Bankers to the Mob


The City of London and London are not the same thing. Essentially, there are two Londons: Greater London and the City of London, otherwise known as “the City” or the Square Mile. Technically the Queen has to apply for permission to enter “the City.” 

As the British Empire declined, the city of London, once the Empire’s beating heart, secretly and covertly reinvented itself.  From once being the hub from which the machinery of Empire operated, “The City” has, in recent years, transformed its finance and banking services, to now make Britain and its dependencies into the world’s largest tax haven.

Established in remote and formerly insignificant outposts of empire, “the City” operates a spider’s web of offshore secrecy jurisdictions set up to capture secret and stolen wealth from across the globe and funnel it back to “the City.” 

Serving above all the interests of “the one percent” and with callous disregard for the harm done to the people and countries dispossessed, it is now estimated that up to half of all illicit “offshore” wealth may be held in British tax havens 

Financial services is how Britain’s elite generate their wealth and it is also where former British government ministers, senior civil servants and retired spooks from MI5 and Mi6 receive lucrative consulting positions when they hang up their umbrellas.

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And, as exposed in this YouTube documentary, “The Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire,” it’s amazing to see the lengths “the City” is prepared to go to to disguise its activities. 


  1. Another telling indictment on the fantasy of our ‘way of life’…that critical states are supposedly jealous..of.

  2. The U$K establishment is totally corrupt:
    1. The cruel obscenity of Assange’s persecution and the rotten court system that cannot give him justice.
    2. War criminal U$ toady Tony Bliar awarded a royal honour of Knight of the Garter.
    2a The royalty system itself.
    3. The criminal destruction of Libya along with U$ imperialism’s tool NATO.
    4. The lies justifying the Iraq invasion.
    In fact the ” West ” dominated by finance capitalism as in NZ is corrupt and in terminal decline.
    5. NZ we can’t even build state houses to home our own people. We can’t even level a CGT. We have impotent governments lead by the nose by outside interests who do not care for their own people.

  3. “The decline of the West is not necessary or historically inevitable. It is the result of choosing policies dictated by its rentier interests. … The threat posed to society by rentier interests is the great challenge of every nation today: whether its government can restrict the dynamics of finance capitalism and prevent an oligarchy from dominating the state and enriching itself by imposing austerity on labor and industry. So far, the West has not risen to this challenge.” “There are essentially two types of society: mixed economies with public checks and balances, and oligarchies that dismantle and privatize the state, taking over its monetary and credit system, the land and basic infrastructure to enrich themselves but choking the economy, not helping it grow.”

  4. Can I say @ Malcolm Evans I have a huge man-crush on you son. Nothing biblical, it’s just that I think you’re fucking awesome.
    Russell Brand’s youtube channel is bloody good too. I’ve bought a subscription to follow his pod casts on Luminary which are equally brilliant. ( It should be written that I don’t mind paying to listen to Luminary because I don’t have to feed my money into one of the four foreign owned banksters who already steal more than six billion dollars out of our economy, unlike some blog sites I could name.
    One of the good ones is where he interviews one of the writers of the film ‘Don’t Look Up.’
    David Sirota.
    This is the youtube intro to that particular Luminary podcast.
    Keep at it @ ME. Illegitimi non carborundum mate.

  5. I worked in an office in the City of London a block from Smithfield meat market.
    I was not aware I was in the company of international criminals.

  6. yup the union flag is bloodstained, find me one that isn’t..they’ll do anything and I do mean ANYTHING for money and always have

  7. That was a very interesting documentary and, not surprisingly, the politicians involvement.

    Got me thinking about some of the challenges in NZ, the licence to print money that our supermarket and liquor industries are. And our so called guardian from being rorted and or damaged by both, Minister, David Clark. He talks like he cares, well kind of, but his walk is entirely that of a man whose sole purpose in life is to ensure the preservation of the status quo.

    Same with equally useless Megan Woods and housing. Perfect in fact!

    And an easy argument of the same could be made at our present and past health ministers, Little and Clark. Both have or are ensuring consultancies are making a killing whilst the public health service is run into the ground, in essence paving the way for a privatised health system.

    Guess who wins in all of those examples?

    I mean surely, such a collection of sheer incompetency and idiots such as those people does not exist for real?

    This is a coloured version of the premier Brit financial cartoons from the City – Alex (Alex Masterley, trader)
    There are buttons to push that will give you other strips which are all very educational about keeping your pecker up in the City where changes and downturns are always able to be turned to one’s advantage.

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