The brilliance of Chippy’s & Kiri’s Surgical Precision Gang Crackdown


This is smart, really smart…

Government plans to expand search warrants in crackdown on gang violence

…I was genuinely curious as to what Chippy and Kiri would do. Both are exceptionally smart and have a full grasp of the issues.

Politically this is smart, tactically this is smart, civil liberties wise this is smart.

What the Ministers are signalling very directly is to the gang fraternity themselves.

The changes in search warrants means that on the street, the Police don’t need to specifically have your name and suspicion that you have a gun to search you, they just need to suspect you are in a gang, this makes huge tactical changes on the ground in dealing with gang violence.

The new charge of drive by shootings to 5 years also sends a direct message to Gang members that their tricks of saying ‘it wasn’t me’ and the lack of a specific crime to use are all over and Police have very clear tools to use here.

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On top of that, the ability to detain cash and vehicles makes life very tough for gang members.

This is a very surgical strike with powers and laws that are specifically aimed at the tit for tat gang violence.

It is enough to dampen down the current violence and alongside a new deal for the 501s to curtail more professional criminals coming to NZ and going straight into the gang war melee, so these are great steps and is a reminder of why Chippy is so bloody good.

Medium to long term however, we still have intense problems that theses laws simply won’t curtail.

The meth trade is a half billion dollar a year industry.

The domestic gangs have alpha gangs like King Cobras and Headhunters bringing in Triad sourced Meth through the airports and ports. They then pass the meth along to biker gangs like the Tribesman to deliver around to regional gangs like Black Power and Mongrel Mob to then sell.

That’s the current market dynamic.

The unpatched 501 syndicates however are sourcing their meth from South American Cartels  and are fighting turf wars with the KCs and Heads to try and gain Airport and Port access. They haven’t had as much success as they had hoped there and have turned to manipulating the KillerBees into a war with the Tribesman in an attempt to gain a delivery mechanism for importing Meth smuggled across the border. Patched 501s like the Mongols and Comancheros are attempting to become the new delivery supply lines for the unpatched syndicates.

This is what the gang war is over, Triad sourced meth or South American sourced Meth.

The fundamental challenge for Chippy with the exploding gang war is an in internal turf war inside Police over intelligence.

Currently the GCSB and SIS are intercepting communications between the 501s and their South American Cartel meth suppliers.

The NSA very much want any intel on the Cartels, so NZ is sending its intel up the chain of command, it’s not being sent down to local cops here to use against the 501s.

The current drift net approach by Police who have used 750 warrantless searches against the gangs over the last couple of months is a fishing expedition because Police have zero intel on who they should be pressuring.

Hipkins knows well the internal turf wars of various Bureaucracies and I think we will see the GCSB and SIS forced to share their intel with the Police Intelligence and Organised Crime units which in tern will give them far better tools to deal to the gangs.

Chippy and Kiri response is a Surgical Precision Gang Crackdown that makes life truly difficult on the street and should dampen down the recent violence, but the problems are vastly deeper and ensuring South American Cartels don’t see NZ as a legitimate target is all that matters.

What we need is a Serious Financial Crime Unit akin to the SFO who have enormous powers to investigate the financial structures Organised crime use. The 501s have to move a lot of money offshore each month, that’s their weakness.

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  1. Meh. We’ll see. Gangs are already 2 steps in front of Police. Watch for more youth ‘mules’ to be used. Also this has to be enforced by our notoriously liberal court system.

  2. If the police just need to “suspect you are in a gang” then they can search anyone wearing a patch. Makes sense not to bother banning patches then I would think. Of course it may also make members considering not actually wearing one.

  3. The laws just announced are not unhelpful but it’s pure theatre. There is insufficient police to deal with gangs and worse, insufficient will by police to do their job. And let’s not forget, gun toting gang members who refuse to stop for police are home free, mostly, once in their stolen cars! That is absolutely on police leadership.

    On one hand I feel for Chippy trying to fix this mess but like a vicious cycle, it’s this government who have overreached into law enforcement with our PM’s kindness to crime model, so it’s a self created mess too.

    The changes must run a lot deeper in the police itself to change anything so they actually enforce all the laws that can bring pressure to bear upon criminals and that starts right at the top!

    Good politics though!

    • So what is this overreach XRAY? People keep making statements about wokeness in the police but what is it actually based on? Is it because Coster waited until he had the upper hand to move on the protesters in Wellington? Is it because a gunship didn’t strafe the protesters on like day two? Or is because Coster seems to actually speak in full sentences rather sounding like an ode to Jim Knox? Please don’t tell me it’s because there are no more high speed car chases. As for gangs supposedly acting with impunity I am afraid that’s actually happened before from time to time.

      • Coster pulled the troops out, remember, and let what was already a problem turn into an unmitigated clusterfuck, to “de-escalate”, which only emboldened the occupier’s. Remember his timid empty threats to tow cars, or else? It was embarrassing.

        It took one of his deputies to sort the ensuing mess out, with a huge amount of force and disruption to policing all around the country!

        Coster speaks in riddles and wokeness plus indecision sums up the current administration perfectly!

        • So just because he didn’t go full red squad baton charge early he is too woke? There is also a very good chance if he had gone ‘full noise’ early that he would have inflamed the situation further and attracted more that were just looking for a fight. Weren’t we being told early that many protesters were just ordinary kiwis standing up for democracy? So you are saying we should have just kicked the shit out of those people without establishing who was who? Basically he was on a hiding to nothing

          • Wheel, I’ve never seen a use of force like that to end that thing that festered so long but it reached that point because of the police response or lack thereof early on plus their failure to prepare for it.

            The anger at the mandates plus crazy feral fringe mixed in was always going to go bad. They saw in Auckland how the police did nothing at protests and that was like a licence to print money for the hard core in front of the law makers in Wellington!

            Wishin’ it away and hoping for the best strategy meant it became the debacle it was.

            But no, you don’t have to NATO, not if they prepared for what was likely to happen but you also don’t make hollow threats either.

        • Xray we live in a democracy with a right to protest even if we don’t agree. If the police had gone in full bore can you imagine the response.

          • Yes we do live in a democracy. We didn’t with the previous administration, the selling of our power cos when a democratic referendum voted against it. That is a dictatorship. Xray is on the wrong side of what a poor administration looks like, however which way he/she spin it. The dislike is in all Xray’s posts so you won’t get balance.

          • Don’t disagree at all, but patting Coster on the back for the sub optimum police response in Wellington fir weeks on end is ridiculous!

  4. Lol it was all bad and gang crackdowns wouldn’t help when the opposition suggested it!
    6 months later it’s pure genius.

  5. “The changes in search warrants means that on the street, the Police don’t need to specifically have your name and suspicion that you have a gun to search you, they just need to suspect you are in a gang, this makes huge tactical changes on the ground in dealing with gang violence.”

    So the police won’t need anything in order to stop anyone for a bit of a search? Is that like stop n search that worked to super duper well in the US of A? And surely the Police would never abuse such powers to stop people and search them on a whim or a sniff, or a whiff?
    And surely, no hardened criminal would ever not immediately comply with such an order?

    Good optics, and for the left a nice and much needed “look we are doing something moment” in all that ‘our health care is falling apart’ and ‘daytime robberies are kiwi as fushnchups’.
    However it will not change anything as the problems that led us to the current state of affairs are not going to be fixed. But the Police can now openly demand people stop and search them, on a whim, a sniff and a whiff.
    Feel safer yet?

    • Exactly right RB!
      Of course we we could never envision a circumstance where cops abuse their new powers. Honestly! LOL

      Warrantless searches?
      On just the suspicion you “might” be in a gang?
      Please someone define what a gang is. I’m a member of a motorbike club; does that count?

  6. Until a Labour Cabinet Minister gets caught up in a gang related event, ie. shooting, then it will be just talk.

  7. While I’m no giant-brain politician on the $ix figure$ plu$ entitlement$ that you and I, by law, must pay, can I suggest decriminalising ALL recreational drugs and tax the living fuck out of all those wonderful, beautiful, clever, brilliant, useful, necessary, vital, bludging, useless as fuck Kiwi-As multi millionaires and billionaires to pay the very same desperadoes they’re gagging to torture a basic living wage instead? Basically, the highly profitable for the 1% cycle of poverty and hardship has to be erased, then we, as tax payers remember, must manage the now terminally damaged until they get old and die of natural, or unnatural causes
    Surgical gang crack-down my hairy arse.
    Prior to gangs we had a comfortable egalitarian society where living might not have been palatial but it isn”t the nightmare it now is in post Roger the Rat douglas the pig fucker and all round narcissistic sociopath’s New World Order, money-pervert, greed-fest.
    Mark my words. In ten years time nothing will have changed, unless you see the gangs being picked off from the roof tops, there being more millionaires and billionaires made up of mostly conservative, right wing, God bothering Americans as change.

  8. While some of these powers may be justified, you can guarantee this car seizure power will be misused.

    With the corrupt relationships between our cops and their designated tow shops, the responsible senior cops and towies are going to be salivating at the prospect of $300 for a tow and a 28 days storage fee at $40 a day for anyone accused of getting a wheel going turning left in an intersection with poor visibility to the right.

  9. I won’t be some blind faith moron who pans everything just because your team didn’t come up with the idea. This is very good stuff from those two govt ministers. These are good ideas. They may well work! Now Kiri only needs to deal to those ‘soft sentence’ judges that make a mockery of the justice system. Cops need real rewards for putting away the crims ie. they need to stop walking out after 5 minutes. Imagine that!

  10. The last paragraph “What we need is a Serious Financial Crime Unit akin to the SFO who have enormous powers to investigate the financial structures Organised crime use. The 501s have to move a lot of money offshore each month, that’s their weakness.” identifies the real weapon that is needed.
    Some years ago there was a TV doco in which a Detective said that due to the large amounts of cash involved it must be moved around the world through company bank accounts, and this was the only way to identify and catch the big fish involved.

  11. A short time ago the then Police minister said there was no gang problem, just like there is no crisis in our medical system.
    On National radio this morning the police union boss said he was delighted that finally police are being listened to which was a real dig at minister Poto Williams their previous boss.

  12. Hipkins should don his superhero costume and deport these thugs with big man syndrome back to their country of origin. As for the American government, if they can imprison citizens for years for possessing a joint then they can send the president’s son to prison for possession of coke. His old man said those caught with a fingernail sized amount of class A drugs should be removed from society and be imprisoned for five years. There is video evidence now circulating of the president’s son in possession of at least twenty grams of cocaine so this equates to between 25 and a hundred years in jail in Biden currency. And of course American big tech must have known about this illegality because it was on their servers. So American intelligence services and the government must also have known the details about this massive hypocrisy and cover up, as well as the details on the laptop. And big media also knew about this but they didn’t run the story, in fact they collaborated with big tech to censor the story, calling the Hunter Biden drug story ‘Russian disinformation’ (Ardern’s go to). And for the president’s son to then be on an energy board in Ukraine with his father as puppet master? The whole system is a corrupt shit show and the American administration is a joke. Their war on drugs is a joke, their war in Ukraine is a joke, their war on some fantasy virus is a joke. And the government’s around the world including New Zealand who sit and roll over at their commands are the biggest fucking joke of all.

  13. funny how rightards are always running the ‘hang em high’ line but when measures are taken(no matter how ineffectual) they suddenly become champions of civil liberties…..juz sayin loike.

    • Noone should trust any measures taken by any neoliberal government, whether the national or labour cheeks of the ass.

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