Political Caption Competition

American Hypocrisy. 

American Hypocrisy

American Hypocrisy.


  1. How some of you fuckers say you want to travel the world but are rude as fuck to people who can’t speak English.

  2. Covid kills people. Cars kill people. Cancer kills people.
    So what’s the difference between something that is man-made compared to something that is not?

    Plus. A large number of Americans are on prescribed drugs. What a cocktail.

    • I’ve never understood why people associate guns with phalluses or phalli, but then you do seem to have a fascination with dicks.

    • Is anyone under the age of 70 actually called Dick these days? Let alone Dicky? Oh, and why don’t you capitalize your pseudonym & show some respect to the Soviet cosmonaut whose name you’re currently besmirching.

  3. ohhhh did naughty gagarin sting little dicky…..

    and as for ‘respecting’ gagarin your side have tried to use the nick to mock me in the past, your total failure on that score means you can insert you ‘concerns’ where they’ll fit…sideways

    • I doubt you’d be able to sting even if you were a little bee. I’ve be insulted by professionals and your attempts barely manage to be above primary school level. I always find it amusing when people resort to personal insults, it generally means they have no valid arguments & if you force someone into that position, they’ve lost whatever little credibility they might have had. Big smiles Lol

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