The NZ Deep State Spiders quietly spin insidious Face Recognition Webs


The NZ Deep State Spiders are quietly spinning insidious Face Recognition Webs while our attention is distracted by Covid and are frightened by extremism…

Internal Affairs lawfully allowed to access facial recognition system to verify identities – Waka Kotahi NZTA

Drivers’ licence photos will not be run through the One Time Identity facial recognition system unless a person chooses it, the Transport Agency says.

Waka Kotahi has created an interface with the OTI system being developed since 2019 by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), to enable access to drivers’ photos for COVID-19 records.

Waka Kotahi said it was for the vaccine passport.

…this is all Wellington bureaucrat white noise arse covering. What the Deep State Spiders want here is access to the Driver Licence database that will give enormous real time mass surveillance powers to the Police.

Right now, the NZ Police are using mass surveillance facial recognition software from an Orwellian company that illegally sources photos without any sign off from the Privacy Commissioner or their own Police Boss!

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The Police then held a ‘stocktake’ of these types of unapproved face recognition software trials and lo and fucking behold the Police quietly admit to a $9million face recognition network they are setting up with zero oversight from the Privacy Commissioner???

Police setting up $9m facial recognition system which can identify people from CCTV feed

Police have been quietly setting up a $9 million facial recognition system that can take a live feed from CCTV cameras and identify people from it.

This would push New Zealand into new territory for tracking citizens.

It will be run by a non-police contractor – US firm Dataworks Plus – and collect 15,000 facial images a year, with that expected to expand up to 10-fold.

Their latest move is to create some fake watchdog panel over mass surveillance powers that no on gave them!

The duplicitous and underhand manner in which the NZ Police have quietly amassed a mass surveillance network alongside their constant abuse of power to get what they want is an incredibly dangerous combination for any State Agency to gain.

The National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism could expand the number of people the State categorise as a threat and justify real time face recognition mass surveillance.

Because The National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism are staffed by woke warriors, the Left seem obvious to the potential misuse ion these vast powers.

What happens if the appointed woke warriors, after providing political cover to expand vast mass surveillance over white supremacy Nazis get replaced if the Government changes?

Are we sure we know what level of power we are blithely handing over here?

A Police State starts with the promise of security.

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  1. Again, it is the purported left regimes that ring-in the very changes the right cheers but would never dare. Because the opposition should be led by the left. But tribalism throws principle out the window.

    You fear what a different government might do. Isn’t it time to fear a government that would just slip this in, without mandate or even discussion?

    Isn’t it time to call time on the kindness crap and get real?

    I always liked Lange, and now I feel very wary of very likeable politicians and pay more, not less attention to what they actually do and don’t do.

    • Its time we all worked out for whom government actually serves. Fear serves their interests, not ours. And greater surveillance of, we the people, simply means greater control over us.

      I believe that government is co-opted, but unlike many righties, I want to rid government of this negative influence, as opposed to wanting to rid society of government, or at the very least, slashing governance to the bone.

  2. do you actually see any ‘kindness’ from this govt, how can you call a halt to something that doesn’t exist

  3. “Drivers’ licence photos will not be run through the One Time Identity facial recognition system unless a person chooses it”
    This is true… but constructively, a lie.

    It may be true of _this_ system that is being ‘trialed’ (i.e. they’re doing it to see what they can get away with) but the cops already use facial recognition against all driver’s license and passport photos on any image they want to try and identify someone in.

    If you’re a white male who generally doesn’t wear a moustache, you can enhance your security the next time you renew your license or going for a new endorsement at relatively low cost:
    * facial hair is free (in fact, it’s even cheaper than free!)
    * shaving or defoliating your head (relatively cheap, depilatory cream isn’t that bad and you can use it on your gentleman parts later)
    * temporary tanner is awful, but it’s cheap
    * you can get henna and tattoo templates for less than $10
    That should be less than $20 unless you don’t already own scissors or a hair trimmer.

    Sucks if you’re a Muslim man or a woman, with skin of a duskier hue, and allergic to henna, though. Is this what they call ‘systematic racism’?

    • I’m thinking of growing a Hitler moustache as my new disguise against this technology

      • Unless your normal facial look is a Stalin lip, I suggest the Mark Read style as the only Australian export I approve of.

      • XstraightXedgeX. Pebbles in each of your cheeks and a larger one in one of your shoes should help – or wear only one shoe – or a boot will do. Walking backwards used to work entering student pubs under age, but you might have to dress back-to-front too. Good luck, and always say “No” to drugs.

  4. In my decreasingly humble opinion the Spiders are being set upon us by bigger spiders still and so on ad infinitum.
    You must watch this.
    It’s a conversation between Russell Brand and Vandana Shiva regarding the encroachment of big business into agriculture.
    Ask yourself? What, are we? Well, I can tell you. We’re a country larger than the UK but with only 5.3 million people and we can grow literally anything. Lean that against the now inarguable fact that our planet’s biosphere is in a death spiral and 50% of green house gasses emanate from industrialised agrarian practises. The new currency is going to be food because trying to industrialise farming is impossible.
    Our farmers, the real farmers, not the chemical cowsploiters, are our most valuable resource so stop treating them like dirt.
    They’ve merely been kept from the knowledge they need to avoid exploitation, just like the rest of us.
    Here’s that link again.
    Russell Brand.
    “This week I spoke to activist Vandana Shiva about the Dutch farmers and how the mainstream media have framed their protests over new ecological regulations.”
    The conversation cuts off abruptly so head over to Luminary and pay $60 NZ for a years worth of some of the best broad spectrum information available on line.
    Second only to TDB, of course.
    You got an exclusively AO/NZ bank account yet @ MB?

  5. “Their latest move is to create some fake watchdog panel over mass surveillance powers that no on gave them!”

    But Martin, what did you expect?? No-one gave Jacinda the power to do a whole lot of stuff she has done but most people only complain when the stuff being done doesnt suit them.

    Those of us that keep banging on about democracy and freedom of speech – this is why!! You either have a relatively free and open democracy (including room for those we despise or who scare us) or you have authoritarianism and how that works is, its a slippery slope.

  6. I think that we could make a good film about this starring someone like Will Smith. In fact that is how all the news should be presented so that we can sit back and comfort ourselves with the thought that it probably is just fake, acted out for our idle interest to make it more dramatic.

  7. Eric Arthur Blair will be turning in his grave. Do we really want NZ to be East Germany? Really? Just because you can do something, is not a good enough reason to do it. If a boffin could develop a new form of 100% fatal covid, then they should inately know it’s wrong to proceed, based on commonsense. Where is the commonsence with ubiquitous facial recognition. It’s just invites fishing. (We think so and so, might be up to no good, so we feed their image into the facial recogonition system, to track all their recent movements, to look for anything suspicious, but remember that so and so could be any of us, and the officer could be someone that you have had a run in with, or an ex spouse, or grumpy neighbour…….who’s to know!). Before you even consider for a millisecond rolling out something so powerfull, first charge all the public servants who turned a blind eye to the horrendous crimes described in the abuse in care inquiry, with being an accessory. And then ditch the IPCA and bring in a proper police internal affairs division like the US, instead of the claytons system here. It’s an obvious farce, but as a very wise orange haired guy once said… is what it is!

    • well the DDR as well as the stasi had, employment, free education, free health care, ecellent free sports facilities sense of community care for oldsters and FDJ child sized petrol powered me a kid that wouldn’t be into that…so not 100percent bad.
      so to answer your question in some respects if NZ was more like the DDR it’d be no bad thing.

      orwell wrote about airstrip -UK one a part of the US empire – oceania so yup he’d recognise our world…his minitru and the ‘malleability of the past’ was based on his wartime propaganda work for the BBC

  8. I’m not scared of police except not being able to record an immediate encounter with the holders of the monopoly of force in a democracy.

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