Thoughts on latest Far Right Christian Dumb Lives Matter protest

Dickheads unite

Sigh – so you want your freedom so you can disrupt everyone else’s freedom?

Protesters stop motorway traffic in Auckland, cause disruption in Wellington

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition Facebook page advertising the event urged Aucklanders: “Get ready to create all manner of mayhem…”

A press release suggested they planned to “cause a major public interruption and disruption”.

…look, this is a liberal progressive democracy, and even Far Right Christian Dumb Lives Matter protestors have the right to protest.

Even if that protest is at the height of a second Covid peak.

The impact of Far Right Christian politics was seen in the cannabis referendum and has been seen in the anti-vaccination movement. They are bedded into far right hate media from Counterspin to BFD.

If you believe in an invisible magical flying wizard for your day to day morality, it’s not that much of a hop, skip and a jump into believing a Satanic pedophile cult has spread a virus using 5G technology to bring about a shadowy one world UN government.

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While Far Right Christians have every right to protest and push for damaging freedumb ideology, one can certainly ask why Churches are exempt from tax.

If Far Right Christians want to get political, can’t we as agnostic citizens in a democracy demand they lose their tax exemptions?

As for their sad arguments, we just endured a once in a century pandemic, and while nothing is ever perfect when such an event occurs, this Government and the State did the best it could to protest us all.

Was that perfect?


Were there mistakes?


Does that justify Far Right Christians blocking motorways to protest?

Not at all, but it is their right in a liberal progressive democracy to protest.

That’s why it was important Christchurch Council dumped their attempt to charge Destiny Church for protests down there, because the right to protest in a democracy is special and demands extra protection.

Do I think these people are feral lunatics?

Yes, yes I do.

Do they still have the same right to protest as the rest of us?

Yes, yes they do.

Should we remove all Church tax exemptions?

Yes, yes we should.

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  1. Fark off Brian Tamaki! Get a real job. This man makes megga bucks off the people in his church. He’s crooked as. Lock him up again already

    • The Destiny Church is primarily composed of folks who, without it, would be d**d***ts who would at best be donating all their money to the pokies.

      Tamaki asks a lot, but it’s a smaller tithe than Pub Charity Ltd takes.

  2. This Climate Change movement has just got reels!

    El Presidente el Supremo Pope Tamaki I has put down the challenge to those psuedo gweenies in the gween party and those Nazi cyclists to put up or shut up!

    Whose more of a climate activist movement?

    Pope Tamaki I or the lamearse virtue climate change gweenies?

    So far, its even stevens, he/she/him/her/them/they, 50/50.

    • Are you drunk again Tane/Male/Man, not Female/Woman/Sober. It has nothing to do with Greenies. You are trying to deflect this (CMA) Christian Maximum Annoyance as a ‘Greenwash’ of what is a rightwing, Christian and Dirty Politics anti-government protest?

      Coincidence, that it was a day after the Jan 6th Senate hearing? Sri Lanka’s overthrow of their government was mentioned in One News breathless reporting? Simon O’Connor appears to be doing his dirty politics from within TVNZ One? I see Nuremberg NZ is up and running again –

      Time for GCSB to join the right-wing dots to local and overseas operatives with NO NAME SUPPRESSION for those guilty of financially and ideologically supporting Density Freedumbers. They are too thick, greedy and self-interested to have organised this themselves – it’s more likely a dirty politics backroom co-deal.

      Time will tell, and when it does, the National Party will never get back into power, if at all, before 2077 – two generations from now.

      Have a bit of sympathy for the Dirty Politics brigade – there will be a lot of quivering sphincters, sweaty armpits knowing that this latest protest has focused attention back on the National, ACT and right-wing parties in Aotearoa. Watch this space Martyn!

      • Ridiculous as usual.
        How long does it take you to make this stuff up?
        The National Party has less to do with this than the left wing dirty politics brigade.

  3. Agreed.

    But today’s demonstration, that being the take over of the Newmarket viaduct, was just another example from another angle that the government is losing control of law and order.

    • Xray I know lets bring the batons out the tear gas the pepper spray. Can you imagine the furore. I know lets just ignore them not put them first on all media outlets including this one. Narcissists hate being ignored.

  4. Look at the f’ing con artist in his First Order black apparel. “Dickheads Unite” sums it up perfectly. I had someone text me and blame Coster for this. What for? Stupid arseholes that are dumb enough to follow a stupid arsehole?

  5. Lose the tax exemptions right!! But with the churches to have rights to apply for exceptions for particular projects, which will be inspected to ensure that they are run efficiently enough to pay everybody working on them the minimum wage plus up to 50% more for snall number of managers and ceo. How’s that – fair. And no prostitute rehabilitation or sex reorganisation, any of that malarkey, which the prosperity churches might try for.

    • a church that’s involved in political issues is no longer a church therefore has NO charitable status

      it’s time for govt to pull the pin on this mob…choice between freedumb and cash we know the way the likes of tamaki will slither

  6. Right wing is correct…Christian is not correct…The “Bishop” is a borderline con-man, using the Christian faith, and warping its core concepts of peace and love, to make money…

      • He is ridiculed for his “brand” of religion not because he is Christian.
        I have yet to see ANY evidence of particularly Christian endeavors or behavior by Luxon.
        He is an evangelical power tripper happy to be greedy, covetous and exclusive. Not Christian traits at all.

        • Hey Shona Jesus said, “ Give all you have to the poor and come follow me “. I’ve not heard Luxon saying anything like that, and as for the motorbike boy, I reckon he might have got the message muddled up.
          Amongst other things.

          Sure as hell Jesus wouldn’t be riding a big black Mercedes up Bowen Street either, or a noisy motorbike disturbing the blessed little children coming unto him, or the widow clutching her mite tight, hoping that Brian isn’t eyeing it as a contribution towards his next holiday in the Greek Islands, or as lucre for a decent hair cut for him or the wifey.

      • His evangelical brand of christianity should preclude him from holding any power in a secular democracy other than running a happy clappy church service where he cant do any more damage to the delusional.
        I am pretty sure he would privately back scomos thoughts on god before government.

    • “If Far Right Christians want to get political, can’t we as agnostic citizens in a democracy demand they lose their tax exemptions?”

      Absolutely. Just as long as you’re demanding the big Iwi with their taniwha, wairua and various gods, loose their tax exemptions too.

      The NZ left seriously needs to decide if it actually wants secularism or not. What’s the point of fighting for the separation of church and state if you are just going to turn around and replace the church with Maori animism?

      Unless, of course, you are happy withe the blatant double standard?

  7. Of course these feral lunatics can protest, but not by messing up everyday folks’ lives. Let Brian the bish and his old lady ride round and round the mulberry bush, or walk for hours along the seashore, but causing community mayhem like this isn’t anti-government, it’s juvenile delinquency, and it’s sociopathic; it’s anti-Christian, and potentially dangerous, and certainly not church-like, so wham them with taxes and lock a few of them up if poss. Morons.

    • Do you feel the same when climate change activists or climate kid strikes close down city centres? Or when the BLM crowd closed down town? Either all protesters need to be stopped, or all need to be allowed.

      • Ben. Yep, same feel. The protest down at Parliament was buggered up by Trevor Mallard. It needn’t necessarily have gotten so out of hand. Many protests go ok, and they’re a safety valve. Brian does his for maximum disruption, unfortunately. A few years back workers down Lambton Quay had their precious lunchtimes wrecked by Brian’s mob obstructing traffic marching chanting “ Enough is enough”, showing off, and achieving zilch. Today’s was meaner and dangerous.

        They could make their point marching through the trees in the middle of Bealey Avenue, or along a sea shore, but maximum disruption is their style, and as an amorphous political protest with no constructive message, it impinges on other people’s rights and is bullying.

      • When they chose not to get vaccinated they knew the choice they made to not be part of the team had concequences. The outcome in lives saved speaks for itself. I am no lover of the government but I credit when it is due. The mandates have been great as they have weeded out those that do not want to be part of the team of 5 million

      • there are plenty of workplace mandates where you can lose your job. the hypocrisy of the anti mandate crowd is unbelievable, it shows where their true intentions lie, which is their wallets.

        to join the armed forces, you have to get fully vaccinated. if you go on an overseas deployment, there are further vaccinations you have to take.

        if you are not wearing the correct PPE on a job site, you will get kicked off site until you return with correct attire. if you refuse to do that, say goodbye to your job.

        people lose their jobs over mandated random drug tests, but oddly all these christian nationalists, don’t seem to give a fuck about these mandates, or the many other workplace mandates that exist. they only seem to care when their untaxed revenue stream takes a bit of a hit.

        if you think these fredumb coalition shitheads are looking out for your best interests, you better wake the fuck up.

  8. And National, ACT, Conservatives, Taxpayers Union and BFD are now looking like moderates FFS.

    National Party’s Dirty Politics Corps operatives have ‘lit the blue touchpaper and retired to a safe distance behind Luxon and the Handmaids’ brigade’.

    This shit has got weird, and I agree with Martyn that all manner of Counterspin, BFD, Nuremberg NZ, White Nationalists, and uber-rabid Christians are stirring up and funding the ‘fuckwits of faith’.

    This isn’t going to end well. This lot need to be de-registered as a charity and then a forensic analysis of who is funding them from behind the right-wing barricades and bollards.

    Freedom, or freedumb. I know which one I’d choose and I have an inkling of who is funding the other. GCSB needs to get its counter-terrorist tranche to do the forensic maths and accounting and cut off the heads of the whispering snakes who are funding and inciting these disruptions, these occupations-in-waiting.

    No name suppression either for supporters of insurrectionists, their funders or Ministers living in mansions living life on the hog off the tithes on the poor.

    If there’s a crisis, after crisis, after crisis Brian Tamaki and Derek Tait, cut the Destiny tithes to $0.50 per week Brian Tamaki? Less than a coffee per week.

    If that fails to get Tamaki’s attention, then put Brian Tamaki back in jail for contempt. And don’t forget to jail those funding their marches on motorways and enabling their funding of fuckwittery.

    I sat for hours in one of those incoherent Christian shit-shows today and it wasn’t even a Sunday.

    Another march in 2 weeks time is there. Hope it’s on a Sunday!

    • It’s perfect though Mike. Tamaki has said they are going to form a conglomerate of three smaller political parties to oust Labour. This is brilliant as they will all be sharing a right wing voting base. Which only goes to show that other than raping his brainwashed followers of their tithe, the self proclaimed Bishop is a moron.
      The fact he has lost 10’s of thousands of tithe dollars during covid is the only reason he is protesting. He is an individual banker, no protester, no politician.

  9. I’m not a huge fan of the Bishop or whatever he calls himself these days… but on the flip side what people spend their money on is their business and Destiny does seem to actually help people get back to being productive members of society… and at least hes put his money where his mouth is over the last 12-18 months.

  10. Jacinda Ardern at the Hight of the current wave of the current pandemic – lol – stood for a photo op with the supposed intelligentsia of this dear country, indoors, maskless. Meh! These dudes walking outside are the least of our worry on that front. Neither of them have any fucks to give tbh.

    Anyone disclaiming that these guys are quite pissed off though would be stupid. And remember, they vote.

    In saying that, extinction rebellion blocks roads the world over and the left applauds. Maybe it is not the protesting that upsets, but that the guys that identify as ‘NOT left’ believe that they too have the right to protests. The audacity!
    And unless they do something really stupid and illegal let them have their march.
    It is their right. For now, at least it still is all our right to go outside to air our grievances, peacefully assemble and protest.

  11. anti-vaxxers prove every day that dumb lives don’t matter…

    to the likes of money grubbing evangelicals like tamaki

  12. “…look, this is a liberal progressive democracy.”
    No it isn’t. It’s a capitalist-fascist parasite within what was once a democracy.
    Your greatest challenge is to come to a point where you finally comprehend what you must do, and why. Do you know what you must do? Clearly, no, you don’t. This is what you do. You do nothing. Why you ask? To stop the exploitation of yourselves for the good of us all.
    If your produce isn’t returning a profit then stop supplying your product. You don’t need to fuck about with non farmer morons parading up and down like the narcissistic sociopaths they are who’re almost certainly deliberately creating a bad reputation for you on instructions.
    If you don’t know the meaning of the term ‘Machiavellian Confederate’ then you’re going into battle with piss poor intelligence.
    Go home. Store your product and wait. That, is all you have to do.
    “Wait on what?” I can hear you ask. For them to come to you, that’s what. Farmers must become price setters not price takers. If you don’t? We’re all fucked.

  13. Brian Tamaki is on the war path again, doing his god’s work. That’s Apostle Brian Tamaki of the Destiny Church he founded, who not so long ago was Apostle Bishop Brian Tamaki, before that Bishop Brian Tamaki, and before that Pastor Brian Tamaki.
    But is he really the Archangel of Leathered Darkness Brian Tamaki? His Freedom and Rights Coalition, after blooding its warriors at Parliament a few months ago, blocked roads on Saturday for a smorgasbord of worthy causes.
    Reasons for the protest cited in the press release included but were not limited to: the high cost of living, understaffing of hospitals, GPs being overworked, education problems, three-waters legislation, a mental health crisis and under-resourced first responders.
    Something for everyone there.
    Now he’s softening us up with news that his coalition is poised to coalesce further with a couple of other worthy groups (You know, antifluoridation, the usual stuff).
    So what will the Tamaki-led Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Aotearoa actually be for?
    Be not deceived by Tamaki talk of the high cost of living, understaffed hospitals and the like. All the signs are that Archangel Brian wants to impose a strict theocratic tyranny on New Zealand, mandating not simply Christianity, but the Brian Tamaki interpretation of Christianity, till now mercifully confined to fringe pentecostal churches.
    Perhaps we should be calling him Ayatollah Brian Tamaki, because the Aotearoa he would like seems unhappily similar to the regime that has oppressed the people of Iran for half a century. Freedom and Rights would be given novel meanings. Here’s a taste of Tamaki from his Facebook blog recently:

    “My nation was founded on Christianity, not on Atheism, Islam, Hindu, LGBTQIA beliefs or any other liberal ideologies. New Zealand was birthed at Waitangi, and Christianity was the religion of the missionaries present at the inception of our new country who brought Maori to the table. Maori readily embraced Christianity. Our founding faith is Christianity. We still decry any historic attempts by Helen Clark at her Interfaith forum in 2007 to denounce Christianity and claim that New Zealand has no official religion.

    “I proudly stand as a Christan, as a follower of Christ in this nation. I boldly still continue to declare, that this is a Christian nation.

    “Can all other true Christians please stand up?
    Christians who proudly take a stand are seriously lacking in this nation.

    “What a disgrace to see a self-proclaimed Christian, Christopher Luxon, bully one of his fellow MPs into removing a post saying ‘Today is a good day’. Party politics has now killed democracy in New Zealand. This was a post by Simon O’Connor on Saturday possibly referring to the announcement that the Supreme Court in the USA had overturned the Roe vs Wade abortion case. This decision now allows each of the States to determine whether they ban, restrict or allow abortions to take place. It’s a massive step in the right direction for many pro-life advocates in the USA.

    “This Roe announcement has sent shock waves across any of the leaning left-liberals worldwide, and they are absolutely throwing a tantrum and displaying meltdowns of an epic proportion.

    “Any Christian worldwide should be happy that abortion has been successfully challenged and turned on its heels with this court case.

    “Yet…not so when it comes to Christopher Luxon. He had the perfect opportunity to step up and reconnect with 37% of Kiwis who profess Christianity as their faith in the last election, yet he snubbed us.

    “Luxon went on to state that Simon O’Connor’s actions did not represent the position of the National Party. He turned on his man. He turned on New Zealand Christians. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

    “With this one statement, Christopher Luxon quite clearly stated that Christian values do not represent the position of the National Party. National Party has stated their position and now joins Labour as an Anti-Christ party.

    “There has been a quick decline within the paradise we once knew, that was strongly undergirded by Christian values. The downward slide of our nation has been appalling. We are now encumbered with Anti-Christian and Anti-Christ politicians, who have removed the name of Jesus Christ from Parliament, yet warmly welcome Imans to pray in Parliament. Socialism has tried to remove all Christian values.

    “With sadness, we see the proliferation of many other religions in this nation, and Christianity is no longer proudly supported by political parties. Our politicians proudly fund many other religions’ beliefs and ideologies through schools, yet berate and ostracise Christian schools like Bethlehem College and shun funding for Christian schools like Destiny School. All other ideologies they allow to be expressed freely, except for Christianity. This by its very nature, is Anti-Christ.

    “So, in response to Luxon’s actions, Destiny Church would like to clearly state…Christopher Luxon has no right to call himself a Christian or Pro-life supporter when he does not publicly support Christian values.

    “The Word of God clearly does not condone abortion. This is reflected across many scriptures including Jeremiah 1:5, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you…’

    “It seems obvious that when it comes time to take a stand on such issues, Luxon clearly loves the praise of man, more than the praise of God. (John 12:42b).

    “When it comes to God’s position on matters like this, there is no grey or middle ground…everything is black and white. As Christians, we are urged to reflect that.

    “In Revelation 3:15-16 the Word of God states, ‘I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.’

    “God is quite clear…Christians who are lukewarm are like ‘vomit.’

    “Genuine Christians must look at Christopher Luxon’s actions this weekend and be left with a sick taste in their mouths.

    “Genuine Christians must no longer even consider the National Party as a home for their vote. This new breed of National Party is no longer reflective of The National Party of old that proudly stood for right-leaning, conservative Christian values in this country.

    “Luxon has disowned Christians this weekend…it’s time we now disown him and The National Party as well. “

  14. When they chose not to get vaccinated they knew the choice they made to not be part of the team had concequences. The outcome in lives saved speaks for itself. I am no lover of the government but I credit when it is due. The mandates have been great as they have weeded out those that do not want to be part of the team of 5 million

    • Bwah ha ha ha. The team of 5 million. So there are actually morons out there that believe that, amazing.
      Bit like the vaccine is 95% effective at stopping transmission and infection, 2 shots for Summer, vaccination is our only path to getting it back to what we love, etc.
      Trevor will be one of those woketards who screams respectv bodily autonomy on abortion but passes that over when it comes to mandates, a true fuckwit.
      Your not actually Baker the hypochondriac are you?

  15. I’m all for charities being tax exempt. Just remove the religious aspect .Religion is irrelevant in 2022. By removing the religious exemption then real charities, religious or non religious can thrive.

    • No, it’s not enough to exclude only religion from tax-exempt charities. There are about 27,800 registered charities in New Zealand. Compare that with Britain, where there are about 180,000 charities in England and Wales with a population 10 times New Zealand’s.
      Charities are a rort. Every tax-exempt dollar someone gives to their favourite cat refuge is a dollar of extra tax someone else must pay. Remember, our public hospitals and public schools are failing because of lack of funding. That’s where our dollars should go: charity begins at home.
      End all tax exemption for charities, and for donations.

      • indeed john any charity that spends more than 20percent of income on ‘admin’ including ceo pay, is actually a money raising business and like every other business should be taxed

  16. @Sylvian I have “scan details from Ultrasound and EMF” from Ultra Tech machines that show no evidence of brain activity at the march. So, I agree with you that it is easier for God to fill the voids of people who give tithes to a charlatan priest, who would have been kicked out of the temple of God, with the moneylenders.

    Sylvian, or Derek might be able to tell me the answer to a few questions:

    1. How much tithe does Destiny Church take from people in the way of tithes and how does that lie with Matthew 21:12. “Then Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those selling doves. And He declared to them, “It is written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer.’ But you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’ ”…
    2. Where in the bible does it say that a Priest, his wife and family and his gang should take from the poor, to give to the rich, in some reverse Robin Hood warped cult? I cannot find a scriptural reference!
    3. What is Brian Tamaki INC’s net worth and how does that sit with Matthew 19:24 “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”?

    With a head full of hate for those scapegoats outside the Destiny Church, it’s hard to see the evil, hypocrisy of your rich, manipulative cult leaders within the Destiny Church.

  17. Did a bit of Googling about this ‘love one another’ thing – interesting. And a very high bench-mark for anyone, pollies and protesters included, who are self-outed as ‘Christian’:

    ‘Love Your Neighbour As Yourself’ is the second great commandment of JC. Then a bit of cut & paste…

    No one should seek their own good, but the good of others. (1 Corinthians 10:24) (Rules out a few!!)
    For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” (Galatians 5:14) (
    Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:1-2)
    Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves. (Philippians 2:3) (That rules ACT- and a few others – out!)
    A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. (John 13:34)
    The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not covet,” and whatever other commands there may be, are summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” (Romans 13:9)

    Be a very different place (esp. in parliament) if the followers consistently showed and acted upon those words in the way they live and lead!
    (With apols to MB for referring to IMFW)

  18. This just proves the dumb lives matter protest at parliament was a right wing not just far right protest. NATZ, act, NZ First, Nazis, and all sorts of feral anti labour, hate jacinda lunatics, conspirators were also right in the middle of it. No greens or labour there. The NATZ dirty politics team are active these days any little hit against labour they get their friends in the media to beat it up. Tory TV 1 spend the first 15 mins taking hits on labour.
    Tamaki is an embarrassment to Maori and a kuware fool of no consequence. No one will vote for him apart for his dumb, porangi followers.

    • They were decidedly left wing?
      Ever seen people like that at a National or Act AGM?
      Seen heaps at left wing gatherings.

      • no bob, the mainstream christian organisations, (catholicism, anglicans, presbyterians, ratana), display a wide range of voting tendencies, eg just like the general public. the fringe lunatics, (exclusive brethren, gloriavale, evangalical christian nationalists, (destiny church, arise church, city on a hill, c3, to name a few)), overwhelmingly vote rightwing. You don’t see these people at National or ACT meetings because the congregations of the fringe religious don’t go to these meetings. they don’t need too, as they will vote according to how their religious leader will tell them too. this is why many people describe them as cults.

  19. Brian Tamaki & his followers are not Christian, a basic doctrine of Christianity is to love your enemy, and another belief is that all power comes from God so while not everything a government does will be according to Christian principles Christians need to be seeking to change hearts, not governments.
    As you say the removal of tax exemption for Destiny should be done asap along with prosecution for any laws they have broken.
    I fully support the right of people to object to any government actions that restrict their free exercise of faith but this protest does not meet that standard.

  20. Though I’m not sure in what spirit “Get ready to create all manner of mayhem…” was made – it’s right to question such a clarion call.

    The Freedoms & Rights Coalition seem reasonably adept at throwing a protest. After watching the State Media coverage, I’m still a little unsure what they were protesting. I imagine vaccine/mask mandates as someone in the news clip said, ‘give us our jobs’. There is actually probably a range of concerns.

    Violations of the Bill of Right and government overreach has undeniably come thick and fast under Labour’s second term. There were certainly protests/strikes under Labour’s first term too – i.e. teachers, nurses, Ihumatao.. though they were issues off the back of 9 years of National.

    Ideally protests wouldn’t be blocking lanes on a motorway, though given State Media’s reluctance to cover OR debate certain public grievances, a degree of temporary disruption/inconvenience is understandable – if only to force the Fourth Estate to do their job.

    I believe anybody with a sincerely held belief and whom feels aggrieved by the law or lack-there-of should have the right to protest. Upon reflection I must conclude ALL the major protests of the past 5 years have been successful to varying degrees. Like it or lump it, they’ve held the government’s feet to the fire on issues.

    Our government’s covid response marginalized and cut many people out of society. Firstly, this was a wakeup call to many about the power governments wield. Secondly, people (many for the first time) found themselves in conflict with the state over their respective sincerely held beliefs and often rational questioning.

    Rightly or wrongly; all people that have been marginalized, denied entry, lost their jobs, or worse.. they are in the unique situation of experiencing forceful othering from a government.

    Even though we have the luxury of living in New Zealand, my hope is ALL Kiwi’s, in particularly those recently penalized for their beliefs use their experience as a window of understanding-&-compassion to view the often horrifically opposed around the world.

    Covid has certainly been a globally jarring event.

    As a side note; I’m interested to see if the touted amalgamation of 3 small political parties eventuates.

    • amalgamating small (weak) parties never works. There must be one clear string party that everyone falls behind

  21. What was the principle demand they were raising?


    It wasn’t that they were protesting.

    It wasn’t that some of us had our travel disrupted

    The biggest danger, is the failure of the Liberal Left in power to deliver for working people.
    This failure leaves the door right open for the far right to walk right through.

  22. To address the cost of living crisis:

    We need GST off all food
    We need an Empty homes tax.
    We need a Financial Transactions Tax
    We need free and frequent public transport
    By not taking any of these desperately needed Left measures to relieve the cost of living crisis, Ardern and Robertson are pouring the petrol fueling the resurgence of the Far Right

    “We want freedom because our children are suffering, our youth are suffering because of the decisions this Government has made,” one protest leader said via loudspeaker….

    ….”We’re fighting for freedom from mental health stats, we’re fighting for freedom from high cost of living, we’re fighting for freedom from everything this Government has put in place that is making us struggle.”

    Why aren’t the Left protesting and marching and blocking motorways for these reasons?

    Why are we letting the Far Right capitalise on these issues?

  23. This is the problem. By lack of action on behalf of the opposition parties – the fringe is growing. We are likely to enter a period of sustained recession and the flock to the extremes will be that much greater.

    So it is likely the new conservatives, destiny church and King’s new party will merge electorally to get over the 5%. If they get to say 3% by this time next year there will be a good chance they get close. Imagine a National/Act/NZ First/Destiny coalition.

    Bomber’s continual link back to the Joker harks true. The desire of the elite and their acolytes in the media to marginalise society into them and us will ultimately backfire into our own Trump moment. Remember it was “Our Glorious Leader’s” decision to go down this rabbit hole. This will be her lasting legacy. Just like all the other WEF graduates doing the same thing presently.

  24. Back in the day it was Sir Oswald Mosley and his brigade of black-shirted Fascists – today it’s Bishop Brian Tamaki and his pitiful parade of black-shirted “Faithcists.”

  25. “Give them reform or they will give you revolution”

    But it was never said what sort of revolution.

    In my opinion, at this point in history, it is likely to be a far right revolution.

    Why aren’t the Left and the trade unions striking and marching in the streets demanding the necessary concrete reforms to end the cost of living crisis?

    1/ The Left are weak and disorganised. The trade unions the backbone of any Left movement are missing in political life and in most people’s lives.

    2/ Into this political vacuum the resurgent Far Right have emerged. Appearing exciting and transgressive to many. The Far Right offer a vague inchoate escape from inequality and powerless. In practice the Far Right work to strengthen the machinery of repression that keep inequality and privilege in place.
    The Far Right will be helped in this by the Liberal Left who under cover of maintaining ‘The Rule of Law’, will crack down on all protest. In cracking down on protesting, by fining and possibly even jailing the leaders of Yesterday’s protest the Liberal Left will give the Far Right the martyrs they need and want.

    3/ The establishment will always favour the resurgent Far Right over a resurgent Far Left every time.
    As working people and benificiaries protest and strike to maintain our declining living standards. Under the cover of maintaining the ‘Rule of Law’ that the Liberal Left are always twittering about. Expect more crackdowns on protest and strikes. Expect to see the transgressive thugs of the Far Right joining with the police to smash union picket lines and protests.

    If the Liberal Left continue to refuse to deliver reforms, while at the same time fining and possibly jailing protesters.

    If there is to be a revolution. It will be a fascist one.

    • When Labour got complete power in the last election I thought the unions would become powerful again but this has not happened and in fact Ministers like Little have condemned them for trying to get what was promised. It must be very confusing for those on the left as through my eyes I see nothing in the current government that represents the Labour party of old pre 1984..Bad bosses are supported by wage top ups bad landlords are supported by subsidiary help bad people are not held accountable by police or courts .

  26. I can remember marching on the North Western Motorway in 1981 as a protest against racist rugby.

    I can remember marching across the Auckland Harbour Bridge and down the Wellington motorway in 1975 against Maori Land confiscation and alienation bringing both cities to a halt..

    Some questions need to be asked

    Why aren’t the Left blocking motorways and protesting and striking against the cost of living crisis today?

    We have departed the floor, for the Far Right to recruit and build.


    Why are these protesters being prosecuted?

    Will all protesters who block public roads be prosecuted from now on?

    The silence of the activist Left plus the prosecuting of protesters is setting a dangerous precedent at the top of a very slippery slope.

    While the Far Right will get the martyrs they need. You can guarantee that future Left protesters will be treated much more harshly, with less fanfare.


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