The 35 year Neoliberal Experiment has failed New Zealand


You are NEVER allowed to challenge the neoliberal experiment in NZ.


Our corporate led media and their Public Broadcasting quislings are there to enforce the fundamental lie of NZInc, that cut throat free market neoliberalism supersedes all else and that regulation is the filthy abortion of a stillborn egalitarianism that once held pretensions upon these far flung shores.

NZInc has become an interwoven tapestry of parochial self interest and corporate malfeasance, a warren of monopolies and duopolies endlessly molesting NZ for tino rangatiratanga rentals.

Right now the Australian Banks are exploiting billions annually from our us.

Right now the wealthy manipulate regulations to exploit our dependence upon them.

Right now the politicians and public service manipulate legislation in order to give vast sums of public money to private interests and pretend that’s due process.

Right now monopoly powers National gave Fletchers are causing enormous problems in the Gib market.

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Right now the shopping Duopoly is milking a million per day in profits from hungry desperate NZers.

John Key sold 49% of our Hydro power using taxpayer sweeteners that triggered Māori water claims and created a $400million irrigation slush fund to Dairy intensify the South Island. Not only did he rob NZ of our hydro assets, his privatisation damaged our climate for private interests that left us geopolitically exposed to China.

This never ending molestation of the egalitarian pillars of our society has created the neoliberal wasteland of vulnerable people as ‘clients’ and a public service managerial class more focused on micro aggression policing contracts than doing the mahi.


The infamous ‘Fish n Chip’ Brigade where the architects of Neoliberalism met to plot the amputation of the Muldoonist Egalitarian State


We are not allowed to challenge the neoliberal dystopia that NZ has become despite its failure being everywhere all at once.

Gangs: Gang membership reached about 2,300 by 1980. It took nearly 35 years to reach just under 4,000 in 2014, but then only seven years before the numbers doubled again to 8,061 in 2021.

In electricity: Consumer electricity prices have risen 80% since 1990 (accounting for inflation), and since 2000, prices have risen faster than the OECD average. Productivity in the electricity and gas sector has fallen precipitously, in contrast to the economy as a whole.

Housing: A combination of record house prices and the limited further potential for growth makes this year the worst for first-home buyers since 1957, new research by economics consultancy Infometrics has found.

The 35 year neoliberal experiment has been a spectacular failure and we now have the data to prove it…

Human Rights Commissioner: NZ’s quality of life record ‘alarming’

    • New data shows New Zealand is failing on every social and economic human rights metric
    • The country is not delivering adequate rights to education, health, housing and work, based on what it could be achieving with the money available
    • When it comes to the right to food, New Zealand’s record is steadily declining
    • Māori, people with disabilities, and those from low socioeconomic backgrounds are most likely to experience human rights violations

…The danger of woke middle class identity politics replacing class left analysis is that the politics devolve into a micro aggression deplatforming campaign that alienates rather than builds solidarity against free market capitalism.

The true demarcation of power in a democratic capitalist state is the 1% richest + their 9% enablers Vs the 90% rest of us.

Identity Politics simply cements into place a caste system of intersectionism alongside a terminal tribal affiliation to your skin colour, gender or identity.

There needs to be far more common ground and shared values.

The minefield of social justice and its never ending pure temple deplatforming of everything that triggers it will only drive people further from the Left in an intense economic downturn because you can’t eat virtue signalling aesthetics.

Between January and March this year a record 363,888 food grants were handed out on top of a 500% spike in food bank demand. Between 2020 and 2021:
  • $608 million in housing equity was made by landlords
  • 9.6% increase in rent for tenants
  • 18.4% of children live in households earning less than half the median income after housing costs
  • $5.5 billion in profit made by ANZ, BNZ, ASB and Westpac

and the Top 1% own 25% of wealth while the Bottom 50% owns 2% of wealth

If you think the worst inflation in 30 years is bad now, wait until the impact of the Ukrainian war and broken supply chains in China hit.

We need a new taxation and regulation model to stop the neoliberal rot. We need to remove the yoke of taxation from the 90% and reset it to the 10% richest.

In 2010, the 388 richest individuals owned more wealth than half of the entire human population on Earth

By 2015, this number was reduced to only 62 individuals

In 2018, it was 42

In 2019, it was down to only 26 individuals who own more wealth than 3.8 billion people.

And in 2021, 20 people owned more than 50% of the entire planet.

The Big Tech Tzars have manipulated our collective fear, ego, anger and insecurities through social media in a way that has led to the largest psychological civil war ever launched against one another.

Meanwhile, the planet burns and every aspect of our existence is monetarised for big data to sell us more stuff we can’t afford. We are alienated and anesthetized by a consumer culture that keeps us neurotic and disconnected. Our work, our existence, every move we make are all built to suck money to a minority class that sits above us while under neoliberalism, globalization, financialization, and automation, our existence as individuals has only become more disposable.

This isn’t progress.

Unfortunately the Left are culturally too busy micro aggression policing everyone under the rules of the new woke dogma while the Right are silently harvesting that alienation for more neoliberal exploitation.

A Left Yin and Right Yang of petty spite and broad malice locked in a death spiral on a melting planet.

We either attack the economic settings of this madness now and fight to retain our egalitarianism or we are doomed to live in the shadow of its greed.

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueller to corporations.


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  1. The worst year ever for first home buyers is 2022! And I would argue, for renters. Slow round of applause for Labour.

    Key and his National Party ghouls sold off our power assets. That’s bad enough but Jacinda and her Labour Party zombies are selling off our land. That is worse, far worse!
    And they never campaigned on it.

    Key and National ensured Fletcher’s had a monopoly on gib board. Labour have known for quite some time this was a problem but did nothing. Answer. Do nothing. When it becomes public, so public you can’t build houses, what do they do? Sweep it under the “taskforce” rug.

    Supermarket duopoly robbing the public. What do Labour do? Send it off for some elongated review to stall any changes and once that doesn’t work any longer, release the review, look concerned and understanding. Implement the fluffy limp suggestions from their review, job done, like nothing ever happened.

    React, only ever react when it’s smacks them in the face, then do a 5 star announcement then leave everything just the way it is.

    Election 2023. You’ve got Jacinda’s Labour who ain’t got Jack or it’s ugly sibling National. And their freak show poodles, the Greens and ACT. For all intents and purposes, this myopic collection is one and the same.

    They all do bad, just with different ways of getting to the same point.

  2. +100
    “We either attack the economic settings of this madness now and fight to retain our egalitarianism or we are doomed to live in the shadow of its greed”
    should read:
    “We either attack the economic settings of this madness now and fight to GET BACK our egalitarianism or we are doomed to live in the shadow of its greed”.

  3. The slow moving train wreck dumpster fire has reached the park end of the line. No point blaming Key – he had long since passed as has 1980s Neo liberalism. This is all on social democratic policy and the welfarication of New Zimbabwe. Over 50% of the population are dependent on government funding – how is that progress.

    Money that needs to go into infrastructure investment now goes towards propping up most in society because they can’t generate sufficient resources on their own. This leads to a deficit.

    And Bomber – if you think it is only National that allows monopolies think again. Take a long at the collision repair industry right now. We are allowing a large multinational to vertically integrate with no oversight at all knocking out private repairers. This is all on an asleep at the wheel, David Clark.

    All our Glorious Leader has done has supercharge our decent and add woke into the mix. History will not he kind on her. Think on this – why would she visit Blackrock Investments the most corporate of corporates. This is beyond anything Key ever did.

    • oh panzerboi I can always get a laugh from your rants, repetitive but but hey all comics need catchphrases, I do feel a bit guilty as my mum taught me not to mock the afflicted.

      • Of course the irony in your comments is you attack the person not the argument – I’ll take that as silent agreement and an inability to provide a reasonable counter argument.

        • I wasn’t rebuffing your comment, but taking the piss out of you.

          please explain exactly where the ‘irony’ lies…?

      • cosy little arrangements between insurance companies and ‘preferred supplier’ panel beaters basically. (to cut a long story short)

        • No – quite the opposite. The insurer becomes also the repairer. What happens when all the independent panel repair shops are gone because they can’t compete and don’t get the jobs regardless….

      • IAG is opening their own shops and repairing the vehicles themselves. It won’t end well for NZ consumers.

  4. Things make a lot more sense when you realize that New Zealand’s primary industry is in fact farming Sheeples, not dairy or tourism.

  5. Australian banks exploiting billions from us. Have said it before –

    (i) the government buys huge swaths of Australian bank shares (through Super Fund or ACC). Result – some of those billions come back to us

    (ii) Government banks with Kiwibank, not Westpac. If the government banked with Kiwibank instead, this gives Kiwibank the clout to obtain a AAA credit rating, which is currently why the government can’t bank with them. Also expand Kiwibank so it can provide true corporate banking services – which is why businesses don’t bank with them at the moment.

    This might not fix all the ills Martyn lists, but it’s a start…..

    • never understood why our govt banks with westpac…
      the only logical reason is back in the day brown envelopes were passed around.

      • Because it would cost Kiwibank 10s of millions to put in place the systems and facilities to cater for it. Who would pay those 10s of millions – oh the government of course.

        Never let reality get in the way of a good story ehhh…

          • No just know how it works. The cost of administering government payment, salaries etc would require significant capital outlay that Kiwibank doesn’t have. Economically it would be a stupid decision for the the government to bank with Kiwibank. Hence why even an economic illiterate like Robber(ton) won’t entertain it.

            • here you go how about govt give them the money to convert rather than dosh it out as dole to corporations frank

              explain why banking with an NZ bank would be economically stupid

      • The reason is down to the blue chiffon Jenny and its hubby Burton darling.
        It should have ended years ago but I imagine Grant is comfortable with it just as it is

  6. I see a post I haven’t read about the bad effects if National wins the next election. I agree it will be harsh but I don’t care. My focus is making Labour and Greens worth voting for.

    It is bad to have become rigid in this now with the threatened crises now blowing on our necks. The neoliberal consensus of very bad versus worse has gone on for too long and has now, for me, reached critical mass.

    I intend to get really drunk and vote national in the next election, and further, will do what I can to get them in power in the run-up, knowing full well they will be worse. Because this no choice just can’t continue. If all I can do is punish Labour and the Greens as much as I can, I will do that.

    We have to stop this any way we can. Desperate action is required IMHO.

  7. A Left Yin and Right Yang of petty spite and broad malice locked in a death spiral on a melting planet.

    Well at least we got Matariki…

  8. when some rightard cries ‘yeah but communism failed’ yup the countries that called themselves communists failed….I counter where is neo-liberalism succeeding? make me a list…g’wan darezya, give it a go, impress me, tell you what I’ll make it easy…just give me one example, just one…betcha can’t.

    however we know classic social democracy kinda, sorta works, in a way….so in practical terms for a stable society we should emulate germany, scandi etc….but we won’t

    • Social democracy works – pull the other one. It only ‘worked’ in Scandinavia because they were already wealthy. That it doesn’t work – exhibit A – New Zimbabwe under our Glorious Leader.

      P.S. Germany is teetering on the edge of recession – not a great example either.

      2 P.S. not a fan of Neo liberalism either gargar.

      • Frank tt It is hard to handle a whole government’s budget anyway which provides for the people when times dare difficult, and when it is plugged into international finance which gives reports every day of how much your country is valued at, then the task is multiplied in complexity.

      • I do belive the phrase I used was..’kinda sorta works in a way’ provide the examples of neo-lib working that you so conspicuously avoided…g’wan humour me just one success story….but bagging countries that work is easier than justifying neo lib failure isn’t it panzer-boi.

      • Frank we don’t have social democracy under Jacinda Muddleduck. We have neoliberalism plus radical identity politics. Ever-more-radical identity politics.

        Social democracy in Scandinavia wasn’t about radical identity politics – it was about giving everyone chance of a reasonable standard of living. It still does work in Denmark, but has gone off the rails in Sweden because they embraced radical identity politics, and took in more migrants than they could assimilate. Norway – well they struck oil, so they’re just fabulously wealthy.

  9. Labour, the working mans party no more, they’re just the same as National but use different language.
    The difference is National do things in a rush and get it over with while Labour does meetings and reviews and then does something that never actually fixes problems and all just seems like words on paper.
    The problem is donations to political parties, for too long he who has paid them the most gets the most say at the expense of everybody else.
    Apparently we have a measure of how corrupt countries are and we laud ourselves as being one of the least but Im not really sure whats being measured given how much the rich benefit from govt policy while average joe blogs and the poor get no help at all.

    • i have a relative who is doing a thesis on the effects of lobbyists and special interest groups have on govt policy. makes for some pretty scary reading. i think we are fooling ourselves on what corruption actually is.

  10. Never thought I would ever read “NZ not meeting social and economic rights.”
    Who could possibly support this dreadfully incompetent callous bunch who call themselves the Labour Government.
    It’s an embarrassment to all New Zealanders.

  11. They media are describing Megan Woods as a “can do minister”. Dear oh dear, if that’s a can do minister, I’d hate to see their can’t do’s!

  12. ” Unfortunately the Left are culturally too busy micro aggression policing everyone under the rules of the new woke dogma ”

    Any new progressive movement must pitch its message above this neo liberal inspired diversion and talk bread and butter issues that are more pressing than ever.

    Those of the 90% who are afflicted with the disease of market economics and vested corruption need a voice and action to take back this country for the many who have given up hope.

  13. “Dog eat Dog” has obviously been disastrous for working class people in the 38 years since Roger and Bassett and Caygill and the rest of their scabby mates ran the TINA blitzkrieg 1984–90 that saw thousands sacked and discarded, and the natzos continued it with the union busting 1991 ECA, Bennie bashing war on the poor, market rents for state houses etc. etc.

    We know the problem–a NZ neo liberal state based on monetarist legislation and methods, with heavy penetration of public infrastructure by private capital–all enforced by fifth columnists in the senior public service AND all the main political parties, and compliant consumer citizens. There are pockets of great wealth in the provinces and a sector of very dark kiwis indeed as COVID illustrated–but the odds are in the favour of the successor generations to the sheep shaggers.

    So what is to be done? Boomers are a lost cause in the majority (I fit in that age group but still involved in political action, as are a staunch minority) so it is up to newer gens in reality. In the time frame available all that can be done for 2023 is turn Greens and Māori as left as possible to influence Labour as best as possible. After that, community organising & direct action, occupy empty residential and commercial property, Climate Strikes, and run a major campaign to retire the NZ Neo Liberal State once and for all.

    Unite all who can be united including migrant workers. It will take a new movement.

    • interesting though, and I heard this from a ‘high flyer’ in treasury many years ago..

      the NZ free market reforms often admired but never emulated..

      we were a petri dish.

      • i have heard that somewhere too. a lot of countries did the same things, but never went as far as we did.

      • I would say that the Dictator Pinochet’s Chile went even further than Roger Douglas, apart from the obvious military takeover difference, the long narrow country was geographically divided into 15 Economic Zones, but it was a bit of a backwater in many ways apart from the obvious extractive minerals the US was into.

        Pinochet’s first Minister of Labour actually helped inspire the natzos 1991 Employment Contracts Act which essentially de-recognised NZ Unions.é_Piñera

        You might be right Gargarin technically, but I would say after 40 years that Reagan and Thatcher’s legacy is just as poisonous to the working class in the UK and USA as Roger’n’Ruth’s here.

        • if i remember right, al greenspan did eat up the frequent flyer miles between washington and santiago after pinochet took over…

        • no doubt about reagan and thatcher having poisonous legacies, it was just a comment that I heard that seems apt (and true)

    • For TM A song to sing as we are getting the uniting spirit going.
      Steeleye Span – Padstow Lyrics
      Unite and unite and let us all unite
      For summer is a-comin’ today
      And whither we are going, we all will unite
      In the merry morning of May

      The young men of Padstow, they might if they would
      For summer is a-comin’ today
      They might have built a ship and gilded it with gold
      In the merry morning of May
      The young women of Padstow, they might if they would
      For summer is a-comin’ today
      They might have built a garland with the white rose and the red
      In the merry morning of May…

      With the merry ring and with the joyful spring
      For summer is a-comin’ today
      How happy are the little birds and the merrier we shall sing
      In the merry morning of May

      Oh where are the young men that now do advance
      For summer is a-comin’ today
      Some they are in England and some they are in France
      In the merry morning of May

      • It is a great life if you don’t weaken Warbler…

        Random comment for a cultured commenter…bought a birdsong clock for my partners birthday from Viking Seven Seas on Kapiti Coast, different birds on the hour, Morepork, Kiwi, Tui, etc. light activated, and Grey Warbler is at 6 o’clock position!

        • Glad to be in your company TM. What an interesting clock I want one. Thanks for the seller info. Brrrr = commenter coming in at 6 o[clock!

  14. 38 year Neoliberal experiment. We tend to round up or down for our purposes. I know the date being almost 18 at the time.

    And reserved, consumed by ideas and caught up in that passionate time. Then, the National Programme, The Dominion and the Listener were on Michael Joseph Savage’s side. So, regular injections of fiery inspiration. Not least William Pember Reeves, the namesake of his ancestor, the only socialist in the first Liberal Govt. In the first term of the neoliberal middle class Labour Govt his weekly column in the Dominion knew at once what they were and started pounding away at them, like Big Bertha at Paris. A hero. For his troubles, exiled to the Rotorua paper by one of the Richards — they merge together, but are all for the rich and their pleasure.

  15. The free market has completely removed the left’s values completely…I don’t think young people even know what a leftist type of government is now…..anyone born on election night in 1984 is nearly 38 and anyone who was say 10 or 15 at the time will still not have an understanding of a left type of government as they were too young and have spent their adult lives under the Douglas reforms ….And to think we thought Muldoon was a dictator…remember Tom Scott calling him “the gang of one….”They simply have no idea how life was before the reforms…they think they know but you had to be there when things were normal……people could organise unions or use existing unions to better their working conditions I presume…I’m not up with the state of unions now…I’m sure someone can point me in the right direction on that one….it’s almost as if people just don’t know what to do , or how to make their lives better and working conditions better….As a nation we have just bent over and have taken it up the……Become sidetracked with fluffy , touchy-feely, issues that totally distract the plight of the kiwi battlers….Maybe this is the plan of the power brokers……better to have the workers concerns focusing on a chap in a dress saying he’s a woman and a real woman saying “ no you’re not” and other real woman saying “yes he is” and on it goes…..In the mean time the squillions get sucked out of the New Zealand economy…away to offshore company bank accounts and on to shareholders…I bet they eat cake…

  16. ” The free market has completely removed the left’s values completely…I don’t think young people even know what a leftist type of government is now…..anyone born on election night in 1984 is nearly 38 and anyone who was say 10 or 15 at the time will still not have an understanding of a left type of government as they were too young and have spent their adult lives under the Douglas reforms ….And to think we thought Muldoon was a dictator…remember Tom Scott calling him “the gang of one….

    I remember the early 80s really well although I was 15 when the infamous schnapps election was called. All I could remember was Muldoon and he dominated every aspect of life then but there were many contentious issues like Erebus , the tour , galloping inflation , the Marsden point strike and the threat to bring the army in if the boys did not go back to work. Quigley resigning his cabinet post , the trades hall bombing and the wage and price freeze , Clyde dam , and Think Big.

    There was unemployment and difficult economic issues and governing with a one seat majority became more and more precarious and as Muldoon relied on Kirk and the Social Credit MP’s to pass legislation his own MP’s would not support it and became evident that the he could not govern for the full term.

    I did not come from a privileged background and certainly got told no I could not have what I wanted but I was never hungry and my parents got paid enough that I was not living in our car or motel alongside ex gang members , there was money for school and there was a lot of pakeha and Maori families in my street who were poor. But everyone had access to dental care , a doctor who would even call at the house if you were to unwell to get out of bed. A job and one that paid you enough to support your family and depending how much disposable income you had you could choose the more expensive Foodtown or the budget Three Guys discounter or Gubey’s as it was known in Auckland and walk out without feeling you had just been legally rorted to buy food.

    That was a simplistic view but comparing it to today ( technology aside ) being poor or average everyone had enough to live a good basic life and have access to health and government departments who were there to support not discriminate or deny you your rights so that could make a profit. Muldoon knew and understood the needs of the ordinary bloke he used to call them and the impact of extreme capitalism on everyday kiwi’s.

    Then on a rainy cold July night it was over and many fell for the wit and charm of Mr Lange and his plan for bringing the country together which at the time sounded so exciting as I never knew what a Labour government was or a PM other than Muldoon.

    My country changed so much in such a short time all off the back of the threat of bankruptcy and the IMF who encouraged Roger Douglas to do what was necessary and being told there was no alternative the more kiwi’s began to feel the heat of neo liberal policies.

    The rest is history but there is always alternatives to running your country as one large corporation. The last time I looked corporations exist to find ways to take your money and make a profit the cheapest way they can. Human considerations are exempt in the drive to enrich your shareholders and top executives and make sure they tell you they care only about you.

    The country was far from perfect under Muldoon and we faced the same pressures like inflation that apparently would vanish never to reappear under market settings and that deregulation would encourage competition and the lowering of prices but not at that supermarket as it turns out.

    Millennials and the generation after the great reset revolution are shocked and stunned when you tell them how different the country was when it came to supporting and ensuring that the fundamental’s of the economy was about serving the people and valuing their contribution and there is an alternative to neo liberal economics.

  17. “The decline of the West is not necessary or historically inevitable. It is the result of choosing policies dictated by its rentier interests. … The threat posed to society by rentier interests is the great challenge of every nation today: whether its government can restrict the dynamics of finance capitalism and prevent an oligarchy from dominating the state and enriching itself by imposing austerity on labor and industry. So far, the West has not risen to this challenge.” “There are essentially two types of society: mixed economies with public checks and balances, and oligarchies that dismantle and privatize the state, taking over its monetary and credit system, the land and basic infrastructure to enrich themselves but choking the economy, not helping it grow.”

  18. I disagree. What I read was interesting but I feel as if though there were more than a few generalisations. For example, there has been direct government involvement on at least two occasions in the last 35 years to keep electricity affordable for all New Zealanders as well as separate government backed initiatives to assist the vulnerable in paying their electric bills. There are similar scenarios in New Zealand for petrol, housing, and food.

  19. Agree entirely with your conclusion. I don’t agree the Left puts identity politics before everything else here in NZ. Rather twisted discourse on that score throughout.

    If democracy doesn’t get its way, fascism gets its way. Hear, rich short-term fucks. But then again the Industrial Revolution is, to most intelligent minds, short-term Resources. It’s a slim run thing, my middle age comfortable continuance, let alone our youngers’ more desperate existilences.

    The real tragedy is the real Left’s point of view has been purged from our MSM. Our parallel to America’s Supreme Court deciding everything.


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