Grant Robertson announces pre-emptive cost of living measures pre-inflation announcement


Cost of living: Cuts to fuel tax, road user charges, public transport fares extended to January 2023

The Government is expanding cost of living support by extending reductions to fuel excise duty, road user charges, and public transport by more than five months until the end of January next year.

Announced at a hastily arranged 4pm press conference on Sunday, this is a pre-emptive strike to the inflation numbers tomorrow.

The Finance Minister will know what tomorrows figures are and this announcement is suppression fire.

The half priced public transport has proven to be very popular with the poor who spend almost 30% of their weekly income on public transport costs, welfare payment increases get claw back from MSD where as half priced public transport keeps the money in their pocket.

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The problem for the petrol tax subsidy is that the true impact of Russian oil and gas cutbacks won’t be felt till later this year. That pain will make it politically impossible to lift in January without making all public transport free.

America and the UK have hit 40 year high inflation rates as the inflationary dampening powers of globalised supply chains become severed by Covid and an environment that is rapidly warming in a dangerously out of control manner.

We are in dangerously uncharted territory as unique supply side dynamics generate hyper inflationary pressures. An entropy of just in time homogenised trans national oligarchy will leave us dangerously exposed to bottlenecks and skyrocketing inflation as Reserve Banks are forced to rapidly raise interest rates.

This will smash the renter class, beneficiaries and first time millennial home buyers the most.

An entire class and generation are about to be mugged by Rigged Capitalism. Again.


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  1. We are truly living in interesting times. Yes, its buckle up time, times are going to be tough.

    • @ RB.
      You write “times are going to get tough.”
      But why? Mais Pourquoi? Because fuck it, it’s cold, in the middle of winter and it’s French, that’s why. I’m thinking a warm field of wild flowers in the South with a tub of wine and a beautiful friend who laughs at everything I say. My Citroen made it without blowing a gasket and I’ve just realised; I’m 28 again and I have is more hair on my head than I have on my arse. It’s all snogging, wine, baguette’s and garlic for me from now on baby.
      We grow tons of food, we have tons of food everywhere, just ask anyone living in Sub Saharan Africa? We have oceans of fish, we have huge coal, LPG and crude oil reserves ( Don’t believe the hype . Yes. The planet’s cooking. I know that and it’s because of pollutants etc but when the needs must, burn that mother fucker carbon.)
      The reason Captain Oh Fuck ! is on a divergent downward spiral into Bullshit Swamp is because we’re already there and have been for generations. There we are…? We poor wee bastards. Peeping up from the muds and slime dropped out of the anus upon us by riche, lazy, urban manipulators, bullies and liars.
      Look. People. We’re rich as fuck. We are! No, really. We are. We live in a paradise and the only reason you think otherwise is because you’ve believed the bullshit you’ve been indoctrinated with. It’ such a common kind of bullshit we now think it’s normal, usual and, perhaps worst of all, the truth.
      Banksters steal $6 billion plus out of OUR economy in net profits annually and that doesn’t bother you. I mean, really? Are you fucking kidding me? Who do you think enables that? Martians? Hobbits? No! It’s our own. Our own people up there in parliament and in Big Business positions of power. Crooked creeps who steal our fishes from the sea and crooked creeps in the producer boards who steal our foods, wool’s, timber and fishes. Yes, I wrote fishes again. So what? They steal money that should return to our farmers and they have our farmers ground down and with boots on our farmers necks, the force feed our lands with artificial fertilisers which is fucking our soil’s biome and if you still don’t know what -biome is you’re in greater danger than I thought.
      Plump Blout The Mouth i.e. Captain Oh Fuck i.e. YOUR fucking finance minister is standing there while hopping to Christ shit’s not found out. That, is what he’s doing.
      Try this awesome woman for a truthful approach.
      Vandana Shiva interviewed by Russell Brand.

      • honey, the whole planet is a paradise and collectively humans have fucked it up. And whilst for the past few decades we could pretend that shit is not gonna happen if we pretend to eat organic, or by an EV and other assorted feel good shit the left needs in order to continue to pretend we can ‘tinker on the edges’ we no longer can pretend.
        So for some its going to be a hard ride as they truly believed that money/landholdings/status/class/or the state will protect them, and well, no Virginia it does not, Santa does not exist, our PM is a useless wanker, men will never be women, cows are awesome animals and we should keep them alive and maybe reduce our lifestyle. But guess what we gonna kill all the cows before the vast majority of us idiotic human beings will do with less. And we are going to do this with absolutely every fucking living organism that ‘impedes on our freedom to fuck this planet beyond recognition’. But you know what i hear Blade runner is awesome, everyone eats protein grubs and has flying cars!!!!!!!!

  2. You watch…
    The ill informed, poorly read Hosking will tell all his sycophants that this scenario is only happening in New Zealand and that it’s aaaall Cindy’s fault..
    With all the zombie like fervor of a religious zealot they will then dutifully spread the word from the oh wise one to all their friends and family who happened to miss one of his awe inspiring lectures…

  3. Indeed. We are very vulnerable right now. If the government hadn’t let our refinery be destroyed by international interests, we could be importing cheaper oil from civilized countries like Venezuela, Iran and Russia rather than getting ripped off.

  4. Good on Labour. It does help.

    Picking inflation still on the up however, given this announcement.

    Pulling Auckland’s other fuel tax needs to happen now as well. AT shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it the way they operate and in reality a few less judder bars is all we’ll miss out on!

  5. ” An entire class and generation are about to be mugged by Rigged Capitalism Again ”

    And 78% of Hobbits polled want to keep voting for it. Nasty Nat or LINO.

  6. Don’t worry. Everyone will see through this. We all know that Robbo is a master swindler. He’s dangerous.

  7. I think hes panicking about hitting another quarter where the economy shrinks. The last quarter shrunk by 0.2% and we all know that two negative quarters = a Recession!

    This soft-bailout for the people will tip him into the second quarter blues. It’ll be all your fault for the recession!

    • Oh. And what happened to MMT? You know when you inflate away your national debt by increasing your tax take by taxing more by removing excessive profit slopping around in the asset market?

      Or would that be a tax on the muddle class landlords with an extra 600,000+ rentals on their hands?

  8. In bad times weak hands fold. It’s got nothing to do with capitalism, or any other ism. It’s a law of nature

    • Of course gagarin they are only interested in political power the poor don’t offer enough votes.

  9. Too little too late hopefully this government will be elected out, but unfortunately labour voters are programmed at birth to vote labour so their reign of terror could continue.

    • I think you’ll find that it is the Nats who are predominantly the DNA voters….Otherwise how do you explain that most damaging of Prime Ministers ,Key, getting into power…. Be careful what you wish for!!

    • Spoken like a right wing robot devoid of any forward thinking. Born as a true blue blood where everything trckles down and their reign of terror can continue
      Do you realise how absolutely pathetic you sound?
      Long may this government keep the alternative corrupt undemocratic Nact coalition out!

  10. We need money and there is millions of dollars of oil and gas off our coast .If we cannot get it from Russia why not use our own.

    • we no longer have a refinery. we are totally dependent on refined fuel from Asia. We are dumb fucks with no energy policy . We are governed by idiots with zero real world experience who are so stupid they think they can shut down our oil and gas industry without it negatively affecting our economy and qulaity of life. Cos’ you know carbon emissions ….right?????????????

      • I don’t think it will, the Russians are a hard as nails people and this is nothing to them whereas Europeans have grown soft and will more likely buckle

      • nothing to do with our lack of planned energy policy bert. So as usual yeah nah dumbfuck.You got nuthin.

        • Wow Shona, head in the sand as usual. You may want to do some research lassy. Typical with someone as uneducated as you.

        • Haha Shona brilliant a climate denier who can’t debate the facts so goes full blown personal attack. I”ll match you by saying I guarantee you’re ugly on the outside as well.

      • Is there a wall around Russia an impenetrable wall?
        Even for you Bert that is absolute nonsense.

    • well trev because the nats will flog it to their foreign masters for a song…now if you wanna advocate for the norwegian model you might have a case but if you just want another NZ asset fire sale, swivel

  11. Robbo has failed again. He knows what’s coming tomorrow. At this rate NZ could make a fortune in disaster tourism.

  12. “This will smash the renter class, beneficiaries and first time millennial home buyers the most”.

    Almost exclusively Labour voters at the last election.

    Boy oh boy – you get what you paid for.

  13. If anybody wants to work out the problems of NZ’s terrible attitude towards workers and our how wages and poor environmental record – another example.

    Kiwi toy giant Zuru wins court battle to identify and sue aggrieved ex-workers

    Even in the US, companies don’t sue ex employees for defamation if they write unflattering reviews on Glass door but NZ employers are so entitled, they are sueing the US firm for having a popular website that allows employee voices to help others know about other’s experiences of the company culture behind the scenes.

    When employers in NZ seem to personally expect Grant and Jacinda to get their hospo and minimum wage employers for them so they can make more profits and replace mansions with another newer mansion.

    Ex-All Black Ali Williams, Zuru Toys’ Anna Mowbray demolish 12-year-old Auckland home for 3-level, 6-bedroom replacement

    One of the reasons NZ’s productivity is so low and less and less professional people want to live here, is that harassment and entitlement from the super rich and exploitation of others, is so rife in NZ.

    RIP old style unions, (and Labour and Greens for that matter) when there is this level of entitlement in NZ and growing worse.

  14. Low wages and a miserly attitude to paying people in NZ is why there is such a cost of living crisis!

    Commerce Commission Report – Supermarkets Squeezing Workers To Make Huge Profits

    “Low wages and a miserly attitude to bargaining with their workers are a big part of the reason Foodstuffs profits are so high. When workers initiate bargaining at individual stores, many owners imply that meeting a living wage, for example, would be the end of the world and the end of their businesses,” said Tali Williams, FIRST Union Secretary for Retail, Finance and Commerce.”

  15. Looks like the older (age discrimination) and more experienced (aka more expensive) staff at Air NZ are not getting their jobs back while they moan how they can’t get staff…..

    Hmmm problem is that NZ’s dirty little secret is out, and now even the migrants are letting others know about how terrible it is to work in NZ with NZ employers. Instead of more marketing, the government should tell some of the entitled corporates to shut it, put some consumer and employee protections which are completely eroded in NZ. Then people might want to work here again.

    Like being ‘stabbed through the heart’: Ex-Air NZ flight attendants on not being welcome back

    The brain drain and loss of experienced labour is directly caused by appalling business in NZ, exploiting everyone they can. Not just migrant exploitation, they started with Kiwi’s first who left and then they are on the second and third wave of experienced migrants leaving …. NZ is literally filling up with people who can’t do the job, or have criminal records or family members living here while the bread winners leave.

    Customers service is dead in NZ. – comments on Air NZ.

    “I was on an Air New Zealand long haul flight this past weekend. Mostly new staff. They had no idea what they were doing and the more experienced staff had a hard job. Get some people with experience back as it was a bit of a joke.”

    “Sadly they are paying peanuts, compared to what they were paying pre-covid. Expect they will struggle to get new staff on those wages.”

    “I worked for Air NZ during the Ansett ownership period. HR has always been portrayed externally as sensitive and nurturing to staff but internally they are totally ruthless.”

    “I have avoided AIr NZ for international flights for well over a decade. They are expensive and the service is second rate when compared to Singapore air or Cathy Pacific”

    The corporate culture in NZ, is in general terrible when it comes to customer service and helping, training, paying and retaining their staff.

  16. easy if any govt had intestinal fortitude, all businesses that operate in NZ and need a call centre must have an NZ call centre…right that’s done and dusted…

    just to add vodaphones actual business model is to ignore customer complaints…it’s not accidental

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