The Liberal Agenda: Paddy Gower on Booze review – 1 star



This series of ‘Paddy Gower on …” has now just become a group therapy session for Paddy.

Last doco it was ‘Paddy Gower on Hate’ where he got to have a counselling session on how guilty he was at interviewing crypto-facsists and why the next terror attack will be a white supremacist against Muslims because all white people are racists.

The week ‘Paddy Gower on Hate’ came out, an ISIS terrorist walked into a Supermarket in West Auckland and stabbed people.

He was shot dead.

He wasn’t a white supremacist.

This latest doco it’s all about Paddy having a booze problem which I have no interest in.

It could have been a doco about how the barely regulated Booze Industry manipulate us and push their profits for their own benefit. It could have been about how communities can’t push the booze paddlers out, it could have been a thousand bloody things about how we are a nation of alcoholics, it wasn’t any of that, it was a personal journey by Paddy to try and come up with another topic for his doco series.

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I can’t blame this tedious crap on Paddy, the drive for more female viewers and making all content about your ‘feelings’ where personal subjective experience trumps all else is the norm these days, so this dreck is as good as documentaries get on TV now.

I can’t wait for ‘Paddy Gower on bum cancer’, ‘Paddy Gower on dating” and “Paddy Gower on  getting a pet”.

Documentaries like this are why we are a nation of morons.

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  1. Females as in gestational carrier or Eddie Izzard? whom do you think Paddy Gower is trying to attract for his TV shows?

  2. It’s a shame some non-entity celeb didn’t make that “doco”. Do we call things like these documentaries these days? I ‘spose it was an attempt at documenting Peddy Gear’s life and times.
    Let’s wait tho’ and see what comes of the rest of it.
    “It could have been a doco about how the barely regulated Booze Industry manipulate us and push their profits for their own benefit. ” Let’s hope the follow up discussions deal with just that.

    Equally as bad was the look-at-moi look-at-moi in the STUFF review. I’ll be nominating Amberleigh Jack for martyrdom as she appears to have experienced what many others have had to do (i.e. nursing their beloved through the likes of various addictions and things like liver cancer). The world loves you for it, and surely you’ll be rewarded in your career. Meanwhile, reward yourself with a bit of a lay down petal, because shit happens and there is a lot more of it to come.

  3. Careful everyone. critisising Paddy’s Doc might put you in the closet alcoholic group. Apparently there is some follow up paddy program tonight. I tried to take it seriously but when it became a Paddy fest, I switched. Common sense tells most of us that excessive drinking is bad and we need to be aware of our consumption of alcohol and not over enjoy ourselves. We don’t need Paddy to tell us that. Those who loose it in public or at home on a regular basis need encouragement for counselling or AA. I believe overall the young drink less than my generation did but they top up with drugs where we didn’t so much. The young liberated females seem to drink to excess in public more, and that can be an issue for them. The students public drinking on the streets in Dunedin needs to be stopped in my opinion. You get the feeling the authorities there like the advertisement for Dunedin to be a fun place to get pissed,I mean educated. Paddy’s program may have worked for me if Paddy wasn’t in it. His need to get pissed for the program to show us how bad his problem is didn’t hit the mark for me.

  4. Thanks for watching Martyn. I never had any intention of watching but you’ve confirmed my suspicions that the whole program was about himself.

    Your service has been noted

  5. We are not a nation of morons, its just that the morons have been running this circus show for decades. Dont ask me how. We sure need to seize control again. Unfortunately only in the chaos and destruction unleashed on us by climate, plague, war, cultural rot and imploding debt bubbles is there any chance of forging a new political vision to guide us to survival and some kind of livable circumstance on Pilocene Earth.

  6. There is obviously a wowser crusade being pushed by Swarbrick with her bill being touted on morning TV and tea totler Luxon being consulted.
    Massive hipocrisy of the Greens pushing for legalizing marijuana which can have negative mental health consequences, while going preachy on evil alcohol strangely didn’t get a mention.
    I wish Gower all the best with his journey of self betterment but just because you have a megaphone doesn’t mean you should always be shouting.

  7. I watched it, frankly I thought Guyon Espiner’s was stunning and this yes mostly about Paddy. Lucky man he managed to make a doco watched by lots of people which also got him off the booze.

    I am interested in the panel discussion although I doubt the ability of the people in it. I wish they had had the dude from Otago Univ. who has been working on this problem forever.

    Fascinating to see the experiment in Iceland, so good, clearly a more manageable or compliant population. If we did this we would be told endlessly that we now had Nanny state. But there are so many other things we should be doing, get booze out of supermarkets so it doesn’t become so easy to add it to the shopping list, don’t give the booze businesses and marketers free reign to advertise when and where in our society. Let communities make decisions about whether they want a booze outlet in their community.

    Get everyone into full and proper employment with a liveable wage and a future, much boozing is about blotting out what the future holes.

  8. From this article I get the impression anyone is woke if they don’t agree with Martyn which is not his usual practice. While I am not a Gower fan he put forward his experience along with the example of Iceland & the cost to NZ of alcohol (about 4 times the tax received on selling it) so it is unfair to say that there was nothing useful in it. Evidently, there is another episode tonight so shooting the messenger before seeing all the messages is a bit rushed in my view.

    • Agreed. I’ve been on a similar path to Paddy. It’s a conversation we need to have, and I think it being “all about Paddy” is precisely the point. It’s not always “somebody else” that has the issue

    • “the cost to NZ of alcohol” here comes the accounts division of the fun police!

      Alcohol is a traditional part of kiwi (settler) culture. Sailors, Sealers, Bush Fellers, Shearers, Wharfies, Dam Construction Workers built this nation and alcoholic relief helped them do it. Paddy Glower, a neo-wowser.

  9. Heehee I enjoyed the article on that smug git Gower.
    It’s really the same old boring stuff he churns out. I wonder what planet he lives on…
    “Planet Paddy” me finks!

  10. it’s the usual NZ media, don’t discuss the actual issue come up with some ‘human interest’ dreck..
    homeless people living in garages, ok lads find a dark skinned woman with 4 kids and preferably a disabled or autistic one if you can manage it….then we can get all sanctimonious about it and get our ‘poverty porn’ jollies whilst continuing to ignore the actual issue….

  11. I lost interest when he said he only knew he had a problem when Winston Peters drunk him under the table.

    In that case the whole of the country should be in AA.

  12. Paddy Gower is a fuckin lightweight – spare me the sob story. what’s this obsession with the dogs tail when the rest of the dog is okay with just being a dog.

  13. on the day they ban sav blanc I’ll believe they mean it but they won’t because they don’t Karen drinking 2 bottles every night is ‘reliving stress’ a homeless man drinking strong lager from a can has an alcohol problem.

    and yes we have a booze problem in this country but finger wagging just makes the ‘wagger’ feel sanctimonious it doesn’t help anything…especially when half the ‘waggers’ are drunken karens.

  14. I didn’t watch Paddy Gower’s mementory, however as much as alcohol is a curse for some is Christopher Luxon the only tee totaller in Parliment, every where you look he’s on the front page. I wonder if he smokes, goes to the toilet ,eats etc.etc. . I know boring right.

  15. God if I was Patrick Gower I would drink heavily too.

    Gower was one ok Key’s media assassin’s and took great delight in calling Cunlife a liar in live TV.

    Bombers description of him in earlier posts was accurate…a chipmunk on meth.

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