Trump’s Jan 6th attempted coup demands his expulsion from Republican Party


Nearly 20M watched Jan. 6 hearing: Nielsen

Nearly 20 million people watched Thursday night’s first hearing of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol across broadcast and cable news, according to preliminary ratings figures from Nielsen.

Each of the major broadcast television news networks preempted their regularly scheduled programming on Thursday to show continuous live coverage of the two-hour hearings. 

ABC took the largest haul of viewers, earning 4.8 million of them, while NBC and CBS carried 3.5 million and 3.3 million, respectively. 

On cable, MSNBC pulled in a whopping 4.1 million viewers during the hearings, nearly four times what the network averages on a typical weeknight. 

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Usually dominant Fox News Channel came in second place on cable on Thursday night, averaging 3 million viewers from 8 to 10 p.m. CNN came in third place with 2.6 million. 

Fox took criticism this week for its decision not to air continuous live coverage of the hearings on its main cable channel. The network did not preempt its regularly scheduled opinion shows, featuring hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

Fox News are such cowards they didn’t even carry the live hearing into Trump’s attempted coup. Seeing as many of the hosts were texting Trump’s administration during the Orange Lives Matter insurrection, their refusal to play it live and remind their banjo twanging redneck viewership that they are the baddies is such a spineless act of editorial cowardice and they should never be allowed to forget that shame.

Trump is the orange tumour of American fascism and his Beer Hall Putsch attempt here has to be investigated and exposed in all its hideousness so that the Republican leadership are embarrassed and humiliated by any association to a Leader who actively attempted to violently over throw a legitimate election.

Trump is a fascist and the Republican Party is crypto-fascist for having him as leader.

While economic issues are driving the politics of the mid terms, those tasked with representing democracy in America have an obligation to apply the torch of scrutiny to Trump’s attempted coup so that he’s never allowed anywhere near power ever again.

Trump’s malice, corruption and abuse of power has no place in a modern democracy and should never be rewarded by people of good conscience.


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  1. This is a partisan (the warmonger’s daughter doesn’t count) witch hunt that hasn’t uncovered anything truly shattering or different to what we already know.

    The bulk of America is more concerned in the cost of living at the moment and that this parade to political tone deafness continues reinforces polling that indicates >60% of Americans have an unfavorable view of the House.

    If Trump wins again in 2024 the Democrats have only themselves to blame.

    • Trump will win by a Landslide for the Third time
      unlike sleepy Joe he doesn’t need 2000 mules to create ballots,
      lol Trump got so many legitimate votes they had to stall the counting to unload pallets of
      freashly created ballots overnight .

      The magnetic doors of the Whitehouse can only be opened by the inside (controller)
      many undercover agents & prevocitotors like Ray Epps are yet to be charged.
      the’insurection’ lie is another ‘intelligence’ operation & another Russia,Russia ,Russia fraud.

      There is tons of evidence this showtrial is illegitimate but whats the bet the mods here can’t debate the facts so they just censor them
      (Btw – When you cut out a mans tounge it does not mean hes a liar
      but proves you are afaid of what he may say)

      • Harry Balls, love your alternative facts, however the true facts are there are many of ex Trump staff running for the hills. Why is that?

      • One of the problems is that the Trump cult has so many by the balls.

        “Trump’s malice, corruption and abuse of power has no place in a modern democracy and should never be rewarded by people of good conscience?”

        It will be rewarded by those of no conscience, no ethics and little intellect.

    • Trump is now toast. His own daughter said he was full of shit. That wanker, you love, from Florida has way more chance of being the Republican nominee than the adderall addled basted one.

      • We can only hope wheely – the last Ron we had as the leader of the free world hasn’t been bested since.

        Sadly you and the majority of little Aotearoa are force fed biased garbage from NYT and WaPo about the true state of US politics. If Trump runs he wins in a landslide as the electoral college will not favour a President enduring a cost of living crisis and recession.

  2. Trump will win in 2024 easily. The people who voted for him in 2020 have no reason not to vote for him again.
    On the other hand many who voted Biden believe they were “conned” into voting for a man with early stage dimentia who in fact is not medicaly fit to hold the Office of President. As a consquence they will vote Republican or not vote at all, either way Trump wins.
    The only way to prevent his win is by not letting him on the ballot.

    • Biden has early dementia (or he is just old) but Trump is certifiable as a nut job

      DeSantis is a far easy sell for the Republicans. He too is a complete wanker (therefore qualified) but without the awkward Trump brashness/pussy grabbing so the god bothering crowd don’t have to somehow justify voting for a man their little hypocritical church group normally wouldn’t associate with.

  3. Trump is just standard worthless conservative trash. He will be reelected in 2024 because his fellow neoliberal trash from the fake ‘left’ side of the aisle are no better.

  4. The problem is this will only be seen as completely partisan by his base and not without justification.

    Jan 6th has been imprinted on our minds by the media drum, most Republican politicians think those who committed violent acts should be prosecuted. Dozens including non-violent protestors have been held without bond in solitary confinement for up to 23hrs a day, before they have even been convicted.

    In contrast few talk about May 29th 2020 where the anti-Trump protestors overran Whitehouse barricades, set fire to the church opposite and the guardroom, injured 150 police officers and forced the evacuation of the President.

    Nor is the same scrutiny applied to rioting throughout 2020 which caused an order of magnitude more violence, death, property destruction and for whom Democrat politicians such as Kamala Harris were raising funds to pay bail while Democrat AGs refused to prosecute. Even violent protestors were released back onto the streets. This led directly to at least 1 murder by a violent protestor who had been arrested and released 4 times.
    The summer riots had a high degree of co-ordination. 574 riots in the 10 weeks after George Floyds murder. An estimated 2 billion property damage (26-May to 8-June-20), attacks on Federal buildings and police stations, ~2000 police injuries and directly led to 30+ deaths.

    Jan 6th caused 1.5 million property damage, 115 police injuries and led directly to 1 death of an unarmed protestor.

    During the 2020 riots police were villanised and many departments defunded, about 25% of the Seattle Police force became ‘unavailable’ due to resignations (275 by June 2021), sick leave, extended leaves of absence etc. Yet after Jan 6th Capitol Hill Police received huge funding increases and expanded operations nationwide to “protect members of Congress”. Coincidentally, they are answerable to Congress so are the only police force not subject to Freedom of Information requests or local accountability.

    Capitol Hill has been trespassed and occupied multiple times, usually by left wing causes such as the Women’s march. Protestors who entered a U.S. Senate building during Kavanaugh’s confirmation and disrupted the federal hearings were fined $50, while even those who only committed trespass on Jan 6th are having the book thrown at them. Protests against the overturn of Roe vs Wade targeting conservative justices personally, are promoted by some Democrat politicians. One man has already been arrested for allegedly planning to kill Kavanaugh. Should those Democrat politicians be barred from office?

    This is not a pro-Trump nor pro-Kavanaugh nor pro-life argument. Simply pointing out that, however awful Trump is, this is not about justice. This is about establishment gatekeeping and a power grab by a subset within American elites.

    ALL rioters who do bad things should face consequences— ALL of them, as should their political and media enablers, not just the ones whose ideology differs from their prosecutors. Exactly the same impulses keep someone like Bernie Sanders out of office too. Focussing on Jan 6th alone misses the complete erosion of checks and balances and given the extent of selective outrage has the wiff of political theatre and opportunism.

    • Not sure I agree. The conservative morons who took an unauthorized tour on Jan 6 treated American ‘democracy’ with all the respect it deserves. Pity they didn’t do more

      • @JW I disagree, what do you think the downstream consequences of more damage on Jan 6th would have been?

      • @Bert what’s your point?

        Trump is deranged, he’s also a narcissist and I can think of many other unflattering descriptions. However that doesn’t invalidate my point that violence, trespass, attacks of federal buildings and disruption of federal processes by his supporters is treated very differently from that committed by leftist rioters even when the damage is equal or far, far greater.

        I have more concerned for violence inspired and facilitated by those that have a vision, know what they are doing and can enlist complicity of the justice system. Compared to Trump who although dangerous, is more concerned with personal vanity.

        • So are you suggesting Trump didn’t know what he was doing. My point is that it was within his power to stop the violence but he was so consumed by rage that derangement can be the only explanation.
          I am not debating a right vs left however, in my lifetime I have never seen a leftist protest attack the capitol, so it was far less a protest than plain anarchy.

          • I agree with your take on Trump, he is deranged, should not be allowed office. However his base will see this as partisan double standards because it is.

            My point that consequences should be applied and be seen to apply equally. They clearly are not.

            Leftist protests have occupied Capitol Hill albeit with less menace, but in 2020 made attacks on other Federal Buildings, including around the Whitehouse, disrupted federal processes, threatened individuals and caused damage, injury and death an order of magnitude higher than Jan 6th, with support or cover from some in politics, media and justice system. If you are looking for anarchy, over 100 consecutive days of rioting in Portland may count.

            Why is it only Jan 6th that is etched in our cultural memory and not these other events too?
            It is straight out of Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance” but more simply it is like perpetually pointing at a failed attempt to start a house fire while burning down the village.

            I’m more concerned with the power and intent of those who make us fixate on the house than I am with the highly visible idiot with matches.

  5. I’m pretty sure there are rules under the Constitution against those who commit acts of sedition holding public office in the US – but the wimpiness of the Dems and the outright fruitbattery of the Republicans, not to mention the corruption of their courts, will probably mean that the same crowd of dodgy actors will still be there and ready to govern come trial’s end….

  6. it’ll never happen if he goes half the dull witted morons who vote republican will go with him to any ‘trumpanista’ party he sets up, not enough to win but enough the shaft the reps…and the ‘orange toddler’ is just about vindictive and petty to do it…if he goes look forward to the end of the reps…though they might just hang on in the ‘welfare queen’ states…maybe.

  7. what attempted coup? Come on this is a total joke

    meanwhile BLM burned and looted with impunity

      • It was a bunch of people running around with no plan other than to take selfies and get likes on social media. Hardly a coup.

        and Bert don’t be a race baiting muppet

        • So that’s just your take on it and you compared it to race related protest.

          And whatever your name is don’t be a fuckwit, people taking selfies and getting likes doesn’t cost other people their lives, seriously retarded argument.

        • running round threatening to lynch people on a gibbet they brought for that precise pourpose… at least try straight…admit you wholeheartedly support a coup that failed…denial of the intent on the day makes you look simple…just admit it and move on.

  8. 100% agree with you Martyn. Orange Man Bad! Very bad. Certifiably bad!

    And yes I agree, what we are seeing now is theatre but he has a lot to answer for.

    He was enacting his Coup d’etat a year or so before when he started talking up electoral fraud well before the election when his approval rating dropped significantly.

    I suspect it was an agreed Plan B when he came into office because he mentioned it even whilst he was winning. At the time I thought it was really odd and then later it made sense. Trump intended to install himself as the West’s Putin or Xi. If he wasnt popular enough to win he could pull out the old “I told you there’d be electoral fraud” card and use it to justify his almost uprising.

  9. A country that can have the bizarre likes of Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Madison Hawthorn and innumerable other wretched individuals as elected representatives is stuffed.

    Then again, when I want a reminder of what crazy is I watch this video. It depicts insanity, not just of an individual but of a country captured. The degree of insanity is reflected in the confidence and certainty people on here have that Trump will be re-elected.

  10. Good angle, Martyn. America is rotten through and through thanks to their ‘govt is the problem’ philosophy. You should see the projection on social media by the anti-democrats, created by the rich loosened from their ‘chains’. Their orcs have no scruples at all, no understanding, no understanding of word meanings, thanks to Rupert and his ilk, and their own vile fairy tale religious beliefs.

    The Democrats, equally owned, go by some technical device like you, for stopping this anti-rational avalanche.

  11. Nothing like a blog on 1/6 to bring the Trumpist neo-fascists out in force. We have a lot of them in Aotearoa/NZ it seems, and they never miss an opportunity to jump on a keyboard or to join an anti-mandate protest and wave a flag.

  12. Just a snippet of Trump’s alleged fraud and fair evidence he suffers from derangement syndrome, which probably says more about the rednecks of America than anything else should Trump be re-elected…

    On December 1 2020, Barr told the Associated Press that the Justice Department did not find substantial evidence of voter fraud that could have changed the outcome of the election. Trump was furious at Barr during an Oval Office meeting later that day, Barr said in his deposition.

    Among Barr’s rebuttals of fraud played at Monday’s hearing:

    Barr said that Trump claimed there was a “big vote dump” in Detroit, which Barr said wasn’t true. “I said, ‘Did anyone point out to you – did all the people complaining about it point out to you, you actually did better in Detroit than you did last time?’ I mean, there’s no indication of fraud in Detroit,” Barr said of his conversation with Trump.
    Barr said he reiterated “they wasted a whole month on these claims on the Dominion voting machines, and they were idiotic claims.” Trump’s outside lawyers and right-wing media made baseless claims that Dominion voting machines had been used to change votes in the election. “I specifically raised the Dominion voting machines, which I found to be among the most disturbing allegations – disturbing in the sense that I saw absolutely zero basis for the allegations, but they were made in such a sensational way that they obviously were influencing a lot of people, members of the public,” Barr said.
    During their December 2020 Oval Office confrontation, Barr said that Trump gave him a report that claimed “absolute proof” the Dominion voting machines had been rigged. Barr said that the report “looked very amateurish to me,” and he “didn’t see any supporting information” for the fraud claims. “I was somewhat demoralized, because I thought, ‘Boy, if he really believes this stuff, he has lost contact with – he’s become detached from reality if he really believes this stuff.’”
    Barr criticized the movie “2,000 Mules” — a conservative film Trump has embraced that falsely claimed to have uncovered fraud in the 2020 election. In referencing the movie during his taped deposition, Barr laughed derisively. “When the movie came out, I think the photographic evidence in it was completely – I mean, there was a little bit of it, but it was lacking,” Barr said of the movie. “It didn’t establish widespread, illegal harvesting.”

  13. This issue is so partisan as Frank the Tank notes, nobody on either side is seeing it straight. When one side in effect raises a kangaroo court and gives no real evidence, merely invective and emotional outpourings why should they be taken seriously? When the other side keeps claiming falsehoods and pushes for more partisanship why should they be taken seriously?

    I listened to Kim Hill interview Fukuyama (of End of History fame), he seemed to believe that the so called Trump insurgency was the greatest threat to American democracy ever. At that point it was obvious he was a fully paid up schill for his side, not a reasoned observer. No mention of the massively damaging BLM riots that made the Trump event of insignificant scale.

    If one thing Trump said holds true it is that the swamp needs draining. Unfortunately he wasn’t the person to do it, neither are the partisans from both the Dems and Reps.

  14. A few belated thoughts…
    Everything I have heard Barr actually say as distinct from what his statements are interpreted as saying, is consistent with reasoning with Trump not to pursue an action against the electoral fraud, rather than it did not happen.
    It is often said on MSM that of fifty odd cases that have been brought to different courts trying to prove fraud in that election, all have found there to be no fraud. But what is seldom made clear is that not one of these cases has ever been heard. every one has on some pretext or other been unprepared to give the complaints a hearing. So no evidence has ever been allowed to be aired. Courts have often claimed not to have jurisdiction on the matter.
    What i think has happened is that the wise and influential people who really run the show all know very well that that election was stolen in so many places and in so many ways that a proper legal hearing would last until doomsday.
    What they have decided to do is to quietly fix it behind the scenes so it doesn’t happen again. At least not so blatantly and so comprehensively.
    The priority of the likes of Barr and all his ilk (not that I’m saying he is a bad person) has been to try to preserve the image of the USA as a functioning democracy. A trial that proved what really went on in that election would leave the USA as a laughing stock for the foreseeable future both internationally and nationally. All courts have chosen to leave it alone for that reason and they hoped that Trump would see the wisdom and be prepared to wait for another day.
    It is possible that he will be better prepared with some supporters around him next time and he might even do some good. getting on with Putin as he suggested at the beginning of last time looks like it might have been a good idea now. especially for Ukraine .
    There’s absolutely no doubt that he will win next time if he maintains his health until then.And what the establishment finds so dreadful about him is that he doesn’t conform to the proper role of a US president. He has ideas of his own and expects to have an influence on things like foreign policy and the economy. He doesn’t understand that he is just supposed to be a mouthpiece for their policies to sell them to the great unwashed.
    D J S

  15. Trump will be the next President…just look at Sleepy Joe, and the Kamala “The Joker —- due to her habit of laughing like the The Joker – Batman” Harris…most Americans are ashamed of those two clowns

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