“The Old World is over, but don’t blame us, blame yourselves!” – President Putin


Malcolm Evans reports on an article published by the Counter-currents Collective; www.countercurrents.org

Speaking to the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) last Friday, Russia’s President Putin said, “New centres of power have emerged, the unipolar world order is not coming back, and the “colonial” way of thinking has failed.

When the U.S. declared victory in the Cold War, Americans designated themselves the “messengers of God on earth,” with interests that should be considered sacred and no obligations, Putin told the audience at SPIEF. New centres of power have since emerged, and have the right to protect their own systems, economic models and sovereignty.

These “truly revolutionary, tectonic changes in geopolitics, the global economy, in the technological sphere, in the entire system of international relations,” are “fundamental, pivotal and inexorable,” Putin said. “And It is a mistake to suggest that one can wait out the times of turbulent change and that things will return to normal; that everything will be as it was. It will not.”

When the U.S. and its allies launched the campaign to “cancel” Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, they hoped to crash and undermine the Russian economy and society. The sanctions have instead boomeranged on their creators, aggravating social and economic problems, driving up the cost of food, electricity and fuel, and hurting the quality of life across the West, but especially in Europe.

“The European Union has completely lost its political sovereignty, and its bureaucratic elites are dancing to someone else’s tune, he said. “…accepting whatever they are told from above, causing harm to their own population and their own economy.”.

EU citizens will pay the price for “decisions divorced from reality and taken contrary to common sense,” he added, as direct losses from the sanctions alone could exceed $400 billion in a year.

“Truly sovereign states are always committed to equal partnerships,” while “those who are weak and dependent, as a rule, are busy looking for enemies, planting xenophobia, or finally losing their originality, independence, blindly following the overlord,”

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Blaming the high energy prices and inflation in the West on Russia – “Putin’s price hike,” as the White House put it – is a “stupidity” and “designed for people who cannot read or write,” the Russian president said.

“Don’t blame us, blame yourselves,” Putin said.

According to the Russian leader, both the U.S. and the EU addressed the Covid-19 pandemic by printing trillions of dollars and euros.

Policies undertaken by EU and U.S. leaders are exacerbating inequalities and divisions in their societies, not just in terms of welfare but in terms of values and orientations of various groups, Putin said.

“Such a detachment from reality, from the demands of society, will inevitably lead to a surge of populism and the growth of radical movements, to serious social and economic changes, to degradation and, in the near future, to a change of elites,” the Russian leader said.

U.S. and EU sanctions against Russia – in particular fertilizer and grain exports – are one of the reasons for growing global food insecurity, Putin pointed out. If there is famine in the world’s poorest countries, “this will be entirely on the conscience of the US administration and the European bureaucracy.”

Troubles with food supply have arisen over the past several years – not months – due to the “short-sighted actions of those who are accustomed to solving their problems at someone else’s expense,” distorting the trade flows by printing money in a sort of “predatory colonial policy,” Putin said.

Russia is ready to send food to Africa and the Middle East, where the threat of famine is most acute, but faces “logistical, financial, transport” obstacles imposed by the West, he said.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine in February because the West refused to abide by its obligations, and it was “simply impossible to reach any new agreements with them,” Putin said. The decision was “forced, but necessary,” as Russia had every right as a sovereign country to defend its security and protect its citizens and residents of Donbass from “genocide by the Kiev regime and neo-Nazis who received the full protection of the West.”

The West spent years turning Ukraine into an “anti-Russia” state and pumping it with weapons and military advisers, Putin said, pointing out they “did not give a damn” about Ukraine’s economy or the lives of its people, but “spared no expense to create a NATO foothold in the east, directed against Russia, to cultivate aggression, hatred and Russophobia.”

“All the objectives of the special military operation will be unconditionally achieved,” Putin said.

In the 21st century, sovereignty cannot be partial, Putin argued. All of its elements are equally important and complement each other, and the economy is one of them. There are five key principles Russia will follow in economic development: Openness, freedom, social justice, infrastructure, and technological sovereignty.

Russia will “never follow the path of self-isolation and autarky,” but will expand interactions with anyone who wishes to trade, Putin said, adding there are “many such countries.” Moscow will also support private enterprise, build and repair its transportation infrastructure, seek to reduce social inequality, and ensure its key technologies are not dependent on foreign imports.

“Truly sovereign states are always committed to equal partnerships,” while “those who are weak and dependent, as a rule, are busy looking for enemies, planting xenophobia, or finally losing their originality, independence, blindly following the overlord,” he said.

The full article, of which this report is part, can be accessed here

Geopolitical Update: The Old World Is Over, Says Putin| Countercurrents


  1. “EU citizens will pay the price for “decisions divorced from reality and taken contrary to common sense,” he added”

    Its true that the west deserve to lose, for being a dumb arse.

    When I was recently attending a free public lecture at the UOA, I was reading the noticeboards and the many requests of students for volunteer’s to participate in their neurological studies.

    None of this research involved any imputation of how food and things like caffeine or social drinking would affect the outcome of this ‘scientific’ research. Just like western medical science pays no heed to input by mouth.

    So output by arse is basically dumb shit as a result.
    The west has lost its way due to money grubbing institutions at the helm. Practising bad science whilst thinking its good science is like praying to a false god.

    Even the Chinese and Indian science/spirit cultures respects the impact on health of what enters the body via mouth, eyes, nose and ears. Its not rocket science.

    Governments putting their head in the sand so corporations can run riot and ruin the people for profit will not end well for the west. Imagine being the head of the household and putting something in the evening meal so you can maintain authority over your weakened spawn. So your sons dont challenge you for the golden apple. How will your seed end?

    The west deserves to lose for being a dumb arse, and saying 2+2=5.

    Orwells 1984 was spot on.

  2. Yes, Malcolm. The empires of the past and present are dead. Long live the Emperor!

    The BRICS plus the 20 countries in south America as well as more African nations sign up to trade with China and Russia and the BRICS. The west is dead.

    People need to learn how to count. All those countries with their population, and economic capacity as well as natural resources, manufacturing base are in their ascendancy.
    And no unipolar one world order as Biden has tried to promote lately can exist or ignore them. Or if they do, it’s at their peril.

    Lil ole NZs problem is it’s colonial bond to the dead empire(s) and it’s poor leader signing up to the old world order because she feels she has too.

    Let’s hope this doesn’t end badly for us because she will probably not be around for long.

    Neutral and hidden in the deep south is where we should stay. We are at the arse end of the world and on the way to nowhere, the last stop.

    A bit of Mana Motuhake about now wouldn’t be so bad with the pending GFC MKII apocalypse about to happen.

  3. While I can recognize the wrong action of the western nations Putin is the last person I would be relying on for an objective opinion on the subject.

    • Recoiling in horror after the American filth destroyed Libya, Putin stopped America from murdering millions more in Syria and Iran. Noone has done more to fight back against the enemies of humanity.

      • It was Sunni jihadist “filth” murdering Christians, Yazidi, Shi’ites, Alawites and Kurds in Syria John as we well know. Obama was just idiotic enough to fund them (together with duplicitous Saudi and Turkey) for a while before he resiled from his infamous red line. Add Putin to your “enemies of humanity” for extending the arena of the Russian/US proxy war to Syria and complicating the existing sectarian conflict inaugurated by the Brotherhood and Khomeini.

    • why bonnie? there are many negatives to being ex-KGB but stupidity isn’t one of them, and if there was one fact based assessment of the soviet economy it was the KGBs one (hence andropov)
      now if you want to say it’s political flim flam on putins part you may be right but he’s more intellectually capable than many pollies.

  4. Putin has already declared his intent, to de-Nazify NATO, starting with Ukraine. He has said of nuclear war Russians will go to heaven and their enemies will just die – the standard line of all Tsars.

    • Gaby – didn’t communism die in Russia with the fall of the USSR 1989 – 90?
      Putin is now a capitalist, oligarchic western-style drek.
      If you are referring only to Evans, I’d say you have a minority opinion. He may be a dissident in his opinions, but where is your proof of his actual communism?

      • Russia may have embraced state capitalism, but its democratic links are weak and it is still rooted in its communist past. Witness how long Putin has been in power, liquidating and imprisoning opponents in good old bolshevik style. Russia has a long history of persecuting Jews and undermining Israel to curry favour with the Arabs, being the main instigator of the 1967 war. Hence, Evans support for this woeful apology of a nation.

        • Putin is a fascist, not a communist, and so are the leaders of Israel and many of the Arab states too.
          There are many good people in Israel, but that does not undermine the claim of the indigenous Palestinians to their freedom and their land. The actions of the leaders of Arab nations are not their responsibility, as they did not elect them, and do not live in those countries. The majority of the Israeli people, on the other hand, did elect the racist murderers and thieves that dominate the Israeli government.

          • Israel is the ONLY democracy in the ME and the Jews who live there have every right to defend themselves against Islamist, fascist, jihadist thugs. Haven’t caught up that Hamas and the PLO are proscribed terrorist groups yet? You reek of hateful antisemitism.

            • Hear hear!

              BTW, Gaby – your house – actually on my iwi’s ancestral land. Cousins will be over shortly, shove you in a room, and decide what to do with you. I’m sure you’re cool with that.

              • Palestinians presumably are exempt from your utu. What happens to our other Middle Eastern refugees and migrants?

    • oh so the ukraianian nazis you personally support and their holocaust collaborator grandfathers aren’t anti semites then gaby?
      interesting thesis…is that the official ultra orthodox line now?

      • Who said I support Ukraine? I certainly support their courageous Jewish President of a genuine democracy. The Nazis had despicable collaborators in every country they took over, and lots of support from the antisemitic Arab/Muslim world. Do you still call all Germans Nazis? You support the Palestinians whose leader was a close pal of Hitler. Shot in the foot again, space boy (space between the ears, that is).

        • you have defended ukrainian ‘nationalists’ here on this blog gaby..go ask Azov battalion if they welcome jewish volunteers

          and just so you know ‘state capitalism’ WAS the soviet system, russia is now an oligarchic dictatorship, please at least try to get the basics right,

          • Never heard of Putin’s Wagner Brigade mercenaries, space man? If you want fascist Nazi killers, they’re your boys. Russia is proof that you can’t graft democracy on to centuries of autocratic repression, which is still continuing under an elitist kleptocracy. The more things change….Try to get the facts right.

            • yes gaby but the fact that russia has nationalist extremists doesn’t mean ukrainian not nazis…

              false equivalence is never a strong argument

              though I must say hating russians solely because they are russian makes a change from your ritual hatred of arabs just because they’re arabs, so congrats on broadening your horizons.

  5. The Herald ran an article just today about another “Russian disinformation campaign”, which in all likelihood had nothing to do with the country and it’s people and everything to do with America and it’s lapdogs not getting their way. The propagandists of the Five bung Eyes now use the word ‘Russia’ as a stand in for all the evils of world, used to describe everything from ‘dissenters’ who don’t align with total Western hegemony (i.e. those daring to question the current narrative using fact-based journalism) to the ‘Russian curse’ which caused them to spill their coffee or stub their toe or even lose an election. They appear to be presenting with some type of mental disorder, a neurosis which may evolve from simple compulsion or tic (for example exhibiting tourettes outbursts such as “f#*k Russia” every so often) but which could lead to serious outcomes for society if not treated (far right pathologies). Look to these Russiaphobe fanatics if you would like to observe projection, falsehoods, conspiracy theories, moral degeneracy, media manipulation, legal disrepute, economic piracy, violence as virtue and geopolitical interference in action today.

  6. I can’t believe some of the comments I’m reading on this site….as I said in another article , Putin is a mafia thug and he got there by being the nastiest of the bunch….Ukraine is just an expansion of his patch for more money and resources and power….there will be more countries lined up to invade as he pleases…Xi in China is doing the …same same but different …as they say in Asia..Xi is a mafia boss but more sneaky…give him time and Taiwan will fall…I think he’s just watching the west’s reaction to Ukraine….The west are at the moment a bunch of soft cocks who seem to be more concerned about trans folk having hurt feelings and creating areas in town where you can drink coffee with diversity….Perfect situation for a mafia boss with expansion on his mind….You lot who trash the west , or the USA in particular , and you have every reason , they are jolly rat bags…no doubt about that…but the reason we enjoy the standard of living that we have is because of Uncle Sam being the self imposed self interest policeman….If for some reason USA was not here, then another country would be claiming New Zealand and we would be gone , or slaves or if we were lucky….no more dailyblog….we are defenceless here in New Zealand to a Putin or Xi……or who ever….there are many countries who would like to have our resources I’m sure….no treaty…sound familiar……

    • If we become a Russian colony at least fluoride would be removed from the water, ractopamine from pig fed…. et al, probably a whole swag more
      Women will have large full bosoms once again, men’s penis’s would get bigger again…

      The poisons/chemicals in our food supply will be removed to Russian standards , if we are compliant I suppose

      some things will get better

      • One might have expected an improvement in the Russian diet with McDonalds’ departure, but the silly buggers have gone and replaced it with something similar.

      • Normally Hedlok large full bosoms come with large full arses….I’ve seen the Russian full figure lady while on holiday in Asia…I would rather have fluoride and the pork additive if it came to a pinch…I wonder how Putin would divide our resources and to whom…electricity, gas , oil, minerals, farmland , forestry would go to family and friends …I’m not sure of his ratio…maybe 50/50….not sure….Russia knows our deep water fishing territories as they have fished here for years…a nice wee earner for the gymnast lass…good ports for the navy and getting their grubby little hands on the five eyes complex intact would great for the spies….As you say hedlok…some things will get better…but for who…???

    • I quite admire Don Corleone
      ..came from nothing and took care of his own…a capitalist wet dream if ever there was one.

  7. Sadly we are experiencing the beginning of the 2nd cold war.
    Orchestrated by the usual western protagonists but with no surprise to Putin and his close advisors.
    They have been preparing for this eventuality because any US destabilisation is festooned with lies, propaganda and a hegemonic mentality.
    If only the Minsk agreements had been abided by. But of course, with the likes of Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt and company carrying out Washington’s/NATO’s plan, adherence was never a possibility.
    The Russian economy is stabilised by a highly productive energy sector and boasts a 17% debt to GDP ratio, in comparison the US is 133% debt to GDP.
    Instead of building closer trading ties with Europe in the West, now Putin will look to the East and a China/Russia commitment is enticing to many countries who do not follow the West’s idea of a (US) rules based world order.
    Unfortunately we have super powers involved militarily and it will only take a misstep or over reach on the part of a beleaguered small nation to spark WW3.
    Right on cue Lithuania has decided to blockade Kaliningrad.
    It is obvious the EU/NATO masters have played a coercive role and the response from Putin is that the Baltic will be used to freight whatever the people of Kaliningrad need.
    But an attempt to stop, threaten or attack any Russian freighter would immediately provoke a swift and terrifying response from Russia.
    The new head of the British Army is already making war-like comments and appears to be salivating at the thought of entering into a period of what would potentially be a global catastrophe.
    As a country who has a history of Western Alliances we are following the well beaten path of the hegemonic US and their cabal of dutiful lackeys.
    As per usual an excellent post Malcolm.

  8. What is the point of this article? Just quoting Putin verbatim and no analysis? Just seems to be an exercise in baiting all those closet Putinite nazis out there who hate America.
    If Putin is offering himself as the harbinger of the ‘New World’ then God help us, and I’m not religious.
    Putin who got shoulder tapped by the drunken Yeltsin as a suitable KGB thug to take the reins of the nuclear superpower with 6,000 nuclear warheads. The guy who, since his inception in 2000, has gradually destroyed every semblance of political freedom, created a police terror state, destroyed the free press, poisoned, jailed, killed and stifled any political opposition, concentrated the country’s wealth into the hands of a handful of similarly minded thugs, massively increased military spending and actively created a military mindset across Russian society starting with children (remember Hitler Youth?) and now a certifiable war criminal.
    Appalling human being. Who compares himself to Peter the Great! Whose 22 years of ego-driven hubris has resulted in the worst decision ever made by a Russian leader. Who has committed up to 30,000 young Russian males to die in a pointless war against their own neighbours with whom many have family ties, who has overseen the bombardment to rubble of entire cities while people lived in them! Apartment blocks attacked with missiles! Hospitals and killing pregnant women and their unborn babies, and around 300 children so far! How is this acceptable to any sane, thinking person?
    And this Putin who believes his own bullshit he sells to the gullible strongman-loving Russian people. Killing the Ukrainian Nazis?
    Yes, the Ukrainian Nationalists during WW2 sided with the invading Germans briefly because they hated the Russian dominance so much. But then they were targeted by the Germans so became exiled or fought back. The Nazis actually saw the Ukrainians as sub-human. This historical memory, though, seems to be what Putin is drawing on. There is obviously a general Russian feeling that the Ukrainians once sided with the greatest genocidal maniacs to ever set foot in Russia, no matter that these same maniacs killed millions of Ukrainians as well.
    Barely 2% of the vote has gone to far-right groups in the Ukrainian elections. Every country has its nazis, but check the percentages. Denazifying Ukraine with a cruel war to eliminate 2%? Putin’s argument is ludicrous. The Azov regiment supposedly had far-right links but had apparently moderated their views in the process of assimilation into the regular army. So, tellingly, Putin saw a big prize in capturing the survivors of this regiment in Mariupol and has played on it with some very scary scenarios that could develop for these prisoners of war. So much for the Geneva Convention. We haven’t heard any news of them since their capture except some Russian extremist in a government position calling for the death penalty.
    So, Putin’s ‘New World’ be damned. I hate fascist thugs and I can smell them a mile off. I knew Putin was a gangster back in 2006 when he had the critical journalist Anna Politkovskaya gunned down in her Moscow apartment. The guy’s been poisoning and murdering his critics on a regular basis since that time. Nikolai Glushkov, a Putin critic, was strangled in his London home. A Russian exile, the business dude was found dead in south-west London in March 2018.
    If you really want to know what a bastard old Vlad is though, read the book written by former Russian spy and Kremlin critic, Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with a radioactive substance and died a terrible death in 2006, the same year as Anna Politkovskaya. Litvinenko’s book is a shocker, a real eye-opener, a complete and utter exposes of a dangerous Hitlerian thug. The world was told as far back as then, so now we shouldn’t be shocked, right?
    So Putin has shown his true colours now to the West. And they should really be welcoming him to their club, since the post-WW2 American presidents have all excelled in war crimes. Putin is by far the most irresponsible world leader since…Dubya!. But let’s not all start hating on America for that, we’ve all done our hating on America, as far back as the 80s and the time when the World Court found the US guilty of violent aggression in Nicaragua and ordered them to stop. Instead, Washington and the Pentagon ignored the World Court, ignored the UN resolution against them and just carried on bombing a small defenceless country to mud and rubble, killing tens of thousands. (Anyone heard the Clash album?). Yes, we all hate on America, we hated on America then, and many of us could see plainly that they had something of a minor punishment for their crimes with 9/11.
    How this all ends is anyone’s guess. Will Ukraine prevail? Will they get enough weapons and in time, provided by NATO? Will Putin be deposed somehow? Will one of his generals risk all for the sake of Mother Russia? Will the generals rise up in unisen? Will a Ukrainian hit squad finally rid the world of this monster? Will China open up a Pacific theatre to WW3? It’s all incredibly frightening. And we have no influential world voice against an ensuing arms race and global militarisation. And we have a great anti-nuclear tradition in Aotearoa/New Zealand, instigated by the great Labour leaders Norman Kirk and David Lange. Ardern has already forcefully announced her commitment to that stance, so let’s hope she can bring some kind of sanity to the table at the NATO meeting next week.
    But for my money the best theory I’ve read is that every century has it’s real beginning at between 14 and 22 years in. Waterloo – 1815, WW1- 1914, Russo-Ukrainian War, 2022.

      • My bullshit detector triggered immediately. Another book to sell, more tales to tell.

        Putin’s People
        How the KGB Took Back Russia and then Took on the West
        Catherine Belton


        ‘The Putin book that we’ve been waiting for’ Oliver Bullough, author of Moneyland

        ‘Books about modern Russia abound … Belton has surpassed them all. Her much-awaited book is the best and most important on modern Russia’ The Times

        A chilling and revelatory expose of the KGB’s renaissance, Putin’s rise to power, and how Russian black cash is subverting the world.

        In Putin’s People, former Moscow correspondent and investigative journalist Catherine Belton reveals the untold story of how Vladimir Putin and his entourage of KGB men seized power in Russia and built a new league of oligarchs.

        Through exclusive interviews with key inside players, Belton tells how Putin’s people conducted their relentless seizure of private companies, took over the economy, siphoned billions, blurred the lines between organised crime and political powers, shut down opponents, and then used their riches and power to extend influence in the West.

        In a story that ranges from Moscow to London, Switzerland and Trump’s America, Putin’s People is a gripping and terrifying account of how hopes for the new Russia went astray, with stark consequences for its inhabitants and, increasingly, the world.

        ‘A fearless, fascinating account … Reads at times like a John le Carré novel … A groundbreaking and meticulously researched anatomy of the Putin regime, Belton’s book shines a light on the pernicious threats Russian money and influence now pose to the west’ Guardian

  9. And don’t mention the US. It’s their proxy war against Russia because the US military-industrial complex needs a war to generate arms sales. Well over $54b worth so far from the US alone!

    How many months was it between the Afghanistan war ending and this proxy US anti Russian war in the cannon fodder plains of the Ukraine? 3 or 4 months?

    From memory. I think Napoleon was one of very few if not the only one to reach Moscow before he got his arse chased out and kicked all the way back to France in the early 18th century.

    I don’t think Austin, Jen Stolenburger or Usla Lendehosen and the Asov Nazis are even in the same league as Nepoleon to get close to Russias border let alone regain what ground they’ve lost to Putin’s military forces.

    As the recently retired Commander of the US/EU Forces in Europe, S.Twitty said,” the Russian military are the most efficient military fighting force in this modern world. The reason why the Azsov military presented a list of weapons to the EU, US was because they had lost that many weapons and moreover the soldiers it takes to operate them. At least 15,000 military personnel would be needed to operate all of those weapons. That tells you who is losing and it’s not Russia.”

    He was, is advocating for diplomacy now because he believes that at this stage before the onset of a Russian winter. Ukraine is about to suffer a complete moral decline, weapons shortages and a untrained military that the Russian military machine will dismember and destroy. Come summer. It will be all over.

    So. Who thinks the US, EU and the Ukraine is ‘winning?’

    It’s only the people of the Ukraine who will continue to suffer and die if this US proxy war continues.

    • “Moscow before he got his arse chased out and kicked all the way back to France in the early 18th century.”
      I think it was in the early 19th century.

  10. A very very rare chance to hear from the other side. Noam Chomsky has said that he has never seen such censorship since WW2.


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