The 10 things that happen if National/ACT win 2023


I don’t believe for one second that the vast majority of Kiwis have any true comprehension of just how radical a National/ACT Government would truly be.

The quick yellow fox will jump all over the lazy blue log and David Seymour will get all his crazy policy passed without Luxon caring.

  • Māori going to the Waitangi Tribunal over cancellation of 3 waters: The moment the National/ACT Government scrap 3 Waters, Māoridom will go straight back to the Waitangi Tribunal, win the Court Case and force Luxon into his own Helen Clark moment and be forced to pass law to simply confiscate the water. This will cause an enormous eruption of violent protest.
  • Mass immigration: National will simply implement John Key’s pump and dump policy of open door immigration to inflate growth rates while causing enormous stress on the groaning underfunded infrastructure and send rents soaring. This will cause enormous social dislocation and a rise in race relation tensions.
  • Expansion of Oranga Tamariki Big Data Experiment: National created the Oranga Tamariki Frankenstein and wants more welfare decided by algorithm as a means to de-invest welfare. Luxon has already championed this model.
  • Mass Dairy intensification: It’s all National have as an economic policy.
  • Mass Property Speculation: They will remove any of the bare tinkering Labour did and help the speculators spin prices higher.
  • Mutilation of the State: ACT are serious about wanting to amputate the Ministry for Women, Youth, Māori, Pacific People and Ethnic Communities while slashing the Human Rights Commission. The resulting Public Service Strikes will gridlock Wellington. If there’s one thing the Public Service can do well, it is protesting for their own interests.
  • War on Crime: Expect the paramilitary police expansion to occur quickly with a whole dump of new civil liberty breaching powers to supposedly keep us safe but will almost immediately be abused as they increasingly get used on the protesting Left.
  • Prison riot and explosion in numbers: The war on crime will see far more in prison and National prefers puritan counter productive prisons so expect them to be crammed full and explode in a seething chain reaction of prison riots once National grant Corrections new powers to beat prisoners with. Corrections are very corrupt and once they gain new powers to bash prisoners with, they’ll be some prisoner who gets beaten within an inch of his life which that will trigger prison riots.
  • Rise of more Mass Surveillance & Political violence: The protests such a radical agenda creates will demand the State turn its attention back on the Left while National supporters clutch their pearls appalled at the aggression the Left are protesting with and rally around Luxon rather than criticise the policy. They will call on Luxon to spy on the radical lefties.
  • Higher Government Debt: Luxon is no free marketeer, he believes he has 7 properties because Jesus loves him, if debt goes up to pay for the extra prisons, extra Police, extra dairy intensification, extra welfare experiments, extra fake growth, then so be it, he doesn’t care. Oh David Seymour will hate it, but he’ll be so fat and full on his amputation of 6 State agencies that he’ll only be able to mount a burp as a protest.

We have lived through a political period of time since MMP that has managed to dilute and temper the idealogical extremes of Left/Right politics in NZ. The need to compromise and pull punches is fundamental to the MMP dynamic HOWEVER that completely gets thrown out the window if there is no political centre left.

The political centre has been hollowed out so much under MMP that Labour and National are almost indistinguishable in their acquiescence to neoliberal mantra.

The far left and far right have enormous pent up political tension that will rupture once Labour or National are dependent on their numbers for a majority.

In these highly polarised times that has the potential to create an outcome that is hated regardless of which side wins.

I do not believe that we are ready for this Jelly.


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  1. When we are in recession do you believe the Sheeple will care about the Wellington bureaucracy.

    Most of what you are saying is spot on outside of the major debt increase – this government’s economic mismanagement has put any significant debt expansion on the backburner.

    Most will welcome these changes given next year we will be in an economic state of stagflation.

    • You watch the brain drain then Frankie. Our society will consist of the brain dead commentators on the granny, Kiwiblog and stuff, the poor who can’t get away but who will be expected to pick up your rubbish at wages that can’t feed them and their families, to fix your roads so you can flash past them in your Lexus, but that’s ok because they’re only mud people who should have taken responsibility for themselves. Frank, you and Krauty and Farrar and the rest of your ilk ought to look at history, particularly the French Revolution and it’s causes and investigate the sales of knitting needles.

      • Ummmm the brain drain started when your ‘Glorious Leader’ opened the borders a couple of months ago. Air All Blacks Taniwha can’t keep up with the demand.

        Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story though.

  2. That all sounds like a lot of very hard work! I’m not sure National have the stomach for that and I hope the historic effect of MMP remains. Please God. I also think the election will be much closer than current poles indicate and Labour still has a good chance of remaining in power.

  3. “Same Boss. Just like the old Boss.”

    ‘If’ they get lucky and can command a majority government??

    They’ll just carry on where LINO left off with the 7 Deadly Crises on their hands.

  4. We’ll get our guns back & the proposed registry will be history (until next time someone wants to go on a gun grab).

    • Then you can gun down all the non-whites you want. That is the only reason why people like you want guns, so you can just shoot blacks, LGBTQ, atheists, those practising abortions, etc.

      Civil rights in the USA wouldnt have been won if the KKK free access to guns. MLK would have been gunned down, on that bridge in Selma in seconds.

      • Farmers and professional hunters want their gun licences back so they can shot pests like deer and pigs and rabbits I do not think a black person or a gay person is on their radar. Just slap yourself and say this is not America.

            • I didn’t say there are no pests, just that semi autos are NOT the tools for that job…3x the ammo and barrel creep good luck with that, be content with a bolt action your marksmanship will improve dicky

              • Semi-autos are exactly the tool for that job…

                Farmer Brown is out looking at the regenerating native bush paddock, where he has planted hundreds of native seedlings, only to see a mob of 30 goats happily chewing the tops off all that succulent new growth. He pulls out his trusty 303 and fires killing one goat, he swiftly works the action and gets off another shot hitting another goat, while the other 28 disappear over the ridgeline.

                Back at the farm house, he calls the local pest control company to arrange a visit. They are fully booked for the next month, so the farmer books in the next earliest date.

                6 weeks later, a guy from the pest control company turns up with his AR & high capacity mags. The farmer takes him out to his barren reforestation attempt. There is little left of his seedlings and the goats having consumed all the available food, are nowhere to be seen. They’ve moved on to his neighbours property, where the pest controller is not authourised to shoot and so the cycle repeats only next time it’s 40 goats.

                Its all about using the right tools for the job and before you go that’s just a made up scenario, it doesn’t count. It is actually very similar to one Ben posted here awhile back where deer cleaned out his native replanting attempts and it is one I’ve heard from other land owning friends as well.

        • “Farmers & professional hunters want their gun licenses back”

          If they qualify for a gun license they can get one. All that happened was they were paid to hand in their military assault rifles so they cant be used in school shootings and terrorist attacks. They can go and cull a deer with a bolt action rifle any day of the week. No problem to see here.

            • dicky we’ve been down this road before and you could provide no use for a semi-auto nas a tool, if you have some post it…because seriously I’ve thought about it and really can’t find one…

              and a semi auto with it’s aiming drawbacks is better than a bolt action for shooting wallabies exactly how, not to mention the saving to you on wasted ammo.

              • Skill with a semi-auto means multiple kills, which you need if you want to make a dent in the wallaby/goat/deer problem. With a bolt-action, it might be one shot, one kill, but then you get to watch the rest disappear as you reload, and that’s it for the day, in some cases. Not much of a solution is it?

                Also have you ever wondered why our Police have semi-autos with 15+ capacity, when a revolver or bolt-action would be much safer & more accurate, especially in an urban environment?

                • 3 kills from a 3 round burst? you’ve been watching too many films dicky,
                  or are you suggesting clicking on the single shot option…kinda self defeating

                  just because out police want to pretend to be soldiers doesn’t sanction the same desire in you.

                  • People I know have wiped out whole mobs of goats in one go, not over a six month period. Skill & accuracy mostly depends on the person, not the tool.

                    Oh, and 3 round bursts for hunting are illegal (unless you’re military).

            • sorry if this appears out of order. once again the posting system appears to be janky

              dicky how many rounds are fired for 1 trigger pull using a semi auto? let’s say an AR15…more than 1 so semi auto.

              as far as the accuracy of a lee enfield goes I ‘d urge you to read german accounts of the battle of mons….
              well trained riflemen…
              semi autos are for people who can’t be bothered with the effort of marksmanship.

              • I’ve heard the stories, is there a reason why the military no longer uses bolt action rifles with 5/10 round magazines? Or long bows for that matter? The were very effective at Agincourt & Crecy.

              • Semi-auto = 1 trigger pull for 1 round fired.
                3 round burst = 1 trigger pull for 3 rounds fired.
                Full-auto = 1 trigger pull, gun fires until trigger is released or the magazine is empty.

      • Wow, that is some leap. You have a wild imagination & have made some pretty crazy assumptions. The only things I gun down are paper targets & steel plates. Most of my friends are atheists, pro-choice, half my family are non-white and I have friends in the LGBTIQA+ community. I would suggest you go back on your meds.

      • Interestingly if you’re worried about people gunning down non-whites Millsy, I think you’ll find that those who do this the most in New Zealand, the Police, the SAS/army (principally shooting overseas brown people) & ethnic gangs, are all well equipped with semi-automatic weapons already. Law abiding firearms owners don’t shoot anyone, Governments & criminals do.

    • the registry will stay. after the parliament lawn protests, of whom a significant number wanted to execute actual MPs, there will be next no one in government who will want to make it easy for any of those lunatics to “arm” up.

      • The registry will never be put in place, if they try it will fail. National & ACT will use the money to do something that actually fights crime.

          • Most likely with National, there’s money to be made in that. Nice juicy Serco contracts. Given the way things are going and the lack of anyone tackling the real issues (mainlypoverty& hopelessness), we are going to need more prisons.

        • with respect Richard, National policy on the matter is, we oppose it ,but we dont oppose it. They’ll do one focus group on the matter, see that the majority of kiwis in NZ like the idea, they’ll leave the legislation in place and kick the can down the road. ACT will make some noise, but meh.

          what the majority of gun owners dont understand is, that it is just their turn. now what do i mean by that?

          Everybody in this country gets an interest or business of theirs regulated. and it always because one or a few individuals fuck it up for everyone else.

          once, there were no size and catch limits for fishing. but some individuals took the piss, and now recreational fishing is regulated. once you didnt have to register your dog, but some individuals couldnt keep fido safely on their property, fido would go wandering getting into the garbage and raping little old ladies poodles, now fido has to be registered. once, you could modify your car however you wanted, but because a few dickheads took things too far, and now modifications are regulated. once, the building industry got deregulated in the nineties, a few cowboys (and james fucking hardy) fucked everything uo for everyone else, now we have one of the most regulated building industries in the world. once, restaurants had no regulations in place, now they have food safety and handling regulations that if they are violated, businesses can be closed down, because a few wankers fucked it up for everyone else. once, farmers had mild paper work to fill out for stock transfers, but because one corporate farming group imported bad bulls semen from the UK, and didnt fill out the minimal paperwork, 2000 head of cattle had to be destroyed and now farmers have more paperwork to fill out.

          what i’m saying is, there is always a few individuals who fuck shit up for everyone else, then regulation and restrictions are imposed. its just the gun owners turn. i’m sorry Richard, but this is something that gun owners, the vast majority of which i believe treat firearms with respect, are going to have to swallow.

          • It certainly won’t be in place before the election and when National & ACT win. National will do nothing to push it, it’s just a total waste of money & there is no benefit for them, especially as ACT will put pressure on them to not proceed. As to compliance, most will, the ones that matter won’t. Best any firearms owners can do to oppose it is to delay complying to the last possible time, which is what should have been done with the buyback, except I guess, quite a few people didn’t bother complying at all. Most shooters realize by now that registration leads to confiscation. Registration absolutely fails to do anything about reducing crime, except to take personnel & resources away from that fight.

            • “when National and ACT win”
              Well then we’re really fucked. The homeless living in motels are back in cars and on the streets, Synthetic cannabis will be promoted and child poverty will be just an extension of Keys reign.

            • … and when you let the fucktards dictate, you then live in a fucktards dictatorship. Freedom & rights are worth defending.

                • With regard to Standalones’ comment, it would be correct if the goal was public safety. If that was correct, the new legislation would have been introduced after the Royal Commission findings had be released in full (not the heavily censored version), the scope of Royal Commission wouldn’t have been restricted and the new legislation would have focused on fixing the issues raised by the Royal Commission.

                  Instead, new legislation was passed within a month, the Police covered up their failings, the Royal Commission was compromised & censored and now we have the mess that results from acting in haste.

                  The goal of most gun control is to remove firearms from the hands of law abiding citizens, using criminals & terrorists as justification. This is what we see overseas, where progress to that goal is more advanced. That is what we see being pushed here, despite previously having very good gun control measures (let down by poor administration).

                  As to predictable, of course I am, that’s my job here.

  5. You forgot to mention that a National/ACT junta will also really, really, really piss off the woke left.
    That in itself makes all the shitty actions of NatAct worth putting up with…

    • The “woke left” are the only ones standing between us and those who want to impose a white supremacist Christian theocracy, where being LBGT, having an abortion, wanting to learn evolution or anything that goes against the Bible is banned.

      • @milsy
        “wanting to learn evolution”

        Like evolution of a sexually reproducing species?, if you like science why do you support woke relativism and standpoint epistemology which denies the possibility of an objective reality or replacing scientific knowledge with satisfying myths etc? As for banning LBGT, the woke are already doing that since they redefined homosexuality as same gender (not same sex) attraction and told lesbians to suck d*ck.

        I do enjoy your scatter gun rants but you don’t really understand the “woke left”. btw I’m atheist, pro-choice, LGBT and my partner is trans, so please be more creative in tenuous association making if you’d like to angry-teen-rant back at me.

    • Yeah, get rid of all the public services who provide UNIVERSAL SERVICES for ALL NEW ZEALANDERS and replace them with churches who want to impose the bible and businesses that only care about profits.

      • The institution Luxon attends is nothing that a Christian- from Jesus Christ to Martin Luther- would recognize as a Christian church.

      • “businesses that only care about profits.”

        I’d like to point out that Millsy will shortly comment a preference for mega-corporate wannabe landlord Blackrock over “mum and dad” operations.

  6. But, now let’s write an article “The 10 things that WON”T happen if Labour/(Greens/Maori party/whoever) win 2023.” After all (except of course for the all important language and window dressing) the two seem to wind up doing much the same thing. Much easier to adopt Matariki as a public holiday than do anything substantial to address Maori poverty in Northland or East Cape.

  7. ” I don’t believe for one second that the vast majority of Kiwis have any true comprehension of just how radical a National/ACT Government would truly be ”

    And the corporate media won’t inform them either such is the power of propaganda in this godzone’s little banana republic.

      • @Millsy Luckily we have earlier Millsy who speaks out against
        “businesses that only care about profits.”

        The two of you should talk.

      • if they were regulated like german corporate landlords but you and I know it will be ‘light touch’ which translates as open slather for a foreign corporates with no loyalty or commitment to NZ, sounds like a plan to solve homelessness to me

      • quinovic millsy, quinovic 7.000 properties sounds like a corporate landlord and they’re pulled up on a new rort (some might say stand over tactic) practically every week.

    • From the NZ Herald 13 June…

      “Two big things happened over the weekend. The Crusaders qualified for the Super Rugby Pacific Final and the National Party finally announced a policy.

      But what a hamfisted policy it is, and just goes to show that Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis’s great “re-set” has turned into just the usual barking at passing cars.

      The party announced at the weekend that, if it becomes the Government at next year’s election, it will ban gang patches and insignia, stop gang members from gathering and charge people who put gang-related content online.

      One of the most depressing aspects of all this is that most of it is nothing new, or original. Just a bunch of ideas nicked from Australia lumped-in with a regurgitation of a failed idea that a former National party MP tried about 15 years ago.”

      Pomme Bob… woof woof, toot toot!

      • the whole patch thing is pretty pathetic but it will allow gang members to be ‘stopped and searched’ then it’s ‘well well sonny what’s this tin foil? yer nicked’
        which is shite but maybe a practical step to regulating public unpleasantness, if they stick to killing each other and standing over meth heads, I suspect most people would be ok with it….it’s the public displays of macho posturing that dismay/scare the public.

        • agreed. unfortunately though, the media,some members of the public, and sitting MPs, make it sound like there is a gang member on every street corner punching octogenarians in the head.

      • So Labour has done such a good job in controlling gangs .With 180000 children in poverty much of it caused by unaffordable rents they are creating the next intake

  8. Does anybody think that the middle class the poor and the battlers will of finally had enough and rise up in hate and have a revolution against the neo-liberals and neo-liberalism?

  9. Yeah, worse. Hillary Clinton is getting a lift now from what happened with Trump in 2016. But how can you differentiate between the volley and the smash?

    Grant and Jacinda have always been weak as piss about ‘medium term’ reality but bright enough to deal with immediate matters.

    Why the Nats will be back, the crap superficial level on which our politics go on.

  10. I don’t disagree that Natz/ACT are worse , but it’s sad that Labeen are so focused on hating the middle class (aka themselves) and fixated on some idealised, marginalised, identity that doesn’t exist, that they will destroy their kids future by stubborn woke policy and task forces that people just can’t tolerate voting for anymore and thus the Natz are back.

    A small part thinks they are just too lazy for another term, many in Labeen are instead looking for an easy UN or diplomatic seat for a nice holiday somewhere else or a nice rest in opposition where they can blame someone else.

  11. I swear to God, if I read “the quick yellow fox will jump over the blue log” one more time! Get some new phrases Martyn


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