to keep barking at parked cars. Forgive him though he can’t help it.

  10. I’ve been listening to some of Don McLean’s great songs.
    I reckon this is a sad ode of love betrayed to the Greens.

    No one can take your place with me
    And time has proven that I’m right
    There’s no place I’d rather be
    Than at your place for the night

    No time can pass your sight unseen
    No moment steals away unfound
    Lifetime lived in such a dream
    Floats like a feather to the ground

    And for the first time I’ve been seeing
    The things I’d never noticed without you
    And for the first time I’m discovering
    The things I used to treasure about you

    The birds like leaves on Winterwood
    Sing hopeful songs on dismal days
    They’ve learned to live life as they should
    They are at peace with Nature’s ways

    You are as natural as the night
    And all that springs from you is good
    And the children born beneath your light
    Are like the birds on Winterwood

    And for the first time I’ve been seeing
    The things I’d never noticed without you
    And for the first time I’m discovering
    The things I used to treasure about you
    by Don McLean https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/donmclean/winterwood.html

    Love lost! This link has words and scrolling guitar (gives chord)

  11. As a former Green Party voter and supporter, I find now they have become ridiculously “woke” (for want of a better word) in their stupid attempt to balance race, sex and gender in the Parliamentary team. This leadership issue more than anything else highlights this point. So with these facts in mind combined with the absurdity of Green policies, Marama Davidson stays because she is of the “correct” race and sex, while on the other hand James Shaw, because of his race and sex, does not fit the bill anymore! The Greens also have a policy that a male does not need to to be elected co leader, but one of the leaders must be a Maori and/or female! FFS!

    About time the Greens got over their preposterous attempts to balance leaders, MPs and everything else in the party and realise this type of balancing act in my opinion is not acceptable. Elect MPs and leaders on their capable worth, ability and efficiency to fill the roles and nothing else.

  12. The job of politicians is to come up with solutions. Davidson can’t. I’ve looked on here for people to head her in the right direction The obvious directions Davidson can’t see.

    What I did see was in the Herald:

    “It started as a small-scale solution to provide shelter for homeless who had nowhere else to go.
    But emergency housing is now big business, and some motel and motor lodge owners have completely changed their business models to specialise in housing the most vulnerable people in society.
    One motel alone has been given $16 million in grants for emergency accommodation, data obtained by the Herald shows.”

    What I did see in Canterbury and all reaches of Auckland recently was rows and rows, streets and
    streets of new houses recently built or being built.

    We have shat all over the floor and the toilet bowl with the society we have created. We want Davidson to clean it up for us. She is incapable? Who will be the next to put their hand up for the job and we’ll give it to them? Whoop-de-do, let’s give it to David Seymour. I mean he and his sort are the ones who fed the diet which led to the diarrhoea and the first place aren’t they? So let’s try him. For more of the same.


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