Political Caption Competition

The Fiddle Matthew Hooton used to play the Green Party coup plotters with. 


The Fiddle Matthew Hooton used to play the Green Party coup plotters with.


  1. I don’t think the Green back stabbers, needed Matthew Hooton to plot this one…. they enjoy blood sports as there is nothing much else to do in their party it seems, that to blame each other, for being useless.

  2. Ah, the Stradivarius-Koch Violino Assassinato.
    Beloved by hitmen world wide.
    It can also make a pretty damn’ good pizza too…

  3. While the New Zealand Army Band remains popular as ever few ever knew of the existence of a SAS String ensemble.

  4. Stunning and brave high velocity rifle identifies as violin, undergoes chordophonestomy and joins Philharmonic. GOP hails a victory for intersectional 2A rights echoing the struggles of tommy guns to pass as musical instruments during the prohibition era.

    2nd (wave) violinists, while fully supporting personal choice and expressions of identity, nevertheless raised concerns that a ballistic violin with instrumental bayonet is intimidating in orchestral environments.
    This led to their immediate dismissal as exclusionary bigots.

  5. Judith Collins thought no one would notice her camouflaged blade to cut Swamp Kauri logs though she did create a lovely Kauri violin.


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