3 Reasons why you can’t trust National on Abortion & what they will do if elected


National is so untrustworthy on Abortion, that a former National Minister has warned them…

Former National minister Amy Adams warns caucus over position on abortion

Former National minister Amy Adams has warned her former party’s caucus to acknowledge the strong feeling over abortion rights in New Zealand.

Adams told Morning Report any party who failed to treat reproductive rights as a health issue and stay clear of attempting to reform laws governing abortion rights would find themselves in a “very dangerous position politically”.

…this after God boy Simon Connor claimed he wasn’t gagged over removing his love heart draped post celebrating the State denying women autonomy over their bodies…

…and after God boy 2 Alfred Ngaro criticised Luxon for not going all in on abortion.

Here are the 3 reasons why you can’t trust National on Abortion:

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1 – National MPs believe in it:

The vast majority of Left MPs all BELIEVE in climate change, and the vast majority of National MPs BELIEVE in anti-abortion! 60% of their caucus voted AGAINST the abortion laws, and remember, that was a conscience vote! Only 30% of NZers are anti-abortion, that means the very tiny Christian pool National fish their candidates out of is totally at odds with the wider community win this.

2 – Politics stupid:

Here’s what no one seems to appreciate here. Luxon can say what he likes, but the naked politics of this will drive National strategists in the end. There is a solid 15% of the electorate who are God squad and whom will vote on Abortion as the only issue. In a highly polarised electorate, National being able to scoop up all that sub 5% Christian vote that normally gets wasted is going to be far too tempting to National strategists. Remember this?

The reason why Judy suddenly found God and had the media photograph her was because National strategists know there is a large God vote out there that normally votes fringe and gets wasted, the exact same dynamics will be at play now. The Anti-Abortion movement in NZ is ecstatic at this enormous Roe vs Wade win and they intend to push National hard to get some political wins in NZ. Pretending that National won’t look at those anti-abortion votes and flirt with them is just ridiculous.

3 – Christopher Luxon answers to God, not the Press Gallery:

Luxon is an evangelical prosperity Christian who believes he has his 7 properties because he has the blessings of Jesus. If his magical flying invisible wizard friend tells him to save the unborn babies, who do you think Luxon will listen to? His spiritual saviour Christ or the Press Gallery?

So what happens if National get elected with the help of all that Christian vote?

Luxon can hand on heart claim not to have changed the law, just amended it, and here are the National Party dirty tricks they attempted to ue se last time…

Make it harder to get approval for an Abortion.

Require those providing abortions to consider religious considerations to abortion.

Require those providing abortions to consider conservative Māori views on abortion.

Remove requirement that health practitioners who don’t want to support an abortion must tell the woman the details of another provider who will.

Making it illegal to not hire anti-abortion drs.

Making it illegal to terminate a pregnancy for genetic abnormalities. 

Force women to tell the State how many abortions they have. 

Banning abortion for under 16 year olds.

…note they don’t make abortion illegal, but they certainly make it a hell of a lot more difficult to get!

With ACT in the mix, Seymour could give the Christian Right the ability to protest directly outside Abortion clinics rather than across the road.

National certainly won’t make abortion illegal, but they sure as Christ can make it bloody harder to get!

These Right Wing Christian Judges lied through their teeth…

…why on earth are you going to risk a political unknown evangelical Christian who leads a Party willing to pass this shit as ‘amendments’ and pretend that’s not a risk?

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  1. Alternatively, NZ’s 5% or 15% God-squaders will vote for the parties least likely to introduce Gender-critical education theories into the primary schools, i.e. the parties most immune to the prompting of the Jan Logie element within the Green Party or the Wokest parts of the Labour Party.

    The God-squaders won’t need the Nats to have a strong anti-abortion policy to flock (pun intended) to Luxon. The Christians (and other religious conservatives) will have seen the TikTok and YouTube videos of trans-people teaching kids about gender and sexuality, and performing strip tease acts, in US schools. The conversion ban and the ‘convict more men’ rape bill will not be forgotten or forgiven.

    In short, Roe v Wade is not the only socially critical event the will affect the next NZ election.

    • I attend church regularly yet do not refer to myself as being part of a God squad or anything of the sort.

      My vote is based not on my religious beliefs but my political beliefs at any given time. It doesn’t matter what party is vying for my vote, or what politicians they have representing them. It is policy, pure and simple.

      For example, I voted for Helen Clark but not Jacinda Ardern. Would vote for Chris Luxon but I didn’t vote for Jenny Shipley. The difference is in their policy. Shipley was seen by many as hard right whereas Luxon appears to be representing a softer right platform.

      • oh, please, Dan.
        The guy went on record as saying that he had not been to church for a long time, deliberately spreading the impression that he was not very religious.
        Outright lie.
        He belongs to a fundamentalist group called ‘The Upper Room’ who do not use churches. They have meetings at informal venues like town halls, empty Gyms, etc. But no churches.
        So if he had wanted to be honest, Luxon would have said, “I have been to x religious meetings over the past year, but none of them were in churches.”

        Did he have the honesty to say that?

        Fat chance! Trust Luxon? Yeah, Right.

    • Ben. The number of former National politicians emerging like wood worms to issue statements, is a reasonable concern. It’s not just screwball failed priests who are piping up, but even at least one intelligent educated woman, Amy Adams, is warning the party to tread carefully. Dumb wee creeps like Ngaro who stays silent on big issues which could actually embarrass the government is apparently providing his tuppence worth too. This shouldn’t become a pre-election issue, but it may suit all sorts of people, including Labour, to make it one. We’re talking about politicians here, not normal people.

      • Well said Snow White – totally agree. The point about Simon O’Connor’s dreadful but typical social media post is not really about freedom of speech boringly espoused by some National Party types to deflect the real issue, rather it and he are illustrative of the depth of conservative religious fanaticism embedded within the National Party which seems to bow down and defer to the American far right religious influence in politics not only in that country but in New Zealand as well.

      • What about the Por-Life Labour males and non males? They get a pass, they are not people to be scared of?

      • Well, I think we’re talking about all politicians here and not simply Christopher Luxon. The fact of the matter is that it was Labour, not National, who rushed the new legislation through parliament under urgency amidst the global pandemic. Luxon and National haven’t even hinted at amending the law, let alone overturning it, so why are they being blamed for something that they have not done and have no intention of ever doing? It’s his religious beliefs, isn’t it? The New Zealand voting public need to wake up and smell the roses because Ardern is the one who is representing deception and lies (rushing the legislation through parliament with no good reason) and Christopher Luxon is representing the most sensible and astute major centre right party since John Key.

        Furthermore, if you look at John Key’s track record, he didn’t overturn any part of the social agenda that was enacted into law under Helen Clark and he, too, like Chris Luxon, claimed a religious faith.

    • comments like bens usually translate as ‘shit he’s making good points and hammering them home’…keep up the good work m

  2. and yet, despite knowing that the GOP pledged in the 1970 that they would remove Roe vs Wade it seems no one on the democratic side believed them. This could have been codified into law under Carter, Clinton, Obama and for the last year or so under Biden. But they did nothing and used it as a fear mongering tool to collect women votes and for fundraising. Maybe both GOP and DEM are both deeply cynical when it comes to women and their votes?
    Roe vs Wade was lost only in small part to the GOP – they did what they promised, Roe vs Wade was lost because the Democrats never made it a federal law. They left it a badly argued Constitutional right, never mind that breeders were property of the Husband/Father at the time of the writing of the Constitution.
    Will N try the same here? Could be. Maybe you should write a letter to L with three to ten tips on how to bulletproof our ‘rights’ here in NZ in ways that can not be undone as easily as it was in the US.
    Never mind, please rest assured that the left in the US dislikes breeders as much as to the right. Biden on the same day that Roe vs Wade was demolished signed an ED (executive decision) to dismantle Title IX.

    GOP / DEM two sides of the same coin. N / L two sides of the same coin. Neither one of them gives a shit about women, their physical, mental or financial wellbeing. But surely all parties will milk this – give us 15 bucks and votes for us in November (US Midterm Election), and we would all like to keep our nice cushy jobs.

  3. A woman has been nearly two weeks in Waikato hospital with a badly broken leg, in the Ear, Nose and Throat ward of all places not getting bedding or gown changes, the stench from unwashed patients nauseating. The bone now begun to callus and this poor woman is wondering what next! This is third world! She still has not had surgery!!!

    Woman with fractures waits 11 days for surgery in Waikato Hospital https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/checkpoint/audio/2018847513/woman-with-fractures-waits-11-days-for-surgery-in-waikato-hospital

    Our health system is now third world and this is yet another example of dozens of our health system victims that actually make the media! I guess she is lucky she hasn’t died like some!

    American abortion laws in some states are one thing, our health system, that is New Zealand, is broken, ruinously so and Labour are proving to be even more useless and even more incompetent with health than the subterranean standard they’ve set on all their other useless non achievements.

    Surely this is the biggest story, one of breath taking government incompetency than what Luxon thinks or doesn’t think on Roe vs Wade?

    • The state of the health system is a much more important story.

      Why do you think the Government’s supporters are making such a big deal out of something the Luxon might do, based on an issue in the US? It is a distraction from the more critical news story.

      • Should we support a party that wants to improve the health system or one that wants to underfund it to support tax cuts and eventually privatise it along the American model. Clueless.

        • Absolutely clueless, but they take no responsibility for this, 9 long years of under investment is Labours fault? Oh well I guess we should all be grateful for a $2 a week windfall. I guess Nationals leaky buildings( hospitals) is not a critical issue any more.

  4. Fear mongering nonsense. You keep trying to make an issue out of a non issue. He has ruled out changes to our abortion laws in any form.

    Get it yet?

    • but he has not formally stated his actual position…emulating the LINO in substituting vagaries for policy won’t wash on this issue.

    • So its only the left thats tells lies, not the god fearing right wing fundamentalists. All of a sudden we are supposed to believe what are affectionately known as politicians and their spin. Do none of you realize that New Zealand won’t be run by the National party if they (god forbid) ( excuse the pun ) become the government, it will be the backroom church of whatever and whoever Luxon belongs to, there will be absolutely no difference between church and state. Do we really know who Christopher Luxon is and what he REALLY stands for for instance is he going to do prime ministering on Sundays .

  5. Martyn and others need to understand that a parliamentary caucus is not a collective suicide pact, prepared to die in a ditch for a cause.

    Most MPs do not want to lose their seat and will not follow any Leader down a very unpopular path that means they will lose their seats. It will not happen.

    The Leader of the National Party always has that role because a majority of the caucus wants them to be leader. Leaders can and have been changed in under 48 hours.

  6. By the time Te Reo assumes the treasury benches this country will be in an absolute state of disaster. Watch for Grunter’s scorched earth budget in 2023.

    Tinkering with abortion law will be item 532 on the list.

  7. Abortion is on everyone’s radar at this moment but come election will those waiting for medical attention or the police or trying to rent or buy a home or getting their children educated or watching as their local water asset is stripped from their grasp be guided by how a politican reacts to how abortion is handled in the USA.

  8. G, K and B, from the anti-abortion stable, saying that they respect the law of the land, then when on SOCTUS with a case before them then change the law. Team Luxon we have no plan to change the law, but individually would vote their conscience should a bill be before the House.

    Only a short time ago 35 of little more than 50 National MP’s voted to keep abortion on the criminal law statue (against decriminalisation and into health legislation). Their caucus is not getting any more liberal without Kaye, Adams etc.

    Over 19 of the National MP’s who voted in 2020 stood for re-election later that year. And there will be a large intake of new National MP’s again in 2023. So its possible there might be more than 40 votes to recriminalise if there is a private members bill before the House. Which is reason for each and every candidate they put up to be asked the same question being put to Christopher Luxon.

  9. “3 Reasons why you can’t trust Labour on Housing/Child poverty & what they will do if elected”

    They will do nothing about those issues but will ram co-governance down our throats.

    Why not harp on about Labour’s *actual* broken promises? Because you know that Labour is toast, that’s why.


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