A very English Coup d’Etat


Malcolm Evans reports on an article published on independent UK electronic news platform, The Grayzone.

From a landslide election victory two years ago to barely surviving a vote of no confidence last week, Boris Johnson’s hold on the keys of 10 Downing Street may have been further shaken by “a bombshell report” seriously questioning how he came to be PM in the first place.

Published by The Grayzone, an independent electronic news platform founded in 2015 by award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal, “to shine a journalistic light on America’s state of perpetual war,” the report claims Johnson’s election was engineered by “a clique of current and former defence and intelligence officials backed by shady aristocratic financiers. 

Citing a tranche of leaked emails and documents, The Grayzone says; “they expose the dimensions of a wide-ranging conspiracy managed by a shadowy ‘cabal’ of hard-core EU-leavers to sabotage former Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, remove her from office, replace her with Boris Johnson, and secure a ‘hard’ withdrawal from the European Union.”

“The emails and documents represent but a negligible fraction of a gargantuan tranche of leaked files. But even this provides a frighteningly candid glimpse of how power truly operates in Britain, and in whose interests it is ultimately exerted,” The Grayzone asserts.

The leaked material “demonstrates that a group of operatives linked to the intelligence services and wealthy, reclusive pro-Brexit financiers spied on campaign groups, infiltrated the civil service, and targeted high-profile UE-remainers with reputational destruction.” 

While the majority of British voters elected to leave the EU, this clique of mostly unknown “influence agents” sought to subvert the process and manage it according to their own elite “hard exit.”. Among the cabal’s key objectives was the strengthening of the security relationship between London and Washington, with the aim of supplanting EU authority with more substantial US oversight.

The tranche of emails, which The Grayzone says would be impossible to counterfeit or to doctor, were shared with it anonymously, but, “their authenticity has been verified through analysis of the associated metadata, together with other evidentiary sources.” 

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The Guardian newspaper dismissed the report as being the work of Russian hackers but, even if that were the case, that doesn’t necessarily detract from their validity. Indeed, if, as Malcolm Muggeridge said; “News is something that somebody somewhere doesn’t want published…..” it follows that reports like this are most likely to surface as a result of covert activity. And there are plenty of examples of major news stories emerging from just such sources; The Watergate Affair; The Pentagon papers, The Winebox Papers, The Paradise Papers, for instance. 

And that the media establishment would be disparaging of such material is not surprising, especially when viewed against its refusal to support, or even report on, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s years-long fight to avoid extradition to the United States, where he faces several life sentences for revealing documents exposing The West’s involvement in political espionage, up to and including the commission of war crimes.

That said, it’s not as if secret efforts to subvert the tenure of democratically elected British governments is anything new. While the records of the Tower of London attest to the fact that it’s been going on for centuries, more recently Harold Wilson’s premature exit from office, which the Guardian subsequently described as “Britain’s Watergate,” was linked to a very serious coup attempt by a cabal of British secret service and British military connections. 

Reporting the affair the Guardian said that, fearing the country was out of control and that Wilson lacked either the will or the desire to stand firm, retired intelligence officers and military brass plotted to seize Heathrow airport, the BBC and Buckingham Palace. Lord Mountbatten was tipped to be the interim Prime Minister and the Queen was to read a statement urging the public to support the armed forces, because the government was no longer able to keep order.

And then there’s the numerous examples of CIA interference in foreign countries’ elections, not least that reported in Time magazine, July 15 1996, which details how the US engineered the election of Boris Yeltsin. 

And let’s not forget that the US-engineered coup in Ukraine, in 2014, is directly responsible for the war between it and Russia today, which, as we speak, has the world closer to a global conflagration than it has been since the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962.

And then again, as detailed in a recent Chris Trotter article on TDB, there’s the example of NZ’s own security services, in the mid 1970s, leaking a story to The NZ Truth, “outing” Bill Sutch as a Russian spy (a charge of which he was later acquitted) to undermine his department’s influence on New Zealand Government policy.  

Since the activities of those exposed in the Grayzone article are so flagrantly anti-democratic that they could lead to criminal investigations of at least some of the players involved, the public interest in this report is abundantly clear.

The cabal is reported to be have been led by Gwythian Prins, a member of the Chief of Defence Staff’s Strategy Advisory Panel, former NATO and Ministry of Defence advisor, and board member of pro-Brexit group Veterans for Britain.  And he is joined by former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, who is frequently dubbed “C” in the leaked emails, a reference to the operational initial granted to all heads of Britain’s foreign intelligence service. 

The Grayzone article says Dearlove’s MI6 tenure, from 1999 through to 2004, was typified by controversy.  Thanks largely to the deceptions he advanced to justify the war on Iraq, Dearlove was ultimately singled out by an official inquiry which found he had directly passed on bogus intelligence testifying to the existence of Baghdad’s non-existent WMD, to then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.

And then there’s the New Zealand connection; The Grayzone reports that the cabal’s purpose was to ferociously oppose any arrangement that would keep Britain tethered to Brussels’ defence structures and obligations, contending that it would undermine the US and UK-led ‘Five Eyes’ global spying network, of which New Zealand is a member. 

Among the leaked files cited in the report is one authored by Prins, in August 2018, which spells out the cabal’s “bold and malicious objectives,” culminating later in an email revealing highly sensitive briefings on EU withdrawal, meant for Prime Minister May, being passed to Dearlove, with Prins declaring, “Here is her war plan. Now kill her and it.” 

Funding for what Dearlove described as; “A very English Coup d’Etat,” is said to have been supplied by wealthy backers including Tim and Mary Clode, an aristocratic couple based in Jersey, a notorious British tax haven. And Julian ‘Toby’ Blackwell, owner of the Blackwell publishing empire, who has an SAS special forces background, is also said to have helped fund the operation. Described as, “an arch Brexiteer and multimillionaire,” Blackwell’s Who’s Who entry lists his hobbies as “fighting Eurocrats and chopping firewood.”

A subsequent email from Prins revealed that the covert effort to “penetrate the enemy’s inner councils” would be led by former SIS (MI6 Secret Intelligence Service) operatives, connected to the notorious lobbying firm Crosby-Textor

In April 2019, Crosby-Textor was exposed as the hidden hand behind a series of bogus social media accounts targeting millions of British voters with ads extolling the virtues of a ‘Hard Brexit,’ and urging viewers to “chuck Chequers.” 

Boris Johnson took over as prime minister in July 2019, promising to “get Brexit done” after accusing his predecessor and fellow Tory Theresa May of being too soft on Brussels in negotiations. Brexit stepped into effect on 31 January 2020 after months of gruelling talks.

Of course all efforts to lobby, persuade or engineer political change can be cast in a conspiratorial light, but when the identities of those involved are hidden from the public, and then, when subsequently exposed, are seen to have acted clandestinely, the apostles of democracy have a right to ask; “What’s going on here?” 

All but one of the cabal members and funders exposed in this report ignored repeated requests from The Grayzone for comment. That lone exception was Evelyn Farr, the cabal’s mole in the British civil service. Reached by The Grayzone at a phone number listed on her CV, Ms. Farr reacted with alarm. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know who you are, or why you’ve got this number, and I haven’t gotten a clue what you’re talking about,” an audibly startled Farr proclaimed.

And when asked if she had worked to sabotage the Brexit process from behind the scenes, she hung up.

Since initiating these inquiries, the email account of Kit Klarenberg, the Grayzone journalist who wrote this article, has experienced numerous attempted break-ins.

References; https://thegrayzone.com/2022/05/15/operation-leaked-emails-intelligence-coup-boris-johnson/







  1. Yes well, there were also senior British military figures who threatened their own Coup d’Etat in the tabloid press, if Jeremy Corbyn were to ever be elected as PM. And the shameful pro Israeli campaign run against him.

    Corbyn blundered tactically on Brexit. All he had to say was “we will respect the result of the vote AND introduce our plans for renationalisation of strategic infrastructure and widespread reforms.

    Lets see how the veracity of the Grayzone claims play out in the coming months.

    • Hardly surprising to see the Guardian trying to cover up these revelations with conspiracy theories- they were deeply involved in spreading false accusations of ‘anti-semitism’ against Jeremy Corbyn, for his despicable crime of ‘considering Palestinians human beings’.

      The Guardian has lacked any credibility since they joined the chorus of baying intelligence establishment dogs blaming Julian Assange for revealing the identity of traitors who spied for the US, after it was a Guardian editor, David Leigh, who through sheer stupidity revealed the key to decrypt documents which exposed the identities of these criminal, nation-destroying, American-loving scum.

      • in the last 20yrs the grauniad has abdicated any role as a news outlet and become a middle class lifestyle mag…just like stuff

        war in the ukraine, why putin is lucifer incarnate
        my avacado and bacon hell
        101 shades of off-white for your wet room
        massacre (always females) in ——-(fill in trouble spot of your choice)
        WE MUST …… (insert cause of the week)
        how pilates can help your sex life
        ground breaking artist produces derivative innocuous art

  2. So it is revealed that a whole bunch of British citizens campaigned to ensure Brexit happened. Who would have guessed?

    Isn’t that political activists do? Raise money and lobby for their causes. It was hardly a secret that a whole lot of British people wanted a hard Brexit. Heard of Nigel Farange? I am pretty sure he got lots of funding from well heeled supporters.

    • Thank you for that observation Wayne, quite correct. Of course every interested party tried to spin it, that is democracy in action. The term Remoaners seems appropriate for those who dont want democracy to decide unless its in their favour.

      • But didn’t some people weight their dice with lies as a way to spin Brexit their way? The bus with an advert sponsored by UKIP or the Brexit Party going round with a lie about huge amounts being freed up to go to the struggling NHS, and then Nigel Farage and others talking to USA medicare businesses which seemed suspicious! Seems to me that we have an Emperor with no clothes on here, but most don’t want to notice.

  3. the whole brexit debacle was supported by the media, much as the bbc might try now with the odd semi confrontational interview to appear ‘edgy’ they were right behind the tories on this one.

    what does give me a sliver of pleasure is the ‘I don’t like darkies’ brexit gammons are now silenced because borises cabinet is full of the sons and daughters of economic migrants and they now run the UK..and who because they come from caste based societies are even more rightwing and uncaring than bog standard white van tory bigots….revenge for the RAJ in action and the dumbfuck brexshiteers can’t criticise or oppose it because they are ‘borises darkies’ watching them squirm gives me pleasure (I never said I was a ‘good’ person–brexshiteers discomfort pleases me)

    • Well of course only a bigoted ignoramus could possibly object to the UK being governed partly by laws made in Brussels. As for these “gammons” (I had to google this exotic word), maybe they’re less interested in the ethnicity of Johnson’s cabinet than you seem to be. Gotta love this quote:

      “because they come from caste based societies are even more rightwing and uncaring than bog standard white van tory bigots”

      So what were you saying about bigotry?

      • the UK as a member had vetos on all EU rules unlike now where they have to put up with what they’re given, the UK had many exceptions granted just to them because ‘tspeshul’…a lot of the rules were introduced and voted for by successive UK govts.
        Now being outside the club they have to obey any and all EU edicts (which they now have no influence over at all) if they want to export to the EU…SO YAY SOVREIGNTY(NOT) and nice blue passports printed by a french company in poland…YAY TAKING BACK CONTROL

        patel and sunak come from privileged backgrounds in caste based societies…that’s just a fact, like I carry northern english baggage, they carry their own cultural baggage.
        nice try on the racism front but no cigar pope.

        but your twisting and turning gives me the pleasure I mentioned above, so ta for that.

  4. except nick ‘project fear’ is now PROJECT FACT

    ‘WELCOME TO THE BREXIT SIR’ as the dutch customs say.

  5. You are a prisoner to conspiracy theories Malcolm. You are very wrong about Ukraine and I suggest you stay off this topic as you have zero credibility on this issue.

    • I suggest Cantabrian that you refrain from advancing old-school certainty on politics from a right-wing perspective that seems to be a continuing approach from the Canterbury region. Another sweeping comment to match yours. Probably either only has 20% correctness at most. I suggest you follow the advice given to Malcolm Evans.

      • Being anti Putin does not make one right wing Grey Warbler. I have a string of letters after my name that prove my authority in this area. I was actually planning research in Moscow and Kyiv before COVID and the war. It annoys me that commentators with no sense of the nuances of the region can postulate idiotic theories often to berate the EU and NATO. Russia is now a fascist state. The reforms of Gorbachev have been rolled back.Any opposition there is in jail. Ukraine is far from perfect as a democracy but it shows Russia that it is possible to run a country without locking up the opposition.

        • Well that is interesting and informative Cantabrian. Just don’t tell Mr Evans as follows: I suggest you stay off this topic as you have zero credibility on this issue. You don’t get to put down Evans llike that as a final judgment that would ban him.

          Where do you put forward your informed comment about Russia on this blog as I would like to read it and get more background to the regular facile putdowns of every Russian misdeed. Would we find it under Ben Morgan, Pat O’Dea or Buchanana anad Manning live broascasts?

        • Bit full of yourself ay Cantabrian . Having seen highly credentialed , many lettered experts making authoritative statements how Russia will lose this war and be crushed by western sanctions I have lost any respect for western intelligentsia excepting those who practice the physical sciences .
          All other sciences say political science , social sciences , the dismal science etc I regard essentially as Opinion sciences since they aren’t based on immutable laws .
          And your opinion in your last sentence is indisputably wrong I suggest widening your reading sources .

          • And the type of anti-intellectualism that you display ra, is typical of the contrarianism that pro-Putin supporters display. How is my last sentence ‘indisputably’ wrong? How can you show this with facts and logic? I have friends in Russia who would like to demonstrate against the war but can’t as they would be jailed. They look to Ukraine as a much freer society.

            • Should you present an argument against Malcoms views instead of making grandiose pronouncements about his lack of credibility based upon the intellectual authority conferred to you by the possession of credentials I might take you seriously .
              As for your offending sentence ” Ukraine is far from perfect as a democracy but it shows Russia that it is possible to run a country without locking up the opposition. ” you really don’t know about the jailed , tortured , disappeared members of the Ukrainian opposition ! Seriously ? What did you earn your letters for , Contemporary Dance maybe ?
              Finally to your charge of anti-intellectualism you do realize that when I say the physical sciences I don’t mean PE . I mean subjects like physics , maths , chemistry etc . And if you read what I wrote ( maybe read aloud to help you understand the context ) , since these sciences are based upon fundamental immutable LAWS then by inference any other ” science ” not derived from these laws is in fact an “opinion” science .
              Regards ra School Certificate english history geography

              • Name the members of the Ukrainian opposition that Zelensky locked up. You can’t count any of Yanukovich’s misdeeds against Yuliya Tymoshchenko because he was in the Russian camp anyway. Medvedchuk was detained after the war started.

          • No reply from you ra. You couldn’t find facts to back up your strange opinions. You are just a paper tiger.

            • Been too busy too indulge in as Mark Twain said in his pithy quote “arguments with stupid people .” Look it up very funny.

    • Cantabrian – you may be displaying an over-large amount of self-confidence regarding your own ability to discern the right path.

  6. Ah yes Mr. Evans. Boris Johnson couldn’t possibly have won the election without some “wide-ranging conspiracy”. No, surely the Devil himself must have been involved! Never mind that Johnson actually has some sensible policies, and was up against a hopeless and divided LINO party that couldn’t work out where it stood on Brexit – or on much else for that matter.

    • pope, sensible policies like…?
      please elucidate for us skeptics….increase tax, reduce food and employment standards or being an agent of anti-british interests you have a wide choice to pick from…g’wan entertain me.

      PS the UK labour party has been against the EU from day one…so no, starmers bumbling indecision just reflects traditional UK lab policy.

      • gagarin the British Labour Party has not been against the EU from day one! What tosh! It is only the anti Semitic left faction that has now largely departed the party that was against the EU. Mainly Trotskyites with some Stalinists thrown in.

        • leaving the EU has been UK lab policy since the UK joined…hence starmers current inability to articulate any view on brexit…if he actually did state a position you might have a point but like the careerist coward he is he can’t/wont.

          name the trotskyites and stalinists you speak of? the last maybe far left where the ‘militant’ mob and blair dealt to them.

          oh the old anti semitism (really anti corbyn) lie, some old school rank and file are excessively pro palestine but you find the real anti semites (holocaust deniers etc) on the right

          • Gargarin how do you account for Cathy Ashton serving as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs then? The MPs have broadly supportive of the EU. Party members not so much perhaps. I think you are being disingenuous here. Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn, Dennis Skinner are members of the ‘hard left’ who were expelled from the Labour Party.

            • the expulsion of actual labour activists by the UK LINOs rather proves my point….including Ken Loach FFS Ken fuckin Loach a man whos done more for the working class than anyone and I do mean anyone in the current UK lab quisling mob.

              congratulations on finding a labour member on an EU commitee, I’m sure lab had a few MEPs as well….as did the tories/ukip do you deduce from that that those parties are pro-europe? farage was a spy for ‘mutti’ all along?

    • Are you seriously pretending there wasn’t a foreign-controlled conspiracy to defame Jeremy Corbyn, as has been revealed by the exposure of that conspiracy’s report by whistleblowers like Seumas Milne and Karie Murphy?

      • I haven’t mentioned corbyn but as you ask yes there was a concerted media campaign against him from the media class most shamefully the UK LINOs…you expect the tories to be lying gobshites…’Mr Bland’ starmer will not be viewed kindly by history just like his war criminal mentor blair

  7. Sans reading this, can’t get wound up about my mother country like I can about America The UK follows the rules of centuries from Edward l’s parliament. On the other hand America is a plutocracy first and last, except for the twittering canaries saying that gas is yet to come. They twitter more musically than the less dramatic UK.

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