BREAKING: ROY MORGAN POLL – National/ACT Government will win but here comes Winston


The enormity of the collapse in Labour vote and the power of ACT are now apparent with the latest Roy Morgan Poll.


ACT – 10%

LABOUR – 31.5%

GREEN – 11.5%

NZF – 3%

People do not understand how far right ACT are and while Luxon is promising not to sell assets and while he is promising not not reduce benefits, David Seymour VERY much wants to take a rusty chainsaw to the State and amputate 5 Ministry’s plus the Human Rights Tribunal while cutting billions from welfare.

The idea that Luxon is going to be able to stop Seymour getting all he wants is ludicrous.

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The quick yellow fox will jump over the lazy blue dog.

The only fly in the ointment of a far right National/ACT Government will be the possibility NZ First cross the 5% threshold and on a solid 3% here (he was 4% in the internal Labour Poll last month), there is a good chance Winston will be back and that will force Labour to include them if they can promise the Greens are on a leash.

Which will enrage the Greens.

Political pressures post the covid economic tsunami fuelled by geopolitical shockwaves has hit the domestic scene with the grimness of a Depp/Heard defamation trial.

Between January and March this year a record 363,888 food grants were handed out on top of a 500% spike in food bank demand.

Between 2020 and 2021,
– $608 million in housing equity was made by landlords
– 9.6% increase in rent for tenants
-18.4% of children live in households earning less than half the median income after housing costs
– $5.5 billion in profit made by ANZ, BNZ, ASB and Westpac
– and the Top 1% own 25% of wealth while the Bottom 50% owns 2% of wealth

If you think the worst inflation in 30 years is bad now, wait until the impact of the Ukrainian war and broken supply chains in China hit.


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    • Every day a step closer to the sticks and stones “economy”. Got some big sticks and big rocks ready?

  1. I feel that people do understand how far right ACT are and I feel that NZ First will not cross the five percent threshold.

    I don’t feel that labour will go too much lower in the polls as Jacinda Ardern’s popularity in this country is still extraordinary, at times.

    I feel that we have to keep in mind that both Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis are pretty new to politics.

    • I disagree. Ardern isn’t particularly popular with everyday people. Impression-management hype is nice when things are okay, or are at least looking like they will be. If not it quickly reaches a critical mass.

      The problem is that manipulating appearances only works in the service of progressing some kind of substance. We’ve now reached the situation where we need to find hacks to insert some substance into the endless propagation of empty appearance.

      And would the nation punish by means of taking a slightly nastier a dose of the same poison at the ballot box?

      Just watch.

  2. After the utter contempt shown by Labour towards NZF (and the NZ people) by hiding their racial separatist agenda (He Puapua) at the last election, and subsequent initiatives utterly contrary to NZF policy, the chances of them supporting Labour are zero. Perhaps an apology for putting them (Labour) in in the first place is overdue but Winston is planning his revenge. Putting them back in is definitely not part of it.

    • Exactly, its nothing to do with “Political pressures post the covid economic tsunami fuelled by geopolitical shockwaves…”, all about Labour + their Maori cohort, academics & the MSM facilitating their secret separatist agenda to undermine NZ democracy.

      Voters are going to spank them for wilful misbehaviour, I expect they will be out of power for at least 12 years after next year’s election.

    • Yes David and Tresspassing Peters will do nought.

      This Govt have treated NZders with contempt. Not coming clean about HePuapua (I read it the other day and it talks of transformational constitutional change. The Rotorua Bill, that Tamati Coffey tried to sneak through.

      And the gender self ID bill. The labour Women MPs treated women submitting against that with absolute contempt. I will never forget that. And the Ministry of anyone who identifies as a woman is not even keeping data re the impact of this bill. I will happily see the Ministry for anyone who identifies as a women go down the gurglar…..thanks David Seymour

      • Anker. All good points, and yes it rankles when dimwit politicians, of all people, treat others with contempt. A bottom line here has to be this government’s determination to clamp down on freedom of speech, and possibly putting seeming extremists in charge of monitoring the clamp – craftily deflecting responsibility elsewhere as usual.

        It would surprise me if most NZ’ers are as keen as the PM and her cohorts are to put an end to free speech in 21stC New Zealand, it really would.

        • Amazing how people like you see freeze peach more important than the right to be able to live your life as you see fit (ie be LGBT or have an abortion) or be able to get high wages, join a union, or access social benefits.

          You are stuck on the same wage for years, no breaks, forced to read the bible, $7000 bill if you break your arm, but as long as you can call someone a ‘sodomite’ on the Web, who cares?

        • Have you read the He Pua Pua document? if so is there something you don’t understand. Have you taken the issue to your local National representative? Venting on social platforms is not going to change a thing, except press the like minded to cough up their share of venom. That being their displeasure/hatred that Maori are having a say in the way natural resources are run in their land. Thus far, RC and CC have done an extremely reeking job at managing the waterways – if you were honest would you not admit this is so.

          Can you also explain separatism/apartheid, and where it is being practiced in your nz? History tells that it was practiced, are you able to say honestly by whom?

    • Nobody was hiding the fact that NZ First and Labour’s views on race are very very different – it is always talked about vis-a-vis potential coalition partners, but, yes, of course Winston is going to go with the party that has been out of office for two terms so long as they offer a cushy enough deal.

  3. I am not sure where the 608 million for landlord equity comes from but given its up to 2021 you can be assured that unrealised gain is evaporating rapidly. By election time a contingent of wanker NZ will voting to try and push house prices back up. That’s what Luxon will be trying to do with his bright line reduction and interest deductions. As far as he is concerned the young, who National falsely claim to be concerned for, can rent from his ilk and wallow in student debt ( apparently that sort of debt is just dandy).

    • Iam not voteing for national there going to raise the pension age iam a trades man we simple can’t do it and Luzon won’t give a shit

  4. “there is a good chance Winston will be back and that will force Labour to include them if they can promise the Greens are on a leash.”

    Delusional on two counts, Martyn. Firstly, can you really see Winston siding with LINO after they kept He Puapua hidden from him? Secondly, who really believes that the Greens are the problem with the current government? Yes they come up with some of the worst ideas, but those ideas also have widespread support within LINO e.g. the so-called conversion practices bill.

    Here’s another scenario: the Nats’ support softens as voters start to see through Luxon, with the result that they need both ACT and NZF to form a government.

    • And that then would be a perfectly ok government under MMP. As would on the other side of extremes Labour/Greens/TPM.
      And fwiw, for those that would like some more common sense in government, this leaves the option of Non of the above, abstain, protest vote or spoiled ballot. Well done the empty suits of Parliament, Political Parties and government paid stenographers and rubber stampers you are no longer representative of anyone in NZ.

    • Seems like a realistic scenario. But only if Nat support softens. And that will depend on how closely the media look at both Nationals and ACTs policies, and how well they deliver those ideas to the public. After all in about 6-7 months, those will start to be scrutinised more than they are now.

      • Like the media looked so closely at Labours policies in 2020? Oh that’s right, they hid every policy they had.

        • lets call 2929 an anomaly, there was no way Labour were going to lose, when they were up against Judith Collins. So all your incriminations of Labour hiding their policies, as misguided as they are, mean nothing when the opposition going against them had none to speak of.

    • Pope Punctilious Yes, keeping the voters in the dark about Te Puapua was bad enough, but hiding it from Winston Peters was extraordinary, especially with Peters being a lawyer and more clued up about the constitutional implications; it’s a big ask expecting him to be able to trust them again. I’m looking at voting Peters if he comes back. In the past NZ First has had some shonky list candidates, but so do all the parties now except, so far as I know TOP- so what the hang. The Greens, of course are a huge disappointment to environmentalists, and if Labour bears the brunt of their careless divisiveness, I don’t really care. Curia don’t phone me any more, sob choke.

  5. I was intrigued by Bernard Hickey on the Working Group suggesting Labour/Greens may have some buried bodies to unearth on Winston if he gets near 5%.

    If the current trends continue tho neither the Maori party nor Winston First are going to be needed anyway and Labour is going to get the electoral smashing they are so richly earning for themselves.
    The fact the Greens can still poll like they are seems testament to some observation on bell shaped curves but I’m not sure what that says about Act as well.

    • Ha ha, and you see yourself on the other side of the “bell curve”, KC? I think it has precious little to do with IQ, and a lot to do with the effect of our ideologically-captured education system on impressionable young minds. As Arthur Schopenhauer put it:

      “There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity.”

      • Yeah there’s got to be truth in that, woe betide our sanity if 16 year olds get the vote.

      • Pope P 11. Excellence ! Excellence ! Excellence !

        Transparency ! Transparency ! Transparency !

        Kindness ! Kindness! Kindness !

  6. Wait for the big lolly scramble at next year’s budget…MONEY FOR EVERYONE!
    when a party in Govt is in trouble the ‘free stuff’ gets given out.
    Wonder how long St Jacinda will stick around…I believe ‘family commitments’ will be beckoning soon!
    She gets stressed when not adored!

    • Yes the big Nact party Tax Cut lolly scramble. You’d think National and Luxon could come up with something more original.
      Can’t see Lord Luxon hanging around much after the next election, I believe another” CEO role” perhaps in the making.
      He’s a blithering mess when he has unscripted questions, looking forward to the leaders debates!
      Ardern would’ve seen off, what, 12 National leaders by then.

  7. Winston ain’t going with Labour after Mallard’s shenanigans nor the co-governance ‘hide-the-sausage’ trick with He Puapua. The enemies he had within National are gone and Te Reo will warmly embrace another balance to Act (if he needs him at all).

    The main game is now when Labour’s support starts with a ‘2’ prompting Poor Man’s Gordon Brown to sharpen his knife. With a result like this there will be an electoral wipeout – useful idiots in marginal rural and suburban seats (ala McNaulty, Twyford, Jean-Prime, Allan) will get swept out in the tide. Auckland Central comes well and truely into play as well on this result.

    We are in the nadir of the covid cult hangover.

    • He’d be a fool of he did. Jacinda still has loyal support from the female voter, although that is falling as well.

      There’s no way Grant will hold onto to them. Jacinda is Labours only asset, lose her an d they’re gone burger. Grant has image problems, Mahuta is embroiled in nepotism, Woods has shown to be less effective than first thought, thier only alternative is Hipkins.

  8. “Between January and March this year a record 363,888 food grants were handed out on top of a 500% spike in food bank demand”.

    But but but, Labour are kind and they care…

    I don’t know how they are even at 31.5%.

    • how many hungry people do you think are affected by these numbers of food grants / food parcels? 10% of the population? More? think of that, and again, pose the question why anyone would vote for these fuckers.
      And how many of those that needed either charity or government to feed their kids and themselves are in work?

  9. Trouble is Martyn is that you’ve gone from extreme Left to ALT-Left and for you the centre is no longer in view.
    I’d describe myself as fairly centrist and not a lot that ACT is espousing looks extreme right to me but rather is a knee jerk reaction to all the woke crap-ola.

  10. Well the Phillipines have gone back to a Marcos, why would the dark kiwi voters not go back to the dirty filthy tories? It is 2022 not 1951, natzos are not needed in any event.

    This blog should be campaigning on a class left basis, not standing on the sidelines catastrophising.

    Unless new gen voters get politically organised in numbers for 2023 & 2026, selfish white blokes will be in Govt. again. The social friction and fall out is going to be rough. Head for the hills as Country Boy says.

    • I voted Labour in all but 2 elections since Kirk. I’m fine with social friction if it means NZ keeps democracy,

      • I have not voted Labour since 1984. Always the most left option available since, NL, Alliance, Mana and Green, though twice have voted for Labour electorate MPs when they have had a chance.

    • How many of the “kiwi” voters are not even NZ citizens? The proportion is a lot higher than in any other country on the planet.

      • How many of those “kiwi” voters pay a tonne of tax to support people on benefits?
        It’s pretty common for immigrants, particularly from 3rd world countries, to have a superior work ethic to locals.
        Perhaps rather than preventing them from voting, we can instigate an exchange program whereby for every immigrant we accept the other country has to accept a beneficiary?

        • How many of those “kiwi” voters pay a tonne of tax to support millionaires and billionaires?
          They stay rich by having the rest of us do all the heavy lifting in that regard.

          Since superannuitants are beneficiaries, shall we export them too?

    • Correct Tiger.
      Although there have been ongoing salary increase negotiations for those of us in health( which are now awaiting ratification), there have been negotiations.
      Unlike 9 years of a NACT government when salaries were basically frozen and the health and education areas neglected.
      There was certainly social friction that we had to encounter and will have again under NACT and sadly we will return to an undemocratic country once they regain power.

      • Yep, one can but try Bert.

        A lot of people’s brains are fried it seems after almost 40 years of Roger and Ruth’s toxic legacy.

  11. Where is the Maori Party. The fact that Winston is not standing in Tauranga shows NZF know they have lost their mojo. Labour keeped Greens in check and National would only have to give as much as they wanted to to get Acts support. All parties want to be in power or at least be a voice .The leverage of Act would depend on their seats which represents how heir policies mesh with people who have a right to be listened too even if it is a message not liked by others. Act are too radical for me but have good ideas worth putting on the table.

  12. Well, Labour can start ruling this country for all citizens even though that would give them a huge sad and misery, or it can lose. Chances are they will lose.

    J.A. will leave the country as fast as did Helen Clark and like Helen Clark will every now and then spout something insane and useless for Kiwis but something that sounds good to an international audience on twitter and be forgotten at best, at worst be despised forever for their divisive bullshit that they rained down on this country like poison daily.

    Scream about Luxon/Willis as much as you want, but what has Labour got left once Jacinda Ardern has enough of her current job as a Middle Manager of a tiny sized Country in the middle of nowhere and leaves to much brighter and better paying shores overseas? Nothing but some Quota Non Men and the empty Men such as Twyford, Robertson et al that hired these Quota Non Men to pretend they are inclusive, progressive and other assorted bullshit that don’t pay the bills, houses no homeless and feeds no kids.
    That is what the voters see in Labour more and more the total lack of talent, skill, vision, expertise in nothing other then bullshittery and communications and over supply of bootlickers who like the pay and perks that comes with being an MP but who otherwise could not change a light bulb even if their life depended on it.

  13. Luxon is smart enough to know he needs to win the center and let ACT take the right. Those on the right are more than happy for Seymour to have a large say in a future NACT government, that includes Luxon. Let David push the more divisive policies you actually want, whilst you act more moderate.

    • He won’t be “winning the centre” with far right policies like open slather on immigration, slashing public services, and tax cuts for the rich.
      He kinda’ gave the game away when he referred to people as “bottom feeders”. About as centrist as Duterte of the Phillipines.
      And then there is the spectre of a coalition with ACT, whose privatisation plans with destroy what remains of this Godforsaken country.

        • It “proves” nothing.
          Where your policies sit in the political spectrum (e.g. Labour/National are right, ACT is extreme right) defines the party as left, centre or right.

          What goes on in the mind of voters, who have vacillated over the entire voting history of this country, is evidence that they either:
          (1) do not care about left, centre, right or far right policies
          (2) they cannot see the distinction.
          Since we have no true left parties running for office (as things stand), it may well be option……
          (3) there is insufficent choice

          • ” What goes in.the minds of voters”

            In Krauts case it’s teletubbies, says everything really.

  14. When a terror attack occurs and the woke blame the middle class microagressions and set up a task force led by woke idiots to stop terrorism by blaming the victims of terror, is one of the many reasons why Labeen who were strong during the lockdowns but now letting the crazy fringe groups of woke and right wing get their own budgets to change policy to destroy the country.

    When the elite woke rewrite the treaty so that it is now self identified Maori against Self identified Pakeha and all migrants are saints even if they commit crimes in NZ against their own. Nobody is now allowed to disagree with anything or are racists.

    Too many task forces led by fringe woke and right wingers being allowed loose or who seem to do nothing but write reports that nobody is allowed to see or act on unless it is crazy woke stuff then seems to be allowed to progress to next woke task force.

    How is the 3rd Labeen taskforce going on working out why the public health waiting lists keep increasing?

    Forgot to enquire how the wrongful conviction justice taskforce is working out – overturned any injustice yet or just another bunch of government lawyers ‘busy’ and needing ‘more resources’ to get the immense job done?

    How about the new supermarket taskforce being appointed after yet another commerce commission enquiry?

    The 3 waters taskforce to take over the water. How much spent on consultants and marketing so far?

    The DHB taskforce to get rid of the DHB’s?

    Or another Labeen taskforce and mass privatisation of state house land to make the state house waiting lists and emergency housing waiting lists go down, that actually keep going up with their woke/neoliberal approaches?

    It is now costing 1m a DAY in emergency and transitional housing but many metrics are also not being collected.

    Weirdly under the old system HNZ actually ran a profit. We now work out that woke and neoliberalism seems to increase the amount of money from taxpayers to billionaires and developers overseas and in NZ ‘developing’ up the land for more poor to live in while increasing the cost of rental properties.

    While all these expensive restructures enrich the government ‘friends & family, lobbyists & networker’ consultants working it all out on paper over years with everything on hold until then, in addition to the amount of money needing to be spent on more marketing and communications to try and put a good spin on it all, it makes everything worse for the service, customers and workers in the organisations.

    Hey, I don’t want Natz back, but can totally see where the massive failure of Labeen is coming from!!!

    • Putin cares about his people and has worked to eliminate unpatriotic oligarchs.

      Luxon wouldn’t have a chance in Russia.

      • He care so much he will not take back the thousands of Ryssian soldiers killed for burial on Russian soil. He created the oligarchs so they owe alignment to him not the state.

      • Putin imposed austerity on his people, pension cuts, etc. All he cares is about the oligarchs, etc.

  15. Ol’ RNZ aye. All over luxon like an ever loving yeast infection that owes luxon money.
    “… he’s bald, rich and Christian…” That went down with me as well as a tepid cup of phlegm coughed up by a lung cancer patient bound together by human hair. We all know that rnz, what ever that really is, although I have my suspicions, is as neoliberal in its sentiments as roger douglas’s butt plug. We all know that rnz is a vehicle laden with dirty laundry and vile little lies propagated by lying little fleas.
    Having written that, and I did enjoying writing that, I have a question…
    Why is rnz, and presumably tvnz, I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch television, exclusively up luxon and his cronies and mates when rnz and tvnz is ministered by two LABOUR government ministries??
    rnz and tvnz could eat luxon alive and still remain impartial and yet they give act and luxon the solemn credentials they don’t deserve.
    Do you and you and you know why that is? Because I do.
    It’s because we’re still neoliberal. From the day labour’s cabinet killed off Lange under the steerage of the dirty little pig farmer douglas to this very moment in time, we’re all still suffering under the psychopathy of rich, narcissistic egotists.
    And you know what that means, right? Yep.
    Labour, The Greens, National, ACT, The Maori Party and NZ First are all the same thing. Yes, they are.
    This is what needs to be done. An inquiry. A deep clean of our politics. An independent commission of inquiry led by an actor to shepherd us mopes, the brain dead public, along through the process like the lost lambs we’ve been reduced to.
    Then, I’d suggest engaging senior police officials to make up a board garnered from the most elite investigative forensic accounting units we can find.
    What we’re trying to achieve is madness. We can’t do it. There’s no sanity or logic in looking into one’s own reflection in luxon’s bald head. There’s nothing to see or hear in adern’s weapons grade smoochums and tut-tuttings. There’s nothing there except hardship and poverty. Unless, of course, you’re one of luxon’s or aderns mates which would mean you’d be up there with them looking down on us. Would be awesome, right? But think of the company you’d have to keep? Fuck!
    Let me paraphrase Albert Einstein. “ The definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result.”
    We’re going to vote for luxon. He’ll become prime minister. He will do nothing. Unless you think making himself and his mates billions is something. Adern is going to take some R and R from the lime light to spend time with her whanau, on six figures plus entitlements.
    Thirty eight years has passed since douglas and his all bought and paid for Right Wing parasitised labour cabinet stabbed Lange in the back and in that time, we’ve gone ever further down the gurgler.
    One last word.
    ACT. Who is ACT? I can tell you who ACT is. ACT is roger douglas. The stunted Machiavellian pig flesh peddler. He’s still in there, that little wretch is still writhing about in our sweat and tears. Any support for ACT is an act of treason. You support for ACT and you knowingly support a traitor.

    • And who is Roger Douglas? Just another creature of the neoliberal Labour party. Let me know when Jacinda puts Douglas (and Lange’s corpse) in stocks, and I guess at that point we could trust the Labour party.

    • Countryboy Once again, you are correct, even if understating the hypocrisy of the PM, and her underhanded social engineering.

    • Countryboy Once again, you are correct, even if understating the hypocrisy of the PM, and her underhanded social engineering.

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  16. With their utter mismanagement of both the economy and the pandemic, I’m surprised Labour is still in the 30’s. They’ll be lucky to be in the 20’s by the time of the next election if things keep going south (which by all accounts they will). Republicans in the US are now polling at an 80 year high! They same is coming here, because this sort of rank Government incompetence simply does not go unpunished by the voters. National’s only concern for the next election is if they need to include ACT or not.

    • Every day I find this Labour government a disappointment in so many ways BUT the one and only plus was their initial handling of the pandemic. They saved many lives by their actions which were really only common sense moves but so many countries did not make them. As time moved on Labour were slow to move and both the economy and the citi9especially Maori suffered.
      I am afraid it is all down hill now for this party that pomised so much and has delivered so little for the enviroment and the average person

    • If the GOP win Congress, we will see the biggest ever pogrom against the LGBT community in decades. We will also see police brutality decriminalized, abortion banned and Christian theocracy more or less imposed. It will be highly likely that women will be required by law to dress modestly when entering the USA, and men will be legally able to beat their wives according to Biblical law.

      • How does this add to the arguement for the state of play in NZ .USA is a close partner but gives NZ no path to follow

      • Pogrom? Has there ever been an anti-LGBT pogrom is the US? Lynchings of blacks in the early to mid 20th centuries probably constitute pogroms, and there was an anti-Asian pogrom in Frisco in 1877. But I’m not aware of any anti-gay pogroms occurring in the US.

        “Women will be required to dress when entering the USA” – for God’s sake millsy, Margaret Atwood’s fiction is doing to you what chivalrous romances did to Don Quixote.

        • They are all around at the moment. GOP officals have been introducing anti-LGBT measures for years. DeSantis’ DOnt Say Gay bill was the start.

          THe USA is making a hard lurch to the right.

  17. An unprecedented majority in a MMP parliament. The magnitude of this lost opportunity to to do what no government has been able to do since Jim and Ruth in 1990 and that’s transform and create a truly progressive economy and gain back all that they destroyed since 1984 and reset the narrative.

    Jacinda and her party had the chance to be in government for a number of terms by being seen to deliver but they can’t see past the ” market will fix everything ” and govern for only the privileged class and vested interests.

    This government could have been as historic as Savage and Kirk but will only be remembered for managing the pandemic and providing Seymour , Fester and Morticha the opportunity to sell and burn what’s left with their cruel austerity program.

  18. 25% across the board wage cut is on the way. Not to mention US style healthcare and a massive sell off of state housing. ACC will also be done, and over all, it would be profit before need and wellbeing.

  19. Oh those were the days!

    2017.”Recent poll has emerged that puts Labour at just 23 per cent – by its own pollsters UMR!”

    So the Dr has a little more headroom before she can start to panic and bail out in the Tardis!

    • Indeed, workers must be punished! To think they *might* nearly be able to afford to buy their own homes in the coming decades if current trends are allowed to extrapolate!
      And the impudence to expect wage rises and job security!
      And having a health and education service – why, that’s straight out communism that is.
      And what’s all the palaver about water – just let our Chinese donors bottle it up and profit from it. People can buy it back in the supermarkets. They’re not ripiing us off – it’s international prices don’tcha know?
      Yes, save us Nact! Austerity and privatisation. Immigration and bank profits. The brighter future!

  20. check out the current yougov crisis in the UK and then cite any poll with confidence

    hitchens who I don’t quote often said something like.
    polls are not a measurement of public feeling but a tool to influence it

    despite the official sounding name yougov is a private company owned by a tory front bencher…so as reliable as a junkies promise of timely repayment.

    • ” despite the official sounding name yougov is a private company owned by a tory front bencher…so as reliable as a junkies promise of timely repayment ”

      gagarin good work and i am not in the least bit surprised and it is the same situation here. It is definitely manipulation.

    • I lost all respect for the guy when he jumped on the anti-vax bandwagon. Even though he should know better having had relatives who survived the flu pandemic of 1918, and gone through a polio breakout as well (where lockdowns were imposed — though not as widespread as Covid).

      It must also be remembered that he tried to privatise pensions in 1997.

  21. god help us who help ourselves. that Luxon – Espiner interview was fucking gross. I might hold my nose and swing to ACT just to give him a constant thorn in the side. hahaha (maniacal laugh)

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