The Daily Blog Open Mic – 30th July 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. This is a good post on here that might get overlooked while we are gasping at the eggoist ecoterrorist. You really have to do three things at once these days, not just concentrate on walking and chewing gum! So thinking about policy as well as politicians brings better considered comment but keeping up with all the peripheral things is essential. Things that are only peripheral because of the important policy being applied to them – in reverse. As my social policy papers impressed on me, having no policy, doing nothing about some matter, is in itself a policy – of wilful ignorance (though those two words were not used by uni, they are my own).

    So cannabis; the good from the many-splendoured colours and materials that could flow from this product was ignored, put on a high shelf. Why why why? A hacker could shut NZ internet down and put up the words ‘Why not gain the good from Cannabis’, and we would have to put up with three days of silence before the PTB moved to make meaningful change operative within thee months say.

    Of course the point to remember is that Labour can’t move until all financial entities dedicated with draining profit from NZ at anything that is on the ‘go’ must look through proposals of gummint, and then say okay and then receive the keys to The Mint, leaving us with the remainder; sticky-chewed gum on the bottom of our shoes. Great image eh, you can have it if you want it Malcolm Evans.

    However back to the post which is interesting.
    ,,,As MedSafe GM Dr Jessamine told us in 2017, “the biggest problem with the regulations is the way that (MedSafe) has been interpreting them”, and that really seems to be the elephant in the room. MedSafe has chosen to block hemp foods at a time of multiple health crises, despite legislation designed to permit it, and when all the evidence suggests that our population’s health would be vastly better off if hemp foods were broadly available.
    Instead, medsafe has chosen to disable the hemp regs, and pharmaceuticalise hemp; thereby acting inequitably, and enforcing inequity-something which Martin Woodbridge acknowledged in his 2008 report for the national drug policy unit was inevitable in a pharmaceutical system. But which was clearly avoidable via nutritional access.
    That NZ finally got good smart hemp regs, (essentially the US Farm Bill of 2018) in 2006, and that medsafe then disabled them; then wrongly controlled CBD as a controlled drug – bypassed the medicines classification committee, and overrode the contrary positions of ESR, FSANZ, and its own internal advice; seems anticompetitive and backwards….

  2. Corruption in Panuku, Auckland councils ‘Fire Sale’ unit!
    When there’s a ‘Housing Crisis!’ Panuku denies developers to build thousands of houses but the chairman of Panuku greenlights his own $850m+ development partnership!

    Auckland Council set to appeal against go-ahead for new town ‘the size of Napier’

    Proposed 5000-home development in Papakura denied fast-track status a second time by Panuku.

    Remind me what a conflict of interest is and also the definition of corruption?

  3. Do you enforce free speech except for infractions over all your columnists? Cos I get the feel Left grandee Minto has a downer on me and has clipped out some of my comments. Quite strange since the acrid old gent is not in anyway to the left of me. Acridity is, informally, an amazonian current for the people’s talkers. You won’t flick half a centimetre out of your way for me since I put my idea of truth first no matter what and I’m nobody.

    But how have I managed to annoy so many Lefties? I understand how I annoyed Lprent. Truth alienates me from my sibs and nieces and nephews and the dairy shop business Left. The Left talk is all diminishing trash for rearing reality.


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