Luxon is simply not being honest at all with his tax cuts & that should concern you as a voter

God will tell me the answer to that question thanks Tova

I know, I know, I know.

Everyone is pissy with Jacinda, everyone is angry, everyone wants to look for a political alternative, but I fear the sudden swing to Luxon is utterly misplaced and he as a candidate is deeply flawed.

Luxon is simply not being honest about his tax cuts and that should concern you as a voter.

National have no idea what policy they will cut to fund their tax cuts, they haven’t been able to show any journalist how they square that circle and when pushed for actual details, National have none.

National are selling Luxon on his self certainty, not his command of policy.

Luxon is an evangelical Christian who believes in prosperity theory, that means his 7 properties are evidence Jesus has blessed him. It is this self-certainty of Christ’s favour that National are selling to an uneasy and frightened electorate, not Luxon’s mastery of policy.

Luxon cares about the passengers in first class and when he wants to get down with the workers, he chats to the Pilots and first class cabin crew.

People who can’t fly are bottom feeders.

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National have no fucking idea how to get NZ out of the post pandemic damage and are relying on nothing more than economic pain to get the rest of us to vote for them.

Riding resentment when you have nothing else to offer isn’t a solution and we can’t reward National while punishing Labour when National have even less to offer.

If you think National are the solution, you are part of the problem.


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  1. What’s even worse for ordinary Kiwi is that David Seymour has plenty of ideas. They have been well listed on this site before and none of them are good news.

    • OK Seymour needs to stop reading Ayn Rand novels and develop a more realistic economic policy. But “none” of his ideas are good news? What problem do you see in his proposal to ditch all the demographic ministries? Why exactly do we need a ministry for women in 2022? A “yoof” ministry? A Pasifika ministry?

      • You can’t cherry pick the policies you think will make your argument look realistic.. Try explaining to us what the rest of their policuies are going to do to improve our lot as a country, and more importantly, as a society.. I’ve read all of the act party policy platform, and it looks more like something Roger Douglas would have come up with after a week of doing meth… Surely you aren’t stupid or venal enough to still believe that the imposition of Thatcherism was a good thing for NZ? After all this time, the best the tory colonial descendants have to offer is a retreat back to Georgian exploitation economics? Seriously? It is true then that the Key government succeeded in chasing away our “best and brightest”? From my experience that is beyond debate, as I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for being trapped here as a result of a family issue that needed my presence.. And the minute that is resolved finally, i will be looking to go back to where I can make a real living doing what I love… If National gets back in, then nobody I know who has successfully run away will ever come back except to visit occasionally… There won’t be any reason to do anything else…

        • More heat than light there Stefan. My “argument” is simply a refutation of Peter H’s statement that “none” of Seymour’s policies are good news. That is all.

          I wish other political parties would take up Seymour’s proposal to scrap all those useless demographic ministries.

  2. Why would anyone bother to open up about their policies so far out from an election. Especially so when it looks as if itll be a typical NZ election where people are voted out leaving whomever left standing to just walk in. Also after the last decade or so who’d believe anything the 2 bigger players said anyway.

  3. So, what is the Government’s tax policy?? I know it does NOT include GST off food…despite a clear need.

  4. Labeen and Natz seem to have very similar neoliberal polices such as selling off state house land.

    • The really sad thing is most of them (in Labour) truly believe they’re doing good.
      I excuse Jacinda for many reasons but there are some of her colleagues that have no bloody excuse for what they’re doing.
      Aside from MSD and their responsible Munster(s), probably the worst fuckup is the Munstry for Everything which has something I know is close to your heart @ SaveNZ. (INZ et al)
      It JUST GETS WORSE the more you keep an eye on it. It has created its own set of refugees and exploited workers. Muppetry in Motion unfortunately, because it has some serious worker bees that deserve better.

      One of its worst muppets (just as an example) that had a large control freak hand in the who MIQ booking system fuckup has now moved on to the glory of ACC and all its case load ills…… Sure – it/her/he has its set of worshippers on LinkedIN and elsewhere (mainly because they’re aspirational and wanting to climb the career ladder), but we’d do well to adopt the Australian 501 policy when it comes to some senior public servants.
      And I’ll bet it/she/him probably has no fucking idea of the carnage it/she/him has caused. Nor its/her/his cargo cultist hapless Munster.
      Even IF it/she/he did – just so long as it/his/her fundamentals are intact in that space going forward, they’re not going to be worried. As things stand, they know there’ll be a ‘soft landing’, but the the natives appear to be getting really really restless.
      They really do take the award – if you’re into rankings. (I usually start with the damage to the human species as an immediate problem before we start on things like NZTA and other stuff)

  5. I don’t think voters will necessarily switch camps. They’ll just do a no show at the polling booth. Or vote Winston.

    But National will;

    Inflict fiscal discipline. Chains and whips discipline!

    They will cut taxes to the well off.

    They will then cut emaciated budgets that have barely improved under useless Labour such as health, law and order, education, public broadcasting, public transport and conservation.

    They will build highways.

    They will “gift” Kainga Ora to charity. Labours mismanagement of it as a landlord makes this very easy.

    Potentially privatise some health services.

    They will quit the pretence of climate change.

    Although they’re running out of things to sell because previous governments and Labour have beaten them to it, Air NZ, again, the rest of the power companies, and DOC land.

    You don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict this. National are that predictable!

    • Labour have spent like lunatics whilst making things worse.
      When national do a U turn, you have both labour and national to blame for it.

      • This narrative being pushed by right wing nut jobs that “labour have spent hugely” just doesn’t add up.
        If they had, then why is our health system collapsing and nurses jumping the ditch? Why are schools struggling to maintain decent classroom sizes and having to constantly fundraise?
        Why are people locked out of owning a house?
        Why are food banks becoming a “growth industry”?

        Where’s all this money that the Govt. has apparently splashed out and spent on us???????!!!!!!!
        And don’t say the pitiful $350 ( a few days rent for many).

          • Thank you for your constant replies( my number one fan or stalker). As always your replies offer no substance, much to do about nothing. Keep up the good work.
            You too Bob/ John can get tablets for that. They just might interact with your other tablets.

        • The millions are being spent on cycling bridge ideas that get squashed when shown to be unpopular ($40million) Money spent on a vast increase on ministry staff but not in nursing or teaching. If tax was spent on your list most would not mind but we know it is not.

          • So $40 million on a bridge that wasn’t built – that’s $8 for every Kiwi, assuming your number is true.
            And are you referring to
            when you say “vast increase on ministry staff”?
            If so, that one is $21 million, so $4.20 per Kiwi.

            Is this the government “spending like lunatics” in your mind?
            Would this money, if allocated to New Zealanders, unwind 35 years of right wing neoliberal economic destruction?
            Interested to hear your argument.

            • To be fair National will support you to the tune of $2 a week tax break Jase, that is massively significant?

            • when I started work and had my own money to spend I soon realized only a dollar here and only a dollar there soon meant there were no dollars left.
              I learnt to save . It is easy to spend out people’s money when it is bottomless pit of tax revenue

              • So 2 things Trevor.
                (1) Since you haven’t answered my questions, I am still unsure what qualifies as “spending like lunatics” in your mind
                and a reminder that
                (2) the government is NOT a household
                Interesting to consider where $61million sits in the greater scheme of things.
                Key’s $74 million spend on the flag saga didn’t tank the economy. That comes from continued blind adherence to failed neoliberal capitalist economics.

                • I think the flag cost $26 million and think it was a valid question however I did not think the way it was handled was correct.

            • That just silly your divisor should be the number of people most in need.
              Any wasteful spending is just wasteful.

              • So Bob, as self proclaimed arbiter of govt spending what is your criteria for “people most in need”.
                Presumably you were similarly outraged (especially as a Blue Team supporter) when Key held his pointless flag referendum, or Joyce spent money on MBIE large screen TV’s, hair straighteners, sundecks etc.and the many many other examples from the 2008-2017 period.
                There’s no evidence the Blue Team is any better than the Red Team in this regard. In fact, they may well be worse – Saudi sheep saga, ongoing subsidies to Rio Tinto…’s endless.

  6. ” Luxon is simply not being honest about his tax cuts and that should concern you as a voter ”

    When has any Nasty Natz leader been honest about anything ? remember the member’s for Helensville and Dipton !

    His dishonesty is endemic of the entire party political process and current parliamentarians.

    What concern’s me is that no one in this country see’s the neo liberal economy and its enablers as the main problem and that no one who is in government has any credibility to deal with the dire problems this economy has generated and there is a long list of them.

    Luxon is just another player on the stage wanting his five minutes of fame and glory and to ensure the continuation of the status quo for his donors and wealthy elite.

  7. A pair of road cones would sit well on those two heads.

    Some people on this site have very strong views about what Luxon stands for, but I’m not sure if even Luxon himself knows what he stands for.

    LINO and the Nats are both zombie parties, are they not? And much more similar than we’d like to believe.

    I wonder if Simon Bridges will be having a cup of tea with Winston Peters. Or will Peters be having a cup of tea with Seymour?

    Do I sound desperate? Well, I am desperate.

    • Correction – 3 road cones needed. I didn’t notice the Nats’ 3rd wheel in the background – those damned masks.

  8. Unfortunately talk-back back radio determines the swing vote in nu zilin.
    That’s where this message would be better pushed.

  9. The election won’t be about honesty in utterances about tax cuts.

    In the same way as Muldoon said “Reds under the bed,” and many shuddered and clasped him to their bosom, there’ll be a few key other words.

    “Three Waters” will have some going spare. The sound of “theft of local resources,” the “no local input, control or power,” and the claims of “the average household will end up paying $9,000 a year in water charges,” will be significant.

    “He Puapua”? That and “co-governance” will be thousands of bridges too far. The reds under the beds can be “gangs.”

    Haven’t even got onto poverty, housing and mental health.

  10. National serving up another helping of tax cuts again. Not very original. Does that come with side of GST increase and a extra large of flogging off state assets?

  11. “National have no idea what policy they will cut to fund their tax cuts…”

    Wrong. National know exactly which policies they’ll be cutting to fund their tax cuts. They’re just avoiding telling people because they know they’ll be deeply unpopular.

  12. Is National going to continue to forget New Zealand signed the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights – or are they going to ensure affordable housing and access to medical treatment before they cut taxation?

    • Just like Labour has .There are plenty of government activities that could be cut to save money without touching the core function of a good government.

  13. I think Luxon is out of his depth when it came to becoming a National MP and then its leader. But there is the foul odour of John Key somewhere in the background of Luxon and National. Luxon bringing back Bill English is highly suspect.
    Luxon is a walking and talking contradiction. He just doesn’t realise that contradicting himself and protecting his rich maters doesn’t mean he will get votes from the low paid.
    Unfortunately the other ridiculous leader in the Opposition i.e David Seymour; also leaves alot to be desired.
    Both ACT and National have Zero policies worth considering. If there are any they are a repeat of the failed policies of National in the past.
    Now we all know National and ACT hate having to admit they are failures because that would render them human. Instead what National and ACT have in huge quantities is arrogant and a superiority complex that shows how out of touch with reality both political parties are.
    In 2008 I stupidly voted for National and John Key. Little did I know until shortly after the 2008 that the pre-election promises that John Key would be so quickly broken once he became prime minister of New Zilland(as he called this country).
    So as each day takes us closer to the election in 2023 and where-ever any of us will be I hope we do not allow a political party like National back in as a government because we can be well assured National will not give a toss about the low income workers of NZ.
    No. Instead we will have to keep in mind that Luxon would still view us low income hard workers of this country as Bottom Feeders.

    • “In 2008 I stupidly voted for National and John Key. Little did I know until shortly after the 2008 that the pre-election promises that John Key would be so quickly broken once he became prime minister of New Zilland(as he called this country).”

      A hair tugging liar then?

          • One last chance gosh threatening behaviour.
            Ji probably a typing error.
            Evidence of things getting worse is in plain sight.
            Under Labour everything has worsened.
            John Minto’s post today provides evidence.

            • Thanks Ji, as I expected, nothing and your literacy speaks for itself.

              Labour …Got more people into jobs – with unemployment down to its lowest level on record, at 3.4% in the September quarter. Getting worse?

              Recorded improvements across all nine child poverty measures…Getting worse?

              Supported more people into free vocational training and apprenticeships, with more than 170,000 people now having benefited from the Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund…Getting worse?

              Doubled minimum sick leave from five to 10 days per year, to help Kiwis and workplaces stay healthy..Getting worse?
              Secured a new free trade agreement with the UK, giving New Zealand exporters unprecedented access to the UK market…Getting worse?

              etc, etc,etc.

              As I mentioned, you in particular are a blind man on a dark night, you see nothing. Such a poor student of politics.

      • I voted for National in 2008 not so much for Key but against Clarke who I had voted for the previous time. I was turned off Labour as they tried to control every move and stopped taking notice of the voters. I see this happening again as Labour press on with 3 Waters schools will no introduce masks Little insults nurses and makes training midwife pay or their study dispite huge shortages

        • Yes TS they are a political movement that thinks they need to do the voting for the voter.
          Classic left wing.

    • I did the same thing back in 2008, so don’t feel bad about that, a lot of us got sucked in.

  14. Jacinda and Labour are simply not being honest, full stop. There you go Martyn, sorted that one.

  15. I want a vote of no confidence option on voting ballots, how else are we to protest we arent happy with any of these clowns?

  16. Let’s be honest with ourselves.
    Politically, we’re in free fall because our democracy’s been gutted by generations of rich crooks with free access to our politics to ensure a status quo that best benefits them in an enduring manner. Once inside the ugly beehive building the worthless riche can toy with our politicians as they wish and we have no power to influence what deals are struck and that, should be painfully obvious to all of us, and scare the shit out of us, who are not those useless billionaires.
    luxon’s a gap filler, so’s adern. They have a job to do and that job’s to maintain the status quo and if you can’t see that by now you’re either brain dead or are a farmer and you farmer guys have been exploited for generations so you’re hardly likely to suddenly become aware of just how fucked you’ve been on the deals involving your money.

    • And Ardern had done a sterling job of maintaining the status quo. You need look no further than housing. Stuck to the script!

      The only difference is her PR fluff was more convincing, well, to start with anyway!

    • Because they claim to be the solution to New Zealand’s problems.
      So far the only policies I’ve heard (that Mr Potato Head accidentally let slip last week) are:
      (1) open the immigration gates far and wide
      (2) slash Public services to pay for tax cuts
      (3) drag us further into the Ukrainian war

      None of these policies are an improvement on the status quo. They will, in fact, worsen our plight!

      • Unfortunately with the money on offer in Australia for nurses we may need immegrants to man our hospitals especially if Little keeps insulting them ad midwife have to pay to train.
        There are ministries that need cutting without touching police health or education.
        I hope the war in the Ukraine is over before National take over .Putin will have been deposed

    • Why should the opposition get a free ride? Their proposals need to be scrutinized just as much as the government’s.

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