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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. How can one learn to engineer this – often:
    The most important thing in an argument, next to being right, is to leave an escape hatch for your opponent, so that he can gracefully swing over to your side without too much apparent loss of face.
    Sydney J. Harris

    American – Journalist September 14, 1917 – December 8, 1986

  2. Did everyone but me catch up with this from NZ Post. Sounds a good move on their part, happened in May and I will check it out soon. Let’s all get behind it as an idea for plastics of which I have plenty I am trying not to throw away. Anybody want some A4 size plastic bags, clean , neatly sliced at top, and wiped down after the delivery of my paper to my front yard?
    ‘Taking your Soft Plastics from Post to Post’

    We’ve partnered with the Packaging Forum and Future Post to make the recycling of your household soft plastics easy, with our pre-paid Soft Plastic Recycle Courier bags*.

    Buy a pre-paid Soft Plastic Recycle Courier bag, fill it with your clean soft plastics, book a courier for pick-up, and we’ll take care of the rest – helping to transform your plastics into long-life products like fence posts.

    Head into selected NZ Post stores, online, or through one of our retail partners: The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and select New World stores and to grab yours for NZ $7.
    The whole soft plastic journey is included in the price of your bag, right from booking a courier pick up, through to dropping off your plastics to Future Post.
    Click here for more details.

    The team at NZ Post
    *Soft Plastic Recycle Courier bags are available for a limited trial period between 22 April to 22 July 2022, or while stocks last.
    Why did you get this email?
    We’re sending this email to you because you previously created an account with NZ Post and we want to make sure you have the latest information about our sending services. If you’d rather not hear from us, you can opt out through the link at the bottom of this email.

  3. Alzheimers – if we could pop off when we had done the bookwork and had the living wake and the family had gathered then we would be doing ourselves, them and the medical services of public supply, a favour. But not to be as the NZ public haven’t learned much since the 1950s when we were all glad to be alive after WW2 and everything was going to get better and better.

    However this now sounds great:

  4. Another Auckland council official John Hutton dabbling in treaty advice unsolicited to an iwi still to settle their Treaty Settlement. Ngati Paoa.

    He’s advocating for the enemy of NP who created /invented the Maruruahu settlement.
    Ngati Paoa has never engaged Hutton for any advice but he feels he knows enough about the iwi even though he has never stepped onto their marae or held a Hui with them or has been employed by them.

    Another loose cannon exec in Auckland council overstepping the mark in iwi stuff!

    • “Another loose cannon exec……… ”
      maaaaaaate – they’re thick on the ground at the moment pumping piss and wind in order to try and remain relevant.
      I fear (for their sakes) they’re in for a bit of a shock in the not too distant.

    • Oh. He hasn’t done his ‘homework’ either.
      Which deed applies to his advocacy on behalf of the iwi trustee to that he is offering advice?

      They don’t have a legally binding signed deed!

      In other words. He’s talking to the arse! K. Leonie. No. 66 on the Labour parties list and Waitemata local board member who doesn’t even know this or has a clue about the treaty settlement(s) in play.

  5. New Zealand records largest ever bleaching of sea sponges

    Funny while international news covers this, NZ herald and Stuff and most other ‘news’ in NZ, have this article missing in action based on a google search. Only RNZ and Newshub come up on a google search as reporting this NZ environmental disaster.

    Even Taipai Times covers it, while NZ media does not.

    Part of NZ’s issue, is our news media is so intensely anti environmental and has stakeholders and advertisers on steroids who want NZ to become a low wage economy that destroys our environment with endless consumption.

  6. This is a true tale of how life is in NZ today.
    June 2022 :-
    People hadn’t got a solid job providing income for family with six children, went into candyfloss supply at events; tacking onto the tourism market which is a bottom-feeder in business sector’s honour boards.
    Managed to buy a house in Mangere for $378,000 in 2014, but the tourism and event sector is endangered so unreliable, house mortgage and other costs are up and unaffordable. Now they want to sell said house using bitcoin which with cryptocurrency is another bottom feeder for reliable standing.

    Probably this will involve a tax dodge of some sort, and inevitably will involve tax evasion and further shady dealings showing up on our financial escutcheon. (Not the one measured by poorstandards corpse et al.)

    May 2019 : The 16-year-old, architecturally designed family home in Unsworth Heights is currently on sale, with the vendors accepting $1,225,000 – or the equivalent in Bitcoin.
    Warning this link seems to have a sell-promotion feel about it with possibly a lot about bitcoin etc. (It is not wise to get involved with alternative currencies which might leave you out of the ballspark.)

    However these people are doing the best they can, finding that being in NZ is like being on the Titanic, with prophetic outcome already understood, and they are trying to find a lifeboat before the ship strikes the iceberg and goes down. It’s not a satisfactory story for us all from any point of view, and there are a number that come to mind. Coping with our present fiat currency requires care; alternative currencies have a John Key smell to them.

    PS – Who invented fiat currency? (from Google)
    Fiat money originated from China in the 10th century, mainly in the Yuan, Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties. In the Tang Dynasty (618-907), there was a high demand for metallic currency that exceeded the supply of precious metals. (China being smart again. Perhaps we can keep in touch with this smart big country, while another one outsmarts itself!)

  7. Why NZ cities are dying – lack of amenity including ability to grow food and enjoy nature, within cities.

    Detroit: 1st U.S. Urban Agrihood

    In Detroit the agrihood, feeds 2000 households for free on it’s 2 acres, has a fruit orchard with 200 fruit trees and has a sensory garden for kids.

    CAB instead of being sold off cheap without a competitive tender process from Auckland Council could have been used to create an agrihood for the community.

    ‘Auckland Council’s fire sale of the Civic Administration Building (CAB), 22 levels, (19 floors and 3 basement levels), 14,000m2 of office space, and 5300m2 of land in the heart of the Auckland CBD for $3m, with a less than $100,000 deposit and the balance upon eventual sale of apartments, has got to be the worst deal in the history of Auckland local government.”

    Corruption and stupidity, the heart of Auckland policy!

    And people are voting with their feet! Less people seem to want to live in Auckland CBD with all their changes. The consequences of expanding poverty and wealth divide and an ethnic ideology changes the CBD.

    Meanwhile in Wellington – sewerage city.

    Sewage in Wellington marine reserve 43-times worse than acceptable levels

    Wellington road closed for two months amid waste pipe repair

    • I don’t anticipate that the backers of the population ponzi scheme will be allowing Auckland’s population to crash by over 50%, allowing community gardens to be built in place of derelict houses, anytime soon.

      • Applicants to become NZ citizens either don’t want to live here or are growing poorer and more criminal. NZ is no longer seen as an ideal place to live anymore by the world’s professionals and experts.

        So it’s a fight between China wanting a Chinese occupied NZ outpost in the Pacific, the woke wanting to attract the worlds crims here and transgender community from age 16 years to ‘transition’ on the NZ health system, or the Natz who want a combo of Chinese owned NZ in their list MP seats for easy $$$$ donations and mass immigration of the worlds cheapest workers coming with ‘critical skills’ like takeout, retail and labouring skills to dominate and exploit others while needing more benefits. As NZ taking on more debt, and education, justice and health care fails, so NZ assets can continue to be sold off to their mates for the song, aka 1980’s or lucrative private practise contracts to be had.

  8. I’m suspicious of the claim by police that the guy they pumped full of 9mm yesterday was completely unaffected by tasers and pepper spray.

    Of course pepper spray will not take down a determined attacker whose danger comes from swinging a bit of rebar around in a circle, and tasers may not be completely effective either, but if our cops aren’t capable of getting good hits with tasers and then beating the s**t out of someone they’ve tased with the ASP before they can fully recover what are they good for?

    If they can’t be effective with the taser and are just going straight to blazing away with a pistol, shouldn’t they be trained better, or issued shotguns or 37mm launchers with less-lethal ammunition? Not absolutely safe, but a lot better than just killing people for no reason.

  9. Glad to see 15 commenting here. Just j’accused neoliberal Lprent at the Standard. To sum, a scumbag. A million ankle taps for a ’35 social democrat like me. The Colonel Parker of the failed Left.
    The main Left Blog — hahahha.

    Can’t take you seriously, Martyn, let alone our good cause, if you or the noxiously polite Trotter don’t fuck him up.

  10. Meta/micro analysing the comments here , people who start commenting at 6.51 am and stop at 1.03 pm, have over-healthy, under-employed lifestyles. V. me. Willing to swop.


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