Is the Green Party Phantom Coup dumber than the Todd Muller Real Coup?


Wait, WHAT?

Green MP Teanau Tuiono not running for co-leader

Green MP Teanau Tuiono announced he is not running for co-leader on Saturday, after previously stating he was “considering” it.

Let me see if I can get this completely straight.

Hooton whispers into your ears, tells you your rules could allow a coup, sets the stage for a coup, goads you into the coup and you do it WITHOUT any new policy, WITHOUT any new vision AND WITHOUT any actual candidate???

Hooton breadcrumbed you into a minefield and then gloriously throws you all under a bus.

It’s the Bay of Vegan Pigs!

It’s Vegan on Vegetarian Friendly Fire!

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Is the Green Party Phantom Coup dumber than the Todd Muller Real Coup?

How is it that Hooton is so good at coups in every party other than the National Party?

All the Underground Green Left have succeeded in doing with this phantom coup is make the Greens look flakey.

The courage to do this was 12 months ago, with you know, an actual plan, actual policy, actual candidate.

This phantom coup is an ineptitude that is beneath the mana of the movement.

The Greens are so incompetent, they couldn’t get laid wearing Banana costumes at a vegan kink brothel.


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  1. Yes but the children and mad people will still vote for them, all the grown ups knew they were mad already so essentially no one cares.
    Polling not likely to change much.

    • The focus of the Natz and their dirty politics team is to destroy the Greens so their heroic luxon and seymore led parties find it easier to enter parliament. You watch over the next year the Dirty Politics team pick on any trivial bit of tiko to destabilise Labour and the greens especially. Good to see NZME apologise to and pay Clark Gayford for bullshit rumours it help to spread. I note a late night Tory talk ZB host was also promoting the rumours. Typical dirty nasty NATZ tactics.

  2. And yet somehow this is what has been presented to us as the “left” for the last thirty years…
    And I bet you $14 that you’ll still vote for them.
    Huh? Wha?

    • They aint the left. Theyre a centre right cling-on party to Labour as their parasitic groomer.

      • Symbiotic relationship to Labour, they distract and enable Labour to be a disaster.

        The worst thing, is that Natz are probably slightly worse than Labour, but Natz and labeen have all somehow become centre right, globalist parties wanting the cheapest labour, billionaires, dumb lives and crims who can pay to get here.

        • Interesting that you say that SNZ. I was at a local public hui in Auckland central yesterday.

          Local pollies turned up and the Nat C Bishop & Seymour & Chloe turned up. Labour pulled a no show!
          The hui was about housing intensification and a bit of nimbyism.

          Both the Nat’s & Act sat on the fence having a dollar each way because they’re shitting bricks about who is going to be the impotent minority government next year.
          Chloe talked about her mental health because she claimed someone in the audience said they hated her. So she lost her shit…said nothing as she struggled with her mental health and lost the plot and the reason why she was there!

          Only Mike Lee nailed it! Central government should keep out of Local Government!

          The Nats, Act and the Gweens were beating the globalist drum by saying, without saying it, that there’s fuck all we can do if we become a minority government because we wont be able to pass legislation or repeal any that we’d be opposed too, especially if this Intensification Plan goes through.

          Oh! And Pippa Coom tried to continue to lie with trying to claim two other local councillors voted against the policy. Which is what they did.
          So one of them stood up and clarified her bs. The policy had a list of 5 conditions that if all were accepted then the policy for intensification would go through. Those conditions were not met so no go, so far.
          Coom voted for the Intensification Camps to be built.

          Act were for intensification with ‘strings’ and the Nats were on the fence.
          The gweens were sent to the local mental health unit!

          The so called new generation of government are worse than the old school! We’re fuck’d!

  3. We know more about who is not standing than who is. It appears that vegan friendly coup-substitute is not quite as satisfying as real coup.

  4. Maybe it wasn’t a coup, probably more like a good ol’ sit down protest in bad hand knitted garments mixed with histrionics and absolutely no forethought as to where this hissy fit would lead! Seems more logical.

  5. I think you’re giving Hooten far, far too much credit. This is all the Green Party’s own incompetence.

    To credit Hooten, is to say that the Green Left activists are highly stupid, fundamentally misguided, and credulous. And evidence does point that way…

  6. It’s a bit like thinking your one of the cool kids and not liking the rich kid but inviting him to your birthday party anyway because you know he’ll be the only one to deliver a nice present everyone else will enjoy.

      • Here’s the next big problem. I think Logie and Sage have also ruled themselves out, but not Genter, but. So the problem is, if no one is putting their hand up to replace Shaw, maybe none of them are capable of/or wanting to be a Co-Leader. Where does this leave the Greens if nobody else wants to have such a high position critical to the continuance of the party – or maybe they’re all just being too nice to each other…..

    • Any time it’s been mentioned in my company with friends/family or workmates…almost all have said it should be Davidson who should have been dumped as leader.
      But we all know that will never happen and why it won’t.
      It’s all a waste of time anyhow, Shaw will be voted as leader again and whole fiasco just shows up how out of touch with reality the party really is.

  7. From someone who tried to start a party with internet nerds and violent radicals, bankrolled by a billionaire. Self awareness is lost to this blogger.


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