Dear Destiny Church – what gun would Jesus have?



These are Destiny Church adverts – do they seem a tad militaristic to the rest of you?

Isn’t that a wee bit concerning?

There’s a real ‘end of days’ vibe going on in these adverts isn”t there? like they are prepping for the zombi apocalypse

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Put down the gun bro.

What semi-automatic would Jesus own?

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    • Guns and threats of violence = immediate removal of all and any charitable status.

      Otherwise, the state is sponsoring terrorism against itself by funding Destiny, or Density, its militant religious-political wing!

      • Any religious organization pushing hate or violence should definitely be stripped of any charity status, if not actually shutdown. These types of actions are totally incompatible with the teachings of Jesus or any other religion of peace, and have no place in a modern society.

      • Any religious organization pushing hate or violence should definitely be stripped of any charity status, if not actually shutdown. These types of actions are totally incompatible with the teachings of Jesus or any other supposed religion of peace & love, and have no place in a modern society.

  1. These are not advertisements for the Church of the Jesus who preached to turn the other cheek. These are urban terrorist ads and Brian has some explaining to do, pronto.

    • I understand the Christian bible has the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) saying:
      “he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” and “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

      I think he’d be fine with updating the loadout a bit.

      • Luke 22:36 If we assume the Bible to be a valid record of any real events, then this verse is probably often used to protray a more militant Jesus, this is most likely an inaccurate interpretation. My take is that Jesus called upon his followers to arm themselves for exactly the opposite reason, hence two swords were apparently enough. Jesus knew he was to be arrested and if an unarmed man is taken meekly into custody by a group of armed men, then that sends no message, what could he have done?However if a leader surrenders meekly, like a lamb to the slaughter, whilst surrounded by armed followers, and even admonishes one of his followers for using violence, that sends a more powerful & more memorable message, on that we remember today even if we aren’t Christians.

        • Swords were the common weapon during the times of Jesus. Guns came with the arrival of Gunpowder from China.
          So who knows.

      • The same Jesus said “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you (Mt 5:44), you need to read things in context.

  2. I see Brian the fake Bishop is up for dangerous driving .He blamed the Chch eat quakes on homosexuality being legalised so what crime has he committed.? Greed comes to mind or taking the Lords name in vain could be another. If he is fined the poor of his congregation will forgo a few meals in order to help him pay.

    • Every weekend a kiwi is up for dangerous driving and is killing people. He is just doing what a whole lot of Kiwis do. Drive a powerful car badly hurting and maiming others.
      Now what would be nice if these people would lose their driving privileges for life. But we don’t do that here, right.

    • Fred Retter. The bible is a sort of theological Harrods, you can find anything you want in it. But this is no excuse for Brian’s mob to arm themselves like urban guerrillas, or look at teaching children to shoot. What is he? A church ? A political party? Other ?

      The N T is only what the church fathers decided to include anyway, to suit their own purposes, just like everybody does. Some of the other contemporaneous writings are of a different tenor and style.

  3. they’re COD / BF and other military sim shooter marketing images, look lifted straight from Steam.

    Eminem it and call the copywrite bros to rain jesus’s love all over them like free range kombucha at a spinoff WiP meeting

  4. The thing is. He’s got an army and you don’t.

    Born agains don’t do any other religion.

  5. JC would be using a Tikka Tx3 Elite chambered for .223, they are awesome value for money and JC doesn’t seem the sort to spend frivolously. The Tikka would be easy to use with good accuracy off the back of a donkey.

      • tui. Well…certainly a donkey lining himself up for one or two more police charges like, incitement to violence. Oranga Tamariki could also be interested in the dynamics of blokes introducing small children to guns.

        • Teaching gun safety is an important lesson for children growing up in homes where firearms are present, otherwise they just pick up “gun safety” lessons from TV or movies, and those lessons don’t end well.

          • Richard Slade. So Brian’s bunch can teach pre-schoolers fire arms safety too now ? Nice, Richard, nice. Dunno why they have drag Jesus into it tho’ .

            • Personally I’d like to see Brian arrested & jailed for fraud/embezzlement/corruption and his whole organization shutdown, with the assets sold and the proceeds being returned to their hoodwinked followers.

  6. DESTINY IS A POLITICAL PRESSURE GROUP NOT A CHURCH…END TAX EXEMPTION NOW, not next week, not after a review, not after a scoping exercise, not after consultation with stakeholders…but NOW TODAY.

  7. Me think Destiny Church protests too much.
    Arm yourselves Saturday’s and collect the takings Sunday’s.

  8. Who ever first said guns are a human right definitely owned slaves. It’s so mad and extremely enthusiastic thinking guns can solve marriage problems.

  9. Being related too closely to anti-vaxxers, they’re three cents short of three cents.

    The more Bryan takes himself seriously the less we do. They don’t matter. Unlike America our ruling class doesn’t encourage subjectivism to insanity.

  10. The sooner people get over the creation myths we can all move on. I can accept god like creator that we have no fuckin idea about but until it turns up in my back yard Pastor Tamaki and the Pope and the C of E can all eff off.

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