Government response to affordable rental housing crisis is not good enough – CPAG

Recently released figures on demand for and supply of public housing continue to demonstrate the inadequacy of Government’s housing responses says the Child Poverty Action Group.

“The Government has been responding to our chronic shortage of affordable rental housing for five years now and it is disappointing that we are still going backwards with demand growth being twice as much as the houses being made available” says CPAG housing spokesperson, Alan Johnson.

“Surely this should be triggering in the mind of the Government and its advisors the need for a far more radical response than the tinkering we have seen over the past five years. There is simply no light at the end of this tunnel of chronic housing shortages and unmet need” says Johnson.

At the end March 2022 there 26,868 households on the public housing list compared with 25,525 in December and 23,687 in March 2021. Over the same period the stock of social housing units available for renting to low-income households grew from 74,055 in March 2021 to 75,309 in March 2022.

The data shows a new record number of households on the public housing waiting list alongside steady, but only modest growth in the numbers of social housing units available for these households. “For every 100 extra social housing units made available by the Government over the past year or so we have seen an extra 212 households with serious unmet housing needs being added to the ‘waited list” says Johnson.

“While Government is certainly trying to address this shortage its approach and its lack of urgency need to be addressed if we are ever to see progress in the next three to five years” says Johnson.


  1. Does anybody else see the correlation.

    Booming house prices/rental costs promoted by Government policies(Printing money) under labour
    Increased migration(supply/demand) by the Previous Key Government.

    Both drive people looking for social housing because they cant afford their own house or Rental.

    Its just that Labour have exceeded in spades in driving up housing costs.

    • Ra Henare There may be other other hidden social/ political agendas at play here. It won’t be the first time that the current government has had such.

      • Guarantee there are more hidden agenda’s.
        It’s Labour continuing to ignore in the most arrogant manner the people.
        Its there way of saying we know what’s best for you.

  2. Many fear social housing being built near them as there is little consequence for those that carry out anti social behavior so when plans are lodged the builds are slowed down by those contesting the development. The housing is desperately needed to give good families a secure start in live and those less desirable people weeded out .


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