Weep fellow Kiwis, our glorious smug hermit kingdom is over – here comes hyper tourism, migrant worker exploitation & International Student scams


Covid 19: NZ’s border fully reopens allowing students, cruise ships to return

At midnight tonight New Zealand’s border will finally be fully open to all visitors – providing a much-needed economic boost to the education and tourism sectors with the return of international students and cruise ships.

After two years and four months of the Covid-19 border restrictions, the Government will put in place the final step of its “reconnecting plan”, enabling visitors from non-visa waiver countries to apply for a visa to enter New Zealand.

Before Covid, we had 4million tourists per year! There are only 5 million of us! Our country has been over run by hyper tourism and if you ask any of those greedy pricks how many is too many – there is no answer!

The hyper tourism industry would welcome 20 million a year if they could get away with it!

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The hyper tourism industry exploits us the domestic citizen, and then tells us that our exploitation is important for the economy!

Weep dear Kiwi at the neoliberal free market plague sweeping back in, weep at our Fortress NZ protection ripped away from us at a time when external shockwaves become the norm, weep that our quality of life plunges again.

Weep of course right up until the next variant gets loose and then the public will be screaming to shut MIQ in a never ending yo-yoing of panic.

This country has two secrets to our ‘economic growth’ – steal land off Māori and never pay it back and open the floodgates to cheap lazy immigration to create the sense of growth with none of the planned building of infrastructure to cope with that mass immigration.

We have learned nothing from Covid.

The economic pressures and stresses are building with speed now, this will simply add fuel to those drivers.

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  1. LOL one trip to Rotovegas/downtown Auckland Mark 2022 will fix this problem. We are far from the welcoming country pre-covid that we once were.

    There are better, cheaper options now for the stock, standard tourist.

  2. So. When does the masses of the homeless ejections from motels start.

    Is this lameduck government going to build more carparks for people to live in, in their car if they have one to make way for tourists?

    Another Homeless Crisis in the Making!

    This must be a world first when a government solves its homelessness Crisis by Creating a second Crisis to eliminate the first one!

    • You do realise the homeless situation was caused by the previous govt?
      Remember that fake meth scam that saw state houses being emptied, done up and then sold on the open market?
      National had to do something so it was under their leadership that started putting people in motels.
      Its sad that Labour has come along and done bugger all to correct it.
      They also seem to have turned a blind eye to immigrant exploitation.
      I dont recognise who Labour is meant to be anymore, they seem more National lite than anything else.

    • You cannot use the word crisis Dr Do Little has made an edict .No health crisis no housing crisis ( We will ignore those in cars and overpriced motel units ) no power crisis no cost of living crisis no children not attending school crisis no poor road crisis .We are all happy happy little voters

  3. You’re not wrong there @ FTT with a lot of hospitality and tourism businesses struggling to find staff and a lot of the Iwi/Tribal owned enterprises are still in covid induced hibernation or have simply closed shop, Rainbow Springs Rotorua for example. Also the repercussions from the Whakarari/White Island tragedy yet to be played out in the courts, I think a lot of cruise ship companies will be reluctant to recommend on shore activities for there passengers without signing indemnity waivers that would take a legal sleuth to go through, which will only leave a few sedentary activities for cooped up passengers to participate in.
    Having said that have noticed a lot of Chinese travellers out and about in the last couple of weeks and from what I’ve heard is that they are city dwelling refugees escaping the prospect of more government imposed lockdowns.
    I don’t think Bomber will have to worry to much about hyper tourism as word will get out that the hobbits of AO/NZ are still a bit sleepy

  4. Let’s not forget the government hypocrisy of strangling farmers over greenhouse emissions -with some very sketchy science -and replacing them with pine trees, while actively campaigning overseas for more jet plane loads – with very good science showing their massive emissions-of foreign tourists to come here.

  5. “We have learned nothing from Covid”.
    Nope. Some of us (sadly) had confirmed our worst fears about the wealth and power that really runs our sham-democracy.
    When Sir Insider Trader fronted the “smug hermit” campaign to undermine the Team of 5 million, it was born of a real fear of power of the masses. A united society – in this case determined to overcome an existential threat – was simply too big a threat. What if the majority had woken up and realised that our pre-Covid lives were a complete fallacy? Some did. But not nearly enough.

    And so, sure enough – bam! Here we are again. White-knuckled-clenched-steering wheels snarling at traffic and mindlessly fufilling the wishes of the parasites who profit from this planet-killing insane rat race we all pursue.
    And we have resumed these habits of a lifetime despite the mounting evidence of climate-induced ecological collapse. This is all we are capable of. The path of least resistance.
    Only when it’s too late – when the majority of the so-called middle classes begin to feel real pain – will we turn upon our masters.
    Just in time to inherit an uninhabitable planet.

  6. Doesnt matter what govt you put in charge in this country, they dont give a fuck about the people who live here. Continuous eroding of the working class rights and pay rates. A housing market most of cant access. They have all squeezed every last dollar out of us and now they only way they can make more is to import it, who gives a fuck about the people who live here.
    Im not voting anymore, whats the point, we just get people who couldnt care less about us.

  7. When the media keeps repeating we are open for business, more like we are open for Covid. With all the Covid coming in and new variants mutating looks like we will be wearing masks for long time.

    • Yeah, masks that don’t even do anything. Corona viruses (including this one) are small viruses that pass through every cloth mask that isn’t an N95 as if you weren’t wearing one.

      • Yet wearing a masks at work protected me and others from my work colleague who just had Covid and it seems to be working (in lower death rates and case numbers) in some of the Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

  8. But, but, but. Nash promised us high end tourists, not hyper tourism. As for migrant worker exploitation, isn’t it certain ethnicities that prey on their own…

  9. Hyper tourism, international students, and immigrant labour is the exact opposite of what is required right now.
    This toxic trifecta amplifies our already chronic societal problems.
    Environmental degradation, kills higher wages and better conditions for New Zealanders, privatisation of our schools by stealth, climate change, less training and employment opportunities for New Zealanders, the ability for our infrastructure to cope particularly health care, house prices/rent/availability, supply chain issues, population ect ect ect……..

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