First official review of The Working Group

From last weeks show: 4 Donkey's of the Apocalypse

Our first ever review of The Working Group came out yesterday in the Sunday Star Times!

The Working Group started this year, and in its short time has managed to beat other NZ Political Podcasts who receive NZ on Air Funding and has become number 1 on numerous occasions.

This year, we will submit entries for Best News, Politics Podcast & Current Affairs, Best New Podcast, Best Current Affairs Podcast and the Rova Listeners’ Choice Award!

That our show with ZERO funding from NZ on Air can even compete against the Taxpayer funded giants is at least worth a nomination!

The reason the show is able to rate so well against the behemoths? We are just a lot more funnier and insightful than everyone else put together.

We intend to be the agenda setting political media in the election next year.

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Thank’s to everyone for their audience support. There’s no way we can’t do it without you.

Tonights show is live streamed 7.30pm tonight with political commentator and blogger Chris Trotter, former ACT leader Jamie Whyte and libertarian Stuff columnist Damien Grant.




  1. I think this is just wonderful!

    A self described Marxist leading an increasingly successful podcast is able to not only compete but also consistently outperform all those state funded snooze festivals. One might almost think that the creative destruction of capitalism works…

    I do enjoy the screaming contradiction that is Bombers continued agitation for big state intervention such as a fully funded by the state media against his increasing success as an independent, privately funded media outlet.

    Nonetheless, thank you Bomber for an always excellent podcast that is without fail outrageously funny whilst also being without question the most insightful commentary politically in New Zealand.

    More than this though, many thanks for bringing together voices who are so diverse in opinion such as McCarten & Treen from the left vs. Grant & Hooten from a parallel universe and showing that it is possible to hold views sometimes so different that it would seem impossible to believe that these folk could talk to one another in these insane days of thought crime cancellation and yet they do converse respectfully, with good humour and humanity.

  2. A must watch every Tuesday morning. Very entertaining and most always informative.

    Why it works:

    Damian and Martyn delineate the boundaries of a free-ranging debate by taking opposite and even radical positions (clearly a deliberate and highly successful tactic). It is left to the, without exception high quality guests, to bring balance and nuance within that space.

    This podcast offers a glimmer of hope for democracy and free speech that the MSM seem incapable of providing at present.

  3. Post show the studio would need to be fumigated with some heavy duty chemicals to clean out the toxic residue from all those right wingers.


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