The Working Group Weekly Political Podcast with Bernard Hickey, Matthew Hooton & Damien Grant



New Zealand’s greatest and bestest weekly Political Podcast that is NOT funded by NZ on Air!


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Issue 1: War, Famine, Plague – will the next 6 months be worse economically for NZ?

Issue 2: Latest gang war tensions – when does crime become a political problem for the Prime Minister?

Issue 3: Can Minister Nanaia juggle 3 Waters & Foriegn Affairs Challenges?

and Issue 4: Is the New Academic research unit for Extremism weaponised wokeness?

Unique political commentary unlike any other

The podcast broadcasts live at 7.30pm from the Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & Youtube.


  1. Issue 1: Luxon rules out benefit cuts and asset sales (do we believe him)

    Issue 2: The state of NZ Media: RNZ/TVNZ merger, subscription begging and the digital divide, commercialisation and commodification of ‘public interest’ journalism

    Issue 3: Management competency in the public and private sectors

    Issue 4: Open Gummint and accountability – and abuses of the OIA

  2. Is the New Academic research unit for Extremism weaponised wokeness?

    At least stick to what you’re good at and allow others to do what they are good at instead of y’know recruiting based on how different twitter accounts may feel about the big issues.

    There’s no point in trying to stop the whole thing from falling over. Just got to let it fall and get out of the way.

  3. Potential National/Act NZ coalition (50%) strengthens its clear lead over Labour/Greens (43%) in May – Roy Morgan Research

    Today’s Roy Morgan New Zealand Poll shows support for a potential National/Act NZ coalition increasing by 2.5% points to 50% in May and stretching its lead over the Labour/Greens on 43%, down 1% point. This is a lead of 7% points for National/Act NZ, the largest since the Jacinda Ardern-led Government came to office over four years ago in October 2017.

  4. Great podcast.

    You did well to reign Hooten in Bomber, but he needs even more reigning in. I would like to hear more from Bernard Hickey.

    Love your work Bomber

  5. Enjoyed the good humour of all the participants, tricky to hear sometimes with a bit of talking over going on, but everyone was champing at the bit so good energy.
    If only there was more time for all the important issues..

    OnceWasTim has some great suggestions above on topics for the next one, barring new dramas this week.

  6. Hoots was on form – utterly brutal takedown of those Wellington bureaucrats.

    Outstanding podcast!

  7. Utterly brutal take down of Professor Joanne Kidman.

    Love to know more details of her cancelling the dog

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