Jacinda goes all in against China at NATO


Ummmmmm – that escalated quickly…

Jacinda Ardern makes nuclear plea to Nato, issues warning about China’s assertiveness

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ended her visit to the Nato summit in Madrid warning that the unstable international environment was not limited to Europe – she called out China for its recent challenging of international norms and Russia for its information warfare in the Pacific.

“The shift in environment we are currently seeing is not limited to one region.

“In our neighbourhood, we see the mounting pressure on the international rules-based order. We see attempts to disrupt and destabilise – even New Zealand is targeted by Russian mis- and dis-information,” Ardern said.

She added that “China has in recent times also become more assertive and more willing to challenge international rules and norms”.

…don’t get me wrong, I agree with every word from the PM, but this is the most aggressive posturing against China that we’ve ever publicly annunciated and doing it at NATO will have enraged the Chinese.

We are over in Europe desperately making the case that if NZ is to decouple from China economically, we will need access to Western markets because currently China has total dominance over our trade.

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In our desperation to make that point, we are calling China out internationally and my guess is that there will be a price to pay for that.

We are on the verge of a steep economic recession, watch for China to pounce at our weakest to slash trade and push that economic recession into a depression.

We are part of the great game now.

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  1. Just wait until their navy is in the harbour and you realise that your kid’s future is FUBAR, mate. The scorpion is a fucking scorpion.

        • No, I feel the same way about the victims in Nanking as I do about the tens of millions of victims of American aggression. And as an actually moral person, I’m also well aware that your American buddies directly recruited the same Japanese war criminals responsible for such crimes when they were setting up their occupational governments in Southern Korea and Taiwan province.

  2. I expect lots of TDB commentators to ask the rhetorical question: “whatever happened to Helen Clarke’s independent foreign policy?”

    Helen Clarke ruled in a far more benign geopolitical environment, with the USA guaranteeing freedom of the seas and a peaceful Asia-Pacific region.

    An ‘independent foreign policy’ is only affordable for NZ in a generally peaceful and stable world.
    Which we are leaving for a far more unstable one.

    • Lol what ‘freedom of the seas’ concerns do you have? Is China going to stop us shipping logs and milk powder to China?

        • Literally the last thing any patriotic New Zealander wants. It’s bad enough that there have been several ship visits by the American filth over the past decade.

          • John…I don’t think you understand…..As I have mentioned before….Australia and New Zealand are protected by USA at their pleasure…..without their protection another power would move in and take our resources…..They could be here in hours , days , weeks….we have no way to protect ourselves and are 100% relying on other countries to do that…Namely USA…China or Russia would just see us as a resource grab….the existing people here are of no value to them apart from slave labour…..Do you speak Russian or Chinese and like hard labour John….You may not like the yanks John and I understand, but it could be worse..

          • This patriotic NZer would much prefer Aussie or even US warships in our harbours to Chinese ones – at least the former would only be visiting.

            • tedheath you are bloody hopeless. Who the hell is Ivan this time? Nobody knows. The way this website works, you have to name the person you are replying to.
              But that would spoil your childish game, wouldn’t it?

    • “Helen Clarke ruled in a far more benign geopolitical environment, with the USA guaranteeing freedom of the seas and a peaceful Asia-Pacific region”

      Helen Clarke signed the FTA with China. Key ramped it up . Canterbury’s physical environment has been trashed by far too many shitbags on legs as a result. Our academic institutions have become worthless rubber stamps for fee paying Asians and we have been fucked ever since. Tiger Mountain is right . As usual.

  3. Regardless of China, or sucking up to US Imperialism via NATO, this country needs a strategic shift from industrial level dairying to more self sufficiency–diversification of farming, restoring manufacturing capacity, a basic pharmaceutical capacity, retiring Rogernomics and the monetarist state in favour of public ownership and control of the people’s assets.

    The only positive from the PMs utterances for me was her comment on non proliferation of Nukes.

    • Agree Tiger Mountain on the industrial dairying. That’s not an anti farmer stance, it’s just a fact. The Canterbury plains are absolutely f*cked because there is simply not enough water to break down the by products of this approach. Everyone talks about the top line export number without calculating the true cost. Surely agriculture does not need to be milk powder and nothing else. They should be helping dairy farmers transition to other land uses.

      • Restoring manufacturing capacity of what? The manufactured goods of today are far more sophisticated than the days before Rogernomics. Hard to do PYE televisions or assemble CKD Austin Minis anymore like in the old days. Maybe we can manufacture our own trinkets, but that takes capital and a willingness to do so – which may be lacking when the same trinkets can be imported for a cheaper price….

        • Yep that was the problem with deregulation, everyone wanted cheap, what they forgot about was lost industry and a lost workforce. Now look at the state of things, unqualified labour is employed where?

        • You have such limited imagination Thomas and your yes men. Where will our economy be, what sorrt of things will be available to us in a few decades or sooner. The world is changing every day and dumb arses that human men are who want to build rubbishy things with faults, or anything for profit. And women when they get power tend to go off the trend line in odd directions. Ethelread the Unready rides again in this tiny nation with overinflated ideas. Learn to start weaving again kiddoes. It used to be a male occupation. The modern world is training us to become helpless skillless at anything practical except gardening. And then it has tried to develop terminator seeds!

        • 100% Thomas.
          However we already have viable industries, but we don’t manage them at all well:
          Dairying: we mostly export the lowest value added dairy product. Milk powder. The result is that our dollar revenue per kg of milk fat solid is less than one sixth of our international competitors.
          Timber: We grow the cheapest, nastiest wood that is also invasive in this country. We should have more species diversity and slowly work our way up the value chain. Oak, spruce, cedar etc all grow here and would increase the dollar value of our forests tenfold over time.
          Kiwi thinking is myopic and short term, I think because the incentives aren’t there to do anything else.

          • The biggest problem Andrew is by further processing in NZ results in lower margins due in the main to our higher wage costs.
            I’m not arguing for lower wages in NZ I’m just pointing it out.
            Technology is one answer.
            I fully agree with your sentiments but the solution is not simple.

              • Bert if the logging industry could add value by further processing they would.They have a much higher degree of finance,economics and business acumen than you.
                I’m not pushing for lower wages but rather explaining simple arithmetic.

                • Just acknowledging that when you follow the neoliberal model of a low wage economy of the right, then you wonder why hordes leave our shores for better wages.
                  Thankfully those with a higher degree in economics, finance, business acumen and basic arithmetic than you are coming through secondary school to make a difference for a better future.
                  You continue to embarrass yourself but I guess if you can’t help it, then it is what it is.

                • Simple arithmetic…you even struggle with that.due in the main to our higher wage costs.

                  “due in the main to our higher wage costs.”

              • Further your little addition fully supports my argument we are not talking about exporting logs to Australia but to China and not even you can convince anyone wages in China are higher than in NZ.

      • Yep, it is significantly about the input of nitrogen and other substances and the resulting output via animal excretion and run off into waterways. And raiding aquifers!

        I know a guy in Northland who had a five truck “Fert” operation for many years, it turned over $5mill pa (not profit) and kept the family going well. But his son who has taken over the business has admitted to me that Balance and other companies are now offering lower nitrogen alternative products.

        These people remain in denial when it comes to environmental concerns.

      • Fantail – on this dumb website you never know how far down the track your comment will appear. So you have to state the name of the person you are agreeing with.
        I don’t think anybody knows who you are agreeing with at this point.
        I have just tried to make the same point to that tedheath guy.

  4. The question does need to be asked ..Why should China continue to trade with a pipsqueak who has just declared China to be an enemy.Of course they will respond , and we will be the poorer for it.
    Ever heard the saying “Nato exists to manage the risks created by its existence “, and here we are ,deepening the ties Key got us into in the first place.Perhaps we are now in a more unstable environment because the US is losing its hegemony and is desperately clinging on while dragging everyone else down with it.
    I am really interested in what these common values we share with the likes of Aus with its treatment of aboriginals, 501s, and refugees,US with its terrible human rights record, wars,kill lists, attacks on journalism re Assange,UK ..Chagos islanders , Rwanda, Israel say no more.

    • Tonight Francesca’s rabid and biased anti-West diabdrib was bought to you by Russia & China – Where everyone gets a concentration camp.

      • NATO are up to their necks with Nazi pedigrees , linage and history ,,,, ‘Blowback’: US Recruitment of Nazis https://youtu.be/XiFgrXnSH4g?list=LL

        Thats why white James Brown shirt ,,, loves them so. .. actually this is how James brain works 😉 ,,, like Nicolle Wallaces … https://youtu.be/KiflpK01mJU
        If our ‘Blair face Liar’ PM was a male ,,, her ‘big ‘hard-on for NATO’ would be a appropriate phrase ….
        but to avoid being sexist and call her something which rhymes with Low ,,, I just call her as a NATO Fink.

        All of the NATO countries and ‘Partners’ ,,,, Need better Govts ,,,, who stop wasting our needed money on this Weapons trash.

        At this point in time NZ would rather run with big tits Boris ,,, While left wing blogs like The Corbyn smearing ‘Neo-standard’ ,,, have ‘left-wing authors’ calling Jeremy Corbyn ‘”a flake”.

        If Corbyn had been elected PM ,,, which his Blarites Lino wing sabotaged ,,,, then the Ukraine war would have ended instead of escalating ,,,, https://youtu.be/YXfoKJEqRPs?t=342

        • Hiding behind a new pseudonym ‘reason’?

          To be honest lame keyboard warriors hiding behind stupid pseudonym’s accusing others of being neo Nazi’s when they are not even close is just flat out pathetic.

          My real name is literally James Brown and I am a New Zealander living in Auckland – are you willing to share the same information about yourself you spineless loser?

    • Jacinda shares a hell of a lot of values with Australia and America. I was amused to read today that the Morrison regime in Aus spent more than 6 million AUD prosecuting whistleblowers who exposed Australian crimes like spying on the East Timorese government to rip off their oil and gas reserves (a crime the Clark government assisted in), or Australian war crimes in Afghanistan (which again, we helped them in).

      Of course, Albanese won’t be dropping any of those charges, and Ardern, she of the ‘most transparent government in history’ certainly won’t be bringing them up with him.

      • Funnily enough the only countries in the world who have created a fuss over the Uighurs are those very same countries that have bombed the shit out of muslim countries in recent decades. The Muslim world gets on fine with China.

        • Mark,

          “The Muslim world gets on fine with China”

          Clearly you have a well developed sense of dark humour and irony.

          Perhaps Adolf also thought at some point his party got on fine with Jews.

  5. Would any of the nations represented there have their ear pieces switched on when our important PM asks for less nuks. Doubt it.

  6. The EU, USA and UK are all bullies and in my view their trade practices wreak of protect my patch by all means. The above countries talk a lot about working together, sustainability, diversifying etc but talk is cheap when it is not matched by ones actions. Our PM literally had to go over there and kiss some arse sad but true.
    The pandemic has shown us we need to restore some of manufacturing and pharmaceutical capabilities and the sooner the better.

  7. “even New Zealand is targeted by Russian mis- and dis-information”
    Odd. One would have thought this stupid American prostitute could name even one example of this, but of course not…

    • Calling a woman a prostitute because she has a different opinion than you and saying saying above you supported Japans actions in WW2.

      What a class act you are, you must have lots and lots of friends.

      One week Arden’s a puppet of china who won’t condemn china along with our traditional allies and is selling NZ’s soul for milk powder, and how dare this Chinese puppet not intervene in an extradition to China.

      The next week she’s a “prostitute of America” and a western puppet “kissing Europe and America’s arse” for criticizing China and for criticizing nuclear weapons

      She’s destroying our relationship with china by banning foreign ownership of homes. She’s destroying our relationship with the west by not cutting all ties with China. Lmao

      Ay it’s hard to keep up, what will she be next week a puppet of martian invaders or a lizard person lmao.

      You guys are sad angry people.

      • Corey, “John White” appears to be a Chinese bot account sowing hatred. I think the surname is a clue.
        I’ve confronted him/it over false accusations and given him/it a chance to withdraw but get complete silence. If it’s a real account the person has no credibility and probably should be on a watchlist with the hate they spout.

        • Yeah had been wondering if ‘John White’ was Chinese – his / her anti-US rhetoric is so overboard it is North Koreanesque . .

          • James – I am inclined to be cynical about everyone, including the USA.
            But I am also inclined to agree that rhetoric has been going crazier lately.
            Are they robots, or are there more young people angry at their disillusionment?
            Not good either way.

      • Misogyny is alive and well in NZ and around the world.

        We have the far right wanting to take over woman’s wombs with abortion in the US and the woke wanting to take over woman’s wombs and language with transgender in NZ.

        Pretty sure, a lot of this misogyny is well funded by misogynist billionaires – both Western, Asian, Middle Eastern and Russian.

        Big social media campaign to subjugate woman and post it over social media!

      • @Corey watch out for John White’s screen play (co)V-19 where Morena Baccarin reprises her role as role as alien queen “Ardernna”. A straight to cut-price DVD feature.

      • Nonsense. When have I ever opposed destroying relationships with the American empire, which murdered more than a million human beings in Iraq alone? I would cheer Jacinda if she did that.

    • Ardern repeated the utterly false claim that Wellington protesters threw human excrement at the New Zealand Police. She has never apologised for this gross and inexcusable lie which brought New Zealanders into international disrepute.
      I am not aware of any misinformation coming from Russia, but Ardern herself has been responsible for a vast amount of misinformation in this country.

  8. “the international rules-based order”

    Ah I know that order, it’s the one where the USA and their cronies can undermine any country they wish, fund & stage coups, even invade them and occupy them…and face no consequences

    But hell awaits any state that is not one of the “good goys” who tries to do the same

    ah yes the international rules-based order. Just another piece of Orwellian double speak

        • @John White how very zero-sum and self righteous of you.

          By your logic presumably you support Uyghur genocide, ethno nationalism, forced sterilisation, female infanticide, a social credit system, techno-feudalism and ideologically driven policies that have killed tens of millions (by the CCP’s own estimates).

          Of course I don’t think you believe that, but it’s good to know that you indulge in simplistic knee jerk pontification.

          You’ll note I said “Xi’s CCP”, if China had continued to follow the path of Deng Xiaoping towards a model more like Singapore, inspired by the likes Lee Kuan Yew, THEN i would be better disposed towards the Chinese model than the current US neoliberal corporatocracy. Sadly Xi has reversed much of Deng’s reforms and appears headed towards Cultural Revolution 2.0.

          I’m simply expressing my preference between two unappealing options.
          Try to resist being a dick.

          • The claims of genocide etc are just hogwash.

            But putting that to one side, has China ever demanded New Zealand adopt its social system? Of course not. And it never will.

            So its not a choice between the US and Chinese political systems. All to their own!

            Its about which side is more likely to invade sovereign countries and murder innocent people in the millions. Then its an easy choice. China is vastly preferable to the US.

            • “The claims of genocide etc are just hogwash.”

              On the “etc”, CCP officials, state media and prominent Chinese academics have all written about the “excesses” of the Maoist era, even by their own estimates the death toll is in the tens of millions.

              But putting that to one side

              “has China ever demanded New Zealand adopt its social system? Of course not. And it never will.”

              I didn’t say they have or will so not sure what that has to do with the price of bananas. However fun fact HK had certain assurances about their own system post-1997 how’s that working out?

              “and murder innocent people in the millions.”
              Look at the estimates from Chinese officials and then assumed they are undercounted.

              “which side is more likely to invade sovereign countries”
              That’s true although I suspect the CCP have simply lacked the means and opportunity (see Taiwan). I’m not defending the US, one reductive observation is that the US has a talent for killing foreign nationals, China has a talent for killing it’s own people and in far greater numbers.

              “China is vastly preferable to the US.”
              Good luck with that. You have a right to your opinion in both NZ and the US. I wouldn’t have a right to mine in China. Also if I were a Chinese student studying in NZ I could expect intimidation and not so subtle threats against my family back home.

                • @Gagarin I hope that I’ve done more than that, albeit briefly.
                  Yes I’ve referenced Mao but also Xi and the current path of the CCP with a sample of today’s excesses and made a distinction between China under Xi and China under Deng. I’ve also acknowledged US excesses, two things can be true at the same time.

                  I’m happy to go into a lot more detail if you’d like?

            • Mark how is it preferable to be in bed with China when they try and control what is said here in Chinese language publications in this country, have some Nat MP spy, and just help themselves to parts of the Pacific.

      • Incredible you quote a neoconservative war monger like John Bolton.

        Who do YOU work for Tui? Are you are CIA asset?

        • @Mark obviously I was too subtle for you. XXX’s quote was critical of the US and I was agreeing with XXX by linking a video of Bolton saying basically the same thing while being a completely unhinged neocon.

          Who do you work for Mark? Presumably no where that requires big words and nuance.

    • The hypocrisy of NATO nations when it comes to adhering to “international rules based order” knows no bounds. Hopefully Jacinda also called out US, UK and France for (between them) invading Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and supporting the Saudi invasion of Yemen and the occupation of Palestine by Israel (via weapon sales and not imposing sanctions).

  9. At least the truth is being spoken.

    The new free trade agreement with the EU is a step in a better direction due to them being democratic governments and have higher standards of living and social welfare systems, that NZ can try to emulate.

    Sadly NZ has fallen down the ladder into a low, wage, economy with illiterate, homeless, population growing. Who cares about education in NZ? You don’t need an education to push a button in retail and fast food, and pick fruit for our overloads who don’t live here. (sarcasm)

    NZ immigration policy is to import in 1 doctor per 50,000 other low waged people who need a doctor, and call it a win but they still need 3 task forces, to wonder why our hospital waiting list is growing! They just can’t work it out!

  10. The Communists, with there free and open markets.
    And protectionism in the West. Its crazy times.
    The trade war and propaganda war has already started.

  11. The comments of Tiger Mountain and Francesca are spot on.
    Standing shoulder to shoulder with neocons such as Biden, Stoltenberg et al is cringeworthy and wrongheaded.

  12. At least we won’t have to import all that Warehouse crap from China, that ends up in landfill after a week….instead we can make our own higher quality stuff and create some local jobs. Will just mean paying the peeps at Head Office the min wage instead of the over inflated pay they are currently on.

    • sorry the days of chinese landfill are gone, true 20yrs ago but to day they’re following the japanese model of establishing ‘brands’ ask any vaper or owner of a chinese phone…sure still plenty of low quality..but who imports it without any quality controls…well that would be free market NZ business wouldn’t it

  13. I’ve yet to read a coherent rational argument that convinces me or even makes me suspect that China is credible security threat to any sovereign nation, with the sole exception of the disputed territory of Taiwan.

    • +1.
      We’re living through an era of violent control-clutching white fright as english speaking eliteists and their cronies adjust to the end of the US-fixed empire.
      The problem is, the only things they control are us, “the civilised West” and we are the ones feeling all the pain.

    • You have to define “security threat”. Given they manufacture a lot of the things we need (for security) as well as general consumption items, and threaten to withhold that, then it technically can pose a “threat” given that societal collapse would be a disaster.
      And if they do go to war with Taiwan, that is definitely going to be a global security threat given that all the world’s most advanced processors/CPUs/GPUs etc are manufactured by TSCM (including most mobile phone SoCs, military guidance, as well as general computing components which are required for modern manufacturing systems).

    • Totally agree!! China does not have a history of imperialistic aggression towards other countries- as opposed to the US, the greatest imperialist country in at least the last century. The US is effectively bankrupt and relies on the petro-dollar and, being the reserve currency for trade (equivalent to the old ‘Gold standard) to maintain their status and standard of living-a significant advantage over other countries. China is now the engine room for world consumer production and along with Russia, want to end the $US situation (and have been planning this for some time – remember BRICS). The US on the other hand, is preparing for the day they default on their debt to China, hence the current rallying of supporters and propaganda. The Chinese are using the Covid elimination strategy to strangle western economies with supply problems, causing inflation. The war in Ukraine will also cause significant wheat shortages and this coming norther winter, expect Europe to suffer gas shortages. Both China and Russia can do major damage to Western countries unless we start producing locally again and finally get rid of neoliberalism which was only ever about enriching the establishment- get rid of unions to drive down wages (and give maximum power to employers and causes employees to seek work in better paying countries) then use immigration to fill the void of the low paying (and poor conditions) jobs. Oh, and set up production in third world countries and above all-avoid tax!!

  14. Does anyone else smell a rat??

    One day, Ardern was all independent foreign policy, only pacific interests – we go our own way etc. And then there was a sudden pivot. Yes it happenned about the time of the Chinese lightning contract tour of the South Pacific but the dates dont completely correlate. (More akin to her US visit)

    Suddenly JA abandons her previous position and is singing from the West’s songsheet in droves. Its a 180 degree pivot and akin to a puppet show. I dont think its all golly gee, China is actually a threat and no-one told me before now.

    She has either found something out or been given her marching orders. I think that this is about her future career prospects and nothing in particular to do with NZ security. We are even getting the story put out there that the Russians were behind the parliament protests – does anyone believe that???? Sounds like – Standard Western propaganda to me.

    Dont get me wrong, for structural reasons alone, China has been and will probably always be a threat so we have to go with the best bully in the room. But Ardern’s pivot? I’m not buying it.

    • Great stuff Fantail.
      It’s about her future career at the expense of the rest of New Zealand.
      Think I’m going to be ill.

            • “trendy”, i had to get an urban dictionary from the 1980’s to understand what that even meant…

                  • Gosh Victorian era scholars?
                    Dickens, Thackeray, Hardy and the Brontë Sisters to mention a few are in danger of being canceled.
                    A real blow to literature.

                    • they havent been “cancelled”, or are indeed of being in threat of being cancelled bob. as you well know. apart from shakespeare, all of rhe other authors you offered up, are taught in university level literature classes. something nicolla willis would have studied, nor something that i, as a blue collared tradesman ever studied. but for everyone elses sake, if you have the urge to use slang, keep it to 21st century slang, it will stop a lot of confusion. and make your communications more easily understandable.

          • Trendy was accepted as an English word mid sixties and that was not the Victorian age.
            Suggest you brush up on both your history and literature knowledge.
            So Bert you are completely wrong.
            Suggest you refrain from commenting to save yourself further embarrassment.

            • Golly gosh. No not at all, you are an embarrassing troll and now the cancel king. I think if you take the time(hahaha that’ll never happen) you will see the amount of people posting here that think you are a complete fuckwit. However carry on, it gives everyone a massive laugh every time you troll. And I note you are starting to become darker in your posts. Can I suggest Lithium.

    • At Fantail, you make a good point I’m sure career prospects and ensuring a place with the big-boys-and-girls are a part of it. The 2023 elections are getting close.

      The “threat” of China has been long known, but it seems like western governments (and corporations) have only just decided a change of policy. Xi and the CCP have not changed direction in the last couple of years. If I was cynical I’d observe that dramatic wage increases mean China is no longer a source of cheap low value added labour. Added to that, rolling lockdowns are crippling supply chains. The Bretton-Woods model is also on it’s last legs economically after decades of falling political support. The geopolitical reshuffle towards whatever post-Bretton-Wood will be is gathering speed.

      The pivot-whiplash is impressive. Until about a year ago Australia was alone in the Anglosphere making waves about China. The pivot came shortly after John Cena’s grovelling apology on Weibo for calling Taiwan a “country” (May ’21). I’m not suggesting the two are related but the apology is a benchmark of how deferential the culture was at the time despite years of Wolf Warrior diplomacy. Suddenly the US pivoted and now everyone else has fallen in line.

      • I’d say 5 eyes have a whole lot more information on what the CCP is planning than we the public are fed and it’s triggered some reality checks.
        Certainly looks that way.
        It’s time to drop the no nukes virtue signal, allow nuclear ships here, spend up on missiles and anti ship and aircraft tech, enter a formal ANZUS alliance and do whatever asked of us to shelter under America’s nuclear umbrella.
        I think there is a lot of naivety in NZ over what lies ahead.

    • The PM has always been more traditional in where New Zealand stands than many here have thought. Yes, she is a progressive liberal, but she is so within the broad spectrum of the paradigm of the West. In short the PM has never espoused that New Zealand should not be of the West, rather she is a progressive within it.
      A bit like the PM’s of both Sweden and Finland. They are both of the left, but they both taken their countries into NATO. With the broad support of the people.
      It is the same here. Most people support New Zealand’s assistance to Ukraine.
      I would also note that New Zealand’s 20 year mission to Afghanistan was also done through NATO. So the close connection to NATO goes back decades, through both Labour and National led governments.

    • One has to only read the tea leaves to get a slight sense of all the shenanigans and Bovine byproducts we are being fed.
      Queen Jacinda is now officially in the loop, Stuff and Newshub are now joined in marriage to control the narrative. Wall street has had its biggest daily drop in 52 years and our masters have lost 1.75 Trillion in the first 6 months of this year.
      Global food shortages, collapsing supply chains, unrest in Europe and the rest of the world, rampant inflation etc, etc, etc.
      WW3 has already started, the only thing remaining is for all the players to set up their chess pieces and then well, game over.
      History tells us the same lesson again and again.

  15. Maybe the Dr PM could focus on building some houses for the 27,000 people living in motel rooms at a cost of $365m a year.
    Picking a fight with one of the worlds Super Powers is dumb.

    • You reckon she should invite the Chinese in to invest in houses for the 27,000 people living in motel rooms as opposed to “picking a fight” with them?

      • Don’t you know that under Xi China has clamped down on capital outflows like fuck, with people even been stopped at the border if they carry too much cash on them?

        • @Mark, Yes and that’s why you see massive over payment for foreign assets where acquisitions are permitted. It’s CCP officials offshoring money for their own nest egg when things go south.

          On a more trivial note why do you think there are pawn shops in Macau with brand new high-end tech, jewellery, luxury brands etc, there are multiple ways of getting money out.

          A real bastion of freedom and individual rights, but as you have indicated above a system you’d prefer to live under.

        • Too confusing for the anti-Chinese racists. Next you’ll be telling them that the ‘Social Credit System’ in China actually just means ‘convicted fraudsters find it difficult to set up new corporate entities to defraud people with’.

        • Probably depends who you know Mark and Xi has been president for almost a decade. Would have been nice if he had clamped down earlier.

    • Kāinga Ora, the government’s housing arm has demolished more houses in 2022, than it has built, according to data from the department.

      Information from the Government Housing Dashboard reveals 202 houses have been demolished since January, while just 193 have been built, a net loss of nine homes.

      Labour’s housing policies as “failed”, alleging it has spent more than $1 billion on emergency housing since it came to power.

      “Labour promised it would solve New Zealand’s housing crisis, Five years on, taxpayers have paid more than $1 billion in emergency housing special needs grants, mainly to motels, with thousands of people living in motels for months at a time.”

    • ” Jacinda Ardern is just another Globalist, Neoliberal Puppet Leader, paying homage to her Western Masters ”

      You got it ! I was going to add similar comments but you beat me to it.

      Well put KiwiAntz62.

  16. China has distinguished us as being somewhat smarter than Australia and it’s war mongering Peter Dutton. We have known which side our bread is buttered.
    For NZ it’s the dead rat we swallow and the price we pay for being so reliant on China.
    Make no mistakes China will punish us for these comments.
    We need to disengage and diversify fast.

  17. One the one hand people China allows free trade but on the other hand their sensitivity to criticism (domestic or international) is legendary. It’s a bit like their loans, rather than foreign aid, programme – being willing to lend, but claiming a pound of flesh for unpaid debt. We warn the Pacific about the latter while at risk of trade reprisals.

    Our FTA will limit impact, as will the realism China learnt when they went back to Oz coal. The Chines trade with us because they want minerals/timber/food – not as altrusim. Despite that diversification has always been our policy and leveraging the current geo-political crisis to get a FTA with the EU (and earlier the UK) makes sense.

    Hopefully the PM is working with the UK to get Biden to sort out judicial appointments at the WTO (the UK now outside the EU has every reason to want the WTO to recover from Trump’s attempt to destroy the organisation).

  18. Well the trade deal she signed is a start but it is insufficient to take this hard line against the Chinese and we will suffer for it.

    • SAC
      Just checking…did you write that rant on a laptop or device made in NZ? Or was it made in China? So yeah fuck China and let’s boycott the Warehouse and buy only NZ MADE technology and t-shirts for $139 for the kids….made in NZ of course. Hypocrites all of you. You all need China more than they will ever need any of us.

      • Spot on SK most who comment on this site don’t understand.
        Many are good at mangled word combinations that are meaningless yet it makes them feel good.

      • nope my laptop was made in taiwan, my phone was made in india, failed to make any points there pickled cabbage in a jar.

        • Brilliant retort, pickled cabbage in a jar and his generalisations that Bob thinks are spot on makes Bob sillier that cabbage.

        • I repaired a so called top quality Makita tool the other day, and noticed the plate on the back – Matika Corp, Japan…and then…Made in China. Are you 100% sure???? Check again!

          • checked them, indeed taiwan and india, cars are made in japan and australia, power tools were made in germany, pants were made in honduras, tshirt made in nz, work shirt also made in nz, boots were made in Oz. not everyone in nz shops at the fucking warehouse.

            i would like to think that you, an uber capitalist, would agree with what i am about to say. there are about 200 sovereign nations on this planet, yet all of our trade officials, ministers and top companies only want to trade with a few. get the big sales, get the big bucks. which is pure fucking laziness. i can imagine these fat, overpaid parasites, getting a sale to a singular country, then spending the next 18 months in their office fapping to milf porn on pornhub, instead of looking for new markets, you know, actually doing their fucking jobs.

            and you know what else is pure laziness? saying shit like, “well we need them more than they need us…”, try putting your big boy pants on, take your thumb out of your mouth, and stop acting like an impotent gnome and tell your local mp that our foreign trade policy is a fucking embarrassment. the fact that we trade with a nation that has 20% of the worlds container ships parked up doing nothing, going nowhere, exasperating world wide inflation, creating political dissent, all so they can fix their internal debt problem, is fucking shit.

            in construction the lay offs are starting, painters and plasterers now, and it won’t be too long before retail starts getting hit with redundancies. the chinese manage to make the bulk of whatever they produce turn to shit. ood that we cut down, send to them, so they can mill it, send it back to us is shit. it is never cured long enough or treated correctly. their gib is somehow too soft, i can’t remember the last time i have looked at a wall or a ceiling and marvelled at how, instead of looking flat, ripples like the ocean.

            and all you want to do is say, “we can’t do anything because china is our bestest trading partner and national will make it all better…”. gutless.

    • Yup literally how many of those commenting on this are Chinese and of those are they even here in NZ . . if you are Kiwi (and yes that includes Chinese New Zealanders) please feel free to voice your opinion but if you aren’t Kiwi maybe post your comments on one of your own blogs (ILoveConcentrationCamps.com)?

  19. In an otherwise helpful dialogue it’s still amazing how many so quickly turn to their “foreign ogre” default position, just as the MSM intended them to, when neither China or Russia has a history of international piracy anywhere near as foul as that of the great power we’re sucking up to. Fair-weather Christians indeed.

    • An atoll is an island that moves China’s territory? All the sea behind a certain is under China domestic water rules? Gives loans, not foreign aid to create the one belt and road?

      You also may not have noticed that Putin and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch operate like co-rulers of Russia as in the days of the Tsar. And his night wolves biker gang operate Orthodox Christian gang subsidiaries in the Balkans.

      The attack on Ukraine is to either depose its government (failed) or to create a nova Russia (Duginite) all the way to Moldova to seize a piece of that nations territory (also likely fail). So it will be all the Donbas annexation and an effort to maintain a link between Crimea and the Donbas. This will be a struggle – they may retain Mariupol but still fail.

    • You should get together with ‘John White’ Malcolm – you two would get on like a White House on fire.

  20. You have to love the hypocrisy of the right… ” she must hold China to account, but she won’t because she’s weak” and then ” why did she say that for, China are our friends “

  21. You have to love the hypocrisy of the right… ” she must hold China to account, but she won’t because she’s weak” and then ” why did she say that for, China are our friends “

  22. Lovely smile and photo op Jacinda on signing a crap trade deal with UK. 10,000 tons of beef and lamb, China could take that daily, and we buddy up to NATO who defecate all over us in trade.


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